More Possible Victims of Random Attacks in Downtown Denver Come Forward

David Mitchell, Fox 31 (Denver), January 8, 2014

Police Wednesday issued a crime warning to citizens about the violent, random attacks taking place in downtown Denver.

Since FOX31 Denver first told you about a series of possible “knockout game” attacks on New Year’s Eve in lower Downtown, more potential victims of attacks have come forward to share their stories.

They talk about being punched and brutally beaten in attacks that came out of nowhere.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    I want these victims to start coming out, and flat out say, “Don’t listen to this Affirmative Action (if black)/ yes man (if white) police chief. I was attacked because I was white! I have, however, learned my lesson, and that lesson is……..,”

    • Extropico

      Most victims however don’t have the luxury of returning to an all-White neighborhood and an all-White workplace of people who aren’t responsible for sales to a diverse population. I mean that reality is why most of us, including you, use a sobriquet online….

      Some tact is required by people in real life.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The victims are white and the perps are black but the authorities say these are “random attacks”.

    Uh huh.

  • dd121

    The point of the story was to deny that any “knockout game” took place and that there was anything racial about it. Great job of reporting, liberals. PS This isn’t the first time a liberal has denied reality.

  • King of My Castle

    Carry a weapon; go back to Medieval times when all men were armed in some way or another. Stand up for yourself — and fight back! Also, make a preemptive strike, if necessary, if you see those apes knuckling up to you.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Denver Police Dept. did not alert the public about the New Year’s Day attacks until FIVE DAYS after the assaults occurred.

    Keep in mind that Denver Police Chief White is black:

    We as the media learned about [the attacks], because the victims came forward to us. We didn’t hear about it through police communication. Is that in-line with your policy of transparency? Stewart asked Denver Police Chief Robert White.

    No. I mean obviously, we’d like to get out information, if we think it’s of some relevance to the community, White said.

    Because roving gangs of violent blacks targeting and attacking Whites is NOT relevant to the community, according to the police chief.

    The blow fractured Nick Lloyd’s face in several places and broke his jaw on both sides. Nick Lloyd, underwent surgery to put plates in his face and wire his jaw shut.

    White says none of the police HALO security cameras posted in the area captured any of the attacks. He adds that it’s too early to say if the attacks were racially motivated.

    What are the chances those tapes were erased?

    And where is Eric Holder and his hate crime task force you might ask??

    Holder is too busy prosecuting the only known White on Black Knockout that has ever occurred.

    • MekongDelta69

      …And Fast And Furiously working on ‘disparate impact’…

    • Sloppo

      The black police chief is only interested in the safety of the community. That would be the black community. Blacks attacking whites does not endanger that community. If some whites had shot and killed some of the black attackers, the black police chief’s community would be endangered and he would have made sure the news got out.

  • MekongDelta69

    possible knockout games…”

    As I ‘axed’ yesterday on here to that Minority, Affirmative Action, Feminazi Sergeant Elena Correia who said the attack did not seem to resemble the “Knockout Game” in New York:

    “So Sarge, what DID it ‘resemble’?”
    (They called it ‘harassment.’)

  • OhWow

    If most of the country is going to act like it’s just a game and not really that big a deal even though 7 people are dead from it, then they won’t get mad if white “teens” go on hunting sprees targeting exclusively blacks right? How refreshing would that be if white men acted like men again and beat them down to a pulp? I’m average height but I’m 210 lbs with muscle, so unfortunately no youths have targeted me. Everyday I walk around just waiting…just waiting for the reason to let all of this pent up frustration out. I don’t think I could stop myself if I got my hands on one of these diverse youths who do this kind of thing.

    There is zero doubt in my mind a race war would actually be started if the races were reversed. None. There would be endless reports of how racist America is still and how blacks are under attack just for being black. I would say a race war is going on now, but blacks are attacking and whites are not allowed to fight back and get revenge. So that’s not a war.

