Color-blind Justice?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 13, 2013

Not in America.

Yesterday’s news included two remarkable stories about what passes for justice in multi-racial America. One was about a retired Brooklyn judge, Frank Barbaro, who is now asking an appeals court to overturn a conviction that he, himself, handed down in a 1999 murder trial.

Only a few facts about the case have been reported, but it appears that a 22-year-old black man named Wavell Wint approached 24-year-old Donald Kagan, who is white, in front of a Brooklyn movie theater and tried to steal Mr. Kagan’s chain. There was a fight, and Mr. Kagan ended up shooting and killing Wint.

Wavell Wint

Wavell Wint

Judge Barbaro, who is white, heard the case without a jury, and convicted Mr. Kagan of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. The judge, who has since retired, says he now believes the shooting was self defense, and that he could not be impartial because he was obsessed with white racism.

Donald Kagan

Donald Kagan

“Mr. Kagan had no intent to kill that man,” he says, explaining that he found him guilty of murder because “I was seeing this young white fellow as a bigot, as someone who assassinated an African-American.” He says he was blind to Mr. Kagan’s innocence because “the question of discrimination against African-American people became part of my fiber—my very fiber.”

Judge Frank Barbaro

Judge Frank Barbaro

Judge Barbaro now wants his own verdict overturned so that Mr. Kagan, who has spent the last 14 years in prison, can be either acquitted or retried.

This story is extraordinary for several reasons. First, no one seems to have been pressuring Judge Barbaro. Now 86 years old, his conscience alone seems to have driven him to this humiliating reversal.

More important, though, the bigoted state of mind that Judge Barbaro now says made him hand down an unjust conviction is precisely the one society does its best to instill in every white person. Universities routinely teach that America is steeped in “white supremacy,” that “racism” is as natural to whites as breathing, and that every white enjoys “white privilege.”

And universities are succeeding. Mr. Kagan’s case has an eerie similarity to that of George Zimmerman. Both men got into a fight with a black who was the obvious aggressor. Each man killed his attacker. A jury, which was fortunately sequestered and unaware of how viciously America was baying for blood, found Mr. Zimmerman innocent of second-degree murder. Judge Barbaro now says Mr. Kagan also shot his assailant in self defense.

Of course, virtually all blacks and most white elites were as closed-minded about the  Zimmerman case as Judge Barbaro now admits he was about the Kagan case. As soon as race enters the picture, “the question of discrimination against African-American people becomes part of their fiber—their very fiber.” Any white–or any Hispanic who looks white enough–who kills a black must be a bigot. The Judge Barbaro of 1999—just like most of our rulers today—would surely have locked up George Zimmerman.

It’s easy to imagine the Kagan case blowing up into a huge “racism” story about a white vigilante who killed an unarmed black man with an illegal, unlicensed handgun. What’s to stop Al Sharpton from leading demonstrations to “keep Wavell Wint’s killer behind bars”?

And why should blacks and liberals even believe Judge Barbaro? According to race dogma, white people are incapable of being so worried about the interests of blacks that they are unfair to whites. The experts tell us it takes whites a lifetime of struggle merely to throw off the mental shackles of white supremacy. Judge Barbaro has simply subsided into racist dotage and wants to undo the little good he once did.

The reaction from Wint’s family is instructive. Wavell Wint, Jr., who was four at the time his father was shot, was “disgusted” to hear that Judge Barbaro now says the conviction was wrong. “I shouldn’t be back here reliving the past,” he says. “I thought everything was over with.” Wint , Jr.’s mother, Carmen De Jesus, says Judge Barbaro “should be ashamed of himself as a judge”—not for making  a mistake in 1999 but for now thinking it was a mistake.

The merciful impulses common in whites are utterly alien to the Wints. The parents of Amy Biehl, who was murdered in Soweto because she was white; Reginald Denny, who was nearly killed by blacks during the Los Angeles riots; Phoebe Connolly, who was a victim of the knockout game just last month—they have all publicly forgiven violent blacks. We get no such mush from the Wint family; they want Mr. Kagan to rot in prison whether he deserves to or not.

Peter and Linda Biehl, posing with their daughter's monument.

Peter and Linda Biehl, posing with the monument to their daughter.

Which brings us to yesterday’s other story. An eight year study of 516 federal-court discrimination cases found that black judges are more likely than white judges to side with blacks who claim discrimination. White judges found discrimination against blacks only 20.6 percent of the time, while black judges found it 32.9 percent of them time. Assuming the cases heard by black and white judges were equivalent, these results alone do not tell us whether there was white bias against blacks or black bias in favor of blacks—or whether there was some of both.

However, the study also found that when people who weren’t black claimed discrimination, there was no difference in how black and white judges ruled. Presumably, this means black and white judges see the facts the same way in the case of a Hispanic or Asian plaintiff. But if that is so, it suggests that white judges can treat non-white plaintiffs impartially, and are therefore trying blacks fairly, whereas black judges are swayed by race. The study’s author, Jason Morin or Cal State Northridge, even says as much, noting that black plaintiffs may have an “ability to heighten a sense of group solidarity, such as perceptions of group consciousness or linked fate among African American judges.”

