Aldi says it will withdraw a controversial Australia Day T-shirt from sale after an outcry on social media.

The German discount supermarket chain had offered the T-shirt, emblazoned with the slogan “Australia Est. 1788”, as part of a range of Australia Day items which are due to go on sale this weekend.

But it says complaints from “a limited number of concerned customers” prompted it to withdraw it from sale.

The “Est 1788” slogan apparently referred to the date of first European settlement in Australia.

Aldi also apologised directly to several Twitter users with a message that said:


[Editor’s Note: Several “outraged” tweets can be found at the original article link below.]

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  • MekongDelta69

    NONE of these millions of incidents will ever stop, unless and until some groveling Whites grow a spine.

    • sbuffalonative

      Exactly. There was nothing to apologies for. The nation of AUSTRALIA was founded by whites in 1788. It’s simply a statement of fact.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yes. Also, don’t liberals usually get angry over the fact that whites “stole the land of the Aboriginals/Natives/etc”? In doing so, they acknowledge that the nations of the aboriginal people were supplanted by the nations white people built, including Australia.

        So it’s fine to consider Australia a “white nation” when complaining about us stealing land, but it’s not okay to consider it a “white nation” when we want to have some pride in it and celebrate it’s establishment?

        They have so much cognitive dissonance; I’ll never understand it.

        • Sick of it

          Think of liberals as members of a deranged religious cult. It makes a lot more sense.

  • D.B. Cooper

    You WILL cave in to their demands, won’t you? You have it too easy down under, and it will take the Lord Humongous himself to slap some sense into you.

    • The Final Solution

      I laughed so hard at that picture. Love it. “What a PUNY PLAN!”

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Thanks. Appropriately enough, there’s now Foster’s beer all over my monitor.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Humongous’s culture looks much more functional than ANYTHING coming “Out of Africa”.

  • Spartacus

    Shame on that store ! They should respect the achievements of the abos :

    • The Final Solution

      I wouldn’t associate the colors of the German flag with those primitives.

    • Bantu_Education

      Its not even true that they invented the boomerang..!

    • Brian

      They look to me like one of those ‘prehistoric man’ exhibits at the natural history museum.

  • DNA Explains It All

    Anyone with a problem with the est date of WHITE, FIRST WORLD, EUROPEAN Australia, should go live as an Aborigine and forgo all “White technology” too.

    • RyanP

      I have been saying this for years about the native population here in Canada. Not only do the natives have access to the social welfare system, they have been given a long list of special privileges(fully paid post secondary education, exemption from many taxes, hiring preferences, etc). I cannot think of another minority group in the world that has benefited more from a sincere attempt by a white country to address past injustice.

      Whenever I see a story about impoverished Canadian natives I always ask: But how were your people living before the white people came here? There were no hospitals or schools. Poverty was the natural state. We did not make you poor.

  • dd121

    It’s hard to imagine but the Abos are even dumber and more violent than blacks. I’m sure the left will want to place them on the highest pedestal.

    • Sick of it

      They possess an average IQ of 62, so it isn’t that hard to imagine.

      • dd121

        I think Dolphins are higher than that.

  • sbuffalonative

    How about, “1788. The Years the Australia Left the Stone Age”.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Well, let the Aboriginals come with T-shirts of their own with the text : “Established the stone age, 40,000 years ago.”

    • Bantu_Education

      More like the Bone Age.

  • Puggg

    Too bad the Aldis around here don’t stock them. I would have bought a few out of spite.

  • bigone4u

    By the same reasoning the year 1776 will be banned from t-shirts in the US unless we Americans show that spirit of ’76 and say screw you to the libtards.

  • IstvanIN

    Australia was founded in1788 by the British. Prior to that date there was a continent and a few very archaic homo-sapiens, some marsupials and other assorted fauna, but NO Australia. That is historical fact, good, bad or indifferent. The Abos did not “found” Australia. There may have been some sort of very basic tribal society on the continent that is now called Australia, but no colony, dominion or commonwealth of Australia in the current sense. Australia began with the British.

    God Save the Queen.

    • David Ashton

      T-shirts are not that expensive to make & market.
      How about avoiding Aldi & doing Australia 1788, America 1776, Britain 1707…?

      • rightrightright

        I’d like an England 1065 T shirt.