    • Sloppo

      “There is zero doubt in my mind a race war would actually be started if the races were reversed.”

      The numbers are reversed in South Africa and whites are facing genocide there of course.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      White men ARE acting like MEN. They are not attacking lone, weak, elderly and disabled people. Yes, we all want retribution for watching black hoards attack white people in the cowardly, terroristic, guerilla manner they have chosen. But reprisals aren’t the answer. And unfortunately victims of cowardly sucker punches are way too easy to find. Especially when we have the law and the press tripping over each other to scream out loud that it’s not a hate crime or racially motivated. While the underground press shows the attacker’s video within minutes confirming exactly how hateful these groups are. Welcome to opposite land.

      • MBlanc46

        If attacked, defend yourself. Otherwise, political action is what’s required.

      • Lt_Greyman_NVA

        Reprisals ARE the answer. Whites will not be safe till blacks FEAR to touch a White. It has always been thus throughout History.

  • Spartacus

    This won’t stop until you start killing them .

    • DNA Explains It All

      And doing it in quantity.

  • Luca

    “Random Attack” is a liberal journalist code phrase. When translated it means: blacks attacking whites and there will be no hate crime charges filed.

  • RisingReich

    I woke up this morning to Terhada (black as midnight) Thomas (or whatever) on KUSA clearly stating that ‘this isn’t race related’ according to the Denver PD.

    BULLSH!T it isn’t!

    FYI – Denver has an imported from KY black as midnight police chief White, and a black as midnight mayor ‘Handy Cock’ Hancock. (Was implicated by a local pimp of frequenting an establishment of prostitution.) So, it’s no surprise the DPD would say ‘not race related.’

    This is the same DPD that protected a group of 26 roving ni66ers in 2010 from a White backlash for essentially doing the same thing then.

    I hear there is a local Nazi chapter in Broomfield that might go looking for trouble. I hope they find it and squash these monkeys in self-defense. Curb check these goons right into the next life, which is what they deserve.

    This crap can’t continue forever.

  • RisingReich

    Thanks Amren for FINALLY getting around to this story.

  • LACounty

    Go to the original article and post a comment before they lock it up.

  • This actually started earlier in December 2013, with a shooting near where the 16th Street mall reaches the Market Street RTD (bus) station. This is smack in the middle of Denver’s downtown. Denver cops are also off their meds, so never expect any help from them. DPD-tards like beating up white college undergrads because this makes them feel like hotshots, when they won’t go up against anyone with guns. They also “arrested” and raped one friend’s wife.

    If I saw a Denver cop laying on the street after being badly wounded, I’d keep walking, even though kicking him a few times in his head would be appealing. If I am ever lucky enough to serve on the jury of someone accused of killing a Denver cop, I will vote to acquit and thus hang the jury.

    Of course we stay out of Denver.

  • John R

    Be aware? And watch out for…? Uhhh, yeah, so I will give a suggestion: Watch out for…..(drum role, please!) B-L-A-C-K-S!!!!!! We White racialist need our own protest rock groups, like the liberals have. Hmmm, maybe a song, “How many knockout attacks must occur before our heads our out of the sand….How many times must our people be knocked down before they can one day stand…the answer my friend is blow’in in the wind…”

  • Pro_Whitey

    But how can these attacks be racially based? The headline and story clearly state that they are “random”. (just kidding)

  • LACounty

    Well said. Catch-22. If you live in a diverse area it’s likely they don’t allow CCW’s. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. Where CCW’s are allowed there’s more often than not a high percentage of Whites/Conservatives.
    So where you need it most, you can’t have it. Legally. Moral of story…stay away from Bantu/mixed areas.

  • fuzzypook

    Denver is a liberal lefty paradise. I have family members there that personify the typical Denver resident. Moved there from California, liberal nut jobs, financially insulated, live in gated communities, and work for government.

    • I hope they get hurt really bad. Killed is only optional. I’ve had to go to Denver recently, frequently at night, and while my mother and my wife know my past, they’re worried.

