Affluent, White Residents of South Baton Rouge Propose Seceding from City’s Poor, Black Northern Areas

Scott Kaufman, Raw Story, December 1, 2013

The predominantly white and wealthy residents of the southern area of Baton Rouge have proposed seceding from the city proper and incorporating into a new one to be called “St. George.”

The movement began as an effort to create a new school district, but after the state legislature repeatedly mothballed its proposals—claiming that they could not approve an independent school district that was unaffiliated with a city—organizers shifted their energies to the creation of “St. George.”

The new city would be the fifth largest in the state, with over 107,000 residents, and would include two of the largest tax revenue bases in the state: Perkins Rowe and the Mall of Louisiana. A study by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber concluded that Baton Rouge residents “will be disproportionately paying taxes to the proposed municipality,” given city governance’s reliance on sales tax revenues.

If the succession were successful, the study claimed, it “could entail the dissolution of the present system of governance.”

John Fregonese, a city-planner responsible for the much-lauded FutureBR plan, said that “[t]he idea of creating a city like this — I can’t find another place in the United States where it would cause so much turmoil.”

“The problem is that the whole parish built a major retail center there,” Fregonese said. “You have $90 million go from one hand to another and that’s going to cause a major catastrophe to the finances of this parish.”


The demographic shift the incorporation of “St. George” would create is almost as troubling as the economic difficulties. According to recent study on the demographic impact of Hurricane Katrina, the city of Baton Rouge accepted over 200,000 displaced New Orleans residents, the majority of whom were black and settled in the northern, urban parts of the city.

The “St. George” proposal would create a poor, black, and urban Baton Rouge and a wealthy, white, and suburban “St. George.” {snip}


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  • dd121

    The left, who hate whites, is actively working to stop this very thing. It’s possible our people will resist.

    • Anon

      You know who will not resist this? The black people living in Baton Rouge.

      What is really going on here. Katrina destroyed what was one large minimum security prison for black people. A VOLUNTARY prison. Black people moved to New Orleans from all over the US specifically to belong to a subculture of corruption, drugs and lawlessness. The deal, often openly, is they get to do whatever they want, provided they stay in their “chocolate city”. Drugs, rape, quite a bit of murder….just as long as they don’t burn down the city. Or, in the case of detroit, burn down too much of the city at any one time. This is what blacks want. What they REALLY want.

      There are two outcomes here. Whitey can be forced to keep their money in Baton Rouge, but white law enforcement rules apply. For any normal person, more money for welfare and more cops to keep criminals from harming others would be a pretty good deal. The alternative is to let whitey incorporate his own city, keeping that tax money for himself and creating a police force armed with military grade weapons with orders to beat negros on sight… other words, better not take one step into that white man’s city. In return, few to no cops will patrol Baton Rouge and people will pretty much be able to do drugs openly, prostitute, run with gangs, engage in roaming gun fights for fun, and the like.

      I predict 99.999% of blacks will vigorously support “having their own city”.

      Self determination.

      • Who Me?

        Sounds like a winner of a plan, but add one more thing, A HIGH (say 10′ or taller) electrified fence between the two, because most of the inhabitants of the “chocolate city” will not have the ambition to go all the way around and then still try to evade the police force waiting for them. Also gives the authorities less perimeter to have to keep secured 24/7.

        • Mike Conrad

          Interesting idea. Blacks kill more White Americans every month than Israelis ever killed by Palestinian ‘terrorists’ in all of their sordid history, but guess which group gets an impenetrable exclusionary wall financed by U.S. taxpayers?

      • evilsandmich

        Interesting strategy then perhaps. Maybe they can get the northern part to form their own city and then they can be done with mean old whitey and all his stupid rules.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks are unnecessary to our economy. We would be better off without them. They would be lost without us.

    • RisingReich

      If we could only make them GET lost…

    • 48224

      “unnecessary to our economy”?? Try destructive to our economy. When I think of the billions in federal aid to cities like Detroit, all the money wasted on training programs to try and get low IQ criminals productive, prisons, welfare, murder, rape… makes me want to go back in time and show Abe Lincoln and the 1861 Congress what is happening today. I have a feeling the north and south would lay down their guns and start building ships….destination, Africa.
      Sad but true. I am 50 and blacks wrecked every Detroit neighborhood I ever lived in. They finally ran us to the burbs. I keep wondering how long this can go on before something finally gives.

