Report: NFL Creates Panel to Recommend Coaching Candidates

John Breech, CBS Sports, December 18, 2013

After the 2012 NFL season, the 32 teams in the league combined to hire 14 new head coaches and general managers. Despite the presence of the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for a head coaching job, no minority coaches were hired.

The NFL doesn’t want that happen to again, so the league has assembled a panel of eight former coaches and general managers to help identify the top minority coaching candidates, according to Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King. Members of this Career Development Advisory panel include Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, Ron Wolf and John Madden and the group was asked to put together an inclusive list of candidates, with a special emphasis on minorities.

With at least one NFL head coaching job already open in Houston, the panel quickly finalized its list of top minority candidates. According to King, those candidates include: former Bears coach Lovie Smith, Baltimore offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, Chicago defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton and Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.


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  • David Cutter

    It would be equally in the interests of diversity to recruit white candidates for cornerback positions.

    • jane johnson

      The dime defense is an affirmative action scheme for White CBs and safeties.

      • MikeofAges

        White CBs don’t exist because college coaches don’t recruit them and won’t play them because if they lose it just creates more scrutiny. It’s called CYOA. Probably, baseball, tennis and swimming work the same way, but in favor of whites. The NFL, itself, can only work with the talent the colleges develop. The NFL does not operate its own developmental and minor leagues. Maybe they should, for players who are not capable of being real college students and for players whom the colleges don’t seem to want, at least at the position they want to try to play. There are a lot of college opportunities all the way down to Div III and NAIA, but the kids are not so good at identifying their opportunities and making the necessary decisions. The colleges, also, have their own aims and agendas. Discovering and recruiting the best leftover talent might not be the absolute top priority.

        • Extropico

          White CBs aren’t around because they don’t have the foot speed that blacks do. Blacks don’t do as well in baseball and tennis because they have a comparative lack of hand-eye coordination. Pitching, kicking in football, bowling, throwing….Whites will predominate at athletic events unless the skillset’s defining factor is foot speed and jumping. Whites would dominate at basketball were it just a standing shooting contest.

          The comparative success of black females in tennis is something someone could write an essay on. The muscle strength and size for the black female seems to compensate for less coordination in general right now.

          White sprinters don’t succeed in the Olympics because they had fathers in the home and too much privilege…. or maybe they just aren’t as fast. There have actually been books written on the genetic differences involved with foot speed. Read them!

          • MikeofAges

            What you are saying seems generally true. But the point is, the white kid doesn’t get the chance to try it even if he might have the ability. White kids who want to play DB are developed as a strong safeties and free safeties. In other sports, blacks, Hispanics or Asians might be relatively shut out depending on the politics of the situation. In any sport, someone who has the ability to be dominant will always get the chance. Someone in the middle of the pack or in the lower quarter might not get recruited. As I said, coaches and ADs don’t want to encourage scrutiny when things don’t go so well. Play some white kids at the speed positions in football or black kids on the swim team and lose, and people will look at you sideways even if they don’t admit it.

          • jane johnson

            John Hoberman has written extensively, if somewhat ambiguously, on the subject of race and sport. The fact that he is a professor in the Germanic Studies Department at UT-Austin(!?) might account for the slightly apologetic tone found in some of his work. He quotes extensively from Rushton and Jensen (Arthur, not Robert, who is the author of White Privilege, and also at UT-Austin), but also from Ralph Ellison, in Darwin’s Athletes, which I highly recommend.

          • “bucks” physically mature 2 to 3 years before Whites. I didn’t turn 18 until my freshman year of college. That would have put me 3 to 4 years behind in physical maturity if I had to compete against them. That is why blacks excel in early years.It is only when Whites last being treated as 2nd class that they become players of the same caliber.

        • George Clark

          Not too much of a football fan myself, but your comment was interesting. I was always aghast at the amount of money that the universities I attended lavished on the football teams. There was always the argument that the football teams brought in more revenue than they took from the university. Such BS. When I was a freshman, we had free access to the campus health clinic. The next semester, it cost fifty bucks. Not unfair, except that…the money had been taken and given to the football program. Let them build farm teams, as you say, I think it’s an excellent proposition. Do it for bassetball as well. I don’t propose eliminating college football, just let it be played by scholars who are academically superior as well. As it used to be. I taught a lot of athletes when I was a grad student, english 101 and 102 students. The baseball players tended to be quite a bit smarter than the football players–the black and white baseball players were noticeably smarter and more motivated than their dopplegangers on the football team. They had to earn their scholarships, academically.