        • David Ashton

          I am not an unqualified fan of Arthur Kemp or of his misguidedly named “Ostara” website, but he is selling T-shirts with “Europa” on the front and might be persuaded to do something in the “white NATIONALIST” line.

      • KissThe Pussy

        Britain 1707????

    • dmxinc

      The Aussie can thank the victorious Yanks in their Revolution for the founding of their country – New Zealand too.

      • Melanie Schielder

        Are you sure about that? From what I read in history class Australia began with the British, as a prison colony.

        • dmxinc

          “Why was it a established as a prison colony?” is the question.

          Answer: because the Brits could no longer dump their convicts in America after losing the Revolutionary War.

  • Truthseeker

    Did whites do something in the past that no liberal today would advocate doing? If yes, then it’s “racist,” and no mention must ever be made of it except to browbeat whites with a sense of guilt.

  • Luca

    Well, it wasn’t the Aborigines that complained. Their IQ clocks in around 62, just below the sub-Saharans (67).

    I’m going to call Jeff Foxworthy to see if we can get a new TV show going: “Are You Smarter Than an Abo”. Everybody but members of the MButi tribe will be winners.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Presumably, most of those complaining about these T-shirts live in Australia. It astonishes me how libtards can live in a country that they insist was founded on racism and oppression. It makes me want to scream in their ear: How can you live in a nation that is based on racism??? How can you continue to occupy land that doesn’t belong to you? At least non liberals are consistent in their beliefs. There is nothing more hypocritical and contradictory than liberalism.

  • The Final Solution

    I spent some time in Australia and I can tell you the Abbos are a group you definitely want to avoid. Not like that’s news for anyone here. They are a vile people. The areas to avoid in Sydney are Abbo areas – Red Fern, Chippendale, Glebe….they are wild and aggressive.

  • humura

    Aldi caved to the mental cave dwellers.

  • Hunter Morrow

    What are they gonna do abo it?

    Keep selling them.

  • bubo

    It offended these guys?

    • DNA Explains It All

      I thought the stick “self invented”. Don’t branches just fall off trees?

      • Joe blow

        Yes, they fall off trees, but the Abos learned to pick them up and throw them at stuff.

        • Alexandra1973

          Drive-by stick throwing?

        • Brian

          And let’s not forget the other great stick-related invention, the didgeridoo. As a musical instrument, it makes the kazoo sound glamorous.

          • Joe blow

            I think the didgeridoo produces the background music in Hell.

  • Emblematical

    Actually the Australian nation was only founded in 1901. Before that it was a collection British colonies.

    I say we should admit that the message on the t-shirt is indeed racial, if not ‘racist’ (which is just an anti-white abuse word). Because that’s what Australia day – the 26th of January – actually celebrates. The day in 1788 when the first whites arrived to settle the continent then known as New Holland.

    I don’t have a problem with it being seen as racial. Because I’m not ashamed of being white. Australia all told is a pretty good country. And the main reason it’s a pretty good country is because it was settled and built by whites.
    Lot’s of non-whites obviously agree with this because they want emigrate here.

    I can see why aborigines don’t like it, but then I’m not an aborigine.

    By the way, it’s worth noting – most of those ‘settlers’ in 1788 didn’t exactly have much choice in the matter, given they were convicts.

  • Peter Connor

    Talk about Idiocracy.

  • KissThe Pussy

    Re your last paragraph, I saw this story in the SMHerald it appears to be the usual left-wingers who have kicked up about it. I am a fellow Aussie and I estimate the left to comprise 30-35% of white population who of course loathe Tony Abbott, support asylum seekers etc etc.

  • I might be speaking out of turn and out of my mind, but there’s something about this missive that I would find offensive if I was an Australian, an angle nobody seems to notice.

    In economic terms, not necessarily qualitative terms, Aldi is a dealer in inferior goods. Therefore, selling Australia T-shirts in such a store casts Australian patriotism in less than desirable terms.

  • dd121

    “Perfect harmony”. It’s about the same narrative the liberals have about American Indians. Even a cursory reading of their history reveals centuries of internecine warfare and destruction of their environment.