      • Anon

        Old Abe gets a bad rap. He basically ended slavery in the US ONLY because he thought blacks shouldn’t be in our country. He had initiated a multi-phase plan to rid the US of all negros, the first step being voluntary repatriation to africa (where they settled is now the fun filled nation of Liberia….where cannibalism is a national past time and spectator sport). Later phases would involve the forced repatriation or execution of any black man that refused to leave.

        Unfortunately, he was assassinated before implementing this. Being dead, it became easy for the negro lovers to pretend he loved blacks and wanted them to stay.

        The south loves to bellyache about this and make accusations toward “yankees” with regard to the black man. Yet, I can’t help but notice that almost all blacks, after getting their freedom, simply stayed where they were, this time as low paid workers instead of slaves. And today, “dixie” is indeed where the vast majority of black people live.

        Today, just as back then, the US could implement an alternate plan to rid ourselves of all blacks. Simply allow “the south” to succeed. After all, they fought a vicious civil war rather than follow through with what they had agreed to do by negotiation…..which was allow the federal government to pay a premium price based on the market price for slaves at the time, buy them all up, lock stock and barrel and deport them. Then, after millions of whites were murdered to yes, enforce the idea that blacks don’t belong in the US, they assassinated Lincoln to prevent it from happening. And then have the balls to blame him for what came next.

        Reminds me of that Terreblanche fellow in south africa. He talked big about white nationalism but his behavior was the exact opposite. He spent all his time, devoted his entire business, and all of his wealth toward caring for his beloved blacks. They repaid him with a grim death that involved his pants down around his ankles.

        • kjh64

          I don’t know where you get your “history” but the South never agreed to end slavery by allowing the federal government to buy all of the slaves and deport them. Quite the opposite, the North ended slavery only when they no longer needed it. They did this by gradual emancipation which would make slavery illegal at a date a couple of years down the road. This way, the Northern economy would not be disrupted, Northern slave owners would have time to sell their slaves to the South and thus would be reimbursed for the cost and this would rid the North of Blacks. The North could have just allowed the South to secede but didn’t want to because they needed the money and goods gained from the South such as crops, they also needed access to the oceans and rivers of the South. Also, the South didn’t assassinate Abe Lincoln, a small group of people plotted to do so.

      • bilderbuster

        Just the financial cost of The War of Northern Aggression was enough to purchase every slave from their owners & ship them back to Africa.

    • The Final Solution

      They are nothing but antiquated farm equipment. They have long outlasted their usefulness. The increasing complexity of Anglo-Saxon civilization renders them more and more useless with each day that passes.

      • Anon

        White people did not bring slavery to the US. Slavery, at one time, was completely illegal here. It was a black man who changed that.

        At the time, there was a rather good deal going on for those colonizing the new world. Penniless scum would sign a contract. Often, they were worse than penniless….owing significant debts their employer paid off or were criminals in europe given amnesty.

        Their employer would pay to bring them here. House them. Feed them. In return, they worked for their employer for a set period of time. At the end of their contract, they were given a generous amount of land. Think about this. At the time, the difference between being a somebody, and being a nobody, was not the money in your pocket….it was being a landowner. So, you worked ten years. After that, you were a somebody….a LANDOWNER. In the US, this meant you were one of a privileged class of people allowed to vote (nonlandowners were not allowed to vote). European scumbag to landed American gentlemen. What a deal.

        Alot of those people were black. But, then, as now, blacks are always looking to rape, rob, murder and steal. And, in this case, a black man who made it, could not resist the temptation to literally steal a “brother”. And that is what he did. He paid some hefty bribes to a corrupt court and argued that, in his country, such people were actually slaves (and never mind the contract) and his slave should not be allowed his freedom after his period of indenture, and certainly not given valuable land for his trouble. In what is probably the first recorded case of toxic liberalism, the court AGREED with him. After all, forget OUR laws, this is the way its done in his culture….and, by golly, that’s important.

        And slavery was born in the US.

