2 Plead Guilty in Beating of Giants Fan Outside Dodger Stadium

Ian Lovett, New York Times, February 21, 2014

Two men pleaded guilty on Thursday in the 2011 beating of Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan who was attacked outside Dodger Stadium and left with permanent brain injuries.

Bryan Stow

Bryan Stow

The attack led to a public uproar over security at Dodger Stadium, where fans said the atmosphere had been deteriorating for years, with drunks and gang members making up a growing portion of the crowds. The Los Angeles Police Department soon beefed up its presence at the ballpark.

In Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, Louie Sanchez, 31, pleaded guilty to mayhem and was sentenced to eight years in state prison; Marvin Norwood, 33, was sentenced to four years for assault.

Norwood Sanchez

Marvin Norwood (L) and Sanchez (R)

Prosecutors described Mr. Sanchez as the instigator in a series of attacks on March 31, 2011, that began inside the stadium, where he threw peanuts and a soda at fans in Giants gear. In the parking lot after the game, he confronted Mr. Stow, who was wearing a Giants jersey. After Mr. Stow and his friends walked away, Mr. Sanchez ran up behind him and hit him in the side of the head with his fist.

The blow knocked Mr. Stow unconscious, causing him to fall and hit his head hard on the ground with what witnesses described as a horrifying noise. As he lay motionless, Mr. Sanchez set on him, kicking him several times in the head.

It was not clear whether Mr. Norwood, who had spent much of the day trying to stop Mr. Sanchez from fighting, ever laid a hand on Mr. Stow, but he blocked Mr. Stow’s friends from helping as Mr. Sanchez kicked him, said Michele Hanisee, a deputy district attorney who prosecuted the case.

Before attacking Mr. Stow, Mr. Sanchez also punched a teenager wearing Giants gear, as well as one of Mr. Stow’s friends, prosecutors said.

“You are the biggest nightmare for individuals that attend public events such as sporting events or concerts,” Judge George G. Lomeli said to the defendants before handing down their sentences. “I have to comment on the manner of attack, which was absolutely brutal, absolutely vicious and absolutely, in my opinion, cowardice.”

As Judge Lomeli spoke, Mr. Sanchez smiled, and the judge admonished him.

“Oh, you’re smiling—you think it’s funny,” Judge Lomeli said. “You show no remorse whatsoever.”


After the attack, Mr. Stow, a father of two who worked as a paramedic, spent months in a medically induced coma. He is now 45, and his family takes care of him as he continues rehabilitation from the severe brain injuries he received.


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  • MekongDelta69

    But, but, but – your Honor. I’m just an ‘aspiring’ gardener.”

  • Frank_DeScushin

    These sentences are embarrassingly short. The victim likely would have died but for extreme medical measures. The victim now has a life sentence of physical and mental impairment, and both his attackers will be free in a handful of years. Pathetic.

    • Spartacus

      You’re free to do something about it if you have a problem with this…

      • Frank_DeScushin

        I guess I’m not following. What are you suggesting I’m free to do?

        • Spartacus

          Go after them when they get out and do justice .

        • So CAL Snowman

          Put on the cape and cowl and go to work my friend.

          • Nancy Thomas

            Doesn’t it cross one’s mind from time to time? Where’s Charles Bronson when we need him?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Paul Kersey.

          • r j p

            The time is coming.

        • newscomments70

          He is right though. It may sound radical and impossible, but it’s not. If we don’t physically stop these people, violence against us will continue to escalate. Youtube is full of videos with whites fighting back. i.e. The neo-nazis successfully confronted violent blacks in Sanford, FL during the Zimmerman trial. I’m not a neo-nazi, but I admire their fortitude in this case. We can defend ourselves and we can fight back.

      • MBlanc46

        Fantasies of individual vengeance might make us feel better for a few minutes, but they’re not the answer. This is a political problem and it requires a political solution.