          • MikeofAges

            There’s place for the “C” student along with everyone else. You don’t even need a three digit IQ to finish college, if you get some decent counseling choose the right major. Even at the service academies or the top academic universities, like Notre Dame or Stanford, they took applicants with SAT’s down to 550, 525 for minority applicants, and many of them did finish. What does that tell you?

            But if someone is not going to take courses leading to the completion of the lower division (two year college) curriculum and then move into the upper division in an appropriate degree program, they don’t belong in college. I don’t even have a problem with people not finishing college. A lot of people don’t finish college. But as long as they are inside the doors, they should have to be real student, even if only a “C” student. The last time I took a college course, one of the young guys said “C’s get degrees. And they do.

            If an athlete cannot function as a minimal college student after two years of trying, they belong in a minor league, not a a university. On top of that, a minor league, because it is professional, would be better equipped to provide subsequent job training or college reentry assistance, where appropriate, than the colleges can. What can the college offer to the athlete once athletic department is done with them? Only the opportunity to stay at the school to complete a degree, without financial aid. What good is that for someone who was never a real student in the first place?

          • George Clark

            I agree fully, what else can I say?

    • Karen James

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      ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ౚ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ Despite the presence of the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for a head coaching job, no minority coaches were hired.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Can someone explain to me why black coaches in the NFL do much better than black coaches at the college level? Is it because coaches at the NFL level can be more hands off?

    • black NFL coaches are generally horrible coaches who are given more years to “prove themselves” than any White coach would ever be given. White coaches can be fired mid-season, black coaches rarely get fired, they get not re-signed.

    • lurocp8

      I would say so. In college. you’ve got to do your own recruiting and nurturing (i.e. teaching the fundamentals of the game). Most blacks don’t know the fundamentals of the game very well because the running and jumping comes fairly natural to them as athletes. therefore they know little to nothing about how to prep and/or work hard to achieve success, let alone teach it to someone else as well.

    • jane johnson

      NFL coaches don’t have to answer to athletic directors, who must placate wealthy (usually White) alumni. In other words, poop runs downhill, and college coaches are at the bottom of the hill. There are exceptions, but the few “rock star” coaches only attained their status by winning, and black coaches don’t do well in a meritocracy.

    • Dave4088

      Because there’s more racism in the college ranks, of course.

  • Rhialto

    Professional sports have created more Black wealth than any professions except prostitution management and recreational narcotics merchandising. I don’t know why Blacks would want to alienate White football fans by injecting racial politics into professional football. Perhaps this flap is strictly a Liberal operation, and Black players have no concern with it. You tell me!

    • 1stworlder

      You forgot to credit steroids & HGH.

    • sbuffalonative

      I don’t know why Black football players would want to alienate White football fans by injecting racial politics into professional football.
      Two letters: IQ. Dumb people are short-sighted. They will burn down the apple orchard in the winter and wonder why they don’t have apples growing next season.

    • obot

      Why do blacks trash up and destroy their own neighborhoods? Why do they protect gangs that sell drugs to and kill their family members? Why do they keep voting for the same corrupt black politicians that steal from them?

      It’s in their nature to f*ck everything up

    • MBlanc46

      Blacks want to inject race politics into everything.

      • JohnEngelman

        They always need the alibi of white racism to explain their shortcomings.

        • David Ashton

          And badly behaved Jews (there are just a few) sometimes use the alibi of “white Gentile ‘antisemitism'” to “explain” theirs.

          • JohnEngelman

            Because of their talent and the wealth and power it earns them Jews seldom need alibis.

          • rentslave

            Why won’t Jews let the gentiles bet on sports?

  • 1stworlder

    You must pick the least bad darky from this list.

  • Druid

    Do to a combination of things, the nfl is in the beginning of the end of its lifespan. In 10-15 years or so, it’ll be dead.

    • William Krapek

      Thanks be to God.

    • The biggest thing is that the trial lawyers and class action vultures smell blood in the water, and they think they can use the concussion question as a way to get a perpetual siphon for themselves lodged into the NFL’s revenue-making machine.

      I’m conflicted on that. On the one hand, I hope it happens because white people need one fewer opiate. On the other hand, I don’t want to reward such shyster tactics.

    • obot

      Same as the NBA. Everytime I flip the channels, the NBA arenas are half empty. It started when they let the thugs take over in the 1990’s. The NFL is headed that way.

