Romanian Prime Minister Tells Britain Not to Discriminate Against ‘Migrant Wave’

Daily Mail (London), November 30, 2013

Romania’s prime minister has told Britain not to treat Romanians as ‘second-rate citizens’ when curbs on Romanian and Bulgarian workers are lifted on January 1.

Victor Ponta said last night that research showed no evidence that there would be large numbers of migrants moving from his country to the UK, despite mounting fears.

And he reiterated the claim, made elsewhere, that Romanians were more likely to seek work in southern European states like Italy and Spain, where the language is far more similar to Romanian.

Victor Ponta

Victor Ponta

David Cameron this week announced measures to toughen welfare rules for migrants from the European Union amid concern that migrants from Romania and Bulgaria would exploit the benefits system.

He has claimed that one million people from Central and East Europe are living in Britain with migration at a level not seen since wartime.

But, in a statement released last night, Mr Ponta slammed the move. He said people should be punished for abusing the welfare system, but restrictions should not be used to ‘generate or justify abuse or discrimination’.

‘We will not accept being treated as second-rate citizens,’ Mr Ponta said, adding that research showed ‘there is no reason for concern regarding a migrant wave’ from Romania to Britain.

Millions of Romanians had already chosen to work abroad in ‘southern Latin states’, referring to Spain and Italy which have a Latin-based language like Romanian.

He said he hoped Cameron was not trying ‘to attack the fundamental principles of the EU, among which the freedom of movement is one of the most important values’.

Mr Cameron’s benefits proposals were criticised on Wednesday by European employment commissioner Laszlo Andor as an ‘unfortunate over-reaction’.

Warning that Britain risked becoming the ‘nasty country of Europe,’ he said plans to curb benefits for migrants were fuelling ‘hysteria’ and accused the PM of distorting the truth about immigration.

‘The point is that the British have not been given all the truth and the full truth about this subject,’ Mr Andor told Radio 4’s Today programme.

Brussels is facing a growing revolt over its no-borders immigration policy, with France and Germany also suggesting they want curbs on EU migrants’ rights.

Mr Cameron, who has been criticised for refusing to give an estimate of how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Britain next year, has outlined plans to limit the rights of temporary workers to housing benefit, and a 12-month bar on those fund begging and sleeping rough.

The measures were announced shortly after the Daily Mail published the results of a poll which suggests that four in five Britons do not want unrestricted access to the UK for Romanians and Bulgarians.

Home Secretary Theresa May this week suggested moves to cap the number of EU migrants to the UK in order to stop British workers languishing on the dole.

Writing for the PoliticsHome website, Mrs May suggested that the Government’s attempts to make the UK a less attractive destination–by restricting access to welfare and introducing an annual levy for use of the NHS–were likely to have limited effect.

‘In all honesty, whatever the Government does in terms of reducing the pull factors that draw people to Britain, as long as there is such an enormous disparity between EU member states in terms of income per head, there will be an overwhelming incentive for people to move from poorer member states to richer member states,’ she said.

Mrs May added: ‘That not only puts pressure on communities in countries like Britain, it robs poorer EU member states of their most talented people. So in future, we must put in place new arrangements to slow full access to each other’s labour markets until we can be sure it will not lead to mass migration.’

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  • dd121

    Spartacus, would you go have a talk with this guy?

    • Spartacus

      You mean the mongrel jew-slave that’s “running” our government ? What would I tell him?

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Are you guys trying to export your gypsies? HA HA!!!

      • David Ashton

        Chat with Dan Sova?

        • Spartacus

          He’s just as useless and parasitic as his nominal boss.

          • David Ashton



      • dd121

        I don’t know, but I trust you to give him the “what for”.

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    This guy doesn’t look Romanian.

    • IstvanIN

      He looks like he is from the Russian Far East.

    • Spartacus

      He’s a mongoloid. I’ve heard said that it’s just his bad eyes that make him look like he’s one, but I’m pretty certain he’s a mongrel.

  • Ella

    I only dream of US to have its own foreign dumping ground to rid itself of thugs, illegals and welfare scoungers. Well, here is something to post about Romania. Maybe, the animal rights activist might do something about Britain’s bleak future. ” The Four Paws animal welfare group registered 15 cases of people savagely attacking animals in the six weeks after the boy’s death, compared to six cases of similar cruelty in the previous nine months. But animal cruelty has long been a problem in Romania — where animal protection laws are weak, people still grapple with the trauma of a brutal communist regime, and anger builds over economic misery and government incompetence.”