        • Spartacus

          I’m afraid this is no longer a matter of politics, but of extermination, theirs our ours .

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The doctor who first treated Bryan Stowe when he got to the hospital said on local talk radio that he was shocked at how much intense swelling there was in Bryan’s brain. He said went out and told Bryan’s mother he wouldn’t survive the night.

    • Nancy Thomas

      It’s a joke. They meant to kill Stow. They should have gotten 30 years.
      But they vote democrat.

      • I suspect they pleaded guilty to the lesser felonies precisely in order to avoid charges of attempted murder and the like. It’s a good deal for the D.A.’s office. Not quite so great for Mr. Stow or the rest of us.

        It’s Saturday night here, 10:25 PM. My daughter is asleep and my wife is busy with her sewing machine. I finally have the glue drying on various parts of a woodworking project, and I’ve gotten stuck into the Irish coffee (I leave the sugar out and the whipped cream comes out of a spray can). Even at my tipsiest, I can’t imagine wanting to beat up a stranger over something as absurd as a kids’ ball game played by grown men who could probably find something better to do with their lives and watched at extortionate ticket prices by others who could likewise find something better to do.

        Couldn’t these two middle-aged adolescents find anything else to do at all in March in Los Angeles? That time of year, the daytime highs run about 70F and the nightly lows 50F, and there’s an ocean right nearby; I’d have gone fishing. The car culture there is also strong. Their lives must literally be shallower than pizza pans.

        • Nancy Thomas

          Great points. The utter idiocy of beating this good and decent man because he wore a Giants shirt (and happened to be white) my God. I was just reading about what Brian Stow’s life is like now…he is helpless, has to be fed and cleaned and clothed…a lifetime burden on his poor family….and he can no longer serve as a paramedic, so thousands of people will go without the help this man would have given in his life….I sincerely believe that these two should be put to death or at least put in jail for life. They have ruined this man’s life and the lives of his family. Stow has no life now, nothing that you’d call a life, his quality of life is about as low as can be. This makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. I shouldn’t have looked into what Stow’s life is like now because the images will haunt me for months.

        • If they would have found something better to do, it really wouldn’t have been better. They’d either be thugging it up on the streets, or closing highways to do wheelies and drag race.

  • Cid Campeador

    Why are you referring to Louie (pinche putamadre) “Sanchez” as MR? Those monsters don’t need any respectful titles. They’re two levels below dog puke.
    You are like the police who describe an yet to be unidentified criminal as “the gentleman”.
    These two need to die.

  • IstvanIN

    Third World country, third world crowds. Thank you Kennedy, Cellar, Hart, McCain, Bohner, Pelosi, Shummer, and on and on and on.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Kennedy was just the frontman on the 65 sellout; you forgot Podhoretz, Javitz, and every tribe organization in the USA.
      The current sellout attempt has not yet passed and we need to keep fighting. But yes, the idiots you list are despicable anti-American scum.

      • Laika

        Right you are. This cannot be emphasized enough, Kennedy was the frontman. He was too dumb, drunk and spent too much time chasing women to have written the immigration flood bill.

        The bill was written by Norbert Schlei who was Jewish, and its official name is the Hart-Cellar bill; Emmanuel Cellar spent his entire career in Congress as a leader in opposition to immigration restriction, beginning with his hostility to the 1924 law which enshrined quotas favoring Northwestern Europeans. One should also mention the role of Jacob Javits in the Senate. As soon as the bill was passed, Jewish organizations focused their efforts on increasing the numbers of immigrants.

        • Nancy Thomas

          Thank you for backing me up. Most people call me an anti-semite conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat. Problem is…the truth cannot be refuted no matter how much they try to smear people to shut them up. Without the organized tribe lobby, there would have been no changes to our white ethno-state quotas (1924) that the American people WANTED to be left untouched because the American people were happy with the racial mix at that time in history. Now, thanks to the efforts of this hateful/hostile elite, we are facing the certain demographic destruction of our people and our entire way of life. Wait till the run of the mill people find out about this and come to understand who did it to them, who caused their country to be stolen from them. It won’t be pretty.

