Boycott Threatened over Fraternity’s MLK-Themed Party

Anne Ryman, USA Today, January 21, 2014

Local civil rights leaders are threatening a boycott of Arizona State University’s athletic program and the fund-raising campaign to rebuild Sun Devil Stadium unless the university expels a fraternity and students who organized a Martin Luther King Jr.-themed party.

Civil rights leaders made the the demands at a press conference Tuesday afternoon outside the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in downtown Phoenix.

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin is demanding the university permanently revoke recognition for the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, which was already on probation for fighting with a rival fraternity before this incident. Maupin said a boycott of Sun Devil Athletics would include discouraging student athletes from attending the university as well as campaigning against efforts to raise funds to rebuild the stadium.

In an interview with The Arizona Republic after the press conference, Jim Rund, the university’s senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student Services, said university officials are investigating the incident and expect to make decisions on the fraternity chapter and individuals involved within days.

“It’s safe to say the status of some individual students as well as the future of the chapter is currently in jeopardy,” he said, adding that the party behavior, according to reports, was “outrageous, extraordinarily offensive and wholly unacceptable.”

The fraternity is on suspension while university officials investigate. {snip}


Images are circulating on social media of partygoers wearing baggy basketball jerseys, gang-affiliated colored T-shirts and bandanas. The partygoers also appeared to flash gang signs in the photos and used hashtags such as ‘blackoutformlk’ and ‘ihaveadream.’


The photos also show people at the party wearing saggy pants and posing with hollowed out watermelon cups.


Tau Kappa Epsilon was already on university-imposed probation for a 20-member assault on members of a rival fraternity in November 2012. An African-American fraternity member was injured in the attack at an off-campus apartment complex. ASU investigated the incident and put the TKE fraternity on probation until May 17, 2014. As part of the probation, the fraternity was not allowed to have parties.


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  • Tarczan

    Around 4 a.m. on Nov. 18, 2012, a group of 20 or so Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity members walked into the courtyard of the Hayden Terrace apartments, the unofficial “home” of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, a Tempe police report says. They turned over a Ping-Pong table and confronted a fraternity member who was getting home from work. One man told him some “Dekes,” as the fraternity’s members are known, had beaten up TKE members; they were there to get revenge. He punched the fraternity member, who was African American, multiple times in the face, according to police reports.

    The victim suffered a concussion and a broken jaw.

    Sounds like the TKEs know how to respond to black attacks. No doubt this party was a continuation of those thoughts. The school trotted out the usual crap about racism and ignorance.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      These frat boys need a good lawyer. This warms my heart. Things are changing. We are awakening, my folk.

      • sbuffalonative

        What I find fascinating about these stories is that, when you think about it, this generation of kids has been indoctrinated by political correctness and yet they still do these things and don’t understand why it’s ‘racist’.

        I used to work with college aged guys and they used to make racial remarks all the time. I asked them about it and they said, ‘it’s not racist if it’s true’.

        Sometimes reality trumps ‘progressive’ liberal indoctrination.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Hey, if youth and rebelling against authority go together…

          The combination of the abovementioned propensity and undeniable reality gives me hope.

          The twentysomethings trying to enter the workforce now are especially “at risk” to the Truth…

        • Tim_in_Indiana

          “It’s not racist if it’s true.” Hey, I love that! Add that to the AmRen “Race Card Project”

          • foundingstockcracker

            But the leftist/Bolsheviks say that “Truth is no defense.”

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yeah, that works.

  • dd121

    I guess if they had paid the King family a licensing fee everything would have been okay.

    • sbuffalonative

      No one in the King family has yet to object a strip club holding an MLK MONDAY Bash:

      • OhWow

        Black people made one even worse than that. It had MLK’s face on the body of someone twerking. No outrage there though because they were the right color.

        • Spartacus

          Sounds fitting to me.

  • Druid

    Boycott Threatened over Fraternity’s MLK-Themed Party
    no big deal – call their bluff…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Yeah – no black afleets? Heck, this could raise the average reading level of ASU’s baksketball and feetsball teams several grade levels!