      If not for all the taxpayer subsidies, most of these teams would die off.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Is it really related to black thugs?

      • Brian

        I gave up NBA and NFL and only watch baseball and hockey now. Vote with your $.

  • Freedoooom

    It wouldn’t alienate white fans.

    Patriots org is probably the most pro-white. Seen Patriots fans say they don’t want Eric Decker because he is white.

    • obot

      BS. White fans love a good white receiver.

  • MekongDelta69

    Just what the NFL and NBA needs…

    More black losers…

  • So CAL Snowman

    I noticed that there were no Asian or Hispanics on that list, no Arabs or Afghani women either. Seems to me that “top minority candidate” is code for black male.

  • Bill

    Many NFL teams have absolutely NO racial diversity on their defensive teams!! A lawsuit should be filed to correct this travesty immediately!!!

    • bilderbuster

      The NFL is exempt from ordinary laws by act of congress.

      • obot

        Except when it comes to coaching and GM’s

  • Luca

    Being a coach or quarterback requires critical thinking skills, impulse control, the ability to plan, organize, improvise, think quickly and adapt to ever changing situations.

    I think you can see where I’m going with this.

    • JohnEngelman

      You don’t mean

      No, that couldn’t be. Steven J. Gould decisively disproved The Bell Curve.

      *sarcasm off*

  • William Krapek

    Thank God I stopped watching football aeons again. It’s just a big freaking joke to me.

    • bilderbuster

      Same here but my ex-Bookie isn’t laughing.

  • Puggg

    They have the Rooney Rule.

    I propose the Rooneystein rule.

    More Jewish coaches.

    Because owning the team just isn’t enough anymore.

    • jane johnson

      Neither is playing for the team.

    • bigone4u

      Hilarious idea. Love it. But as a woman, don’t you think the NFL should have more WOMEN head coaches?

  • dd121

    Owners like coaches who win. Negros don’t have a good track record of doing that.

  • Spartacus

    I thought the apes were good at sports ? Oh, right, they actually aren’t …

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Call me naive. I’m still blown away by the fawning “God Worship” of 95% black thug foo-baw by whites. I just flat don’t get it, never will.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It disgusts me to hear the White males around me discuss football ad infinitim, all the while praising black thugs.

  • MikeofAges

    Here’s where the bar is set. The NFL want assistants to have a college degree, for one thing. Frankly, you don’t need to be a genius to get a college degree. Any degree from any institution is okay, as far as I know. With a four year scholarship, an athlete should be able finish at least close to three years of of real college. If you can’t play a varsity sport and do some minimal academic work at the same time, and then figure out how to finish your degree in some non-demanding major, how can you coach in college or the NFL? Tim Tebow got his degree in “family, youth and community sciences”.

    Almost every high school coach in every sport has a bachelor’s degree. So start there. And then we’ll talk about it

  • OhWow

    The real racism here is the assumption that blacks are so brilliant and godly that to pick a white candidate over them is clear bias. THAT is racism. Not every black is an amazing candidate despite popular liberal belief.

  • Tarczan

    Because blacks mature physically about 18 months sooner than whites, whites are often shut out from college recruiting. This eliminates a large portion of them from the college to pro trajectory.

    • IstvanIN

      18 months? They are full grown thugs by 7th grade.

  • Dave4088

    Notice how the “inclusive” list of candidates are all black. The professional negroes always say that since most of the players are black, the coaches should be, too. I’ll counter that since the fan base is mostly white and the coaches and front offices are mostly white, so the NFL needs more white players.

  • Brian

    Life is an IQ test…proven once again.

  • MikeofAges

    Lovie Smith clearly was “blacker” than Tony Dungy, and he did pretty well too. He had his critics, but for football reasons. Smith suffered in comparison due to not having Peyton Manning as his QB. Recently Smith was interviewed for the vacant Houston job. I don’t know if Smith is really interested in going back into coaching. Some interviewees consider the interviews as junkets I am sure, although the interviews are arduous and extremely comprehensive, both the head and assistant positions..

  • Massif1

    Whites need to stop watching football and basketball.

  • Can you imagine how dangerous a Bears, Lions, Eagles, Falcons, etc footsball game would be if ticket sale were AA’ed? Same goes for NBA games.

  • libertarian1234

    More people should do what many of us are doing now, which is to stop watching spectator sports on television.

    • newscomments70

      Thank you

  • dukem1

    Marv Levy?