Seeing the Toll, Schools Revise Zero Tolerance

Lizette Alvarez, New York Times, December 2, 2013

Faced with mounting evidence that get-tough policies in schools are leading to arrest records, low academic achievement and high dropout rates that especially affect minority students, cities and school districts around the country are rethinking their approach to minor offenses.

Perhaps nowhere has the shift been more pronounced than in Broward County’s public schools. Two years ago, the school district achieved an ignominious Florida record: More students were arrested on school campuses here than in any other state district, the vast majority for misdemeanors like possessing marijuana or spraying graffiti.

The Florida district, the sixth largest in the nation, was far from an outlier. In the past two decades, schools around the country have seen suspensions, expulsions and arrests for minor nonviolent offenses climb together with the number of police officers stationed at schools. The policy, called zero tolerance, first grew out of the war on drugs in the 1990s and became more aggressive in the wake of school shootings like the one at Columbine High School in Colorado.

But in November, Broward veered in a different direction, joining other large school districts, including Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago and Denver, in backing away from the get-tough approach.

Rather than push children out of school, districts like Broward are now doing the opposite: choosing to keep lawbreaking students in school, away from trouble on the streets, and offering them counseling and other assistance aimed at changing behavior.


In Broward, which had more than 1,000 arrests in the 2011 school year, the school district entered into a wide-ranging agreement last month with local law enforcement, the juvenile justice department and civil rights groups like the N.A.A.C.P. to overhaul its disciplinary policies and de-emphasize punishment.


Nationwide, more than 70 percent of students involved in arrests or referrals to court are black or Hispanic, according to federal data.

“What you see is the beginning of a national trend here,” said Michael Thompson, the director of the Council of State Governments Justice Center. “Everybody recognizes right now that if we want to really find ways to close the achievement gap, we are really going to need to look at the huge number of kids being removed from school campuses who are not receiving any classroom time.”

Pressure to change has come from the Obama administration, too. Beginning in 2009, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education aggressively began to encourage schools to think twice before arresting and pushing children out of school. In some cases, as in Meridian, Miss., the federal government has sued to force change in schools.


In Broward County, the shift has shown immediate results, although it is too early to predict overall success. School-based arrests have dropped by 41 percent, and suspensions, which in 2011 added up to 87,000 out of 258,000 students, are down 66 percent from the same period in 2012, school data shows.

Under the new agreement, students caught for the first time committing any of 11 nonviolent misdemeanors are no longer arrested and sent to court. Rather, they attend counseling and perform community service.

Nor do students face suspension for minor infractions. Instead, they also attend a program called Promise for three days or more. Repeat offenders get several chances to change their behavior before more punitive measures kick in.


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  • So CAL Snowman

    “Nationwide, more than 70 percent of students involved in arrests or
    referrals to court are black or Hispanic, according to federal data.”

    Well they could always look at the crime rates of majority black and majority hispanic countries compared to majority White countries to understand this trend, but that would involve sense and logic.

    • Chip Carver

      At this point, the “…federal data,” should be referred to as “feral data” because that’s what we’re dealing with.

  • Luca

    Nothing more than a maneuver to keep the body count high so the Federal money keeps pouring in based on attendance. Next strategy, beg for higher salaries, more money for classrooms, hire more teachers and administrators, introduce special warm and fuzzy programs for “at-risk, special-needs, economically-disadvantaged, urban/inner city youth,” so the unions can collect more dues and become stronger…oops… I mean so we can finally close the elusive “achievement gap”.

    broken record..broken record…broken record…

    • Alucard_the_last

      If you can find it (I think Netflix has it) there is a documentary on the high school in Arkansas that was the hot bed of forced integration. Fast forward 50 years and that one negress comes back to see the changes. Well she was sickened. 100% of the ‘troubled (spoiled)’ students were black. Meanwhile, only two of them are in the advanced classes. One buck negro is repeated the 7th grade….for the third time. He is already 18 and you know that disability is right around the corner. Self segregation is everywhere because humans don’t want to associate with them and they don’t want to associate with humans.