      Ooooh – and black folk gonna stop contributatin to da stadium fund??? HOW WILL IT EVER GET BUILT?

      • r j p

        They are all such prolific donors. LMAO.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          All you gotta do is set up a penny ante scratch-off stadium lottery and slap a stadium tax on malt liquor, bumwine, fried chicken and illegitimate children…

          An black folk be bildin dat dey stadium!

          Black folk would never boycott that stuff.

          • Whitetrashgang

            A tax on illegitimate children is a idea whose time has come, could call it the Barry tax.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I like the cut of yer jib, but…
            Good luck on collecting that! Publicly funded tube vasectomies and tubal ligations for repeat reproducers now? Hmmm…

        • The dozens of missing dollars will bankrupt the school.
          Oh my stars!

      • sbuffalonative

        Maybe they’ll boycott attending classes.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I just realized I said something absurd…

          WE pay taxes on their illegitimate children! Sheesh, what was I thinking?

      • John R

        Yeah, I mean, you do know that the blacks built America, right? I mean, how in the HECK did us White folk do ANYTHING without ’em? Geeze, I mean just look at all those poor White people in countries that have no blacks, like Switzerland?

    • Katherine McChesney

      I hope that they had more fun than MLK had when he was beating White prostitutes and cheating on his wife.

    • Guest

      . . . threatening a boycott . . . fund-raising campaign . . .

      Oh my stars!
      If blacks don’t contribute dozens of dollars, how will the University survive?

    • Triarius

      Blacks never boycott, they know it’s what we want. Remember when blacks threatened to boycott Nascar? Lol.

  • APaige

    Did you have to bring your best work of plagiarism? Tax-exempt money for non-profit charities to pay for your whores? Did you have to prove yourself to be an adulterer?
    “I have a dream…that someday my children…will fight over my estate…of ‘borrowed speeches’

    • Max Krakah

      ” It was the Best of Times, it was the worst of times…”
      “Four Score and Seven Years ago…”
      “Never have so many owed so much to so few”
      “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!”
      ” And I stepped ..on…the …Ping….pong….Bahhhhhhhllllllllllll!”
      “Where is that long eared galoot?”

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Is that an MLK speech?

        • Max Krakah

          no, it makes more sense

  • bigone4u

    A costume party for MLK Day is a brilliant idea. The university should be celebrating the critical thinking skills and creativity of the students. Backward baseball caps, outrageously expensive sneakers, switchblades, Saturday night specials, watermelons, fried chicken, hip hop, a simulated drive-by shooting–great ways to truthfully honor St. Martin. I give them an “A.”

    • Max Krakah

      It is a perfect occasion for some performance art such as dressing someone up as MLK and having him beat a white girl dressed as a prostitute while holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and having someone dressed up as an assistant periodically bring him a mirror with a white powder on it to snort.

    • Xerxes22

      Justin Bieber dresses and acts like that all the time, yet no Blacks are calling for a boycott of that little wigger.

    • foundingstockcracker

      Dids dey gits booms boxis an spinzin caps fo dey rides?

    • Tarczan

      I’m not to sure about the switchblades- too many moving parts for darkies.

  • Max Krakah

    I guess they were going to hire white hookers and beat them to a pulp, get drunk and do drugs, and write speeches by plagiarizing stuff they find on the web. GOOD TIMES….GOOD TIMES!

  • r j p

    Local civil rights leaders are threatening a boycott of Arizona State University’s athletic program …

    The only reason blacks are on most college campuses is because of athletic programs and the “african American Studies” programs and such.

    Let’em boycott.

  • Spartacus

    Conflict at every level… This is what we need !

    • Max Krakah

      WE need to keep swinging and keep them off balance and on the defensive. We need to start funds for people who take up the cause in this way. Call it the “Race realist Performance Art Fund”

    • LACounty

      Exactly. Even from pro-white groups that we don’t agree with entirely.

