Racism Fear Held Back White Working Class Pupils–Ofsted Inspector

Brian Wheeler, BBC News, January 15, 2014

Teachers have not paid enough attention to poorly performing white children for fear of being seen as racist, an Ofsted inspector has suggested.

Chris Wood told MPs Ofsted was now urging schools to focus on white working class children, amid concerns they are getting a raw deal.

Lib Dem MP David Ward said most ethnic groups had representatives to speak up for their children’s education needs.

But there were few pushing the cause of white working class children.

“Is there any evidence that anyone is actually speaking up for the white working class?,” the Bradford East MP asked a panel of education experts.

“I get representatives from the Bangladeshi community complaining about ‘our children in our schools’ or the Pakistani community or the Kashmiri community. I find it difficult to think of a representative for the white working class who comes to me and says ‘what about our children’… if they are, they are probably the BNP or would be accused of racism.”


Mr Wood, who heads an Ofsted review into access and achievement, agreed with Mr Ward’s assessment but said the emphasis had changed over the past two years.

He told MPs: “There is a much clearer focus on the performance of different groups of pupils who are eligible for free school meals, with white British being a clear focus group that we have identified through our reports, through this year’s annual report.

“So it’s finding its way into our inspection activity so schools are much more au fait with talking about those groups of pupils.

“I would argue in the past that was not the case and it could very well be because of a certain discomfort about talking about that group for the reasons you have suggested, around it being seen as an extreme view.

“But that is changing and we are certainly putting additional focus on that area.”

Mr Wood was giving evidence to the Commons education committee, which is investigating how to improve the performance of white working class children in primary and secondary schools.

Some schools in disadvantaged had made great strides in boosting the performance of pupils from all backgrounds, particularly in the London boroughs, the committee was told.

But other schools, in similar areas, still had very low standards.

Kevan Collins, chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, said: “On average you see this low performance but we have these schools which are bucking the trend.”

The way to boost performance was to make schools work more closely together and ensure the best teachers were given the most challenging pupils to teach, he suggested.

‘Quality leadership’

The government’s pupil premium scheme, which gives more money to schools for each child on free school meals, should also be more focused on aiding white working class children, he added.

“High quality” leadership was also important – but there were not enough incentives for the best heads and teachers to go and work in difficult schools, the MPs were told.

“Our best teaching is serving our more affluent children,” said Mr Collins.

Getting parents involved with learning, particularly those who struggle with literacy and numeracy themselves, also helped, the committee heard.

But the parents most likely to be helped by such schemes did not attend them – and more effort had to be made to get out into the community.

There was also no evidence that making children get to school earlier or stay longer had any impact on standards, the committee was told.

Chris Wood said: “If it is more of the same and the same isn’t very good in the first place I think that is likely to have a negative effect, rather than a positive effect.”

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  • Spartacus

    White children discriminated in their own country, primarily because they’re White…. Diversity is our greatest strength .

  • ncpride

    But there were few pushing the cause of white working class children.

    Of course not, silly rabbit. I’m pretty sure the government would arrest and jail them for racism. Disgusting they are putting the needs of real British children behind ‘diversity’ that has NO business being there in the first place.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      White working class children’s interests will never be looked after in any white nation as long as those who cannot be named, white liberals, darkies and Muslims are in power. In order for that to happen, whites must seize back control of their nations, their heritage, and their destiny. Unfortunately, that will leave us no option other than very bloody, destructive and protracted wars to eliminate, or expel these hostile aliens from our lands.

      • Sangraal

        I like the pictures you post, ZS. Where is this one from?

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          It’s from the movie Centurion, starring Michael Hasselbender, Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko. The blonde archer is Axelle Caroline, one of the Pict warriors who overwhelm and wipe out a Roman Legion send to invade their territory.

          • Sangraal

            Ah I have that movie bookmarked on youtube, looks good. It’s a shame they made one of the Roman soldiers black…

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Archeologists made a finding at Herculaneum that makes his presence not out of place, the skeleton of an African man, who was clearly not a slave. He had lots of gold coins in his possession when Vesuvius’ pyroclastic surges killed him along with everyone else who did not flee when they should have back in 79 A.D. Africans did serve in the Legions too.