  • APaige

    I graduated high school in 1987-well before the so-called zero tolerance. At my public school in a super-majority white area a student could not chew gum, hold hands, wear shorts, etc. You could only miss five days each quarter (certain absences did not count)or you flunked every class. Any day you were suspended you were docked 2% off your final grade in every class. If you started a fight that was 5 days and if you fought back it was 3 days. Not many fights!

    • 1stworlder

      Now chewing gum is considered the same as a black raping someone in the stairway yet they still they cant drum up the white numbers

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Our laws and rules were developed with white IQ and personality in mind.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Bro this land was made for me AND you. This land is MY land, this land is YOUR land.

      • Garrett Brown

        Bro do you even lift?

        • So CAL Snowman

          yes I do

          • Garrett Brown


    • NeanderthalDNA

      Yeah, sociological tenets hold up pretty well when applied to homogeneous groupings, but when disparate groups are unnaturally lumped together as one…

      Liblefty ideologues and excuse makers (most who make up the decision makers of “education”) will bend over backwards to cook the books and justify their broken ideology.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Zero Tolerance” now equals “Ahh, well, yanno, we’ve been kinda thinkin’ about it, and we sorta, kinda think we shouldn’t be so strict ‘n’ stuff on those poor kids. After all, they’ve come from ‘oppressed’ backgrounds and they’re subjected to ‘institutional racism’ every day, and we feel really sorry for them. So we’re gonna let ’em slide for the first, oh, idk, maybe five or ten times. HOWEVER, this DOES NOT apply to WHITE kids. We HATE them…”

    • sbuffalonative

      Does this mean they’ll stop suspending little white boys who make a gun with their fingers or draws a gun during art class or bites a cookie in the shape of a gun?

      • tlk244182

        There has to be a line drawn somewhere. You let them draw a gun in art class, or bite a cookie, the next thing you know they turn into Dorothy Hendrix (RIP.)

  • Non Humans

    The part that has me puzzled is the “Wide-ranging agreements between LEOs, the Jussis Dept, and the Now Apes Are Called People.” Since when have the NAACP acquired powers of enforcement? They must be high and deluded from the fumes off of all of the bs that they spew so regularly.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “Since when have the NAACP acquired powers of enforcement?”

      They partner with the ACLU and get them to do the work in court. The ACLU is MORE than happy to sue the hell out of the schools — and they usually win.

    • Jim Henry

      I read the chimps are humans push will be amended to 3/5 human.

    • John R

      “Now Apes Are Called People”! Good One! Gotta remember that!

  • Anon

    Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to literally drown in lies while reading an article.

    This is very similar to the “bullying” issue where the term is used with regard to whites to mean non-politically correct behavior and blacks to mean rape, robbery, murder and assault. Blurring the line between these two things is the intention of using the same word to refer to both. So, of course, white children guilty of heinous bullying, get draconian punishments but poor little black children are kept out of jail….after all, it’s only bullying.

    Zero tolerance means white kids get handcuffed and tasered for chewing a cookie into a the shape of a toy gun. Which is crazy and totalitarian so, of course, the only rational thing to do is not be so harsh and to divert black men like Trayvon Martin out of the school district for the, oh so minor crimes of beating a municipal employee (20 years in prison mandated by federal law, last time I checked), being caught in possession of stolen merchandise, burglary tools and drugs. Of course, such a stellar young man was a complete victim when he ramped up his crimes to include attempted home invasion and then murder of the neighborhood watch attempting to call the police on him.

    And how dare that neighborhood watch interrupt Trayvon’s playful antics of smashing his skull against the concrete by shooting him dead in self-defense.

    What these people mean by keeping blacks from being arrested is they keep them from being arrested for ultra-violent crimes against victims while justifying it with the fact that other “students” (who just happen to be white) are harshly punished for things that are perfectly normal.

    Look at how they attempt to blur the line with terms like “The Knockout Game” for felonious assault.

    Of course, after all this, at the end of the day, white people own more guns than ever, carry them, more than ever and kill blacks, more than ever.

    Even little grannies coming home from bingo.