  • Extropico

    I heartily endorse these hilarious hijinks. Anybody’s culture is merely an artificial construct and we all should be able to appreciate its nature and participate in that composite of the multicultural mosaic. YOLO. Peace Out.

    • Max Krakah

      How about everyone wearing an “I have a scheme” T-shirt!

      • Extropico

        Love it! T-Shirts emblazoned with Obama stating “I have a drone!” should be added to the festivities.

        • Max Krakah

          How about a pic of michelle and obsamma , both in beards, and a caption that says “Duck Responsibility!”

          • Extropico

            I dunno. They believe in responsibility for adequate vacation time. 😀

          • r j p

            Moochelle and BHO are each other’s beards …..

            Beard: Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexaul person the apperance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex.

          • MekongDelta69

            I think this would do perfectly:

          • Max Krakah

            YES! I saw this the other day, I thought it was good

          • Katherine McChesney

            Honestly, I think they should have been dressed like black criminal thugs. It could be tagged with something that rhymes with “Duck Responsibility”.

          • MekongDelta69

            Schmuck Dynasty

  • The utter shamelessness of this theme party is so encouraging. The students obviously set out to offend, or at least don’t care if they do. I wonder how panicked those commie career academicians on the ASU campus are right now? The indoctrination just isn’t sticking anymore. Uh oh!

    • Max Krakah

      I’ve detected a growing discontent among young whites on college campuses. They are chomping at the bit.

      • ncpride

        I’m glad you said that. My daughter is a senior this year, but she has a lot of friends at a college here in NC that has anti-White Soledad O’Brien coming to speak on campus about ‘multiculturalism’ that has been met with utter scorn on social media from the students. They also had little Timmy Wise there back in October that was met with even more scorn. That’s encouraging. A lot of White kids may fall for the lies and propaganda, but I think just as many don’t. We don’t give them enough credit at times I think. They are not stupid and can see what’s happening to them.

        • sbuffalonative

          The smart ones get it. A couple years ago, blacks were complaining about ‘racist’ firemen test. A high school kid wrote to the Buffalo News and wanting to know how a test could be ‘racist’.

          Intelligent kids can see through the PC BS.

          • This mess all began some time in the 1980s, when on a couple of occasions, the verbal section of the SAT had questions that, in order to answer them correctly, required you to know the general anatomy of a yacht.

            That’s been the angle that Bellcurvius and his excuseologists have used to smear just about every objective test ever written.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Another question thought to be “racist,” concerned the function of a briefcase.
            The argument was that most blacks kids don’t have baby daddys who work as businessmen. They’ve never seen a briefcase, let alone witnessed their daddy leaving home in the morning carrying one for work.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          More good news.
          The kids aren’t falling for this Marxist poison after all.
          Very good news!

      • OhWow

        As I’ve said before…I’m 24 and I can tell you that even in metro New York (known as a liberal stronghold) feel the same way as many of you in the South feel. We just don’t make it as obvious but we certainly wink and nudge at each other and we talk about it behind closed doors. I think deep down we all know blacks just are not the same as us.

        At my college I remember some black kid claimed the school was “racist”. All the blacks and hispanics at the school (all 50 of them…mostly there just for sports and via affirmative action) held a silent protest sitting in the rain on the campus lawn. I remember many white students including myself laughing at them. We discussed how they are always looking for something to be outraged about. They are just so predictable. I asked one of the black students what exactly happened that demonstrated racism by the school. Know what he said? “Actually man I don’t know…I just heard it was a racist place”. That is so telling! It’s a PERCEPTION! They hear someone else cry racism and they just join in blindly without being able to cite a real life example.

        • sbuffalonative

          Most intelligent people understand how the PC game is played and they know how to adjust their behavior and speech around blacks and flagrant liberals. I sure do. I know never to instigate a conversation with blacks. When forced to, such as at work, I say very little and nod in agreement. The less interaction with blacks, the smaller the target on your back.

        • Max Krakah

          I’m in MA.