      • fuzzypook

        My Aunt is really liberally deranged. She was here visiting with my mom right when it was becoming apparent how many people were losing their insurance because of obongo care. When I commented on it in front of her she actually denied it was true.

        • Denver is the pus-oozing political fecal orifice the rest of Colorado revolves around. I have lived in Colorado Springs for most of the last 23 years, and I hate Denver even more than I hate California, because there are apparently still nice parts of California. Denver is really just Chicago at 1600 meters elevation.

          • fuzzypook

            I read somewhere that in Denver one needn’t bother applying for employment with the library system unless they speak spanish. Also, they threw out a lot of books to make room for books in spanish (which most of the squat monsters can’t/won’t read anyway.) Do you anything about that Michael?

          • They sure did throw books away. The Denver libraries didn’t even sell them at discard sales. The “books” in Spanish that replaced them were Mexican comic books with approximately the genuine text content one would expect from comic books: comic books written by subliterate Mexicans for subliterate Mexicans. While we’re on that subject, Denver is also an illegal alien “sanctuary” city. In addition, Denver started the “Energy Outreach” program, which means working white utility rate payers are forced to subsidize the electricity and natural gas consumption of black and brown imcompetoids. We wouldn’t want them to feel cold in the winters and miss Lagos and Veracruz, now would we?

            How do I hate thee, Denver? Oh, let me count the ways.

          • “Mexican comic books”

            I’m sure you’ve heard of the fotonovela. Basically a picture book for “adults.”

          • I’ve seen these “fotonovelas” firsthand in jail. Mexican comic books.

          • Fathercoughlin

            mestizoes are generally stupid and not interested in books or ideas. But we’re not supposed to know this. Just wait til we FIX THE SCHOOZE!!!!!Then you’lls ee,oh boy!!

          • Wouldn’t you like to re-write that post?

          • IstvanIN

            And the blacks and browns like it hot in the winter and like to open the windows, both driving up utility costs. New public housing developments have individual furnaces now rather then central hot water boilers these days.

          • When I was delivering pizza after I returned home from prison, the blacks and browns all had their apartments at (subsidized) sauna-like temperatures. In the meantime, we set the winter heat at 55 F to save money. Staying active with projects in my shop suppresses my urge to hibernate.

          • fuzzypook

            Government finds all kinds of ways to redistribute the wealth. Before I get too depressed Michael, would you give me a good idea for a pound of ground beef? I have a lot to work with, garlic, onion,many spices etc. I also have some coconut milk, lots of noodles too. I have bamboo shoot also. Since you can’t come over and cook for me and you haven’t written that cookbook yet, as a fellow race realist, I am hoping you will give me an idea for my 1 lb. of hamburger. 🙂

          • You have the ingredients for laksa, a spicy Malaysian stew one of the Chinese in the lab in Australia got me hooked on.

            My own reverse-engineered recipe involves frying half a diced large onion in olive oil. I normally use mixed frozen seafood for laksa, but chicken or ground beef will work. If you are using beef, brown it in a skillet and drain the grease. I make laksa in a fairly large 5-quart kettle kettle, and I use 2 packets of ramen noodles, a cup of meat, both packets of ramen seasoning, the fried onion.

            First I fry the diced onion, and place this on paper towels to remove the grease. The cooked meat or uncooked fish goes into the pot, along with the fried onion. I also like bean sprouts in the mix. I add one can of coconut milk. Coconut milk settles, so I open the can upside-down into the pot. The seasoning packets from two ramen noodle packs also go in. Two tablespoons of hot Chinese chile oil and two of curry powder also go in. I blend my own curry spice mixes: Vindaloo, Tandoori, Saag and Tikka, but Bolst’s curry powder works fine. I add the water and then the ramen noodles from the two packets until the pot is full and heat it until there is a bubbling boil.