    • Whitetrashgang

      So true whites in trouble for chewing gum, blacks for rape, both offences are called disrupting the class room.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Sorry bout the repost, but I think I’ll use you to piggyback this fairly high up the comments before the new stuff comes out. You don’t mind do you? It perfectly illustrates what’s REALLY going on in our skoolz. I’ll call my friend soon and get an update. I hope to reinforce to her the need to SUE. When suing White parents should likely go for the district first. My friend wanted to sue the teacher, but I believe that many of our front line teachers are also victims, many suffering legitimate PTSD from the constant, often physically dangerous double bind of ejucayshun. Certainly some are bad, but considering all, it’s amazing how many decent ones remain. For a while, at least. Even suing the principal is iffy, unless specific actions and evidence indicate. The district seems the highest entity one could reasonably, rightly, and profitably sue. State dep of ejucayshun? Fed? Good luck with that.

        OK, lengthy re-post. Thanks bro.

        I have a good friend, young White single mom. Good girl, married a couple of not-so-stellar Whites, came away with two beautiful White girls. I had some notions regarding her but didn’t work out and she’s with a nice guy now, but we’re still friends.

        Long story short, she called me a couple weeks back out of the blue and told me her oldest girl, 7, had been attacked by some mixed race kid who had been assaulting other kids and disrupting any attempt to teach for months now. Well, “mixed race” means BLACK where I’m from (generally worse than pure black since half the genes also come from often mentally ill shallow ender White degenerates), so I immediately got the gist of the situation.

        My friend intends to sue, an action I encouraged her to pursue. Kid had bruises on her neck. Psychologically devastated. Not just some “kids being kids” deal. My friend, in between tearing up and fury, said something about not caring for the money and not trying to hurt anyone – she just hoped maybe something could change…maybe some other kid would not get hurt…

        I told her that would never happen. I told her about the Holder-Obama mandate regarding non-Whites and discipline, the big double standard and all. Told her to sue them out of spite and for as much money as she could get.

        She listened. Good. If every White parent hired a lawyer and sued every time some non-White bastard brutalized their kids perhaps the machine would begin to grind to a halt eventually. It’s long ago broken, sure, but how much more institutionalized child abuse must we tolerate in the warped form of our schools?

        • exlib93

          Hey, it seems to be the only thing that would get their attention. Since we have an over-abundance of attorneys, I would love to see many of them take up our cause. I wish we had our own Lynn Stewarts and William Kunstlers. I pray for the day the MSM and the politicians fear our displeasure as much as they do black and foreign leaders’.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Yeah going against 50,000 years of evolution has its downside, on the other hand that large achievement gap could be white and racist .Maybe the best thing is to avoid going to school and instead start home schooling . You can write you own joke, Thanks

  • Lewis33

    “Seeing the Toll” Shouldn’t that have been the headline of that poor teacher murdered and raped by her “white” student who fled from Nashville?

  • Alexandra1973

    I wish they’d adapt a zero-tolerance policy for TNB and other assorted monkeyshines.

  • Paul

    smoking Marijuana and spraying graffiti are two EXTREMELY detrimental actions. To the student and to the school. It’s great they were stopping it.

    • Rick Brooks

      I’m sure if these “teens” were spraying graffiti on the New York Times building we’d be hearing a different tune.

  • John R

    “Minor” offenses like possessing marijuana or spraying graffiti? Huh? Those are not minor; they are illegal activities! Minor to me would be tardiness, chewing gum in class, or answering a cell phone in class. I guess if these “kids” shoot somebody, or beat their teacher to a pulp, then maybe the authorities will step in, and say “Okay, that’s not very nice; we’ll have to talk about that!”

  • Spartacus

    This is anarcho-tiranny in action. Those “Zero Tolerance” policies were done to lower the gap between White children and the darkies. Apparently, that failed, so they’re just gonna let them run feral… HOME-SCHOOL !

    • mikebowen55

      That’s part of it. The other part is to emasculate the boys and get them used to living in a police state.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        So True!