This is no surprise. Blacks have a vivid sense of racial solidarity; why should black judges be any different? It is whites—despite the nonsense we are always told—who are far better at ignoring the call of race. Judge Barbaro now admits that he was trying so hard to take the black point of view that he discriminated against a white man.

We can be certain that the only thing that sets Judge Barbaro apart from many, many other judges is that he now recognizes what he did and admits it. Judge Nicholas Garaufis repeatedly accused the New York City Fire Department of discrimination against blacks when it was clear the department was desperately trying to hire them. Judge Garaufis was so transparently biased that the appeals court took him off the case. How many other judges act just as Judge Barbaro says he did, but are never found out and never admit it?

So what should be done about all those black federal judges who are biased in favor of blacks? Astonishingly, the author of the study says the solution is more black judges because there aren’t enough of them, and they give black plaintiffs a better chance of winning!

So much for fairness. In a multi-racial society justice becomes a mare’s nest of prejudice, real and imputed. White elites who have swallowed fashionable, suicidal dogmas of white wickedness, add their own anti-white bias to the open racial solidarity common to non-whites. The result is the system that sent Donald Kagan to jail for a crime he did not commit, and very nearly did the same to George Zimmerman.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Alexandra1973

    And of course the lamestream media goes on about how Wint left behind a child, blah blah blah. Always having to paint the blacks as the poor, innocent victims.

    • [Guest]

      Yes, and I highly suspect that in dress and demeanor the Mr. Wint in the photo we see above looked nothing like the Mr. Wint who apparently tried to steal from Mr. Kagin outside the movie theater that day in 1999.

      We saw the same tactic when the media endlessly pushed the image of a supposedly sweet, cherubic Saint Trayvon Martin after he attacked “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman.

      • Spartacus


        • David Ashton


        • Katherine McChesney

          Reminds me of racist Field Negro…the moderator of the black blog of the same name. He defends black criminals.

      • Young Werther

        It is interesting, I have never known a country to suffer from race obsession like America does. Utterly, obsessed.

        • bioya1

          Walk thru a Hood and lets see how you come out

    • Katherine McChesney

      Cry me a river.


  • Ironically, if someone who presented in voir dire to be a juror for a jury that would hear the murder trial of Donald Kagan would have admitted to the same ideological bias and activist history as Judge Barbaro, Kagan’s defense lawyers would have used a preemptory challenge.

    • Young Werther

      but they don’t admit that…that is the trick

  • [Guest]

    >>>White elites who have swallowed fashionable, suicidal dogmas of white wickedness, add their own anti-white bias to the open racial solidarity common to non-whites.

    I visit this website because it’s one of the only places that presents truths such as that.

    • Ragehol .

      If they swallowed it, who cooked up the poison and used their schools and the media to tell Whites to open wide?

      • Sue

        Bingo! It isn’t the blacks.

      • Stan D Mute

        You could start by looking at the Quakers. I’m sure you had a different religious group in mind, but blaming *outsiders* for this is counter-productive. It is today the Catholic Church arguing loudest for unrestricted mestizo immigration. It is evangelicals preaching to the masses that we must legalize the foreign invaders and treat the Afros as our “brothers.”

        If you could name a single mainstream Christian church or denomination that stood for white rights against the ongoing onslaught of violent crime committed against us, just ONE denomination that preached from the pulpit that whites are good and noble people who have given the world FAR more than they’ve taken, I’d listen to accusations that this was inflicted on us.

        You can shout into the wind or post on websites all your Jewish conspiracies, but as long as every Christian preacher in the country is sermonizing about our “sins” and how we must see all races as our “brothers” regardless of how they may be destroying our culture and our nation, this will only get worse.

        • Talltrees

          “as long as every Christian preacher in the country is sermonizing about our “sins” and how we must see all races as our “brothers”

          They might fear losing their tax exempt status. But, I agree with you.

        • “You could start by looking at the Quakers.”

          If you could reinstate slavery in the USA, would you?

          • Stan D Mute

            No, but if I had that power, I’d have the power to ship every African to Africa and THAT I surely would do.

          • And I’d help you if it could be done peacefully. However, I don’t think it can be done at all. That’s why I favor taking over Alaska and seceding — just walk away instead of trying to tilt with windmills.

          • tlk244182

            That’s what I think as well. We need to band together in the same geographic location.

        • Svigor

          You could start by looking at the Quakers. I’m sure you had a different religious group in mind, but blaming *outsiders* for this is counter-productive. It is today the Catholic Church arguing loudest for unrestricted mestizo immigration. It is evangelicals preaching to the masses that we must legalize the foreign invaders and treat the Afros as our “brothers.”

          You have your advice in common with racial leftists everywhere. They like blaming YT, too. And Christians.

          I don’t see it as an either-or situation, mind. Blaming Jews doesn’t rule out blaming Quakers. I just happen to think that Jews deserve a lot more blame than Quakers.

          And Organized Jewry seems to me to be a more significant proponent of open borders than the Catholic Church.

          • Stan D Mute

            Maybe in your community whites obey Jews, but where I’ve been I see them obeying their catholic, Lutheran, baptist, episcopalian, etc, leaders. And I continue to think it counter productive and silly to blame Jews when every Christian leader is preaching from the exact same prayer book.

