FBI Accuses American Indian Movement of Killing Black Civil Rights Activist in ’73 SD Uprising

Dirk Lammers, US News, February 20, 2014

The FBI says a black civil rights activist was killed during the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee, and it suspects militant members of the American Indian Movement are responsible, according to recently released documents.

The hundreds of pages of reports provided to Buffalo, N.Y., attorney Michael Kuzma and shared with The Associated Press on Wednesday shed new light on the 40-year-old case of Ray Robinson, an activist and follower of Martin Luther King Jr. But the documents fall short of pinpointing where Robinson was buried and do little to fulfill his family’s wish to have the remains brought home to Detroit.

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson


AIM co-founder Clyde Bellecourt said Wednesday that he was only in Wounded Knee for 51 days and knew nothing of Robinson.


Robinson, a father of three from Bogue Chitto, Ala., traveled to South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in April 1973 to stand alongside Native Americans in their fight against social injustice. The 71-day standoff between AIM members and federal agents at Wounded Knee left at least two tribal members dead and a federal agent seriously wounded. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation occupation is credited with raising awareness about Native American struggles.

The documents were released in response to Kuzma’s June lawsuit against the U.S. Justice Department to help Robinson’s widow, Cheryl Buswell-Robinson, and their children get some closure.

Buswell-Robinson, of Detroit, said her husband’s nonviolent approach conflicted with the violent situation at Wounded Knee and that it’s possible AIM members suspected he was a federal informant. The personable, 6-foot-2 black man with a deep baritone voice would have stood out on a Midwest American Indian reservation, she said.


According to the FBI documents, an unidentified cooperating witness told agents that “Robinson had been tortured and murdered within the AIM occupation perimeter, and then his remains were buried ‘in the hills.'”

Any search or excavation attempts would likely be complicated by the reservation’s sovereign status. Buswell-Robinson and her two daughters traveled to Wounded Knee in 2004 to walk areas that Robinson likely walked, but they came back without answers.

Another witness told agents that Robinson was in Wounded Knee for about a week and had difficulty adjusting to the lack of food, the chaos of the scene and the unilateral AIM command. That witness said Robinson immediately wanted to open discussion in the bunker about AIM’s strategies but no one listened or took him seriously.

The witness said Robinson got into a heated exchange with another person and was taken to a house by a security team. When Robinson grabbed a knife from a table, he was circled by AIM security guards, according to the witness. A shot rang out, and Robinson’s eyes “rolled up as he went down.”

Buswell-Robinson, 69, questions that account and believes Robinson was in the Wounded Knee occupation area for hours, not weeks. She said the most likely account of her husband’s death is one passed on to her by Barbara Deming, a writer and political activist who was asked by Buswell-Robinson in the mid-1970s to look into the killing. She relayed the story to Buswell-Robinson in letters years after the disappearance.

According to Deming’s account, Robinson was eating oatmeal one day but hadn’t yet checked in with an AIM leader. He was ordered to report to the leader immediately but said the check-in had to wait until he was finished eating. He was then shot, according to the story.

“Ray did not respond well to that authoritative direction,” Buswell-Robinson said.

The wounded Robinson was taken to a clinic, but the FBI hasn’t pinned down what happened next.

For decades, AIM leaders have denied knowledge of Robinson’s death. One witness told agents that AIM leader Vernon Bellecourt, who died in 2007, knew Robinson had been killed and “made a statement to the effect that AIM had ‘really managed to keep a tight lid on that one’ over the years.'”


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    Car wreck at the corner of black and Indian?

    Am I saying it right?

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      I don’t think they teach that during Black History Month and I don’t expect they will.

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  • TheAntidote

    I’m truly astounded. What about the people of colour coalition? I thought everything was rainbows and lollipops when the White Man’s raycizm was removed.
    (1973): All power to the third world people! Solidarity with the oppressed people of colour!

  • pcmustgo

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          And yet, white women have been the favorite targets of the gangster/hoodlum onslaught.

          FBI confirmed.

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    • Alexandra1973

      You know that account on this site, I think it’s about blacks and high steel?

      Indians don’t like working with blacks either.

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      “Is there any group that these disgusting creatures do not turn into enemies?”


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    This is deeply humorous on so many levels.

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      It is also so overwhelmingly unimportant that it leaves me speechless.

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  • Truth Teller

    Swamp Yankee. It was the black buffalo soldiers who carried out the wounded knee massacre. Something we’ll never see in the history books.
    Let’s look at this situation. He is not a Lakota Sioux. He is not an Indian or partly Indian. He is not a member of the tribe, a spouse or relative. He is not an employee, tenant, vender or neighbor. He suddenly appears in a violent situation and tries to tell the commanders what to do.
    He probably expected the living conditions to be like those organized and led by the White commies where the blacks were fed, watered, bedded down and cared for by Whites. And insult of insults, the Indians are in charge of the confrontation and expect him to fit in.
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    Reminds me of black women in the workplace. The men just lounge around all day, but often the women try to take charge. They will issue orders to supervisors, people in other departments and everyone whose paths they cross.

    I’ve never heard of this. I wonder who really sent him. Plenty of Pine Ridge people sided with the FBI and the legitimate tribal leadership. The black leadership was full of people trying to assume the crown of MLK and get lots of govt money to run their own activist organizations.


    “Ray did not respond well to that authoritative direction,” < Noooo, I'm shocked! )

  • Alexandra1973

    I was born the same day the Wounded Knee incident began–February 27, 1973.

  • He sacrificed his life in the cause of oatmeal. In any case, it all sounds very vibrant.

  • Truth Teller

    He expected eggs, grits, corn bread with honey and sausage. But they insulted his black manhood by giving him oatmeal like everybody else. I wonder if he came on to any of the women? I understand that those freedom rides, prison law projects the Selma march and other civil rights for all but Whites events provided the black men with plenty of stupid White grils.

  • Truth Teller

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  • Alexandra1973

    After reading the snippet here, I recall the Leonard Peltier case.

    Peltier is in Leavenworth for killing two FBI agents back in the 70s. I don’t believe he did it, though, from what I’ve read the evidence doesn’t point to him. Peltier indicated he knows who did it, but they don’t squeal on one another.

    Seems to be the case here too. I really don’t get that kind of thinking. I’d want someone brought to justice for murdering someone…friends don’t let friends get away with murder. Especially if I’d have to take the fall!

    It also sounds like Robinson was up to no good and the AIM guys figured it out.

  • Stan D Mute

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  • Massif1

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  • Truth Teller

    I read an article on Indian Country News. He and his wife owned a small farm. They had 3 kids oldest was 7. She was furious when he went off to save the world. It was the first of April and the start of planting season. He also took another woman with him.
    H swaggered in and tried to take over. While bossing every one around he refused to pick up a gun and fight off the FBI. He hid in the bunker when the others were out there in the line of fire. Food was rationed but he snuck food and ate it. He was always posturing and swaggering in typical black fashion. Some witnesses say he started the fatal altercation.

  • tickyul

    Urban Americans and American Indians……..it is some sort of secret that the two groups DO NOT like each other???????????

  • Leonard Yeaghley apparently sued in civil courts to recover monetary damages he had suffered after an AmRen conference was cancelled due to repeated terroristic threats to hotel staff and management by something called the “One People Project”. Since the plaintiff had a paid speaking engagement at that conference, he was entitled to financial compensation. Tim Wise “wisely” settled out of court on the matter.

    I am 3/16 Amerind. I am delighted our laws worked for him. We have nothing if not for our laws. Yes, they were written by whites, but they benefit all of us.