Posted on January 3, 2014

Customers Walk over Dead Body After Michigan Man Killed in Store Doorway

Joe Kemp, NY Daily News, January 2, 2014

The mother of a Michigan man shot and killed in front of a Michigan store was outraged to learn that customers continued to walk over his body for about five minutes before anyone called for help.

Jackel Wright told WWMT-TV that she recently learned of footage from a security camera inside the Quick Stop store in Kalamazoo that shows the moment her son, Jheryl Wright, was gunned down as he walked out the door in September 2012.

But after the 24-year-old man collapsed, several customers continued to walk in and out of the store — stepping over the wounded man’s body to get through the door.

“When they told me people were still coming in that gas station, stepping over my child in the doorway, I couldn’t believe it,” the teary-eyed mother told the news station.


The shocking clip — which was released during the trial of Clarence Ross, who was convicted last week of Wright’s murder — also shows the clerk continue to deal with customers even after he glances down at Wright’s body.


Wright’s body was sprawled on the floor for about five minutes until a customer finally realized something was terribly wrong and called 911 on his cellphone.


Ross, 32, was found guilty of open murder, solicitation of murder and felony use of a firearm. {snip}