          • Laika

            The facts are on our side, not theirs. The entire cultural marxist narrative is built on a pack of lies.
            Keep posting the facts, as I do, and provide links until everyone gets it.

  • Luca

    Prison is not even punishment for this dreg. For him and his ilk It’s like an all expense paid gang reunion with the homies.

    • Prison is a place where they will nourish their hatred of whites. When this monster gets out, he needs to be on lifetime probation because he’ll be at it again.

  • Spartacus

    When I was an ultras, we’d only ever attack other ultrases or the riot police. By-standers were off-limits, mostly because we weren’t a bunch of dumb darkies…

    • AutomaticSlim


      • Spartacus

        Football Hooligan .

        • How did I know?

          • Spartacus

            Maybe you’re not just an ordinary orc, but a shaman !

          • It doesn’t take a fallen elf of particular brilliance to figure these things out:

            Young white European male? Check.
            Unemployed? Check.
            Not a university student? Check.
            Doesn’t mind violence, and sometimes even likes it? Check.

            I know I was probably profiling, but that is really just the product of wisdom and intuition. Late last year my irises turned back to blue, with gold flecks in them, though there remains a dark grey ring around them. They had been dark grey for about 30 years. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps mine is recovering.

  • The victim gets a life sentence of misery, while the perps are inconvenienced by a few years of soft prison time. I call bull on that. An eye for an eye …

  • So CAL Snowman

    Funny, when I attended the Kings/Ducks ice hockey game at Dodger stadium there were no gang members and a sea of nothing but drunk White people (Dodger stadium ran out of $13 beer by the third period, im not kidding) yet the atmosphere was that of one big party. No one was fighting, no one was cussing and screaming at each other, it was an amazing time. 45,000 White people had no problem drinking and watching a hockey game in peace. It’s the mexicans that cause all of the problems at Dodger games. And now the Dodgers are making EVERY Sunday night, “VIva Los Dodgers” night to “honor” all of the mexican fans. Talk about doubling down on stupidity.

    • MekongDelta69

      Key phrase – White people

    • shmo123

      13 bucks for a beer?? Are you kidding?

      • For Irish coffee, I use bottom-shelf whisky; since it’s going into coffee, there’s no way to tell. I get 1.75 liters for thirteen dollars.

  • ncpride

    As Judge Lomeli spoke, Mr. Sanchez smiled, and the judge admonished him.

    That sentence just about makes one head explode. How I hope/wish/pray this evil, wicked monster gets exactly what he deserves in this life or the next.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Louie Sanchez is a low IQ mestizo peasant, that’s his punishment in this life and he will go to hell if such a place exists.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Dodger Stadium, at the time of the Stowe beating, had become completely out of control. Latino gang members had staked out Dodger Stadium as their turf. Management encouraged this by offering $2 seats and “mariachi” and “taco” nights.

    The level of civility included gang thugs spitting on people they didn’t like, obscene taunts and gestures, insults thrown along with beer and soda, threats, loud screaming and vulgar language.

    Near the end of the game, apparently after assessing the behavior of some of the people in the stands, Stow sent a text message to a relative to say he feared for his safety. A paramedic by trade, Stow is a man we may presume doesn’t frighten easily, and indeed his fears were tragically borne out.

    I heard fan after fan after fan on local talk radio report of the constant mayhem that went on inside the stadium, the lack of security and that when they complained, they were basically ignored. All said they’d never set foot in Dodger Stadium again.

    There was no security in parking lot No. 2 and it took security 15 to 20 minutes to get there

    What is truly obscene about this case — that took THREE YEARS to resolve — is that it was NOT attempted murder and therefore the smirking cretins (words of the family and judge) got only 4 and 8 years instead of life, most of which they’ve apparently already served.