  • Truth Teller

    In other news, the English are gearing up to celebrate WW1 veterans day with special ceremonies. They plan to totally ignore the contributions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand while grossly inflating the contributions of Africans. I know the Indians contributed a great deal to the English forces in WW1, but African troops contributed northing. As far as I know the only Europeans who used African troops in actual combat in Europe was the French who used troops from Senegal. Their main contribution was to rape German women during the French occupation after the war.
    This is such an insult especially to the Australians who Churchill sent on a suicide mission to Gallipoli.
    The English grandiosity about WW1 and 2 is ridiculous. France, Belgium and the Netherlands suffered occupation, slave labor in Germany, concentration camps and starvation. But those countries don’t make a grandiose fuss about WW1 and 2. Maybe they realize that only a people bent on ethnic and cultural suicide are so stupid as to celebrate the WW1 and 2 civil wars that led to the Russian triumph in Central Europe and the American occupation of western Europe.
    That whole English preoccupation with their wars against Germany is disgusting. Their myth is that they saved the world from the evil Germans when in reality all the English did was to mortgage both Britain and the empire to America and let the communist Russians into Central and Eastern Europe.
    A lot of the veteran and armistice day grandiosity is nothing more than royal family PR. so they can be photographed laying memorial wreaths on the graves of the native English while on their way to open another muslim center.

  • Alexandra1973

    I see nothing even remotely objectionable about this shirts.

    (Australia has Aldi too?)

    • Justin Time

      I live in Sydney and Aldi stores are all over the place here. Even in large rural towns, Aldi is there.

  • Moderators are not involved in daily article selection and posting. I will pass the suggestion along, though.

  • captainc

    great to hear that, GM!

  • I respect the RSA’s position on forbidding the Japanese to march along side the German, Turkish and Vietnamese Vets on ANZAC day, because of the former’s atrocious treatment of our POW’s with the latter soldiers being deemed as being ‘honorable combatants’.
    I hope that hasn’t changed (yet).

    As you know, if you go to any small town in Australia or NZ you’ll see the streets lined with plaques naming the young farm boys who threw themselves into the meat grinder out of some sense of Empirical pride (10% of the total White male population of Australia volunteered for service in WW1).
    They died, so that 100 years later we can ignore them, to instead throw flowers at the feet of their insectoid replacements.
    This century is all about greed and disloyalty.

  • John K

    If they don’t like it, they’re more than welcome to move their asses to Africa or some other shithole, and see if they survive the experience.

  • lanc

    P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }P.western { }

    reply to ‘Truth Teller’, there is no doubt that the bravery of the
    ANZAC troops and their contribution to the Gallipoli campaign was
    immeasurable. However, many Aussies and New Zealanders some of whom I
    have known have always been under the impression that only their
    troops fought at Gallipoli. This included an Australian relative of
    mine. If that was true, how would six men of my old regiment the
    British 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, have been awarded the
    Victoria Cross (Britain’s highest military honour) for bravery at
    Gallipoli. Which, incidentally, is the highest number of VC’s ever
    awarded to a regiment at one time. The fact is there were thousands
    of British troops at Gallipoli who together with the ANZAC troops
    finally defeated the Turkish Ottoman Empire. So if Churchill sent
    Australians on a suicide mission, then he must have sent the British
    troops on one as well. Like Truth Teller, I don’t think Hollywood or
    Mel Gibson did enough research about the film Gallipoli either, since
    I watched in vain for some British troops thinking they might
    eventually come charging over the hill shouting Geronimo. Mind you it
    could have been worse at least they got the dates right, unlike Mel
    in the film Brave heart.

    the British liberal establishment is playing down the role of Canada,
    Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, then I am as disgusted as
    Truth Teller. Although I think Truth Teller’s agenda is, if not
    anti-British, anti-English, which is so prevalent nowadays that it’s
    like water of a duck’s back.

    I suggest it is not war that we are constantly preoccupied, but with
    honouring the men and women who lost their lives or health so that
    others have the freedom to denigrate their sacrifice.

  • KissThe Pussy

    “non-whites now make up 80% of legal migrants’ yep and it’s the same in the UK Canada and Europe. I have been living in Ireland for the last 18 months and the welcome mat has been rolled out to Africans, If you are a white who wants to settle here you have a very hard time compared to the blacks [who the Irish absolutely loathe by the way].
    I remember Pauline Hanson well “please explain” she was an idiot, we needed the guy pulling her strings David Oldfield. At least he presented well and could string a coherent sentence together.

  • KissThe Pussy

    Thank you for that.