        • Fair Dinkum

          Ptooey. Indentured servitude was just a form of slavery. Most of the whites who came here as indentured servants died of disease, exhaustion and physical abuse before their writs of indenture expired. Many didn’t come of their own choice — they were simply kidnapped off the streets and sent to the colonies with forged writs of indenture. This included tens of thousands of children who were simply snatched off the streets, stuffed in the holds of ships (often in chains), and shipped off to the colonies with forged writs. This practice was called “kid nabbing” from which our term “kidnapping” comes. And this short paragraph doesn’t even begin to describe just how horrible indentured servitude was.

          The vast majority of white indentured servants got royally screwed, and it was from this system that American slavery eventually evolved. The first Africans in the colonies were indentured servants, not chattel slaves.

          Our racial troubles today are largely the result of rich people wanting cheap labor with no regard for the consequences of their actions. In the past, they imported slaves. Today, they import immigrants. Damn them. Damn them all to Hell.

          • Who Me?

            You forgot to mention that quite a few of them were sentenced to life in prison for theft, said theft in many cases being the simple purloining of an apple or loaf of bread to try and stave off the pangs of literal starvation for oneself or one’s family.

    • Anon

      I was reading an article from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The last time they bothered to measure it was back in 90’s but dealing with negros was a $100 billion industry in law enforcement and corrections alone.

      Keeping blacks from running amok is a giant sector of our economy….making blacks indeed, totally necessary for our current economy. If every single black person dropped dead tomorrow there would be an awful lot of people put out of work.

      How sick is that?

      Which is pretty much the point. Our economy is not healthy, with a few parasites. It is way beyond that, not just with our economy and our culture. We are a deeply troubled people. If we weren’t, these things would not exist.

      That’s the bad new. The good news was that 90% of those costs were accrued on the local level. Which means, the economic sector of black person, enabling, avoidance, and control is almost solely a LOCAL phenomena. Easily avoided, not just in effect but also in cost. Black people live in the SE of the US and certain inner city liberal bastions. Opting out is as simple as not living there.

      • “Opting out is as simple as not living there.”

        Which is why HUD recently stated a goal of busting all the nice white suburbs.

        Is your skin white? Yes? Then you’re guilty of Original Sin and deserve to have to live with Authentically Black people.

    • dd121

      Over the years I’ve asked many people of different political persuasions this question:
      If blacks were all peacefully relocated to Africa what would be the impact on the United States in 10 years? Would we be 1. better off 2. worse off 3. about the same.
      It’s interesting to see the reactions.

      • JohnEngelman

        We would be better off almost immediately, but it is not possible.

        For one thing, there is no room for them. Africa is already over populated.

        For another thing, when this was proposed after the Civil War the great majority of recently freed Negroes did not want to go.

        I am afraid we are stuck with them. Diversity is not our strength. It is our eternal punishment for the original sin of the slave trade. Somehow we have to manage it.

        • Fair Dinkum

          Given that it was only a small percentage of whites who were slave traders or slave owners, it seems ridiculous to assign the guilt (“original sin”) for slavery to every white born since the mid-nineteenth century.

          • JohnEngelman

            If the majority of whites who did not own slaves had the sense to forbid slavery in the seventeenth century the black population would be smaller.

            During the Civil War poor southern whites were fools to fight for the Confederacy, but most of them did.

          • Fair Dinkum

            There was a lot of opposition to slavery among whites, and most of it wasn’t from do-gooders and bleeding hearts. Free working men knew they couldn’t compete with slaves, others didn’t want blacks living their communities. Women didn’t get to vote until the early 20th century, and many poor whites were disenfranchised by restrictions such as property requirements and poll taxes.

            Your second comment is just malicious blithering.

            I don’t do white guilt, and I regard anyone who holds all whites collectively responsible for slavery as anti-white.

  • Good deal. It’ll give all those strong equal people with a really dark tan to show that they can prosper and thrive without us racist honkies.

  • bubo

    Notice how the left always uses the loaded terms like “rich” or “affluent” when talking about whites?

    Always stoking the fires of race and class warfare.

    The “rich whites” are most likely office workers, school teachers and other middle class professionals.

    • Alexandra1973

      Pfft. I’m white, I am by no means rich, and I don’t want to live around blacks.