  • MikePence

    I digress. The white children are getting plenty educated. Take American education for example. All next month white pupils will be the primary target of an entire months worth of indoctrination into black history. Don’t be silly, you can’t get that kinda of schooling at home or even some private schools.

    • IstvanIN

      Hey, blacks invented everything from the traffic light to the knock-out game!

      • 1stworlder

        Not the traffic light the first one was in London before cars where even invented.

      • MikeofAges

        Naw, it was the Russians. Everything was invented by a Russian. Then stolen by the German, the British and the Americans.

        • IstvanIN

          According to the History Channel it was the ancient Chinese who invented everything.

          • MikeofAges

            Dag-nabit. All this time I thought it was the Russians.

    • Alexandra1973

      I have a good idea for Black History Month.

      Take a month off, go to Africa, and see black history in action! As I like to say, they’re still doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the past few thousand years!

  • gemjunior

    Disgusting. In their own country. Sick, sick, sick. I say Racism Needs To Make a Worldwide Comeback.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      “Racism needs to make a comeback.”
      There’s another one for the Amren Project.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The answer to that question is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. Hence the existence of forums such as this one and a burgeoning white nationalist movement. The more the darkies push poor and working class whites out, the stronger our discontent becomes, and that will sooner or later reach critical mass. When that happens, those who cannot be named and anyone else working to dispossess and exterminate all whites globally will find us as unstoppable as a 1,000 foot high mega-tsunami.

    • M&S

      White global population in 1950: 27%
      In 2010: 16%
      In 2060: 9.8%
      In 2100: 4% Or nothing.
      The truth is that there will always be a lower level of intelligence, the bottom of the Bell Curve as it were, in all societies as the races which create them. We can change this only through massive genomic intervention and the active desire to recognize that ‘median 100’ IQ is no longer enough to compete in a world where college norms are 1.75 Mean Standard Deviations above this.
      But to recognize that we need serious help is to recognize that whites are innately better than other peoples because it will be _whites_ who are borrowing each other’s gene segments and ‘splicing in’ changes in our IQ. We will not go to lower IQ population groups who have less to offer.
      Right now, the best thing we can do is withdraw to a enclave (if not a fortress) condition which is conducive to spreading the gift of wealth ONLY within our own Kindred.
      Through robotics.
      If you work like an honorable man doing the effector jobs of society from plumbing to engine repair, you are still at a X1 status of your work product generation.
      If you do the same level or lesser jobs (construction, highway maintenance, garbage collection) but suddenly you’re running a company, your WP modifier is X5 /minus/ the income you allocate, by law, to those in your employ. Which, even if you have the brains to make it a success, only leaves you exploiting some other less mentally gifted person and thus furthering the class fraud.
      OTOH, let’s say that those 5 co-effectors are all robots and that, past an admittedly steep buy-in curve of 30-40,000 each (I expect it would be much lower in mass production) you only have to ‘pay’ them 2,000 dollars a year in maintenance.
      Now, your social mobility as the ability to breed smart with an intelligent girl and raise kids exposed to all manner of interesting environments and ideas as brain stimulus goes up by an amount equal to the additional income you are bringing in doing jobs which are bid online as “Needed work crew moving furniture for five days.”
      Owning other people’s work product is how the rich get richer.
      Except that, as innovators, they hold a piece of paper which says that whatever process or processes they ‘own’ owes them a certain dividend, forever. And so do their kids and their kid’s kids. Even if they don’t have the special kind of genius that made granddad deservedly rich.
      As such, we have a society which is ever more focused on ownership of ideas and ever less willing to attribute worth to the labor which makes those ideas possible.
      THAT is the problem behind racial integration because the overclass are not trying to separate themselves from blacks and Hispanics and the like. They already know better than to go slumming. They are trying to separate themselves from the lesser whites.
      Which is as cruel as it is ultimately _stupid_.
      Forget the underdog story. Let’s talk about mass statistics and mutations.
      Every other generation your epigens rotate which gene pair they select for to activate a given tissue generation sequence. This is why children often look and act like their grandparents as much as their parents. This epigen selector switching is most active in large populations where geneflow within the endogroup is highest.
      Every once in awhile this assortative switch causes a permanent recombinant exchange, either within the parent during gamete production or between them during the first few cell folds, post fertilization.
      And this leads to a mutation which, in turn, just occasionally, is so massively wonderful for the child that it lets it succeed beyond any recognizable level such that it leads to a sweep condition which overtakes the whole society (why successful people have high libido is entirely evolutionary in functional reasoning people).
      Where you have a quite restricted gene flow inherent to a tiny rich, white, minority and _no_ white underclass, the chances of a sweep are limited as their Genetic Algorithm is entirely predatory and exploitative rather than innovative and their population group, while quite intelligent, reflects this in mate choice for status as looks and job classification rather than for genetic recombinative utility.
      Destroying the white lower classes is thus an example of White Elites destroying themselves, even beyond the social reordering that comes with white replacement as disintegration of culture.
      Our own Elites are Suicidal as much as Murderous.
      A new country, which forbid more than a one-time payment of dividend for creation of ideas and assigned ‘ownership’ of those ideas to company matrixes which were responsible, as a group, for maintaining and upgrading and _retiring_ them, would not be this way because the Elites would not have to exploit the masses to do the labor which they refused to.
      And the laborer-effectors would not be dragged down by the limits of a hard life from making the kinds of money so that their own children could effectively become better than they were.
      It’s the only way forward for our people. Because our leaders no longer care about us.
      At. All.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        That is why I hate white elites with more venom than I detest those who cannot be named.