          • fuzzypook

            Thanks Michael! I’ll try it.

          • MBlanc46

            I will put in a word for Chicago. Parts of it are living hell, of course, but those are parts outsiders don’t ever have to go. There are still some very livable (if pretty expensive) parts of the city. My wife works downtown and we’re often there for dinner and the theater or the Art Institute. Of course, the winters are brutal, and we don’t even have mountains for skiing to compensate for the cold, snow, and wind (not that we’re skiing sorts, in any case; if I were ever trapped in a ski resort, I’d start apres-ski at about 11:00 a.m.). In the couple of times I’ve been in Denver in the last 15 years, I’ve eaten and drunk in that LoDo area several times. Leave it to Negroes to try to destroy something that whites have built for themselves.

          • Andrew

            I just moved to Chicago a few days ago and what a warm and welcoming place of diversity this is. Tonight I was walking down State Street in a busy area of downtown and saw a group of black men standing together forming what looked like a group of protesters. As I was walking by, one of them was literally screaming, “When is the white man’s world going to end?”. Fortunately, I’m living here for a short term.

          • “When is the white man’s world going to end?”

            On much of the south side of that city, until recently, it did end.

            And look at the results.

            As Paul Kersey and Hunter Wallace often say, “freedom failed.”

          • “When is the white man’s world going to end?”

            When someone else has the brains to come up with something better and the determination and courage to make it happen.

          • MBlanc46

            Mentally deranged Negroes shouting to themselves on State Street is just local color (in more ways than one).

          • IstvanIN

            Or local coloreds.

          • Fathercoughlin

            Much of Chicago is great. The South Side is dead.What the negroes didnt destroy,the mexies took. Now we got drug pushers and gangbangers on every block. But the Northwest Side is still viable,tho the mexies are slowly destroying that,too. The Loop and Near West & North Side,Lakeview(Cubs) and surrounding north side hoods are great but theyre not bedroom communities. (Unless your bedroom contains a set of latex butt plugs,lol,if ya get me. ) The core of Chicago is better than ever but the neighborhoods are going down fast.

          • MBlanc46

            I’m back in the suburbs, but I lived for quite awhile in Hyde Park. I saw enough black misbehavior to make me a race realist, but fortunately got away relatively unscathed. I still haven’t given up the hope of clawing back large parts of the South and West Sides from the ghettoites. I do get the feeling that in the long run, the Mexicans are a bigger threat than the blacks.

  • LACounty

    Eric Holder needs to go.

  • Joe Sewell

    What fuels this ‘cultural enrichment’ is the knowledge that immediate isn’t forthcoming. The negroes rely on the police to protect them from retribution. Recent cases show Whites are being prosecuted for defending themselves from wild negro attacks.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      Bingo. The term you’re looking for is “anarcho-tyranny”, from the late, great Sam Francis.

  • mike5586

    According to the census Denver is actually LESS black than it used to be 20 years ago, at least in terms of percentage.

    Loads of mexicans now though.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Ugh. And mexican women,theyre all squat and fat.

      • IstvanIN

        Bowling ball beauties.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        And yet, even with an infant mortality rate (in Mexico) that is 3 times the US rate, they managed to keep popping out little brown anchors. The reality is that the US is the answer to their infant mortality issue. Free hospitals and free milk.

  • bilderbuster

    Because Whites are called racist all the time no matter how absurd something may be that the label should be meaningless but the opposite is true.
    Grown (White) men who haven’t a racist bone in their body cower when called a racist or even worse start blubbering about anyone & everyone they know who is non White.
    White politicians are the most pathetic when that happens.

    Whatever happened to sticks & stones?

  • Garrett Brown

    I stay strapped homey.

  • hionthemountain

    I’m sorry but innocent citizens will have to arm themselves
    and shoot to kill, cull the violence with violence . . . of course
    this will escalate the culprits to bring their crime to the next
    level, which will have to be answered by the victims .. sad but, plain truth