  • Extropico

    I wish those folks success with the separation. Of paramountcy, is that we must retake control of the federal government from the lib/neocon establishment that favors the abrogation of freedom of association with forced minoritization, forced busing, forced invasion via Section 8 Housing etc. Otherwise, this would be a very temporary victory.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Their actions mean they are also passive. The blacks will keep attacking politically, and they will keep attacking because these sissified whites are too afraid to counter attack.

    • mikebowen55

      We need to rid ourselves of the federal government altogether. We are clearly not going to retake it.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Good point. I remember stories about Memphis deciding to dissolve their municipal school system so that the burden of education would fall on the county, thereby including the white flight suburbs. Tricks like that, and the recent HUD statements that they were going to spread blacks out of those “dangerous zip codes” and into white suburbs show that the deck is stacked against whites.

  • Luca

    The “St. George” proposal would create a poor, black, and urban Baton Rouge and a wealthy, white, and suburban “St. George.”

    Excuse me, but it would not “create” anything that isn’t already in existence. Every black area is poor, because wherever you find groups of blacks above 10% you automatically get poverty, crime and failing schools. It is as immutable as the law of gravity. All these people are doing is enjoying freedom of association and distancing themselves from the after effects of Katrina.

    Bravo to the people of St. George.

    • So CAL Snowman

      According to the statistics St. George would be well over 20% black. That is not a recipe for success. In time St. George’s 24% black population will overwhelm the majority White population and the Whites will have to flee again.

      • Triarius

        Yep, band aid on a broken leg. If this happens, within five years will it be filled with school vouchers and section eight housing. Good job on the original article, btw.

        But let them partially wake up if this helps. I think this will reveal their wolf in sheeps clothing liberal “friends” about how they truly feel. I would rather people wake up in groups by the tens of thousands rather than by the dozens.

    • FransSusan

      Very good point: “….it would not “create” anything that isn’t already in existence.”

    • It might already be in existence …..

      But White people are not allowed to say I don’t want to support the negro.

      • Spartacus

        They should say so nonetheless .

        • ms_anthro

          I say it, and often. People look shocked and horrified until I correctly point out that they live in safe White enclaves just like I do. The only difference between us is that I’m willing to be honest about my reasons why. That shuts them up fast.

          • Andrew

            A lot of Indian enclaves are pretty safe as well, probably just as safe as white areas. I live in one. Oriental concentrated neighboorhoods are equally as safe.

          • ms_anthro

            They may be safe but given the squalor general found in their home countries, I don’t imagine they’re nearly as pleasant as White neighborhoods. And they’re not always safer, as in the case of Cambodian gang territory in various American cities.

          • Andrew

            Definitely not as pleasant as white neighborhoods like bridewater-Raritan area. That where I would like to move to if there were aircraft tech jobs.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’m finding more Whites in my apartment building who will acknowledge black incompetency and crime. Yesterday one said that the U.S. has become a third world country thanks to obama, blacks, Somalis and Mexican. At least it’s a start.

  • RIN0Huner

    None of this will ever happen this side of full on armed conflict.

  • Donaughey

    Just to be sure there are plenty of liberals who secretly want this to happen so they can live in the affluent areas too. Ask a liberal what predominately black area they want to live or a black school they want their kids to attend.

    • Obama lived in Hyde Park of Chicago.

      Shouldn’t he have been “so proud” (as Moochelle would say) to send his children to a nearly 100% black public school in the “neighborhood”?

      • MBlanc46

        It was Kenwood, just to the north of HP. He lived in a neighborhood of large houses which managed to survive the black invasion. Farrakhan lives in the same neighborhood. Just to the north is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city where there’s a lot of gang violence.

        • Kenwood / HP. No difference to me.
          Yes I know a couple of blocks can make a difference.
          But not much of one.
          You still have to go through hell to get there.

          • MBlanc46

            South Ken is pretty much HP, but tonier. North Ken is hell. The IC (or Metra as it is now) is pretty safe and reliable. I’ve taken the No. 6 bus downtown, but only in the daylight. I look forward to someday clearing the blacks out from between I-55 and, say, 63rd Street and making the near South Side livable again.

