The Truths You Can’t Tell in Today’s Britain

Rod Liddle, The Spectator, November 30, 2013

My memory gets addled sometimes, so maybe I’m wrong about this. But didn’t it used to be the case that when politicians were caught out lying, they made some sort of shame-faced apology to the nation and begged for our forgiveness? I’m sure that was it, you know. So if I’m right, to judge by the case of our Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, things have turned precisely 180 degrees. Mr Grieve has just offered a full and unqualified apology for having told the truth. I thought that politicians were meant to do that—tell the truth?

And what an apology. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve said the following: ‘We have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. It is something as politicians we have to wake up to.’ Asked by the interviewer if he meant the Pakistani community in particular, Mr Grieve said that he did. Although he added that the whole blame should not be laid at the door of any single community. Cue, then, a fugue of idiocy which eventually led to the absurd apology.

First, Grieve’s party colleague, the MEP Sajjad H. Karim, said that the comments were ‘deeply offensive’ and—remarkably—‘not based on fact’, then the rest weighed in. Mr Karim is either an idiot or deluded, as we shall see. And so, after only a few hours, Mr Grieve said a really big ‘sorry’. Here is his apology—you can cut it out and keep it if you wish, as it’s full of asinine genuflections to the hysteria of the mob and therefore a model of its kind: ‘Mr Grieve said he was wrong to give the impression that there was a problem in the Pakistani community. In a statement, he said: “It is not my view. I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great deal as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community over a number of years. I’m sorry if I have caused any offence.”’

Lordy. Let’s deal with the facts first. Do Pakistanis come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic? Yes, they do. Pakistan is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, coming 139th on Transparency International’s list of the world’s most corrupt countries (the higher the number, the more corrupt, by the way). An Al Jazeera report into Pakistan this year began with the words: ‘Paying bribes is part of everyday life for many Pakistanis, with even passport applications affected.’

As for the Pakistani community over here, a report in May this year by the Electoral Commission on voter fraud (to which Grieve was specifically referring) said the following: ‘There are strongly held views, based in particular on reported first-hand experience by some campaigners and elected representatives in particular, that electoral fraud is more likely to be committed by or in support of candidates standing for election in areas which are largely or predominately populated by some South Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh.’

The Electoral Commission went on to say that not all corruption could be laid at the door of British people of Pakistani descent. But still, there have been criminal convictions of British Pakistanis recently in both Slough and Derby for voter fraud; I am not aware of any convictions against white British people for voter fraud. Clearly, incontestably, there is a problem within the Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) communities. This does not mean that all Pakistanis are corrupt, or that they are evil people; it means simply, as Dominic Grieve originally put it, that there is a problem within the community. You know this, the Attorney General knows this and Mr Karim should know this too.

So, why the apology? An apology for telling the truth—a truth which, incidentally, had already been stated by his own colleague, Baroness Warsi, a couple of years ago: she made the point that there was a problem within British Asian communities of voter fraud. Even this, mind, is a slight evasion, of course: there is no problem of voter fraud within the British Japanese, or British Chinese or British Indian communities. Just the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, really.

There are truths that you can say in British society and then there are truths that you can’t say. And poor Dominic Grieve—who, as Attorney General, should have had a bit more spine—gave voice to one of the truths you can’t say. There are many, many, truths about our ethnic minority communities which you can’t say and if you do say them you have to apologise and then spew out something egregiously platitudinous about how greatly the Pakistani immigrants have enriched all of our lives, in a very real sense, just as the hapless Grieve was forced to do.

If you are a politician, or a senior public figure, you will be forced to apologise if you give voice to a worry about, say, the incidences of mental infirmity occasioned among infants as a consequence of British-Pakistanis procreating with their own cousins (two-thirds of Pakistani mothers in Bradford, for example, are related to the father of their child). Go on, raise that in Parliament and see what fury envelops you—and yet our health authorities know all about it, even if it’s not something they talk about too often, or indeed ever.