  • me

    Cameron, being one of the non-goy through lineage of his mama, is intent on destroying what’s left of Britain and the British people–which doesn’t include the ‘recent’ immigrant ‘British’. Ponta is trying to hoist his gypsy problem on Britain in the typical lying, weasel way. When are people going to stand up to their own genocide? Can’t they see what’s happened, and what continues to happen, by letting these usurpers in their governments dictate immigration and foreign policy? I know you guys see it, but why can’t the rest of the population see it? WHY?! Are they stupid, willfully ignorant, or just too brainwashed to call a stop to this ‘replacement’ plan?

    • David Ashton

      Call-Me-Dave is now turning England into HongKong.

      Our political recourse through the election system is severely limited, as I have tried to explain before, but have no time or inclination to try to do so again, since the abuse our fellow White Anglo-Saxons in the Obama’s Mexicamerica is transferred to me personally.

  • bilderbuster

    A funny thing about Germany’s Gypsy Policy during WW2.
    After the war you didn’t hear any countries demanding to have their Gypsies back.

    • Brian

      Or Jehovah’s Witnesses, I would guess.

      • bilderbuster

        They didn’t mind the JW’s too much.
        In Germany they were citizens who wouldn’t fight but didn’t complain when they were put to hard labor instead & could pretty much be trusted.

  • sbuffalonative

    David Cameron this week announced measures to toughen welfare rules for migrants from the European Union amid concern that migrants from Romania and Bulgaria would exploit the benefits system.

    I’ll assume Mr. Cameron is concerned that Romanians and Bulgarians will take money meant for the Muslims.

  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, he just wants to clear the riff raff from his own country.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Sure, actual ROMANIANS move to find work. My neighbors here in Germany are a great example. Light complected, intelligent, attractive, hard-working, good people. Our kids play together.

    Gypsies? Not so much.

    • Erasmus

      Gypsies are the Mexicans of Europe.

  • cecilhenry

    Don’t discriminate means don’t choose, don’t value, and don’t act in consideration of your interests and rights..

    Instead, consider the demands of your interlopers…..

    • me

      That is exactly what it means! In other words, racist is a code word for anti-White. Whites can’t have their own country, their own clubs or civic organizations, their own churches, their own neighborhoods, their own schools, etc. Not only that, Whites have to pay for the welfare of the ‘minorities’ who are violent and racist against Whites. This evil and insidious anti-White insanity must stop NOW!

  • scutum

    You can’t discriminate. You must take in all of our Gypsys, anti-social malcontents
    and criminals. Oh! And don’t forget to make sure any remittances they have coming are sent back to us as quickly as possible.

  • erin2326

    Ponta isn’t that dark-skinned in real life, it seems that the photo has been retouched.

    Non-Gypsy Romanians are generally whiter than the average Italian, especially those from Maramures and Moldova (i.e., Slavic/Germanic admixture.)

  • yodaddy51

    we will not be treated as second rate citizens? well keep them home

  • NoMosqueHere

    Romanians have large country in Europe. Why must they come to Britain — which is for the white British. I can’t think of any significant romanian achievements, except perhaps transylvanian vampirism and alliances with both the German Nazis and the Soviets.

  • freddy_hills

    The whole purpose behind immigration is to keep countries from being able to leave the EU. Canada did the same thing when Quebec wanted to secede. They kept immigration just high enough that the Quebecois wouldn’t have the votes. Of course, immigrants wouldn’t vote for secession because they had no loyalty to Quebec or, in this case, the UK. All they care about is benefits. Or, if they care at all, they’d rather the English NOT have their own country because nationalism doesn’t bode well for them. And that’s true for many European immigrants as well. The bureaucrats in Brussels are using immigration as the mortar to bind the countries together and destroy their independence. The people never wanted it. The bureaucrats have lied, manipulated and abused their authority every step of the way. They think they’re being clever by creating a super Europe. What they’re really creating is a huge 3rd world country where the indigenous people will be looted through the welfare system.

  • freddy_hills

    I agree with most of what you say but I’ll elaborate on a couple of points. First, I think the economy does play a major role. People may not like immigration or the EU but they’re not mad enough to do anything about it unless the economy takes a dump. Fear and uncertainty whether it be economic or war drives people to the right. And, second, my wife is a European immigrant so I obviously have nothing against other Europeans. But having immigrant relatives has shown me that even they were bad for the country. It’s not that they’re criminals or abuse the benefits (although some of them do abuse benefits) but they’re not loyal. They immigrated and formed a little colony of their own people which didn’t share the native culture or ethnic loyalty. The second and third generations assimilate to an extent but they still lack the deep roots of culture and loyalty. That’s a real problem when it comes to national sovereignty and immigration. Without those deep roots of culture and ethnic loyalty they don’t really care. Ethnicity is more than genetics — it’s also culture and values.

  • Rex

    Pat, if you’re still around I agree with everything you say except about the Gypsies. ” Gypsies” is who they are and this is their name and not Roma. There is only one Roma and is the capital of Italy