    Not only that, with California releasing dangerous felons back onto the streets due to prison overcrowding, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two worthless jerks were out before summer starts.

    Bryan Stowe cannot go to the restroom unassisted. He can take steps, with the aid of a walker, for only a short distance…his retired parents care for their son, a divorced father of two who moved home in April after his insurance company decided it would no longer pay for his full-time care in a residential center for traumatic brain-injury rehabilitation.

    • The LAPD, in a rush to find the doers, initially bagged someone who didn’t do it.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It was LAPD Police Chief “Politically Correct Beck” who led the charge.

        I heard furious LAPD officers speaking anonymously on local radio about how Beck completely ignored the fact that there was NO evidence against Ramirez.

        Chief “Politically Correct” Beck should have been reprimanded after blaming Dodger fans for the beating:

        “All of us set the standards,” he told reporters. “And if you allow fans to misbehave incrementally around you when you attend one of these games then you are part of the problem.”

        And fired immediately for falsely accusing the wrong man, Giovanni Ramirez, after the prosecutors rejected the case for lack of evidence. Even then, Beck was absolutely certain, “confident” and positive this was the right guy, holding press conferences and giving TV interviews for months, although there wasn’t a scintilla of evidence that Ramirez had even been in Dodger Stadium that day. (Ramirez claimed he’d never set foot inside Dodger Stadium).

        Ramirez begged for a polygraph test to clear his name, which he finally got when Brooklier hired Jack Trimarco, a former FBI polygraph expert to administer the test.

        Ramirez most likely would have been railroaded by Beck but for the polygraph and was finally set free July 22nd as Norwood and Sanchez were in the process of being arrested — with NO fallout for Beck.

    • Nancy Thomas

      This is America?

    • r j p

      $2 seats?

  • Shawn_thefemale

    “Oh, you’re smiling—you think it’s funny,” Judge Lomeli said. “You show no remorse whatsoever.”

    That’s admonishment? I could have phrased it a tad differently.

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s absolutely insane/ridiculous/outrageous that “people” like these are given the right of habeus corpus. They have no respect for White laws and customs, so why should we show any back?

      • Nancy Thomas

        Scum. Subhuman filth. They shouldn’t be allowed to live.