        Boys ARE being emasculated and “taught” to act more like girls — sit still, color, play with dolls, not toy guns, don’t run around, etc.

        Any typical boy behavior is met with the latest psychotropic drugs, Ritilin, etc.

        For God’s Sake, even the NFL is becoming increasingly feminized!!

        …a mammoth sized professional football player, Jonathan Martin, instead of confronting the ‘bully,’ Richie Incognito, chose to abandon his team and run home to his mamma (literally!).

        Martin chooses to whine to team management, instead of confronting the bully, fighting it out and ending the matter.

        Compounding the controversy is the fact that the White Incognito once used the dreaded “N-Word” to haze the younger linemen (hazing, by the way, is a tradition in the NFL and most sports).

        //www // tomatobubble // com/id380 // html


  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Rev. Blowhardius X: “Dees zero tolrance polcies be leadin to the school to prison pipeline.”

  • Employer employees Miami-Dade County Public Schools 50,000
    400,000 students in 2007/2008.

    1 employee for every 8 students?

    Can’t get same data for Broward.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      If it’s a typical school district, there is one person out of the classroom for every single teacher — IWO, a massive bureaucratic level that works in district offices, doing what is anyone’s guess Districts claim that they’re needed to help with fed and state compliance issues but I don’t believe it.
      From what I’ve seen, school districts are make-work organizations for non-Whites with college degrees, whatever that degree may be.

    • bilderbuster

      Miami schools had too many Africans so they diversified by importing Cuba’s troubled yoots!

      • Mergatroyd

        Haiti’s too, which are far worse.

        • bilderbuster

          They could be included in the African category but you’re right I was narrow for leaving out the Caribbean natives & Central American hoards.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yeah, these lefty hypocrites demand that WE be “tolerant” about about other cultures no matter how perverse. A 17 year old black male screaming obscenities and threats at a teacher is just a part of normal black culture.

    — yet these same lefties are militantly intolerant over such silly things like bubble guns, pop tarts bitten into the shape of a gun and little kids pointing fingers.

    cities and school districts around the country are rethinking their approach to minor offenses…like possessing marijuana or spraying graffiti.

    Let’s tell ‘em smoking pot and defacing property are acceptable in a workplace, making them even MORE unemployable than they already are.

    • Hal K

      The only cultural problem at work here is white guilt.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Repeat offenders get several chances to change their behavior before more punitive measures kick in.

    So, I guess this means a student must escalate to murder I before serious action may be taken? Otherwise, horror of horrors, we are looking at disparate impact.

    • mikebowen55

      Well if the student is White they could just point a chicken bone at another student or bite their pop tart into the shape of a gun and they’ll be dealt with immediately.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        I was thinking what a blak would need to do in order to receive proper discipline. Murder in the first.
        For a White, yes, one glance of diss-respek in vaguely, possibly, perhaps, maybe the direction of a bantu would warrant expulsion if not summary execution by hanging from the bakkaball hoop.

  • They will still expel teenage white girls who give each other Tylenol for menstrual cramps: “drugs”, don’t ya know.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      My daughter has severe allergies and asthma. Her elementary school told me she was NOT allowed to carry an epi-pen OR her inhaler with her on school grounds — that they would be safely stored in the school nurse’s office and if she needed either one, someone would bring them to her.
      Seconds count when it comes to severe allergies and asthma – my daughter almost died at age 2 when she was exposed to eggs for the first time. The allergist told me that severe reactions such as the one she had can close the throat and kill quickly.
      I DEMANDED that my daughter be allowed to carry the inhaler and epi-pen. As it is now, she is hospitalized about once a year for asthma attacks when our home nebulizer is not powerful enough.
      Nothing like seeing your child struggling to breathe and turn blue due to lack of oxygen.
      I said (expletive deleted) to the school and told them I’d see them in court if they had a problem with the epi-pen or inhaler – and that was the end of it.