And it was only very recently that anyone has been able to talk frankly about young white girls being abused at the hands of Asian gangs. Merely to give voice to this clear and present problem was to leave yourself open to that massed ovine bleat of raaaaaacccisst—that you were somehow ‘demonising’ one community, playing the race card and so on. This happened to Ann Cryer, who ten years ago tried to raise the alarm when she was Labour MP for Keighley: most of the predators grooming underage girls, she said, came from the Mirpur district of Kashmir. The ensuing outrage warned off anyone minded to make similar observations. We know that the police and social services in Burnley and Oldham and Blackpool and Blackburn and Oxford were reluctant to act for years and years as a consequence of this very fear. And the silence meant that the problem was ignored, while the list of victims lengthened.

So, there are things you can’t say and things that you can say and sometimes they are almost the very same thing. For example, if you look at our crime statistics you will see that certain ethnic minorities—particularly people from an African-Caribbean background—are hugely over-represented in our prisons. Now, you cansay that, but only if you then go on to make the point that the British criminal justice system is therefore institutionally racist and that all of our races in this glorious and happy rainbow nation commit exactly the same amount of crime proportionally, it’s just that the police and the judges are racist. Even if every other indicator tells you that this is an absurd thing to suggest. The result? No one asks proper questions about what’s going wrong.

Or take the education statistics. It is perfectly OK to point out that young black boys do pretty badly in our education system, with low levels of exam achievement and high levels of exclusion, if you then go on to make the point that the education system is weighted against them for racial reasons, because the teachers and the government and society is raaacccisst. But not if you suggest that there is a wider problem which somehow makes young black boys unwilling to learn.

And yet institutional racism is the one reason it simply cannot be that black boys do badly in school; black girls do just fine. Chinese pupils get better GCSEs than anyone; next it’s Indian children. Bangladeshi pupils do better than white British pupils and black male pupils do worse than anyone—so it can’t be racism holding black kids back, but something else. But venture as to what that might be and you will be entering a world of pain. Doso as a politician and your career will be pretty much over—unless, like Diane Abbott, you are a black politician.

So no serious debate takes place about why black children do so badly in our schools. But there are hundreds more things which you can’t say, if you’re a politician, and which are palpably true—not all of them concerning ethnic minorities, even if race is the one issue which will bring down the walls of Hell on your head.

Are single mums a good thing? Do we want more of them? Are children happier with young, teenage, single mums, do they achieve, do they have wonderful lives? Y’know, I have my doubts about that—but say that, as a politician, and watch the fury descend. Especially if you mention race or culture. Just one in ten Asian children live in lone parent families. A quarter of white children do, and just over half of black children. Good luck to any politician who opens a national debate on the implications of this. Far safer to let the problem fester—or just tell the world how brilliant black mums are, without mentioning the absent dads at all.

Is there something within the religion or ideology of Islam which somehow encourages, or merely facilitates, extremist Muslim maniacs to maim or kill non-Muslims? I think there probably is. But you can’t say that; when a terrorist atrocity occurs you must say ‘this has nothing at all to do with Islam’, even though that may be untrue, and a convenient evasion.

Do you think sex-change operations should be available on the National Health? Watch yourself, bigot. You think not all rapes are as bad as each other, even if you accept that all rapes are vile? When Kenneth Clarke was Justice Secretary, he once dared to suggest that there is a difference between ‘serious rape’ and sex between consenting but underage teenagers. The outrage came almost as fast as his apologies.

I am very glad that Britain’s community of people of Pakistani descent have ‘enriched’ the life of our Dominic Grieve; I’m sure they wouldn’t sleep easy were this not the case. But when even the Attorney General cannot state a simple truth, in the hope that we might tackle a problem which needs tackling, are we not in a bizarre and dangerous place? Our politicians are collectively terrified of these issues; and so the issues are never properly addressed. They are skirted around, or ignored. And when they are mentioned at all, the grovelling apology is already being formed on the lips.

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  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Every time a white politician apologizes for telling the truth, it makes it more difficult to tell the truth in the future. Minorities get emboldened by such groveling that truth should not be told, and truth-tellers will be punished. Never apologize.