      • M&S

        …so why should we show any back?
        Because that is what makes us better than them. And a police state in constant lockdown with surveillance and no rights of privacy as denial of search and seizure or warrantless mass arrests would eventually come back to haunt us.
        It is too late for vendetta. It will do Mr. Stow no good, though I am sure a quiet donation to his parents would be really appreciated.
        It is not however too late to influence laws which make it especially hard for people to use ambush tactics, targeted (Giants Jersey) attacks or who make continued attacks after the opponent is down to get anything less than maximum sentences for attempted felony murder.
        The risk of death inherent to Mr. Stow’s condition, when accompanied by any other crime (the attack on a Jersey makes it political or ethnic as a ‘hate’ offense against an organization, with comparisons to assaulting a Haredi Jew walking around in a black suit and broad brimmed hat), equates to Attempted Felony Murder when it continues in a fashion (kicks to the head of a someone already down) /likely to cause/ death.
        You then flat rate felony murder to ten years, -whether attempted or achieved-, and further make it known that anyone who has a murder charge is going to be deported if they are on a green card.
        This is how the Jews do it.
        They layer and twist the law so that every possible charge that can be leveled, is. And so that they are made to seem as though they are especially at risk because they are an oppressed group.
        It is victim entitlement psychology as both a protection and rewards system, to the max. But it can be turned to our favor, for as long as we have the numbers to keep the laws from being overturned.
        If you don’t like the way -that- sounds and if you are further honest about the demographics of birth rates in California (Hispanic generational interval of 17-19 years, 3.2 kids per family = 3 generations of 49 voting offspring in the 60 years you can expect for whites to have 1-4 grandchildren)…
        Advertise online for someplace where ‘whites can feel safe’ (in so many words), advertise your work specialty and your purchasing power. And after a quiet investigation, beginning with online real estate crime indexes, to make a private offer, trading future labor for preferenced position in the cue as closing costs or whatever you need to give as a commitment.
        Even if it means a step back from your present earnings ability, it is the one way you will know you will live to reach old age. By the nature of your neighbors.
        More than this, sign up to offer your recommendation of your new place with a local real estate broker as someone who will speak directly with a prospective buyer coming in after you do. And tailor your words to their race.
        Sooner rather than later, you will create the kinds of safe environment you desire because you will remember what California looks like and become civically active in writing laws and ordnances that reflect your views from within a City Council controlling environment. You will also work with other whites to provide services only to each other from lawnmowing to child care to utilities services and legal advice.
        And if you are REALLY smart, you will set up ‘conservation trusts’ which amount to leveraged real estate buying between private individuals to keep the other races firmly excluded from your new location by direct ownership of properties.
        This will make you rich.
        Even as it maintains a steady supply of decent homes to offer to an influx of young white college grads who I guarantee you will also be looking for a last chance at a life, a home and a family, untroubled by diversity.
        As this country turns completely feral in the next 20 years until our Government finally collapses under it’s own hubris in failing to care for those it presumes to tax.
        Folks, California is lost. It has been for almost 20 years. We’re just entering the terminal phase of it now so that it’s really obvious as it’s economy chokes up in a death rattle of bankruptcy endgame.
        To stave off the inevitable in the hopes of ‘transition’, commercial organizations will seek to offer all manner of ‘demographic friendly’ services to the wrong kinds of people to keep raking in profits from all possible wallets and so you cannot expect any form of reasoned behavior from them.
        This is your last chance, to _get out_.

    • Luca

      I would have said: “Since you think it’s so funny, let’s add another 8-years to your sentence so you can laugh yourself silly.”

  • NoMosqueHere

    The Dodgers left increasingly black Brooklyn around 1957, in order to stake a claim in the golden land of white Los Angeles. For a while it was great. But then LA became a lot like Brooklyn, maybe worse. This is what happens when whites cede control to third worlders. Attacks like this one would have been unthinkable when whites controlled LA.

  • Nancy Thomas

    They should have gotten a LOT more time. Scumbags.

    • libertarian1234

      I agree.
      The courts treat assault cases far too lightly. That’s probably why they occur so frequently.

  • LACountyRedneck

    I haven’t been to a Dodger game in 30 years. Full of pleasant White folks back then. Now the stands resemble a Raider game. I believe many Ex-Los Angeles Raider fans became Dodger fans. The Laker games are still a bit too pricy for thugs, although those fans have also changed. Hockey is still a White sport, so you rarely have any issues at Kings games. I avoid the downtown area altogether, preferring my hidden little White oasis.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Same here. You couldn’t pay me to go to Dodger Stadium.
      Isn’t it sad? Think about it. This is OUR country and we’ve allowed this scum to come here and rob us not only of jobs but our physical safety. Salter talks about this, how diversity results in a lack of social trust. People become afraid and suspicious, with good reason.
      Those thugs should be killed as far as I’m concerned. I sincerely mean this. They beat that poor man for no reason and could have killed him. Surely it was attempted murder. And the poor victim is ruined for life. It’s not right and it pisses me off. I HATE thugs and the thug culture with a passion and I wish the bastards would just GO HOME.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, that’s about the last time I went too – 1983. In those days nice places in LA were the rule rather than the exception. I also avoid amusement parks, even my former favorite Knott’s Berry Farm, which became a thug hangout. My aunt lived in California until 1977 when she bought a restaurant on Mt. Hood in Oregon; she came back for my mother’s funeral in 2003 and couldn’t believe her eyes at all the diversity we “enjoy”.