      • Homo_Occidentalis

        This isn’t surprising. Every white child who ceases to draw breath is a cause for rejoice to Obammy’s federal gubmint.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        See my re-post above. Threaten law suit and talk to lawyer if they don’t back down. We need to hook up Whites with grievances like yourself with attorneys sympathetic to the Truth. I’m sure there are plenty of quiet “phalanx members” out there in the legal perfeshun, ha ha…

        Regardless, if something happens to your precious daughter (God forbid) anything near as traumatic as what happened to my friend’s girl…SUE HARD! Document now.

  • Zero tolerance is stupid. It’s mainly designed to suspend whites for ticky tack offenses mainly to try to even out the race stats. The only time I ever hear about it being used is to suspend white students for chewing pop tarts into the shape of a gun, and other trivial things.

    ZT needs to be ditched.

    However, let’s not be under any delusion that they’re ditching ZT in Broward County, Florida and elsewhere for our benefit.

    In Broward County, the shift has shown immediate results, although it is too early to predict overall success. School-based arrests have dropped by 41 percent, and suspensions, which in 2011 added up to 87,000 out of 258,000 students, are down 66 percent from the same period in 2012, school data shows.

    Prediction: The number of school based arrests for serious crimes in Broward County will start going up.

    • The “zero tolerance” policies were designed to allow school administrators something to shelter behind, so as to avoid lawsuits by infuriated parents. They could say “Our policy is thus,” and would be instantly off the tort hook.

      • I get the feeling that school districts who have and enforce ZT policies get a nice insurance discount. Which explains why they fanatically and unsympathetically enforce ZT when they can, and are hard headed about keeping it and not wanting to get rid of it. That’s because the insurance industry is in the background.

        Incidentally, this is why that if there is any state or Federal legislation to limit, reform or eliminate ZT, it will come from Democrats far more likely than Republicans, because the Republican Party and the insurance industry are pretty tight.

      • Pro_Whitey

        So true. If they cannot show a record of zero tolerance and providing all sorts of stupid, unnecessary punishments of whites, then there will be obvious disparate enforcement as well as disparate impact, and it’s lawsuit time, baby!

  • [Guest]

    >>>…keep lawbreaking students in school…

    And if everyone else, including law-abiding students, suffer from that arrangement, so be it.

    This entire society is twisted into knots accommodating the lowest elements at the expense of the rest of us.

  • “Under the new agreement, students caught for the first time committing
    any of 11 nonviolent misdemeanors are no longer arrested and sent to
    court. Rather, they attend counseling and perform community service.”

    It’s over, folks. It really is.

  • Bobbala

    I’ve still only seen one solution for minority failure of any kind … lowered standards.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    You can set your watch by these stories.
    First the institution (police, schools or whatever) gets tough, zero tolerance. Black and brown whining ensues. Institution backs off and conjures up moonbat solution #531964. Blacks and browns run amok, others blame Whitey for letting them run amok. Back to zero tolerance. Rinse, lather, repeat. It’s always Whitey’s fault. Always.

  • [Guest]

    As with the rest of these race-related problems, the real solution is separation, not only in institutions such as schools but nationally.

  • NoMosqueHere

    And when these barbarian minors start battering, raping, robbing, and killing their classmates and teachers, the Broward schools will go back to zero tolerance; and when zero tolerance is deemed too restrictive they’ll go back to a more tolerant position….and so on and so forth forever or until america is a full fledged third world hell hole.

    • Who Me?

      What do you mean, “when they start”? Zero tolerance is still in effect, and they are already raping, assaulting and killing each other, teachers and white students–in AND out of the schools. The numbers will simply rise under this new bullscrape. And I’ll bet white high school senior girls in the honors program will still be expelled just a few weeks before graduation for having a butter knife on the rear floorboard of her locked car in the school’s parking lot. First grade white boys will be expelled for terrorism for pointing their fingers at each other and yelling, “bang bang”. White kindergarten students will be arrested and/or expelled for telling another that she’s going to “shoot” her with her Hello Kitty bubble gun–when said “gun” was at the child’s home, not in her immediate possession. Of course all these things are going to stop also, when mini thugs are allowed to swagger in and out of schools with bags of drugs, cans of spray paint and real guns loaded with live ammo? DON’T COUNT ON IT!!!