        • Jackryanvb

          Actually, North Kenwood, Bronzeville to the North of HydePark is much, much better than in the 70s, 80s, 90s. The city tore down Lakefront high rise public housing projects. There are now wealthy, middle class Blacks that control this area, everybody works to drive the Black underclass off the Lakefront.

          South of HydePark, South Shore is much worse… The Black poor from the projects had to go somewhere.

          • MBlanc46

            As I take the IC down from downtown, I see all the new developments along Lake Park Ave. And along 47th Street, which was pretty much wasteland 30 years ago, there’s all sorts of commercial development. I rarely get west of, say Woodlawn Ave up there these days, but I suspect that once you get away from the lakefront, it’s still a disaster area. We take Stony Island from Marquette to the Skyway, and I’d sure hate to have a breakdown there, even though there’s even a Starbuck’s at the tracks at 72nd (or whatever it is).

          • Jackryanvb


            But there are a lot less people in the areas West of Hyde Park/Kenwood.

          • MBlanc46

            Like much of the South and West sides, neighborhoods are getting hollowed out as the housing and infrastructure built by whites falls into ruin after 40 or 50 years of black occupation.

          • Jackryanvb

            Hey MBlanc let’s get together for a beer in our surfing Hyde Park Kenwood neighborhood.

          • MBlanc46

            Good suggestion. I’m in the western Cook County burbs now, but I like to get back to the South Side occasionally.

      • MBlanc46

        Ray School at 57th and Kimbark is one of the better schools in CPS (and perhaps the Obamas were outside it’s boundaries). But the Obamas could afford to send their kids to the UC Lab School so they did.

        • UC Lab School was probably free ….. Moochelle worked at UC.

          • MBlanc46

            I wouldn’t be surprised.

          • Jackryanvb

            No, u of C Lab School is still expensive for children of U of C faculty.

    • pcmustgo

      Actually, you do have a lot of white liberals these days explicitly seeking out diversity, almost for the thrill of it, here in NYC. Whites pouring into black hoods like Harlem, Prospect Heights and Bed-Stuy.

  • 48224

    Sections of Detroit tried the same thing before they all turned black. None worked. It was easier to just move.

    • FransSusan

      Parts of Atlanta have done it and more areas are attempting it. I don’t know if it’s working or not. I live in Georgia but not Atlanta, and read about it in the news. The Atlanta school system as well as the Atlanta city government are all run by blacks and are disaster areas run by crooks, criminals, and corruption. 3 surrounding counties are as well. Clayton, Fulton, DeKalb counties.

      • Jack Burton

        There are parts of Atlanta where you drive for miles and never see a white face, it’s terrible.

        • I prepped my sister for a wedding she had to attend.
          They were staying in Portage, Indiana, but the wedding was in Gary.

    • Jack Burton

      There will come a point where there won’t be places to run to. We need a permanent solution for our people, not band-aids.

  • God forbid you don’t want to foot the taxes of negroes …..

  • Spartacus

    Things are moving along in the right direction. But more needs to be done.

  • D.B. Cooper

    NOPE, nope, nope. These “wealthy” whites are liberals, and THEY need diversity.
    Seceding is the coward’s way out. If you don’t want blacks, then you need to get rid of them, period.

    • Andrew

      I get a kick out of people who say we should just kick them out. It’s not too far away from starting the “American Colonization Society” again. the solution isn’t kicking anyone out, it is re-colonizing the states by creating places where white people can live. Like the hopefully new St. George.

      • Jack Burton

        LOL, that makes no sense. You’re effectively doing the same thing just on a much smaller scale.

        I get a kick out of people who want to separate from blacks socially, but then scoff at the idea of an ethnostate. You’re a typical pretentious, liberal hypocrite.

        The only long-term plan, and the most efficient and prosperous organization for our people is one of an ethnostate. Why do you think Jews did it? It just makes sense.

        • Andrew

          Sorry Jack, I should have made it clear that I think my above comment is a starter to a White ethnostate. Initially, sending everyone back “home” is impossible and inhumane. I say resegragation of a town is a start. Then a county, then a state and finally the country. Samuel Francis wrote about it in one of his essays in the “Essential Writings on Race”. The reason the Jews have Jerusalem is because their genocide was much quicker and obvious, ours is not, at least not to everyone else. I’m 100% for a White ethnostate.