          • Max Krakah

            Let me elaborate a little further about how whites are subtly showing their real feelings. During the Christmas season, I did a function at a school where the DJ had been blasting a lot of black boogy woogy, wobble twerk stuff. There was also an acoustic performer who was very good, a white kid from the south, who did covers of strictly white music.They also had some kareoke. Of course the blacks , who all think they are stars, got up there and screamed. There was also a five minute “stomp” performance, which I found out later actually wasn’t supposed to happen at this event. There basically was no reaction or clapping from the whites present. Several times a few white girls got up and did traditional Christmas Carols at the Kareoke, in the traditional, non black pop or rock fashion. It was interesting that not one white person tried to “be black”, in fact they seemed to be purposely being white.The group that did “Silent Night” actually performed with good harmony, it was clear they had rehearsed a bit. In other words, they refused to let the holiday be redefined for them. The black students did their snickering as if the performers were not good, but it was easy to see they actually were good, and that the snickering was just an expression of hatred toward whites. It has also been my experience at colleges that when white kids talk about the wobble or the twerk, it is in a nudge nudge, wink wink way. Basically, they mock it.

          • dd121

            I don’t watch much but I’ve noticed that on American Idol, whites who try to sing like [email protected]@ers don’t get very far in the competition.

          • newscomments70

            I can’t wait for segregation to come back…it will be nice to have white schools again. A liberal reading this will laugh, asking, “yeah, how will accomplish that?”. We will show them.

        • Max Krakah

          He probably couldn’t read the memo

        • Triarius

          I’m a few years older than you and agree with all of it. One thing about being bombard with pc garbage all your life is that you stop caring, when everything is racist nothing is.

          This is how college and grad school was, and couple of areas I have lived (east coast, midwest, and now southwest). I currently reside in Scottsdale, AZ and no one here cares about this situation. In fact, I hear jokes about it around town.

          • Max Krakah

            Goebells even said that you can not overdo propaganda because it then starts to have the opposite effect.

        • dd121

          I hope you attempt to persuade your friends what you’ve observed.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I sense their collective frustration that the tail isn’t wagging the dog nearly so easily anymore. Drama and stunts used to snap the EurAms (as they call us) into shape in the past. Now the EurAms don’t jump through hoops as readily.
          Good for you, OW.

        • FransSusan

          I think they’re too dumb to have perceptions. It’s mostly just brainwashing and group-think that drives them.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      “The indoctrination just isn’t sticking anymore.”

      That depends, if these students are expelled, on whether the rank and file of other students mount massive protests on their behalf, or if they just sheepishly retreat into silence (or even support the expulsion).

      Bet you ten to one it will be the latter.

  • Max Krakah

    How about kids wearing a shirt that says ” FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!
    “HOLLY MUDDAF*****S!”
    “obammaphones be free n sheet!”

  • Ronald

    It has been barely one month since the African fraternity, the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, held what it calls an annual Kappa Khristmas Jam & Toy Drive. According to “The Daily Breeze”, a Los Angeles area newspaper, the celebration, was held at the Los Angeles Raddison Hotel and ended with a “liquor, testosterone and girls” fueled brawl involving as many as 1500 African attendees.

    According to the article, “A witness told the Daily Breeze on Monday morning that some people used pepper spray during the altercation. (Kinchla) said he had no
    information about the use of pepper spray, but many attendees took to
    social media to say they were pepper sprayed. It was scary,” the witness said. “It was like an asthma attack waiting to happen.”

    Josephine Logan, 52, from New York, said members of the group
    continued acting erratically until 5 a.m. She said much of the action
    moved to the hotel’s hallways. “I couldn’t sleep,” Logan said.
    “There was music. The walls started shaking. There was loud banging.
    There were crazy people in here. There were knocking on everyone’s

    Logan said she called the hotel’s front desk but no one answered. “I was scared to get out of my room,” she said.