    • ixObserver

      While I understand what you are saying, I went to school in the ‘Third world’. It would be comparable to a school in mid west in terms of accepted behavior, respect for teachers etc than the standard Black/Hispanic behavior in the US schools. In such places education is highly valued, even by dullards, because it is the ticket to a decent job/life. In some third world countries, nerds are the rock stars in schools. I used to be confused watching American movies where nerds were treated as outcasts. Blacks/Hispanics in the US are a pampered lot.

  • Ella

    Some schools need corporal punishment and a “drill sergeant” to reduce the petty deviance to more extreme antisocial behaviours like gangs that continue in US schools. No one could pay me enough money to teach in inner-city schools. Did you hear about the TN. teacher, which was set on fire by a nutty student? They did not release the name or description of the student of course,

  • JohnEngelman

    Faced with mounting evidence that get-tough policies in schools are leading to arrest records, low academic achievement and high dropout rates that especially affect minority students, cities and school districts around the country are rethinking their approach to minor offenses.

    – Lizette Alvarez, New York Times, December 2, 2013

    What a wonderful way to lower the crime rate. Legalize crime.

  • JohnEngelman

    The broken window theory of crime prevention holds that when the police enforce minor laws they prevent major crimes. It makes sense to me.

    • Even if it doesn’t, the notion that allowing juvenile delinquents to skate on minor offenses so they develop a sense of impunity and graduate to major crimes seems more than just a bit questionable.

  • ixObserver

    I see that getting caught with weed in high school is not an ‘offence’. Sweet. The first time I heard about drugs was in college, still no clear idea at the time. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes at least. US public schools with high black/Hispanic population seem more like prisons than schools.

    • I made it all the way through college in California without smoking weed. The first time I smoked it was in the Denver County Jail in 2001. I had been locked up a whole year by then, and it felt really good.

      • ixObserver

        I had my first brush in Ca, last year. Ironically I come from a place which produces a lot of weed. Never seen it before last year. I liked it, for 2 reasons – easy to get high as opposed to alcohol, helped me with the chronic pain I have.

      • Jack Burton

        There must be something genetic with people who like to “get high.” Perhaps they descend from low-IQ slave castes.

        I don’t enjoy getting high or drunk. Having a warped state of consciousness and losing self-control is not fun to me.

        • Try being locked up for a whole year and a half while you fight your case out. It really sucks.

          I don’t use reefer out here in the real world.

          • Jack Burton

            I can understand you wanted to escape your surroundings and pain, in that situation it may be desirable to be “out of your mind.” However, I was referring to the vast majority of people who use narcotics for recreational use.

        • Jack Burton


          You have a comprehension problem and apparently are hypersensitive.

          I never broached morality, rather the reason why someone enjoys losing their proper state of mind. If someone is a low IQ savage then they don’t have much to lose do they.

        • ixObserver

          “There must be something genetic with people who like to “get high.” Perhaps they descend from low-IQ slave castes.”

          Incorrect. I am in the high (for any society) IQ range , I find getting high once in a while gratifying. It is possibly a personal preference. Of course this maybe mapped to some gene or sequence, not to low IQ though. I know a lot of high IQ White programmers who like weed quite a bit. I am not low caste either, not that I have anything against them. Also, I wouldn’t say getting high is the same as losing self-control. Edging is a lot more fun than losing control entirely.

          • Jack Burton

            Wrong, there is a correlation. Drug addicts are disproportionately stupid people. Exceptions don’t disprove the rule.

            I’ve never known any intelligent person 130+ that enjoyed getting wasted.

            Point being that stupid people have nothing to lose.

            Watch these documentaries of the people who grow and sell marijuana, most of them never touch the stuff. They’re making millions off of the stoned idiots.

          • ixObserver

            Whoa, who is talking about ‘addicts’! I am talking about ‘enjoying getting high occasionally’ not being addicted. Huge difference. I am in the 130 range, so are some of the people I know. You made the transition from enjoying getting high to addiction, so there is no discrepancy in what I said.