          • tlk244182

            It seems to me that many if not most Christian leaders are stupid (Cardinal Dolan, for example.) That’s why they can be convinced to support self-destructive policies like unrestricted immigration. And some (Samuel Francis) have said that Western Europeans are genetically pre-disposed to ‘co-operate’ with strangers, i.e. immigrants, in ways that other races are not; so convincing them to support their own cultural destruction is not as difficult as one might suppose. BTW, it does not serve the interests of the RCC to have unrestricted migration of Mestizos into the US. Mestizos vote Democrat, the party of abortion, birth control, divorce, gay-marriage, etc. Mestizos dont bring much money into Church coffers, and even if they did, to encourage them to come to the US, or to support them in staying here, is short-sighted.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Mestizo, mulatto, zambo, wateva-o, undocumented illegal Hispanic aliens represent a “soul bonanza” for the Church as well as a voter bonanza for the Demoncrat Party.

            Match made in Hell…

          • Young Werther

            parties have a way of morphing into their opposites over time

          • tlk244182

            Voter bonanza yes. Soul bonanza? I dont see how. All the Protestant sects of any consequence, as well as the Catholic Church, are available south of the border. The churches had access to immigrant souls when they were still at home. I dont see how the churches benefit by migration.

          • Stan D Mute

            Over and above the culpability of Christian churches in our demographic nightmare, we have the issue of victim status.

            Do YOU want to wrap yourself in the flag of victimhood? “Oh pity me! Those meanie Jews are *making* us embark on a journey of self-genocide. ” Or even more pathetically, “Oh help us please, those baddie Jews are genociding us!”

            To me, that sounds as effeminate as the typical lefty Marxist whining about how the big bad “wayciss” is preventing the African from fulfilling his (imaginary) potential to become a rocket surgeon or brain scientist.

            No, I believe our problem is 90% or more internal with elitist lefty Marxist whites whose only Afro contact comes from homo hollyweird screenwriters. The solution is to provide them exactly what they prescribe for the rest of us, complete immersion in dieversity. Use their own methods against them. RIDICULE them for sending their kids to private schools, RIDICULE them for living in gated suburban communities instead of Harlem or Liberty City or Oakland. Call THEM “wayciss” if THEIR kids aren’t in 95% dieverse schools.

            We’ve been fighting (and losing) a one-way war of defense. We must take it to the enemy using the same tools they have used against us. Secondly, we need effective propaganda and I’ve been suggesting this for years but have yet to see it tried – poster prints of children’s faces, children killed by dieversity, with no more than one sentence of text (ie “all these innocent children were tortured, raped, murdered by Afros”) and a web address to amren or something on the bottom.

            It is probably already too late, but if we continue failing to attack the root of this and continue with propaganda that will only scare off those newly awakened (stormfront I’m looking at you!), we would be wiser to pack up and move to South America than waste any more time and resources on this losing (lost?) cause.

          • Young Werther

            no race loves *individualism* as much as the white race in America…a blessing and a curse.

          • bioya1

            You are an idiot

          • withcaution

            Nothing the church does is logical, If “it” were logical, it wouldn’t exist. The same could be said of leftist policies, they are based on wishful thinking.

          • Gazza Dawson

            WRONG. Jews hate Christianity and White unity, for historical reasons.

          • Young Werther

            they hated each other, hence the split of their Old Kingdom so they had to pick something else now and again

          • Young Werther

            hardly the *exact* prayer book

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “And Organized Jewry seems to me to be a more significant proponent of open borders than the Catholic Church.”

            Guess they get less publicity. The Catholic church has been shameless in this, as have some liblefty prone Protestant denominations.

            Face it, brother Svigor, organized Christianity is just as complicit in our genocide as it was for das Joos…

            But then one can argue it was founded by a self destructive Semite.

          • Young Werther

            ha ha you have stolen my identity…me thinks

          • Stan D Mute

            Really? “You have your advice in common with racial leftists everywhere”??? This from someone apparently saying, “Oh please, please, somebody help me. Those big bad bully Jews are being mean old meanies. I’m a VICTIM and it’s all their fault!”

            That’s certainly manly and compelling.

            How many Jews were there in the 1860’s when the decision was made to free the Africans and let them run amok rather than repatriate them to Africa? How many Jews in Congress voted to pass the 1965 Immigration Act that guaranteed whites would become a minority in less than a century? How many Jews are there in Germany today where the government has flung open wide the border to nonwhite religious radicals? How many Jews in UK Parliament where the British will be a minority by 2100AD?

            I don’t argue with your contention that Jews WANT more visible minorities. Nor do I argue against your position that a significant number of them actively work to promote that goal. What I DO argue, and argue earnestly, is that they hold the POWER to FORCE this goal on an unwilling majority. No, there is no outside group that has done this TO us. WE, or our parents and grandparents, voted for politicians who did this. And WE did it because of idiotic nonsense coming from America’s pulpits about “god made all men equal” and “turn(ing) the other cheek” when Afros engage a one-sided race war against us.

            I gave up religion long ago, but if I were still a believer I’d have to believe that the churches have been infiltrated by satan and that if god made so many different races and made them so different from each other then it would be evil to try to change that.

