Posted on January 10, 2014

Crowd of Kids Ambush Bryan Convenience Store, Charges Pending

Nicole Morten, KBTX (College Station), January 9, 2013

It could be described only as 20 minutes of mayhem when a crowd of kids ransacked a Bryan convenience store last Saturday night. The store clerk at the Chevron Food Mart at William J. Bryan and Highway 21 says the kids swarmed the place, vandalizing and stealing a number of things.

Store Clerk Terry Polsgrove says it was just your average Saturday night…


But around 11:15…

“It got to the point where I started seeing more and more kids coming into the store,” Polsgrove added.

Security cameras from the Chevron Gas station at Sandy Point Road and U.S. Highway 21 in Bryan show 30 to 40 teens swarming the parking lot.


But before he knew it, Polsgrove and his co-worker were being ambushed.

“You start seeing this young lady yelling, ‘Hey, come on in and get it! They’re giving away free stuff!’ so they started taking everything so I figured I’d shut the door and keep everyone separated, but as you can see I was overwhelmed,” Polsgrove said while viewing the surveillance footage.


Each camera shows the teens stealing candy, food, drinks and as Polsgrove described it, anything they could get their hands on.

“It happened so fast, within a matter of 20 minutes I was being overwhelmed by kids ages eight to 17, I mean I was just shocked,” said Polsgrove.


Polsgrove says he was finally able to call police after the teens ran off.


Police say the suspects could be charged with vandalism, theft, organized crime and even assault. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: Evidently some in the “crowd of kids” were “twerking” in the parking lot.]