            In my case, I have a hyper active brain. Even having a beer or two once in a week makes me relax, tone down the activity level in my head. Coffee, another drug, has the opposite affect. It stimulates. Hence I don’t like it.

            An interesting aside – Aryans of ancient India used to consume an intoxicating drink called ‘soma’ which had, weed! I didn’t know the weed thing in it till a few weeks ago. Check it out online.

          • ixObserver

            By the way I agree about addicts, stupids and their IQ. That’s pretty obvious. But addiction isn’t what was in question.

    • Sloppo

      I went to a private Christian junior high school for a couple of years before I had to transfer away. It was by far the best-run school I ever attended before college. Nobody used drugs as far as I knew except for one guy I heard about. One day I heard someone say “John **** used cocaine”. I never saw him again or heard what happened to him. I’m sure he didn’t, but for us it was as if he disappeared from the face of the earth. To some folks that might seem a bit extreme, but I would pay extra to have my children protected from that kind of temptation for a few extra years.

      • ixObserver

        I agree that children need to be protected from such temptations till they are old enough to make decisions themselves. I would say till late 20s to early 30s at least, give or take a few. I also find it interesting that alcohol is legal but weed is not. I don’t see any difference, they are both intoxicants. I remember reading somewhere that the reason for weed being illegal is historical and it was due to trouble with taxing its production/consumption.

        • Who Me?

          Responsible adults who use weed do not “get stoned all the time” any more than responsible adults who drink alcohol occasionally “get drunk all the time”. It’s the fact that one is legal and the other, in most states is not. That is changing fast. In Washington State and in Colorado weed is now legal for adult consumption, for recreational purposes. There are apparently petitions to change the laws in about half the rest of the states as well. It is NOT legal for children to partake of either, and they should certainly be protected from using any form of intoxicants, be it a liquid or smoke, ingested in food, or in some other form. I do think it should be a serious offence in schools for the students to be in possession of ANY drug, be it alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or some other drug. (I also think they should use their brains when it comes to a jr. high or high school student taking an aspirin or Midol or cough drop, or giving same to another student.)
          I’m usually against what is termed as “zero tolerance” on general terms, because it has been misused and abused so much, but reasonable rules should be applied. Don’t any of these people have common sense?

          • ixObserver

            I agree with everything you said and my stand is similar. If fact the difference between ‘getting high’ and ‘getting waste’ is exactly what I was trying to explain to another poster right here.

            As far as children (under 18) go I do prefer distance from drugs or even alcohol. Now am I for zero tolerance because someone dabbled out of curiosity, who is under 18 ? Not really but I don’t want kids to get weed to school either.

        • Sloppo

          I think it would be a bit of a stretch to think I could keep my kids away from opportunities to take drugs much past the age where they can drive on public roads.

          • ixObserver

            Depends on the environment. Easy access, experiments by peers (which lowers the mental barrier) makes it difficult to keep them away.

  • Garrett Brown

    By enforcing the minor laws you prevent the major ones. When you allow minor misdemeanors you facilitate major felonies. Expect the Florida murder rate to go up.

    • Nice? Kind? Guy

      We call it n!gger enabling.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Mmm. Niggenabling?

        • Nice? Kind? Guy

          That’s it! Thanks.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I SO do not miss the US.

  • Jim Henry

    My high school class in a large Eastern city was majority Black. This was 1960. Each and every period was disrupted by fights and verbal abuse of teachers. The disruption came from the Black students. No action was taken by the school.

    Things got so bad, I dropped out after the 11th grade and joined the US Navy.

    Hear we are a half-century later and experiencing the same problems, only they have escalated.

    School administrators are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. How do you deal with this? Go back to segregated schools? What happens to generations of minorities who are not receiving a proper education? This country is in quite a pickle and there is no solution. Such a shame!

  • drattastic

    Every time I hear how US schools lag behind many other developed nations, I know why. This story above is just another example.

    • Did you see Steve Sailer’s latest at Taki? It was about the admittedly problematic PISA test scores.

