One sham marriage may be happening in the UK every single hour, shocking figures revealed last night.

Official figures show that between January and October last year, a total of 7,606 fake weddings were reported to the Home Office.

Yet despite the huge scale of the problem, just 90 people were deported over the same period for engaging in false marriages to gain entry to the UK.

It means that for every 85 sham marriages, just one person is being thrown out of the country.

Experts said the appalling record sent out the unmistakeable signal to criminals that there will be no comeback if people enter a false partnership.

Labour said the figures showed the Coalition was ‘presiding over a broken immigration system’.

The party’s immigration spokesman, David Hanson, said: ‘This record speaks for itself. More sham marriages and fewer deportations.

‘People want the rules to be enforced, and these figures show the Government simply isn’t doing that.

‘The Tories are stopping half the number of people at our borders, fewer people are being deported, fewer foreign criminals are leaving and fewer employers are being fined for employing illegal workers.

‘The gap between David Cameron and Theresa May’s rhetoric and reality is stark.’

Last year one of the country’s most senior registrars warned that, in urban areas, one in five civil marriages may be ‘suspicious’.

Mark Rimmer, chairman of the Local Registration Services Association, estimated that up to 15,000 of the 173,000 civil weddings each year in England and Wales could be fake unions designed to evade immigration laws.

The latest figures, revealed by the Home Office for the first time following a Parliamentary question from Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, show that the problem may indeed be as stark has he warned.

They show all the reports to the authorities about suspected sham marriages, and will therefore only be the tip of the iceberg.

In 2013, up to the end of October, some 1,824 suspicious marriages and civil partnerships were reported to the Home Office by registrars.

Extrapolated over the full year, this indicates there are will be around 2,189 cases – almost eight times the total in 2006.

In addition, the Coalition has brought in a scheme where members of the public can log reports of sham marriages.

In the last three months of 2012, 984 such reports were received, while between January and October 2013 there were 5,782 reports.

Together with the reports from registrars, this adds up to 7,606 cases in the first ten months of 2013 – around one every single hour.

The figures indicate that reports have soared by more than half between 2012 and 2013.

David Green, chief executive of the think tank Civitas, said: ‘I find it very surprising that the numbers of deportations are so low as this has been a big issue for a number of years.

‘If the word gets out that you can get away with sham marriages in England, then you’ll get more sham marriages. And this send out the signal that, if you get found out, very little will happen.’

He added: ‘What is needed is willpower, pure political will. But the government is squeamish about seeming to be racist.

‘A lot of politics these days is not about problem-solving but is about reputation management. If they think it looks bad they don’t do anything.’

Last night a spokesman for the Home Office said: ‘The government is already taking action to crack down on those who seek to use a sham marriage to cheat our immigration controls. And we are determined to do more.

‘Registrars have a duty to report suspected sham marriages to the Home Office and we are working more closely with the General Register Office to increase awareness and improve the national response.

‘The Immigration Bill will introduce new measures to give our officers more time to identify and investigate suspected sham marriages and prevent them gaining an immigration advantage.’

Responding to the parliamentary question, immigration minister James Brokenshire said: ‘There could be a number of reasons for the increase including real-life increase, increase in reporting, or better detection. The Government is determined to clamp down on abuse of the marriage route.’

Of the number of deportations, Mr Brokenshire said: ‘The fact that there has been an arrest or a removal does not necessarily indicate a marriage was a sham.’

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  • Extropico

    It is ok to have the rule of law. All the cool cats are doing it.

  • David Ashton

    In Britain foreign criminals cannot be deported because they have the right to a family life. Next thing, logically they cannot be imprisoned either?

    • Bingo! That’s where the logic takes us. Going beyond that, since even a fine hurts the family, the miscreant cannot even by fined. The right to a family life doctrine needs to be repealed.

      • David Ashton

        The “right” to a “dysfunctional” so-called “family” – redefined as anyone found at any moment in any bedroom, LGBTIQ or just a client or even a rabid bandog that kills some illegitimate baby or other found in the “social housing” – welcome to “England” and its council estates – and that’s before we get on to the immigrant “Roma” using the food-banks or the “honour killings” or the female genital mutilations or….I give up.

  • Well, the gay marriage crowd got what it wanted. The sham marriage crowd is winning too. The War on Decency and Honesty is going hard on, with the governments in the US and Europe against everything decent, honest, traditional, and real. The leaders of those governments are going to pay a terrible price someday.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Western governments seem to have to forgotten that encouraging the foreign colonization of their own nations is an act of high treason. Unfortunately for them, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  • Spartacus

    All marriages between darkies and Whites are shams one way or another .

  • IstvanIN

    If a British citizen marries a Nigerian they become citizen’s of Nigeria. Solved that.

  • borogirl54

    The only way that these “marriages” are reported to the authorities is when the “bride” fails to receive payment in full from her so called “groom”.

  • Bantu_Education

    “Marriages of convenience” are only the tip of the iceberg. I wonder how many “British” Muslims take a trip to Pakistan, India, etc., with the express intention of seeking husbands for their British-born daughters and demanding a very high price? Considering the many thousands of pounds Pakistanis, etc., are prepared to pay people smugglers for a risky illegal entry, how much more would they pay for a “legal” marriage to a “British” person with full rights of abode and citizenship? I would guesstimate at least $50,000. This must be a huge business.

  • Article quote:

    “Labour said the figures showed the Coalition was ‘presiding over a broken immigration system’.