    • sbuffalonative

      The ‘progressive’ left knows to just dig in their heels and hunker down. They know if they hold off long enough, eventually, another ‘crisis’ will consume the publics’ attention.

      • David Ashton

        Or some soap opera plot development, or the latest “sex scandal”… But even these distractions will pall, as neighbourhood crime and alien terrorism hit home, and hit the families of the ruling elite themselves.

        • sbuffalonative

          I remember Blair’s’ son was attacked by a some guy with a knife. Other relatives have experienced diversity first hand but I can’t recall the names.

          People are hoping that this will ‘hit close to home’ (pun intended) and wake them up. This isn’t happening. In fact, it seems to have the opposite affect. These people blame themselves and society for not doing enough.

          How about walk through Leicester, Bradford, Burnley, Oldham? If Lee Rigby didn’t open their eyes, nothing will.

          • Lord_Steven_Regal

            So true about their eyes being incapable of being opened if Lee Rigby’s horrific murder on the streets of London didn’t open them. Sadly, most people are zealots to Racisl egalitarianism and multiculturalism. Even so-called Conservatives. I noted on another thread that I just got banned from Free Republic for posting too many Amren type articles. I didn’t even comment much. I just shared articles that shared uncomfortable racial truths. It was easier to ban me than to allow such truths to be commonplace on a Conservative site.

          • sbuffalonative

            After my fifth ban from freerepublic (all with different, new screen names), I stopped reapplying.

            The interesting thing is that I submit stories to AR that I find on FR. I also noticed that after stories are posted on AR, the same stories will be posted on FR (the original source, not the AR link). There are clearly people reading AR who then post these stories on FR after they were posted on AR.

            That I was banned five times tells me that people at FR are monitoring trends of posters. Posting too many stories with racial spins will get you banned.

          • Lord_Steven_Regal

            It’s odd because there are two other commenters on FR (2ndDivisionVet and nickcarraway) that I see posting a lot of articles from Amren original sources, and 2ndDivisionVet appears still alive at FR to spread the truth.

            In defense of FR, it may not have been entirely my race article postings, even though those were the overwhelming majority of my articles posted — many of which would disappear at the hand of a moderator. The straw that may have broke the camel’s back is when I posted an article on the news story recently going around about the Kenyan man who was forced to face his rape victim in court. The catch was that the rape victim that got to confront her rapist in court was a goat. Loads of various news outlets were having fun with it so I thought one light-hearted article among the masses of serious articles on FR could lighten the mood for those who so chose to read a funnier thread. The mods would have none of it, and I got zotted likely, in great part, for the race trend in the articles I posted.

            Google “man goat Kenya”.

          • sbuffalonative

            If that was one or two days ago, I saw it. I clicked on the story to read the comments. When I refreshed, it was highlighted in red that the article was removed.

          • Lord_Steven_Regal

            Yep, it was a couple days ago. That was my swan song. NotYourAverageDhimmi was forced into retirement.

          • saxonsun

            Yes, if the Rigby murder didn’t wake people up, what will?–white kids being butchered maybe.

        • Non Humans

          Even if the “Enrichment” does reach these spineless and pathetic cowards and their families, the rest of us will be neck deep in them by then. Any political action at that point will be moot, and the only option left for all genuine patriots will be a systematic and violent purge.
          I think it will be fun to chase them out of the country…. or into the ground if they resist.

        • stewball

          David. I didn’t really understand what you said as I only know a few words of that language except the last two
          Could you repeat it in English please?

          • David Ashton

            Basically, please leave me alone from now on.

  • Bobbala

    Truth is racist … and islamophobic … and homophobic … and misogynistic … and …

    • So CAL Snowman

      In the New World Order truth is relative.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        In the New World Order the truth is determined by the Party and spread by the Ministry of Truth. When the Party so decides the truth may be changed, so always stay informed about new developments. The main rule is : all men are equal, so differences must be ascribed to “discrimination” only. Main culprit : the white, heterosexual, Christian, intelligent and successful male.