          • Gazza Dawson

            Read the Old Testament again. Without exception, every conflict involved Jews. Why?

          • Stan D Mute

            Um, maybe because it’s a book ABOUT Jews?

          • Gazza Dawson

            Nice sarcasm, but wrong. Ask me again. But you already know the answer.

          • withcaution

            Exactly! I don’t know how one can be a race-realist and also believe in the bible. I don’t know how one can believe whites are so brilliant yet so easily manipulated by “outsiders”.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          And if you look a little wider, you will see the same thing happening in other white nations.

          Including white nations where there are very few catholics and the catholic church is pretty much non-existant as a political factor.

          However, what all those countries have in common is a certain other group, who are always yelling about immigrants rights and open borders and minorities and whatnot.
          Well, except to the only country in the world where they are the majority, there they are adamant about keeping it that way.

          Why are nations like Iceland, Finland and the baltic states spared when other comparable nations like Sweden, Denmark and Norway have it so bad?

          You might blame quakers all you want, but they don’t really exist outside of north america while the “color-blind” problem is rampant in most white nations.

          • Stan D Mute

            Nice try Jesse, but I used catholic in that post because I was tired of typing “catholic, Lutheran, baptist, Presbyterian, episcopalian, etc”. Here in the US, the Catholic Church is tied with the Lutheran church for mass importation of Somali… “Refugees” who are immediately and permanently put on the public dole.

            In fact ALL Christian denominations preach the exact same garbage on race, that there is no difference whatever between a Swede and an Australian Abo. That any difference in outcome is solely due to the congregation not piling enough money in the collection plate.

            To my knowledge, there is not one Christian church in the world (except the outcast “Christian Identity” group) preaching that their god created different races because he wanted them that way and to meddle trying to undo his handiwork is a sin.

            Here’s an incredibly easy test for all of you who think I’m wrong, go see your pastor and ask him outright if it’s ok to want to keep whites separate from Africans, that you believe Africans are vastly different from whites in intelligence and character and believe whites are worth saving and protecting. Go on. Ask him. I’ll wait right here for you to report back on the result of this “honest conversation about race” with your Christian church…

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Except of course I don’t have a pastor to talk to.
            Neither does a majority of scandinavians.

            Something like 80% of the population only go to church for weddings and baptism and that has to do with tradition rather than religion.

            Priests, pastors and sermons just don’t hold any political power here.

            The media on the other hand…..

            Oh and to further add to this.
            Freedom of religion is something fundamental to USA, which it was based on. In Europe this was not the case and most european countries had a state church, which actually meant that the state controlled the church. While most countries have now separated state and church, the “state-controlled” church is still under state control (we actually have church-elections, only change is that only members of the church is allowed to vote, oh and there is a special church-tax that applied to members, still collected by the state etc).
            The latest arch-bishop couldn’t respond to the question if wether Muhammed or Jesus most resembled god.
            But then again, she (yes, she) couldn’t respond to if she really believed in god either…..

            Priests here tote the state dogma, or else they get fired.
            Having such opinions as gays shouldn’t be allowed to be married in church (but that non-church weddings are okay) and that there shouldn’t be female priests means you’re not going to be a priest for that much longer….

            And this is the same for most of northern europe.

            So how much influence does the church have here do you think?

          • Stan D Mute

            I have no answer for why Swedes have gone mad and allow their women and children to be raped en masse by Africans and Asians. It does seem that among the elites there is enormous social cachet in being anti-white. I suspect it has much to do with a radical swing to the opposite of “nazi” philosophy although we don’t see any opposition to socialism, just opposition to white people.

            With regard to your assignment of blame to Jews, however, IF they are really the cause of this phenomenon, what does that say about non-Jewish Swedes who are the vast majority?

            Mark Twain once wrote, “I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it.”

            If you are correct, that Swedes (and other whites) are so weak willed and stupid as to be led into actively working against their own self-interests, into ethnic and racial suicide, I have to wonder if ours is a race worth saving. That a tiny tribe of outsiders, known throughout history as parasitic to its host nation and which has uniquely been expelled from nearly every nation on earth at one time or another, that this tribe in particular is able to convince Swedes, descendants of Viking warriors, to kill themselves, seems highly unlikely at best. It is more than a little like Stone Age belief in magic, as if a spell was cast like some jewdoo (Jewish voodoo).

            Is that your claim? That Swedes are weak simpletons under the spell of some jewdoo? Swedes have been tricked into national suicide? Swedes are so weak that they willingly allow themselves led over the cliff like lemmings?

    • DiversityIsDeath

      This site is pretty good, but it doesn’t quite present the WHOLE truth, if you get my drift. The site “The Occidental Observer” zeroes right in on the complete truth. Check it out.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      ” The experts tell us it takes whites a lifetime of struggle merely to throw off the mental shackles of white supremacy. Judge Barbaro has simply subsided into racist dotage and wants to undo the little good he once did.”

      It takes a lifetime of struggle to resist the genocidal propaganda churned out at Humanities and Social “Sciences” departments of our publicly assisted leftist thinktanks known as “universities”.