    The party’s immigration spokesman, David Hanson, said: ‘This record speaks for itself. More sham marriages and fewer deportations. People want the rules to be enforced, and these figures show the Government simply isn’t doing that.

    ‘The Tories are stopping half the number of people at our borders, fewer people are being deported, fewer foreign criminals are leaving and fewer employers are being fined for employing illegal workers.

    ‘The gap between David Cameron and Theresa May’s rhetoric and reality is stark.’”

    This is precisely the problem with “democracy” – and unfortunately, the wider British public.

    The Labour party immigration spokesman is seriously passing judgement on the Conservatives ‘record’ on immigration?.

    Is this some sort of twilight zone? Have the Labour party suffered a blow to the head and developed amnesia? Have the British public, for that matter?

    The sad reality is that both the Labour and Conservatives are race-replacing England and Wales whilst they play political football with each other, with breathtaking arrogance. Tragically, many Brits are silly enough to still listen to the Labour party and expect them to do things differently!!!

    The carriage has been decoupled from the train decades ago – don’t people realise that nobody is in control any more and that it is running away with itself?

    • Malgus


      Hate to say it, but y’all need a new Cromwell and a do-over like you all had in the 1600’s… pushing the “Reset” button seems to be the only option left to us these days.

      I mean, you all can’t even speak your minds in public without running the risk of being tossed in the clink and fined, just because some non-white might have gotten their little feelings hurt…

      Disarmed under color of law, forbidden to defend yourselves, unable to speak your piece, being ethnically cleansed from the land you all built, defended and have lived on for thousands of years…

      Let me ask you BA.. what will it take to rouse the wrath of the Saxon?

      • I wish I knew.

        A great place to start would (of course) be getting the wider public to actually believe they have an identity, believe they have collective interests, believe they have a right to a homeland and the securing of a future for those people.

        The majority, or so it seems, just do not think that way. Or if they do, they often mask it with the kind of soft political talk that just allows things to slide from decade to decade, such as “overcrowding schools” or “jobs”.

        If people have no sense of awareness of their collective peril, no sense of pride in who they are *and why it even matters*, then there is not going to be any rousing or wrath making going on.

        A little story to expand the point:

        Some bishop or vicar was in the newspapers here the other week moaning about the current governments “rhetoric” on immigration and the ‘whipping up of fears’. etc.

        He pretty much suggested there was nothing to fear and that a lot of the newspaper rhetoric and ‘political posturing’ is not founded on reality.

        I think it is fair to suggest that this man of the cloth simply does not care who comes here. He has no care for the future of his own kind. He does not see the links between, say, immigration and crime.

        He does not feel ‘threatened’ by an increasing flow of non-whites. He no doubt believes that he is being “superior” to those of us who do care. He probably prides himself on not caring and not being “racist”.

        Given his position on things, is it any wonder he is lecturing the government about ‘whipping up fear’ where he claims ‘there is no justification’ for such fear?!

        There is no fear if you do not care and have no sense of self preservation or self interests as a people.

        Without the fear and sense of self preservation or interests, particularly when social values currently praise the “colour blind” and “non-racist” positions, the British public are going to continue herding themselves into the meat grinder.

        • Malgus


          Your first paragraph nails it. No identity as a people anymore. For what it’s worth, I think it started with the Fabians, way back in the late, great 19th. They knew if they proposed all the changes they wanted at one time, you guys would have taken them out back to the empty lot behind Parliament, stood them up against the nearest handy wall and shot them for treason…

          But they wrapped their arguments in weasel-words like “common sense” legislation, or ‘reasonable’ legislation, which automatically painted anyone who opposed such nonsense as UNreasonable and possessing no common sense… and using incrementalization, it only took them 40 years to accomplish their goals.

          When I was a young buck, I was a paratrooper. Infantry. I took a vacation to visit with a friend of mine who flew helicopters off the HMS Invincible. While I was in your fine, grey, rainy country, I took a walk and sat down on a park bench to just watch birds. An old man came along and sat next to me. We got to talking and it turned out that HE was a paratrooper in WWII.

          We talked about what was happening to Britain, why things were going the way they were, etc. He was so heartbroken. It was so sad to see that man, once so proud and strong, reduced almost to tears because of how his country got sold out. He felt it was all for nothing. He felt betrayed.

          That was 25 years ago, and now it’s my turn to feel that way. Our own homegrown version of the Fabians wrap their same warped ideology in words like “common sense” and “reasonable”, when what they push on us is suicide.

          NGO’s, especially the Catholic church and the Lutherans, import planeloads of non-whites from the worst parts of the world and dump them in traditionally white areas.. places like Maine, North Dakota, etc, are seeing big numbers of Somalis, etc, show up demanding a free life. Of course, with them comes skyrocketing rates of STD’s, rapes, murders and crime in general, but if you raise your voice in opposition you are hooted down as an evil racist. This is confusing to me because as a Catholic (albeit one that went off the reservation a long time ago), I’m left wondering why anyone would fly to a 3rd world country filled with pirate scum like Somalia, fabricate new identities for said pirate scum, and then import them into the US… specifically targeting areas where there are literally NO blacks. It’s almost like certain areas have been deemed “too white”, so they shower Somali pirate scum on the area to brown it up…

          Sorry. I’ve rambled. You all have it in you to change this.. to reverse the damage. You were once mighty, and that doesn’t mean having lots of tanks and planes and ships.. that kind of power comes from a valiant and stalwart heart. You just need the will to go with it..

          Luck to you brother, and God protect you…