    The fraternity branch is located at the Long Beach State University in Long Beach, Ca. a taxpayer funded Government university. Perhaps the public would be better served if these self-serving “tax exempt” civil “rights” business operators would direct their attention to the disruptive activities of “Black” fraternities rather than harassing White children who do nothing more than to provide themselves with a little fun in order to break the grim reality of the Government “education” system.

    • TXCriollo

      I remember in my active fraternity days we could not put flyers up on campus or drop leaflets anywhere, but the black fraternities seemed to get away with it. Everywhere you would look some stupid stomp show or ghetto dj party was being held by the black fraternities and you saw little flyers or cards lying around the campus. We held a charity event we put up flyers well one was put in an unapproved spot, we were fined 150 dollars. I being the chapter president went and asked why we can not post a flyer but the black chapters can litter the campus? The head of Greek life said O we had no idea they were doing it. If you are in a white fraternity rules are rules black ones like the chapter in the post above do not need to follow the rules

  • RisingReich

    All these ni66er ‘Rev…’ make me laugh with their manufactured ‘alarm and concern’ about ‘incidents’ like this. They KNOW blacks look, act, and dress this way.

    Could it be the worm is turning? Could it be their are pockets of White kids making fun of thuggish ni66ers everywhere and (OMG) having a genuine GOOD TIME doing it?

    Spartacus – where’s that HAHA picture?

  • Max Krakah

    How about a sign or banner that reads “tell tawana brawley to climb back in that bag!”

  • Max Krakah

    How about a banner that reads “GOOD! WE THOUGHT YOU”D NEVER LEAVE!”- concerning the boycott

  • MekongDelta69

    Uh-Oh. UH-OH.
    You ‘diss’ our ‘god’ – you get double secret probation.

    [I was going to post a billion links to black frats/groups doing the same thing, but: a.) You’ve seen them all; and b.) It’s ok for them, because they’re ‘melanin enhanced,’ and thus are elevated to ‘high exalted status.’]

    • no what i mean vern?

      Why don’t we see any black fraternity parties where they act white. You know, dress appropriately, respect women, study hard….uh…wait…never mind.

  • OhWow

    Blacks are just mad that whites hold up a mirror to them showing how stupid they really look. They pretend to have big egos but deep down they are very insecure about themselves and for good reason. I probably would be too if my race was the lowest on the totem pole.

    • sbuffalonative

      They were HONORING black ‘culture’. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Blacks should praise these young kids for celebrating black ‘culture’.

      • Reverend Bacon

        I think there’s like a playbook somewhere. It’s ok to sag your pants, and to listen to music in your car that’s so loud it’s illegal (but enforcement is racist). And to vote for the black candidates.

        You can’t imitate by speaking like them.Turning the knockout game around on them: also illegal. And I think this falls into the “group” restrictions: If a bunch of intelligent whites dress like them to the extreme, it’s a no-no. If a bunch of talented white basketball players are all put on the MInnesota Timberwolves, it’s a no-no, even if the 20% black lineup makes them slightly overrepresented vs. the population at large. Oh, and if a bunch of students imitate their organizational style, it’s wrong too: no “white student unions” on campus are allowed.

    • serious123

      I submit you are wrong about blacks and low self esteem. I have seen studies that show they have higher self esteem than whites or asians. In fact self esteem appears to be inverse to intelligence. Apparently smarter folks recognize how difficult it is to achieve anything meaningful whereas the stupid assume they can do anything. This is also why blacks really believe it is whitey who is holding them back. It is simply beyond their intellect to grasp their own inferiority.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Blacks do NOT have high self esteem. What they have are huge egos. There’s a big difference between the two. IF they had high self esteem they would be a force to be reckoned with. They’d also take responsibility for themselves. They’d be contributing something positive to society.

        No, it is not self esteem that fuels their racism.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        It is not diagnostically “high self esteem,” more accurately grandiosity, an element of mania.
        Blacks seem to be in a state of mania most of the time which explains their hyper-reactivity and almost absent attention span.
        It is just the nature of S.S. black africans.