      We are continually assaulted from the time we flip on a TV set through all levels of formal education, and then forever after in an obnoxious thought control campaign designed to make us willing participants in our own suicidal genocide. We are kept just comfortable enough to make “going’ along” preferable. The goal is our willing and meek marching onto the cattle cars and into the gas chambers.

      Except the gas chamber for our people is the state being disarmed, disenfranchised, forced to pay an opportunity cost racial jizya, and humiliated on a constant basis until we crave death and dissolution.

      White Genocide is very real and purposeful. Totalitarian Democracy with a pseudo-Marxist twist is the instrument of our death.

      • tlk244182

        That seems absolutely correct. The struggle is not to throw off racism, but rather to throw off and then resist the constant barrage of propaganda urging Europeans to commit cultural suicide.

      • Young Werther

        my rant of the 1990s

  • B.B.

    There is a discrepancy on who authored the article. At the top of the page it says Jared Taylor, while at the bottom it says Henry Wolff.

    • M.

      It sounded like Taylor’s when I read it.

  • True atonement comes at a price. That price is your time and energy. I hope Judge Barbaro is willing to sacrifice what time and energy he has left. I could see the hypocrisy and anti-White agenda when I was in my teens. This guy was in his 70s and still passing out politically correct, anti-White sentences. A moment of clarity in a lifetime of double standards and anti-White views doesn’t garner yourself a reprieve in my eyes.

    • Kevin W. Cornell

      No reprieve, but we should be thanking him for speaking up and exposing this travesty which would otherwise have never seen the light of day. Don’t be so harsh as to discourage others who have committed similar anti-white offenses from coming forward. That would be counter-productive to our cause.

      • I don’t see my stance as being so harsh as to discourage others who truly wish to do the right thing. Nothing is ever too harsh when you spend your entire life and use your profession to tear down White America because you were too ignorant or maybe just too self-absorbed to see through the lies. The sum of this man’s integrity and moral compass is microscopic when compared to the people who are attacked their entire lives for speaking the truth, and then sacrificing their professions, families and even lives to do so.

        I’m not saying that it is not admirable to stand up and admit your mistakes. I’m just saying that had others not been thrown under the bus by this guy for decades and decades, there would be nothing to “thank him” for. I would thank him no more than I would a rapist who has been raping women and children for decades, but all of a sudden one day in his twilight years realized what kind of animal he was. Definitely not a thank you moment for me; more like a what took you so long, jerk! moment.

    • Young Werther

      it is impossible to believe this judge has not thrown thousands of innocent whites into prisons all over this country…imagine that, then consider the present prison rate for whites…bound to be staggeringly less without judges like this one…so whites in prisons are over=rated and black numbers in prisons under-ratedi is the more likely scenario…ha what irony after all

  • Spartacus

    Ever read that book, The Count of Monte Cristo ? Me neither, but I liked the movie.

    If I were this guy, I’d kill the judge’s every relative, and leave him for last .

  • libertarian1234

    “…..the question of discrimination against African-American people became part of my fiber—my very fiber.”
    He’s admitting that he had/has a serious mental disorder.
    And I’m pretty sure from real life experience that the judiciary is rife with mental defects like this.
    It is these same kinds of people in society who would be waiting for the mother ship to take them to Jupiter if they had been programmed repetitiously to accept that as fact.
    Just as 900 people mindlessly drank the Kool-Aid in Jonestown.
    Political correctness is a cult that infects weak-minded, unstable people who have very little common sense and who are oftentimes divorced from reality.

    • Lagerstrom

      “…..the question of discrimination against African-American people became part of my fiber—my very fiber.”
      He’s admitting that he had/has a serious mental disorder.

      But what about the poor fellow who has been in prison for the last fourteen years Judge Barbaro? Mr Kagan should sue this asshole! Sorry mod.

    • tlk244182

      Not necessarily a weak mind, merely a confused one, and yes, one divorced in significant ways from reality.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      And what do you call an old, senile lawyer?
      You call him “Your Honor”.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Kagan is the sacrifice. The average white drone, whether it be an indoctrinated democrat, or a brainwashed republican, isn’t interested in this case. The major news networks won’t be running it. USA Today might have a tiny paragraph in the bottom corner of the last page.

    Barbaro is 86, and there’s not a lot you can do to him at this point, but you have to, MUST, go after the careers of the sell-outs.
    Remember disgraced Duke rape hoax attorney Mike Nifong? Disbarred, bankrupt, and a ruined reputation.

    • So CAL Snowman

      He’s 86 and still alive. He and his ilk MUST suffer for their crimes before they perish or the cycle will never end. They MUST fear and respect us or we perish.

      • Kevin W. Cornell

        Barbaro came forward of his own conscience on his own initiative and we would never have heard of this story otherwise. We should thank Barbara for admitting his grave error and encourage others who have committed similar anti-white offenses to come forward as well. It helps our cause.

        • Paleoconn

          Maybe he will get a book deal.

          • Cold_Gravy

            He should have the book thrown at him.

            What would he have said/done if a White were less than honest in his court?

            Imprisoned them?

          • Lying under oath is a felony.

          • tlk244182

            Royalties to Kagan

        • jane johnson

          You’re absolutely right. If an 86 year-old, steeped in the toxic waste of “civil rights” can wake up at this point in his life, there is, indeed, hope.

