Posted on January 22, 2014

Musician in Coma After Brutal Attack in French Quarter

Tania Dall, WWLTV (New Orleans), January 21, 2014

A well-known New Orleans musician is hospitalized and unconscious after being jumped in the French Quarter.

Doug Potter’s family and friends believe he may have been a target of the “knockout” game.


{snip} Potter’s family says the musician was walking off to his car off Bourbon Street down Conti when he was physically assaulted.

“According to witnesses as well as video tape, two individuals just took it upon themselves to assault, and badly hurt him. He fell into the street,” said David Potter, the victim’s brother.

Since the brutal attack the 54-year-old bass player has undergone intensive brain surgery at University Hospital, where family and friends continue to pray for his recovery.

Friends confirm he’s now in an induced coma.


As Potter remains in intensive care, loved ones are grappling to understand why the musician with such a “big heart” was the target of such a violent and senseless attack.


Potter’s family says he wasn’t robbed during the assault. NOPD detectives are looking at surveillance video to help track down his attackers.

Late Tuesday evening, they released a sketch of a suspect, which you can see above. He’s wanted for second-degree battery.