        The Party has sofar launched several successful “equality projects” : the Class Equality Project, the Gender Equality Project, the Race Equality Project and the Sexual Orientation Equality Project. At present the Party is engaged in two more projects : the Religion of Peace Project (Islam) and the Transsexual Equality Project, while the Paodophilia Equality Project is in preparation. True equality is still far away, there are still many groups to be found suffering from unbearable discrimination but trust me the Party is doing its utmost best and at some time in the future the egalitarian Utopia will be reached!

        P.S. For a good illustration of how the Truth may change if the Party so decides, look at the question of race. Formerly the Truth was that races do exist but are all equal, now the Truth is that races don’t exist at all but are only artificial social constructs. The Ministry of Truth is also considering to declare gender to be a social construct. That may be important in the near future, so stay tuned.

        P.P.S. The latest development is the suggestion by some members of the Ministry of Truth to declare intelligence also to be a social construct and that IQ tests therefore measure non-existent inequalities. New developments in this matter will be publiced in the Party Paper.

      • stewball

        Obama et al don’t know the truth even if it bit him in his posterior.

    • Andy

      So, clearly, we must abolish the truth.

    • Spartacus

      The truth has much in common with my knife .

  • M.

    “I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great deal
    as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community over a
    number of years.”

    I have always wondered how people who can’t even enrich their own country would somehow enrich others. If Pakistanis are so great, then why don’t they start with Pakistan?

    • Extropico

      Pakistan is the world’s 6th largest country with 185 million people. India is #2 and Bangladesh is #8. The subcontinent is in dire need of birth control and other reforms. And yet they are in the West instead fixing their own place.

      • ixObserver

        The iron lady of India, Indira Nehru, an Aryan Brahmin, attempted serious population control through sterilization when she was the Prime Minister back in 70s. The result ? All our brain-dead lower castes cried foul play and accused it was racist Brahmin conspiracy to make Dalits (lower castes) infertile etc and it was ended. The high IQ (and even some low IQ but educated) castes today have 1 or 2 kids per family, so their birth rate, unsurprisingly and unfortunately, is the same as Whites. The best have succumbed to the same fads as in the West. The rest (Muslims, Dalits, Dalit-Muslims et. al) breed like there is no tomorrow. So yeah, pretty effed. Pak and Bangla aren’t even worth a mention. Islam effectively neutralized all intelligence.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      The irony of his statement about Pakistanis enriching The UK was his own version of the PC apology.

      I challenge anyone to give me any “enrichment” an unprincipled, low IQ, Islamic Pakistani could possibly bestow upon The UK. Food doesn’t count and even if it did, Pakistani food sucks, just like everyone and everything that ever came out of that bacteria ranch of a country.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        The irony is that Pakistan means “land of the pure”. Pak means “pure” in Urdu.

        • ixObserver

          There is no irony. It implies ‘land of the pure Muslims’. Oppressing non-Muslims, abusing women etc is all part of that purity.

          • stewball

            Muslims abuse their own without worries. In Egypt women are being sexually attacked on the streets of Cairo and, as in other. Muslim countries, the women in their hijabs etc are to blame

      • stewball

        Mmmmmm. Enrichment. Well they don’t mind bumping their own off. Plenty Muslims and probably Pakistanies died on 9/11.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          9/11 wasn’t done by Muslims. It was done by a certain country that doesn’t mind sacrificing their own either. That country lies in the Middle East but is not Muslim. Guess for yourself.

          • stewball

            Another idiot in the world. Just what we don’t need.
            I bet you’re one of them that you think so highly of who wouldn’t hesitate to decapitate you in a split second.
            Stupid mant.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Again I say…hey…if they’re that powerful and diabolically inclined, pervasive, capable of such vast international, intergenerational, sustained and insidious turpitude…

            You better ixnay on the ewjay alktay, if you know what I mean, buddy…

    • rogerhicks

      You’re missing the point. White people are inherently evil. Thus, our replacement or mixing with other races is automatically an “enrichment”.