  • David Ashton

    “I am a racist. I must be because…the Home Secretary said that I am…and I have found in myself evidence of subtle prejudice…. I am for change inside myself and in the behaviour of myself and others…. The Metropolitan Police Service is an institutionally racist organisation…because Sir William [Macpherson of Cluny]…the Home Secretary…and [black] members of the public…said that it is.” – John Grieve, Director of the London Police “Racial Task Force” (2000). Hsi Nao in Mandarin, the UK’s future language.

  • bigone4u

    Justice and a “multicultural” society are incompatible and those that are pushing it know it. That’s why they are pushing miscegenation so hard. When every child born is to a white mother and a black father, then the ultimate color-blind society will exist in their perverted minds. In reality, that “paradise” they are seeking is impossible. Segregation is not impossible, however. Separation, with a white homeland, is the only answer. Until then, white persons of all ethnicities are going to continue to be as screwed over as poor Kagan.

  • Dave4088

    I guarantee most of the black judges only successfully matriculated through law school due to affirmative action. As I said yesterday, Judge Barbaro is only the tip of the iceberg both among white judges and white muckety mucks like D.A.’s, mayors, governors, and business elites. Basically many members of the white ruling class think like Barbaro used to which is why the anti-white milieu is able to persist in a majority white nation.

    Our supposed leaders hate and loathe any white person not of their station and in some cases actively work against us. This is unprecedented in world history and it remains an open question whether whites will be able to survive this state of affairs.

    • Stan D Mute

      I have to wonder if this all isn’t the result of our massive intra-racial slaughters in the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Did we lose so many of our most virile and valiant that we were left with a superabundance of effeminate and gay men whose self-hatred is manifested in this racial self-genocide? It certainly seems to me the most strident voices arguing against white interests are very effeminate men.

      • RisingReich

        The world wars against Germany were devestating to the idea of a German ethnostate, and that has been extended somehow to any pro white idea.

        • Lagerstrom

          Indeed. The use of the term ‘Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’ to label anyone that dare even call into question the enforced multi-racialism/culturalism that is foisted upon White nations is evidence enough.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Every white defendant convicted in Barbaro’s court is now entitled to an automatic appeal, right?

    • Dave4088

      You would think. If Barbaro admitted to being anti-black while on the bench every black he convicted would get a get out jail free card.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Did he convict any blacks?

        • Dave4088

          I don’t know, but based on his earlier ideological bent I would venture to guess very few and those that were convicted were probably given a slap on the wrist.

    • “Every white defendant convicted in Barbaro’s court …”

      No, but those who were victims of interracial crime and who chose trial by this judge instead of a jury may — may have grounds for a new trial.

  • Ragehol .

    Hmm, Kagan. I guess he looked White to him.

  • Carmen De Jesus, says Judge Barbaro “should be ashamed of himself as a judge”—not for making a mistake in 1999 but for now thinking it was a mistake.

    He did not make a “mistake”, he is guilty of judicial maleficence.
    And the “son” probably never even knew the man ….

  • A Freespeechzone

    Notice it’s only Whites that ‘forgive’ their attackers and murderers—WHY? Forgiving them publicly sends the wrong message in my opinion–and in some cases, may embolden more unprovoked violence against Whites.

    Liberals and blacks NEVER apologize for anything they believe and do—this anti-White judge is a rare exception, however, not before the White man’s life and reputation is ruined.

    May this judge rot in hell—with the violent and lawless blacks he loves so much.

    No Apologies.

    • Paleoconn

      Only Whites are infected with altruism. Every other race looks after their own.

      I am Christian, but in this world, altruism equals suicide.

      • Brutus

        As Christians, we are to do good for others. As Whites, that often means ruling over them, and segregating ourselves from them, since letting them live among us is inhumane to our children, and letting them rule each other is inhumane to them.

        • Paleoconn

          Excellent point.

      • Anna Tree

        There is a great amren article about pathological altruism. Here is a summary:

        From Pathological Altruism, by Barbara Oakley et al.:

        “PA is generally defined as a sincere attempt to help others that instead harms others or oneself, and is “an unhealthy focus on others to the
        detriment of one’s own needs.”

        “PA is likely when people “falsely believe that they caused the other’s problems, or falsely believe that they have the means to relieve the person of suffering.”

        “the false belief that one’s own success, happiness, or well-being is a source of unhappiness for others.” PA “often involves self-righteousness” and can result in “impulsive and ineffective efforts to equalize or level the playing field.”

        “glorifying altruism is both recent and Western.” “a society must
        have a certain level of material wealth before it can value certain
        kinds of altruism.” “only Europeans have decided “to elevate altruism
        above other culturally promoted ideals, such as tribal patriotism and
        glory-at-arms, which our ancestors considered paramount.” They have gone even further, extending tribal altruism to the entire world, though
        “some other cultures consider this Western quality to border on

        But the whites who say it is madness are accused of racism… They are told that “Humanity as a whole might benefit the most if individuals made no sacrifices for their local group.”

        Seems the whites are the only race who don’t know about the
        prisoner’s dilemma! They cooperate! But all the other groups don’t.
        Check that game theory: we lost, they win.