  • John K

    The white race seems to be the most suicidal of all races. They would discriminate against their own and give their countries away instead of hurting the feelings of the savages who invade their borders and bankrupt their communities.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Yep, here is a response a white guy left regarding an MLK article which alleged that whites would just pull random blacks off the street on a whim and lynch them…

      “Well, the pendulum has swung the other way now. There are whites that can’t get in the college they want, that might get bumped from a job due to AA, that might get fired for saying something racist. Reverse racism is obviously just as bad. Not to mention the young black male flash mobs that are terrorizing whites across the country.

      Signed, Half the old white guys on this forum.

      Thanks for the article. Just read the whole thing out loud to my wife and son. I thought it was pretty moving.”

      His sarcasm shows that he’s OK with whites being the victim of racism. This moral crusader in his own mind is not really against racism. He’s quite comfortable with it when it heads in one direction.

      • Alexandra1973

        What I don’t like is the term “reverse racism.” That implies that only Whites are racist.

  • David Ashton

    A previous government educationist, Dr Tate, in 2008 attacked multiculturalism in schools which had made white children “cultural ghosts”, but the steamroller carried on. It cannot go on for ever.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      We’re past the point of no return. We need a race war and a civil war to stop the white genocides in America and Europe. Wake up, white man!

    • Pelagian

      Thanks. That’s a great term that I’d never heard before.

      • David Ashton

        I regret having to correct the date, which did strike me as too recent. Tate said this several years earlier, but it remains true.

        I knew one ignorant, obese little madam who was appointed to a teaching post as “mature” student, who put the word “Welcome” in several Asian languages on her classroom door. When I asked why it was not there in English as well, she actually said: “There’s no such thing as the English people. They’re all in Wales.”

        The only compulsory element in our state secondary school curriculum is “The Holocaust”, which provides a peg for “Christian antisemitism”, and also the latest PC favourites like the Gypsies, Homosexuals and Communists. It is still quite possible in Britain for history to be collapsed under unspoken project headings of “racism, colonialism, slavery, sexism”, and to evade the national, western or world chronological sequences. I think the so-called “Black Florence Nightingale” – Mary Seacole – is still in the curriculum; she was no such thing, but just a decent old mixed-race lady who ran a sort of restaurant for our troops.

  • Truth Teller

    Black history month is actually 2 months. Michael aka martin luther King’s birthday is in January. Beginning as soon as the Christmas break is over, the kid’s are subject to
    a month long celebration of St MLK. Then is black history month. I’m convinced February was selected as black history month because King’s birthday is in January and they can drag out the propaganda blitz for 2 months.
    I wrote Christmas break instead of winter. I expect an indictment for heresy.

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t know what the English educational system is trying to achieve. Even MDs, engineers, computer programmers, system designers etc from the most prestigious universities can’t get jobs in the UK. When I worked in Frankfurt Germany I knew many UK expats. They were all extremely well educated STEM people from the best universities but they were in Germany because they just could not get jobs in the UK. There were even nurses working in and around Frankfurt because the UK NH prefers Africans Pakistanis, Arabs anything but native British.