      Clearly, you have not yet learned to love Big Brother state and embraced his ideology of white racial self-denial, self-contempt and self-hatred, as our political, media and academic elites all have – have had to, in order to pursue their careers . . . .

  • Bergeron

    And yet it moves.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Wow. That was a great essay. Love the Brits – classy, witty, sharp tongued.

    Yeah – there are Truths politicians can’t say without being pilloried into a humiliating apology because…

    These Truths are revolutionary. The standard spineless politician thinks that to tell the Truth at this point will result in…

    Civil disorder and (cue ominous music) “the rise of fascism”….

    Hate them.

    • Non Humans

      In Britain, I understand that they have laws against telling the truth. Here in the US, I can hardly understand why people who (supposedly) rose to the top bc of their convictions and boldness (so-called politicians) are fearful to speak and act upon things that they feel strongly about, just bc they might run contra to the libtards beliefs.
      If I were in a position of political power, I would say how I feel, Mean what I say, and Act upon it (as I already do). Any libtard or libtard organisation that came at me for my beliefs or things that I had said, would be met with a middle finger, a fierce defense of my statements (including libtard cryptonite: facts/statistics/research), and a lawyer ready to be unchained and go after them for any civil infractions incurred against me during their attempted persecution.
      It may be political suicide, but there are huge swaths of genuine Americans who would stand, unfailingly, behind a politician with that kind of conviction and gall. In any case, even if being frank and honest is political suicide, it would definitely be a better legacy than what these limp-wristed, wet-noodle, spineless, and sell-out (so-called) politicians that we have now will leave.
      Their legacy will be that of the cause of the collapse of this once great country.

  • Spartacus

    “I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great
    deal as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community
    over a number of years.”


    • NeanderthalDNA

      Cannibalism? The other white meat, White people?

      • Spartacus
        • NeanderthalDNA

          Let me guess…

          Groom her, eff her, kill her, EAT HER?

          Oh Sparty, this happened ALL THE TIME before they let that precious plethora of hard working, gentle, victimized darkies and muzzies in their country! Fine old English tradition, groom, eff, kill, eat, little girls. So they used kebobs, their distinctly cultural food.

          Is that what bothers you? You must be racist, buddy…

          • Sick of it

            Some of the nobility might have, but not normal people.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Prima nocta and buffet?

          • Spartacus

            For God’s sake people, that’s a myth ! It never happened outside of ^*%&*)$ Kurdistan !

  • David Ashton

    Rod Liddle, Peter Hitchens, Leo McKinstry, Ed West, Sean Gabb, Douglas Murray, Robert Henderson, “Maid of Albion”….not quite the samizdat authors that undermined the Soviet nomenklatura from various angles, but our worms may be turning even faster that the Con-men can bring in Chinese Communists to deal with the Gypsies, Jihadis, Mandem Gangstaz, and all the rest of the previously imported vibrating diversities, they refuse to control themselves.

    • JohnEngelman

      Welcome back David Ashton. I missed you.

  • gemjunior

    Truth is lies…

  • bigone4u

    The lies told by the left can and will be used against them in future tribunals where they will be tried for treason, found guilty, and executed. Anything less is to ignore the very real victims of the BIG LIE. Justice demands that lying has consequences.

  • Truth pressures in the old Soviet Union caused the rise of “Radio Armenia” jokes such as this one …

    This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “What is the most permanent feature of our socialist economy?” We’re answering: “Temporary shortages.”

    Political correctness and dictatorships go hand-in-hand.

  • RHG

    So is this idiot Paki claiming his country-Pakistan, not England,since it’s now obvious what country he feels real loyalty to- is absolutely corruption free? He should be the one apologizing for lying through his teeth.

  • JohnEngelman

    When John Derbyshire’s job was on the line with the National Review he had the integrity to stand his ground.