        Again from that book “if groups want to act altruistically towards other groups they should at least look for groups that follow the same rules.”

        • Paleoconn

          Thank you for this information!

      • Lagerstrom

        What Christians should do is concern themselves with being ‘saved’ by the redeemer and leave it at that. Just because a person is a Christian, why do they have to be a naive do-gooder as well? Why prop up aliens that think you’re a fool?

      • tlk244182

        As a Christian I may sacrifice my life, but not our lives.

        • Paleoconn

          But you wouldn’t do it to save the Other and betray your own.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Not all whites forgive attackers and murderers, I NEVER have and never will.

  • Strike_Team

    Too little too late.

    The judge’s admission means little, even as ammunition. Throwing us this bone does not help anything. All it does is underscore the obvious. I’m waiting for our enemies to accuse the judge of being senile, suffering from alzheimer’s, dementia, too much LSD in the 60’s, or some other lame excuse that will be trumpeted from on high.

    I hope this does show people what law enforcement has to deal with. Judges like this, who bend over backward to always get things to go for the “minority”. District Attorneys who are on the hunt for The Great White Defendant, to pad their career “stats” with favorable wins to present to min-aw-tee “leaders”. With criminals like Wavell Wint, who has been described in most stories as “arguing” with Kagan over a chain. He was trying to rob Kagan.

    Our enemies do not give us one inch. We know black judges won’t give an inch. We shouldn’t give them a millimeter. For starters, name them ALL, our rulers and their tools and shame them all. By that I mean shame them in our communities, white communities, since the emotion of shame is actually foreign to our rulers and their tools. Make whites ashamed of being so blind, so naive. Lay the string-pullers games out in the open. Don’t dance around anything.

    • Kevin W. Cornell

      “Too little too late.” Yes, but better than nothing. The judge’s admission could help free the wrongly convicted from prison. It also advances the truth about “anti-racism” really being anti-white pathology.

      • Strike_Team

        This hasn’t received enough major coverage to help “us” out overall. Locally, in LA, what the media has done is step up their stories about blacks “wrongfully” imprisoned.

        We can’t rely on the media, standard media that is, too give us too much help in any way, shape, or form. Unless the non-whites finally understand they’re being gamed, used as tools, and go after, and I mean physically, those behind it, in large numbers.

  • gemjunior

    A lot of white people are very very sick.

  • Evette Coutier

    If we had real justice the judge would go to jail for his crime.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      That’s exactly right. An apology without atonement means nothing. He confessed to feel better and expects to skate away unscathed. This judge should be made to pay, to sacrifice something, to suffer just a fraction of the pain he inflicted on others.

      • Evette Coutier

        How many other whites suffered at the hands of this bung hole?

    • Gazza Dawson

      But you can’t be imprisoned after the age of 75.

  • SirMe

    I don’t see how white people have a chance in the future if their own people turn on each other, it’s called divide and conquer…

    • It’s also called “duck and cover”, if you’ve ever seen the old atom bomb drills for kids, with other whites pushing the buttons to launch the missiles. The idea is that normal people feel helpless and subordinate to random authority figures.

  • Spartacus

    My main sources are :

    -Stormfront pictures threads
    -Google Images

  • Dave4088

    Blacks are completely devoid of any sentimentality towards whites as the examples in this article illustrate. You won’t find any blacks protesting on behalf of judge Barbaro’s victim in Kagan.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Donald Kagan is Jewish.

    • NeanderthalDNA


      • Svigor

        Kagan’s about as classically Jewish a surname as there is. He’s probably Jewish, yes. As is this judge, Barbaro.

    • Lagerstrom

      Wasn’t he in ‘Steely Dan?’

  • John K

    Retrial??? He should be aquitted and given at least 5 million dollars to live out the rest of his life. But the libs would love a retrial- guilty by way of “white privilege”.

    If I had my way, every black would be on a boat to Africa, and they would all have a liberal companion on the way there.

    • King of My Castle

      Why 5 million? That’s a random number.

      • John K

        I meant “minimum”. I think he deserves at least 3 times the amount.

        • King of My Castle

          I think he deserves one million for each year spent in prison. And, of course, that racist judge should be sent to prison in his place to finish the term, with the added punishment of mandatory ass-rape.

    • Nice idea provided we can sink the boats halfway across.

      • King of My Castle


  • Stan D Mute

    Her parents are PROUD their daughter was sacrificed on the altar of dieversity. Her murder greatly increased their social status, much more than should could have done alive. They are the toast of their town, lording over others how they gave their only child to the cause – “what have YOU given to the cause?”

    Look closely at their faces. That is the expression of white extermination. They are our greatest enemy, by far.

  • The cross for Amy is wrong-side-up.

    • King of My Castle

      Are you suggesting her death was in some way similar to St. Peter’s?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    On the contrary, it is just beginning, and along with it the body count.

  • Who Me?