  • M&S

    ALL women are sexually receptive as a function of being heavily dosed with estrogen which alters brain function. Empowering them as liberated bread winners allows them to indulge their taste for the exotic like chocolate, real and racial.
    This doesn’t mean that even a well off, self supporting, woman would not want to follow the “As good as me or better…” rule of thumb in mate selection.
    Which means that we only need to compete to the best of our abilities in letting her choose.
    If it were any other way and white women were truly trying to destroy the white race in preference for mixed-out annihilation with other groups, we would see 50% or higher interracial birth rates and would be on an even steeper slippery slope to extinction.
    Women aren’t as smart as they are often credited with being but nor are they so disloyal or stupid as white survivalists often assume.
    Instead, the phenomena which worries me is that we are seeing women who wait so long that all the ‘good men’ (who have to grow into something unless they play ball or are actors) are taken and they either settle for a single life and no kids or have ONE child with whoever’s left because they have grown metrosexually introverted around their own existence and so can find no satisfaction in a traditional marital reproductive scheme of 2-3 kids, minimum, with a man they truly long for as much as settle with.
    It likely doesn’t help that, by the time she is 35, a woman’s pelvis as begun to fuse, her heart and liver function are decaying and she has accumulated enough body toxins to make carriage and delivery of a zero-defects child both markedly less likely and highly stressful to her system, even if it happens.
    That’s gotta be a scary thought for a woman who has fought off her urges for so long.
    If we want to bring white women back into our fold, forever, we need to provide them a more stark set of choices: Namely that Good White Men are _leaving_ this society and returning to a modality of living that empowers them as individuals and as a gender because it is designed, exclusively, for them.
    Choosing to follow them brings genetic assurance of IQ and attractiveness as a white bride and maybe some risk too, for those who are into it.
    “Or you can stay here in the Browning America and take what’s left.”
    White women should further be enticed by perks for being mothers. Like guarantees for later job training and maybe a social credit wage equivalency to help smooth things along as dedicated home makers. With the honest understanding that we _need them_ to be female, not to compete for jobs with men who are trying to support their own families.
    Fewer working = higher wage levels, supply and demand.
    For those with high IQ and developed work skills as doctors and lawyers and whatever else they are qualified for, women should -still- have at least one child and one egg donation before they are 30 and that child be committed to some form of ‘week care’ with another woman so that mom can go be an earner. There are mothers who would -love- to have a large family to look after and would do so, for a price.
    Meanwhile, those ‘clever girl’ ovum can go to a bank so that those families which have had their quota of kids but still want more can make a choice to improve their genelines by having the woman carry a child which will be every bit her own and her husbands while generally raising the IQ index of the population through downwards mobility of high IQ genes.
    I realize this all sounds more than a little scary if not outright Hitlerian Eugenics based but if we do this, we are going to be hip deep in alligators with a start up country and a flock of hostile critics all around us for the better part of 20-30 years /at least/. Think Israel and multiply by ten.
    And so things like genomics investments are going to have to come as we can afford them.
    What we absolutely must stop is the white population crash.
    Part of it we might make up from Canadians, Europeans and South Africans, fed up with their own countries’ multicult agenda as well.
    But even more than raw numbers we would need to build raw IQ as fast as possible so that, as robotics brought us out of subsistence living as wage slavery capitalism and formed the core of an army that did agro by day and saved us paying for a massive armed forces, the next generation would assuredly have something to contribute to an ‘info dominant’ global economic structure.
    Be assured: Genetic science will get us all there, eventually.
    But we cannot allow smart people to think that their intelligence is a single generation achievement for their use alone. It has to be a commitment to redeveloping the generational ‘held in trust’ notion of heritable smart white genes, throughout our population.
    I don’t hate modern white women for their liberated choices in this world. Personal Power is what it is as both an enlightenment and an addiction that is hard to stop feeding. We certainly cannot afford to lose their commitment to us and so hatred of what female liberation has done to us is pointlessly as much as hurtfully divisive.
    All’s we can do is offer them a superior alternative that speaks to their deepest instincts about safety and prosperity and some degree of comfort as functional realities we are striving to give to them as ourselves in a country that doesn’t betray us for our loyalty.
    A different country than this one.