    • Non Humans

      And good that he did, both for our cause and for his own good. Only an idiot would double back on his own thesis, years after the fact, without some kind of new groundbreaking data that kicks the stool out from underneath it. Kind of hard to refute his own research anyways… unless he wanted to turn in his Ph.D.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Derbyshire is a race mixer and therefore harmful to our cause.

      • JohnEngelman

        Your cause is not my cause.

        • ixObserver

          LOL. With all due respect, some of your interactions with other hardcore RRs here makes a really interesting read. Sometimes funny, sometimes informative. I like it. You seem to be quite a star here ;-).

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you. I enjoy it.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Hey I just gave you a thumbs down, no offense. It doesn’t adversely effect your overall comment to reaction ratio – just the opposite. As of now, and this literally changes by the minute when yer on a commenting frenzy and as people thumbs you down of course, your comment to reaction ratio, your pure raw ability to produce reaction, is 2.98.

            Which is, no offense, puny compared to my 5.76, which means, of course that I win any argument we ever had or will have.

            Young Master Spartacus is a heavy hitter with a brutal 9.89, so I try not to argue with him unless I don’t mind taking the loss, you know?

            It was recently pointed out to me by a cantankerous poster – whose ratio was considerably lower than mine – that one could vote for one’s self by logging out, coming back as “guest” and voting for one’s self, which if done neurotically enough could indeed skew the ratios considerably.

            Regardless, I thumbsed you down partly because that’s just what you do with Engleman sometimes and it still helped your power ratio.

            Keep up the good work, Charlie Brown!

          • JohnEngelman

            Race realism is a scientific theory. White nationalism is a cause, and one that ignores important findings of race realism.

          • stewball

            Tell that to David Ashton.

          • David Ashton

            No, I’ve finished “debating” here.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Your 3.37 comment-to-reaction ratio, though not stellar, dwarfs poor stewie’s pathetic .39 power ratio all day long, thence you should indeed conserve your debating energy for more worthy opponents.

            I think we’ve pretty much always agreed which is good for you considering my 5.76 rating. You are hopelessly outclassed when you butt heads with young Master Spartacus, however, but enjoy as you like.

          • David Ashton

            I have read through your all other crazy comments and absurd math on the Disqus archive. You obviously won’t be joining in the month of global mourning for St Nelson of South Africa!

            So far as Spartacus and Ukrainian cannibals are concerned, butting heads is a lot better than getting a knife in your back.

            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


          • stewball

            I didn’t mean like that. The other guy seems to think John’s quite a star.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          Your cause is not OUR cause.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your cause is losing. It is doomed.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            Then offer yourself to the victorious invading Chinese as food for their table! They already eat bird nests, shark fins, snakes, cats, dogs, monkeys and human embryos. You will be reckoned to the last category.

          • JohnEngelman

            “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his RACE or his holy CAUSE.”

            – Eric Hoffer, from “The True Believer”

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            You have three or four things you always repeat, with the same boring quotations. Have you ever been able to form any idea of your own?

    • Paleoconn

      How did he stand his ground? He got canned for writing his Talk on Takimag. He never wrote anything controversial at NRO. And he never, ever wrote anything against your favorite people, the superior-IQ ones.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Edward Heath was a paedophile.

    • stewball

      He was??????

  • mobilebay

    Since most developed nations are the source of funding to third world countries, why are they forced to take in their people too? This is much like the US/Mexico travesty. When our “leaders” call that hellhole our most important “trading partner,” what they mean is we send them money and in turn, they send us their people.

  • stewball

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thank you.

  • stewball

    Hey. NeanderthalNDA! I can’t comment on your comments. Did you do that and why are you calling me pathetic.

  • watling

    It was Nick Griffin, not Ann Cryer, who first sounded the alarm about Muslim rape gangs, but since he is a permanent persona non grata then journalists (even Ron Liddle), politicians, etc. don’t ever mention this fact. The state tried to lock Griffin away for saying it but failed because he was telling the truth. You will never read anything positive in the MSM about Nick Griffin.

    It would be fascinating to see what happened if Griffin performed some significant public service, such as saving someone’s life. Would the MSM report it?