    Retired Judge Barbaro needs to do several things. First he needs to get Mr. Kagan acquitted of all charges and his record expunged. This won’t make up for the 14 years of life that Mr. Kagan has lost, nor will it build him an employment record, work history, past pay, etc, But it would be a start. Second, Former Judge Barbaro needs to pay the state every cent used to try and incarcerate Mr. Kagan for 14 years, Third, Ex-Judge Barbaro needs to be sentenced to the same amount of time to which he sentenced Mr. Kagan, and to commence serving that time immediately. And last, he also needs to be serving that time in general population, like Mr. Kagan presumably did. No special perks for having been a judge. If some the the prisoners recognize him as a former judge, and want to get revenge for that, so be it. Of course, at 86, Judge Barbaro probably won’t last another 5 years under the best of conditions, let alone prison, but he really ought to be given a chance to try!

    • Fourth, Kagan should file a walloping civil lawsuit against Barbaro.

  • Cold_Gravy

    So what are the authorities going to do in order to ensure that no other judges have this anti-White bias?

    They should speak out. People have the right to a far trial.

  • emiledurk16

    It’s definitely a sickness. This story turned my stomach, as did the white female bailiff patting the Mass teen killer of the math teacher on the back in a conciliatory way during his pre-trial hearing. Absurd and disgusting.

  • Isn’t hating whites so much that one would abuse a position as a judge to lock up an innocent man – merely because he is white – racist in and of itself?

    In a nation with any pretensions to civilization, the courts are a bulwark against that sort of insanity, and not the deliberate perpetrators of it.

  • Mileaway

    How many other innocent people did this rotten Judge convict and ruin their lives? This criminal belongs behind bars for the few remaining years he has left!

  • CharlesFinley

    Yes, they would make great posters.

  • RHG

    I have been saying for years now that it’s getting to be in this country that if you are white and don’t allow yourself to be robbed,raped, assaulted and murdered you will accused of “racism”. This worthless judge has proven this correct. This white guy defended himself against a robber and thief and this judge tossed him in prison after concluding he was a “bigot” for having the gall to stand up for himself.

  • Lagerstrom

    I think Mr and Mrs Biehl even gave them a hug as well.
    Whilst I was reading the article above I said aloud to myself when I saw those two deranged weirdos, “Chroist, not you two again!”

  • Lagerstrom

    He should have all of his assets (which I’m sure are considerable) stripped to pay compensation for the poor sods that he has railroaded. Then he should be put through a humiliating ordeal, the stocks for starters, then maybe a good ol’ tar and feather. For starters. I’ll leave the rest up to some of the plucky fellows here…

  • Alec Smart

    When nonwhites are a majority, whites in America will need to think about finding a new place to live.

    Hopefully there are white countries left on earth when that happens.

    • Jackryanvb

      Outside of a couple of urban areas and University towns, Midwestern states are very White. I like Wisconsin and most parts of Michigan. As for jobs, learn how to fix, maintain the necessities, toys of rich White people. Rich Whites now want happy Hispanic low wage slaves as servants, so don’t try to be a servant unless it’s as an attractive waitress, hostess, nanny, escort.

      Wealthy Whites, college grads now can’t change a tire, let alone maintain a house.

      It’s worth the time to learn Spanish and be the guy that orders around the Hispanic slaves ie crews of landscapers, house painters, maybe even agricultural workers.

  • Jackryanvb

    I don’t recommend hand gun, street self defense in places like New York City, Chicago. Unless the perp has a gun himself, you’ll be persecuted and crucifies. Trayvon Martin for all his clear faults did not have a gun.

    Teddy Roosevelt said: “Walk softly and carry a big stick”.

    We have to relearn how to fight with sticks.

    Right wing Americans waste too much time obsessing with guns.

  • Jackryanvb

    I met the sister of Amy Biehl in a restaurant in San Diego. She tried to recruit my step daughter in to the “Amy Biehl Foundation” (cult)…. This was one encounter the White self hating, cultural Marxists lost.


  • Young Werther

    I think it is much worse because that judge is pretty old, and unlikely to have gone through law school indoctrinated by Critical Race Theory…is he *really* white? I wonder.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    I wonder if Donald Kagan was a goy-hating, civil rights type-liberal himself, who got a dose of his own medicine?

  • David Ashton

    Thank you for your pretty accurate comment on my now rare transatlantic intervention. Same in England, of course, where the Stephen Lawrence case has blotted out black murders of whites, Asians and other blacks (like little Damiola Taylor). We are dealing here with hype, not morality, and today only a few clergy or rabbis are ready to speak real truth to actual power. They walk by on the other side, while pretending that the real lesson of the Good Samaritan is to ignore the victims of crime and open your country to as many foreigners as possible.

    Some opponents are all too ready to describe us as psychopaths from inside their own politically autistic heads. See my attempt to debate with them on the “Open Democracy – Our Kingdom” website: “The Problem of Patriotism”.

    Many anti-“racism” & anti-“sexism” people are like members of a religious cult, even when adverse experience or factual refutation manages to reach them, they close their minds; they are daily drilled by teachers, news-managers and entertainers, and expected to go through rituals like multi-cultural training-days and celebrations of diversity.

    They have just found their Messiah Madiba, the new Global Deity, at whose name every knee shall bow. To some degree this is a triumph for the “race, gender, class” pseudo-egalitarian revolution launched against western nations by New Left/Critical Studies of the 1960s, but of course some are “more equal than the others”.