          • Jack Burton

            1. It’s not impossible, so stop saying that.

            2. Deportation is not inhumane in itself, so stop saying that as well.

            3. Leftists think that any form of racial separation is immoral, so drop the moralistic shtick, you’re already guilty.

            We’re not in the days of slavery, despite how blacks and Hollywood want to relive those days by making overly dramatic and historically false movie after movie of slaves been abused and beaten on a daily basis by psychopathic Whites. Blacks wouldn’t be sent to Africa in chains and being whipped. They would be relocated via a modern ship or plane and treated properly, as well as any White person.

            Furthermore, relocation would also include some funding for building infrastructure and settling them in. We already give billions in foreign aid, so this would be nothing new.

            Failing relocation to Africa, they could easily go to Canada or somewhere in Latin America. I have no fantasies that somehow all Whites on the planet are going to turn into racialists.

            However, it’s more likely that if we ever created an ethnostate, it would be through civil war, hopefully brief and with only a small number of casualties, therefore they could simply immigrate to the areas of the old “diverse” US of A.

            If you think that what Baton Rouge proposes is somehow a starter for an ethnostate, you’re delusional. As much as anti-White liberals want to become hysterical and cry racism, they are not creating racially segregated zones, there would still be plenty of blacks and non-Whites in St. George. The governor and mayor are both non-White.

          • Andrew

            All this talk about a civil war is a more farfetched idea than an organic White only city-states idea. The culture war has barely started. At the very least people are recognizing the problem of black crime, the wave of liberal thinking is not going to just wash away. And for the record I’m not a leftist, clearly. I also don’t cry over the civil rights era, most people have a very….”colorful” picture of it. I’m looking at it logically. We actually agree on a White enthostate, we just differ on how we think it will roll out. I’d much rather it your way, but like I said, I just don’t see it happening that way.

          • Jack Burton

            Far-fetched? It already happened, the wrong side won unfortunately. Furthermore, it’s the only solution to our problem.

            You’re not very bright, Andrew, if you think it’s possible for there to be Whites-only city-states that happen organically with our current government.

            You have leftist leanings, and you seem to be a confused person. You say deporting non-Whites is impossible and inhumane, then on the other hand you talk about Whites-only zones. You want all the rewards without any of the work.

          • Andrew

            You need to tone it down with the insults there Jack. I’m on your side 100%.

            There is no indication that a civil war will happen, too many Whites are not even racially conscious yet. The culture war needs to be won before that is even an option. Amren, NPI and other pro-white sites are doing that..I merely suggested that deportation is inhumane and all of the sudden I have leftist leanings. Too many non-whites are established here, well established in fact. We need to have our laws turn pro-white, encourage the rise of white birthrates while sterilizing and discouraging non-white birthrates. End all immigration, take away voting rights for non-whites.

            Read “Prospects for Racial and Cultural Survival” and “Why Race Matters”. Also T. Lothrop Stoddard’s book is great as well.

          • Anything is “possible”.

            I want to run the all-night firing squads.

    • Jackryanvb

      Buy up cheap property in all White Northeast states that voted for Obama – didn’t New Hampshire vote for Obama and lots of frumpy earnest women reps?

      Buy up the land, fix up te housing a bit, bus out poor Blacks from Baton Rouge to towns in Vermont and New Hampshire. Bus the Blacks out when spring breaks, summer with generous liberals in Vermont should be a nice break.

  • The Final Solution

    “The “St. George” proposal would create a poor, black, and urban Baton Rouge and a wealthy, white, and suburban “St. George.”
    No, blacks have created this disparity because diversity is the antithesis of prosperity.

  • MBlanc46

    Voluntary resegregation.

  • IstvanIN

    In NJ the courts stop municipalities from creating their own boards of education by using a lacking of diversity as an excuse. So if two towns share a board of ed and then one of the cities goes bad, the good city can never get out of the agreement. That it why we cling to home rule even as our state senate President Democrat Steve Sweeney and Rino Governor Chris Christie try to blackmail us into to “merging”.

  • Ella

    Baton Rouge was a beautiful growing city in the 80’s with that Southern Georgian feel. After Katrina, much of the city has taken an economic hit. It’s 55% Black now. Whites have become a paying tax base for minorities by the politicians. It’s part of the Black belt. Chalk it up for another lost city in the US to minorities.