  • IstvanIN

    Sanchez smiled because 8 years, probably a lot less, will be a vacation for him and he’ll get to spend time with his homies. Look at the tattoo on his neck. When you deliberatly and without cause sentence another human being to a life time sentence at the very least the perp should get the same sentence.

  • r j p

    This guy writes for the NYTimes?

  • Max

    With any luck they will be successful in the petition movement to divide Cal. Into the proposed 6 states.

  • Dale McNamee

    Norwood & Sanchez should be made to pay for Mr.Stow’s care…But,that won’t happen…

    Sanchez should be treated the same way he treated Bryan Stow…Suffering the same way with the same result…

  • Dale McNamee

    This kind of crap behavior is why I’d never go to a game… Along with overpriced food and drinks…

    I think that beer and other alcohol should be banned… There wasn’t this type of behavior when nobody drank…

    • Public intoxication is already illegal in most parts of the USA, but then so is kicking someone’s head in. Event attendees also can be quite creative about smuggling booze inside. In my younger days, I once used a hypodermic syringe with a fine needle to inject Everclear (190 proof) into whole oranges, and then smeared a little rubber cement onto the tiny hole I had made. Once the rubber cement had hardened, the small label on the skin of the orange went over the rubber cement.

      There’s also the option of taking public transportation to an event already pretty much loaded.

  • obot

    8 years and he’ll be out in 2 while the victim and his family suffer for a lifetime

  • Truth Teller

    We are lucky the defendants are Hispanic. Had they been black the Los Angels Slimes would never have mentioned it and the police would have been ordered to do a cursory investigation. Had the attackers been arrested, their ACLU NAACP ADL AJC attorneys would have claimed “victim used the N word” and the beating was justified.

  • Truth Teller

    Was Ramirez the man who stayed in a motel that day who was on security tape at the motel proving he was in the motel all day?
    I remember Beck implying that Stow should have left the game early if he felt unsafe. Does anyone kinow if Stow sued the Dodgers for lack of security? He can no longer be in a nursing home because his insurance has run out. His parents care for him now but they are getting older and won’t be able to care for him for him the rest of his life.

  • Truth Teller

    On the west, south and east Dodger stadium is surrounded by Hispanic slums.

  • MBlanc46

    “[A]bsolutely brutal, absolutely vicious and absolutely, in my opinion, cowardice.”

    And the PoS got only eight years.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Can you imagine the mind of a person who smirks when he’s read a light sentence for trying to kill another human being who did absolutely nothing to deserve a near death beating? This person is filth. FILTH. Sanchez should be executed. Trust me, when he gets out he will kill somebody, and it will probably be a white person.

  • With enough love and care from his family – especially if his poor wife doesn’t quit on the poor guy – Stow might manage a very good level of recovery.

  • ImTellinYa

    Lively, vibrant diverses attack White. This should be the headline every day in our cowardly, traitorous Left wing media. And the government is the enemy of its own country, “led” by that affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House.

    We are going to have to openly organize as Whites. Openly and unapologetically, we must once again be who we are: The most successful people in history and the inventors of the modern world. Compared to White civilization no one else even comes close. We must rediscover that fact and act accordingly.

    One of the sources of the Republican Party’s impotence has been the fact that the GOP IS the party of White people. That is simply a fact. Since this is almost illegal in today’s Leftist tyranny, the GOP spends a huge amount of time and resources trying to appear to NOT be what it is. That means that it is impossible for the GOP to do anything about our biggest problem, third-world immigration or any other problem for that matter because a lying, traitorous Left has defined every issue in terms of race.

    As Whites, it is time to take back what is ours. The government is NOT on our side. They are, in fact, the enemy.

  • mobilebay

    When will the title “Mr.” stop being bestowed on savages?

    • I avoid using that prefix, and always call a perp by its last name only. If this was good enough for me, it is good enough for them. It is meant to be dehumanizing without being unnecessarily impolite.