      As it turns out, American education is pretty good. Asian Americans are about on par with northeastern Asians, white Americans are close to the top of white countries and above the white average, Hispanics in America do better than Hispanics in Latin America, and blacks, while they scored at the bottom of all American racial groups (what a shock), are probably better off than black Africans and their diaspora in black countries.

      It’s just that the “American” average is dragged down by NAMs.

      • drattastic

        Not familiar with “taki”, all I ever hear is how pathetic Americans do compared to other nations and looking at the state of the public school system here I have no reason to doubt what I’ve been reading for years.

        I’ll check it out when I get the opportunity.

      • Jack Burton

        “Ripley doesn’t mention another reason Koreans tend to score well on tests: organized cheating. For example, a recent SAT test was called off because the test booklet was being sold in Korea for thousands of dollars.”

        • SAT and GRE (Graduate Record Exam) tests are not all alike, even in the same room on the same day. The only use a stolen test copy would be is to allow someone to know in advance what kinds of questions are on the test, and not the specific questions.

          When I was a university undergrad, I saved my old mid-terms and finals for my friends, after writing down the name of the professor I’d had the year before in the same class. This way, they would have a bit of a handle on what sort questions the same prof would ask. I was wrong only once, and that was my expectation that there would be a Michaelson interferometer problem of some sort on one of Brooks’s physics mid-terms.

  • Trayvon Martin would most likely still be alive if the Miami-Dade school police had not protected him from criminal prosecution in connection with evidence of his burglarizing a nearby residence, drug possession, vandalism, assault, and so on, through the “diversion” program which was designed to get the official crime numbers down for black kids. He’d have been more closely supervised, or incarcerated.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Covering for them has led to this. Ignoring the obvious problem has obvious results.

  • tlk244182

    It’s not unnatural, illogical, or arbitrary. The rules foster discipline, order, and yes, respect for lawful authority, all qualities that are necessary for a civilized society. The capacity for self-restraint does not make one easy to manipulate. Rather the undisciplined savage is the easy one to control. Threats and bribes, bread and circuses, demagoguery; these are the tools used to control the man who is a slave to his impulses.

  • Joseph

    The Canadian gov’t knows who is problematic and for this reason refuses to keep race-related crime statistics as far as I know. Security trumps liberty and diversity trumps everything.

    Somebody here may have better information though.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s still illegal unless you have a medical prescription for it.

  • So CAL Snowman

    That was the point

  • WR_the_realist

    I don’t use alcohol or weed, so I can be objective about them. I see no evidence that weed is significantly worse than alcohol. No doubt excessive use of weed will lower your IQ but so will excessive use of alcohol. Moderate use of either seems to cause most people little harm. It seems to be a historical accident that one is legal and the other isn’t.

  • Alucard_the_last

    One school in my area came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea. Not enough minorities were passing so they made an 80 or above an A, a 70 was turned into a B, a 60 became a C and 50 became a D.
    What excellent logic. They are being raised to feel special. The entire planet goes on a normal A to F grading system. IF they go to college, they will now earn a host of bad grades. A D and F must be repeated costing them (or more likely, the taxpayers). I took a few classes at my local community college and the negroes failed in record numbers. I took note that they never did homework and judging by their books, they never read them.
    There is no group in this country that is more catered to than blacks and they still aren’t making it. Lack of personal responsibility and welfare has made them worthless. The African immigrants refuse to associate with them and don’t allow their children to play with blacks. A negress was the one who told me that Africans ‘hate us’. All of this is bad enough except for the fact that taxpayers are being forced to subsidize their entitlement attitude.

    • When I took welding classes at Pikes Peak Community College, there was exactly one black. There were none in the machining and automotive classes. I suspect that this is because there is no “grey area” in performance in these sorts of classes; your parts will either meet specs or they won’t. Your engine will either run or it won’t. Grades are thus not very subject to being fudged.

      The black gal’s boyfriend didn’t seem to understand; he pestered her constantly in class on her “sail foam” to come home and have sex. Evidently he thought she was being graded on that instead of whether the aluminum she was TIG-welding developed cracks.

      • EuroHero

        “Sail foam”, lmao. That sounds like a colored.