  • 2eRep

    “The fraternity is on suspension while university officials investigate.” Guilty and convicted before the facts are known. The negro bigot holder must be proud.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Isn’t that the ultimate emasculation of whites…when they aren’t even allowed to have a sense of humor about the officially-sanctioned state religion of “anti-racism?” I mean, that’s how people have traditionally kept their sanity. Now whites aren’t allowed to have even that. And it also goes to show how uncharitable, humorless, unforgiving and ungracious blacks are.

  • The hallowed wassermelon cups are adorbz.

    [2 demerits for not wearing their hats sideways]

  • William_JD

    Possibly the most retarded article ever. It repeatedly reports that there is a demand for a boycott of ASU athletics, but NEVER mentions any possible reason for this demand.

    It’s mid-boggling.

  • Funruffian

    I’m surprised that some Blacks understood that this Theme party was merely a parody and mockery of the Black American culture. Not that it’s difficult to get your point across when mocking Blacks, but I am suspicious that maybe some White liberal handlers had some of their Black friends clue in on this event as an affront to Blacks.

  • MBlanc46

    I didn’t realize that they had any Revs. in the NKVD.

  • John R

    So, no freedom of speech for Whites? I wonder if any black organizations are ever banned for making hateful statements about Whites? How about for making hateful statements about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? Didn’t think so.

  • Sloppo

    I believe they should have more parties like this to see if blacks would become offended enough to boycott the school permanently. If that could be achieved, I think I’d send some of my children there.

  • Anglo

    Did anyone else see Anderson Cooper on CNN last night excoriating the Arizona State
    University fraternity students about their party for MLK Day? These students were telling the truth in parody about the biggest lie in American history – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The truth needs to come out about the prurient, lying, plagiarist, communist, pervert that King really was. It’s time to stand for truth! The MSM purveyors of untruth can’t stand that their diversity god is not held in the highest esteem. Mr. Cooper said the students were ignorant, immature, stupid, racist, foolish, wondered how they were ever accepted into the university; what an embarrassment they were, blah, blah, blah.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper is the stupid, ignorant, racist, fool. As Coop likes to say, “just keeping them (him) honest.”


    White schools being threatened for copying the image blacks themselves put out. While whites are being murdered on mass by the black demon in every city unlucky enough have that bemoaning group of sub humans as part of its citizenry. This country is pitiful!

  • ncpride

    How I wish every White student on campus refuse to go listen to his hate mongering, White guilt nonsense. Better yet, all White students hold a rally protesting his very presence there. They should start making their own ‘demands’…..

  • Jack Smith

    If they really want to honour and emulate MLK, perhaps they should plagiarise their papers?

  • emiledurk16

    Expel the Fraternity! 2 words “Not Happening”

    Civil rights leaders demand…too God dam bad.

    Civil rights leaders demand our monuments are taken down.

    Civil rights leaders demand our streets and squares be

    Civil rights leaders demand all welfare forms in 47
    different languages.

    Hey “civil rights leaders”….demand THIS.

    They can assault whites with the “knockout game” nationwide.

    They can organize “flash mobs” nationwide and attack whites
    brutally in malls across the country.

    They can intimidate whites at voting booths.

    They get national test scores lowered.

    They get hired because of their skin color.

    And now frats are to be punished for what…”insensitivity!”.

    Well, as the greatest frat member of all time “Bluto”
    Blutowski would say:

    “Not me, I’m not gonna take it any more.” “Ohh, we’re
    afraid to be politically incorrect, Bluto, we might get in trouble,” We’ll
    everyone outside our membership can “Kiss My _ _ _.”

  • falskog

    Why do such things? Just totally ignore MLK, they should know it is dangerous to be white in America these days and be more careful

  • falskog

    They were guilty of modern version of heresy and will be burnt

  • No, I don’t think so. PC madness is beginning to wear thin from overuse. When I was in college years ago, the atmosphere was such that these kids would have been expelled and the fraternity permanently banned. Today, I wonder if the administration will dare. It isn’t just Millennials who are tired of the self-appointed Thought Police. Their parents are too, and the parents pay the bills.