    • Jack Burton

      There is a certain diversity burden that whites are just not willing to endure. Whites will tolerate a low level of diversity, but when non-Whites, especially blacks, become a critical mass and are too concentrated, there is too much crime, too much sub-human behavior and the tax burden is too high.

      • Ella

        Partly, they don’t respect Whites who have higher numbers in society and more dominance. I agree about a certain tolerance of others but I think the threshold might be at 10-15% being absorbed into main culture if they can just accept the norms and laws.

  • “My city is about 2% black and 20% of the city workers are black and they
    completely control the city government. If the city government isn’t
    full of blacks, they will be sued.”

    Change “my city” to “Denver”. Change “2% to 3%”. The rest of what you wrote then becomes an accurate description of the Queen City of the Plains.

  • Ella

    It’s happened here as we see the White percentages drop and monies directed to “economically” challenged students who get federal subsidies for the district. District is aggressive and buses internally. So, our local elementary school is now 1/2 nonwhite meaning that neighbourhood selection does not work.

  • Jack Burton

    “The “St. George” proposal would create a poor, black, and urban Baton Rouge and a wealthy, white, and suburban “St. George.””

    No it wouldn’t, Kaufman, oy vey, is a damned liar. So now something is “white” merely because it’s majority white? That’s f’n stupid. So tired of these lying, liberal sociopaths who constantly make emotional and false statements about racism.

    Anything wealthy and successful is by nature white and/or Asian. Civilization and prosperity don’t come from low-IQ primitives, just doesn’t happen.

    • M.

      And not even all Asians. It’s generally the white-skinned part of them that’s smart and civilized. The darker the Mongolians get (in the south) the messier it gets.

  • Raydonn

    Some/many of the comments after the original article are ‘typical’…….

  • Young Werther

    It had been done before. If it is wanted it will be done.

  • Dave4088

    Good news, but I hope the good white residents of the future “St. George” realize that sooner or later blacks will demand entry into their new school district which means they will somehow find a way to reside in St. George. Then viola! You now have a ghetto and violent blacks on your hands.

    Obama, Holder, and the congressional black cacophony will make sure there is no escape for upstart whites. Just as night follows days, black always follows white.

    • Sloppo

      They’re doing the right thing by trying though. At some point the pendulum will probably swing in the other direction, but it will probably get a lot uglier between now and then.

    • Celebrate Homogeneity

      The answer is for St George to not have a school district of any kind. All the children should go to private schools, and none of those schools should acceot any government funding or taxpayer-funded vouchers.

  • drattastic

    How dare the host want separation from the parasite.

  • Jackryanvb

    How come more suceessful White homeschoolers aren’t starting for profit private schools. Most White parents would trust their children to an older White mom who has successfully taught and raised her children using good (White) books. These new schools would not look or feel like prisons, cultural Marxist re-education camps.

    Lot’s of bright retired people would live to teach, tutor at a small all White private school.

    Maybe the key is language, Afrikan language schools, no football and basketball schools.

  • Sloppo

    I think you may have the wrong impression of southern whites. Many of us understand the meaning of “diversity”.

  • Sloppo

    Hopefully, this division will provide blacks in the northern section the separation they need to stop the white man from holding them back so those blacks can finally create their own prosperity. Only then will those poor oppressed blacks be free at last.

  • HJ11

    All Whites should separate from Blacks and other non-Whites. We have nothing to gain by being near them and much to lose.

  • puffdaddy

    Why can’t blacks, when left to their own devices, create a prosperous utopia based on the principles of Kwanzaa?

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Here’s proof that we cannot count on mainstream Conservatives, even those that purport to be the most conservative. I post a great many articles that could appear or do appear on Amren over at Free Republic. I just logged in over at Free Republic and this messaage popped up:

    Your posting privilege has been revoked.

    You post a lot of crap. Banned.

    • While that is unfortunate, the adage about not thrusting pearls before swine certainly applies.

      I write on other sites about relationships, and what I say about a breakup or a divorce is that it doesn’t always mean someone has made a mistake. Sometimes it just means that things have changed.

    • Sloppo

      Many so-called “conservatives” are not ready to handle the truth.