Church Displays Bleeding Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene

Elizabeth Sheld, Breitbart, December 26, 2013

Outside the Claremont United Methodist Church is a nativity scene with a bleeding Trayvon Martin.  The California Church has turned their nativity scene “into a piece of art that comments on our times” for the last seven years.

John Zachary, the artist, told me the acquittal in July of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the 17-year-old African-American in 2012, struck him as a worthy subject for Christmas comment.

For one thing, the backdrop to the Christmas story is the slaughter by King Herod of all infants in Bethlehem, a barbarous attempt to kill the Messiah.

Zachary described that when looking for pictures of Trayvon “one of the teenager lying dead on the pavement particularly tore at him. ‘What if Jesus was lying there bleeding to death? I was kind of thinking of that,’ Zachary said.”

The title of the nativity “art” is called ” ‘A Child is Born, a Son is Given,’ the wording outlined in red formed from a pool of blood at Trayvon’s feet.”




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  • The Man from Shiloh

    Foul beyond words.

    • Katherine McChesney

      UMC is apostate. Their churches in Nashville are affiliated with the Peace & Justice Party which is a Communist front. I found that fact when googling information about the local church after meeting the politically correct female ‘minister’ who promotes homosexuals and abortion. However, I found that information on another site. Unity is another communist leaning ‘religion’.

      • Anone

        That may true but your supposition that this is rare among Christians, is not.

      • Alexandra1973

        If your church is a member of the WCC (World Council of Churches), time to get out. A lot of these “mainstream” churches are, apparently.

        Sometimes my son and I meet my mother-in-law for a free meal at a UCC (I am a member of an independent fundamental Baptist church). One sign they have on the window forbids guns, as they want things to be peaceful. I keep thinking, yes, people CAN be that stupid!

        • Katherine McChesney

          I attend a Presbyterian church PCA. It is not a member of the NCC or the WCC. It is politically incorrect and very conservative. It was formed by splitting from the PCUSA.

  • Truthseeker

    Since liberals view blacks as holy objects, they see nothing out of sorts about this.

    • bigone4u

      Libtards must have clothespins on their noses. Too many blacks have a unique odor coming from their person that I do not associate with holy objects.

    • sbuffalonative

      Is Trayvon the Messiah? I thought Obama was the Messiah. I need a score card. I can’t keep up with Messiah of the Month.

      • David Ashton

        How about God the Mandela, and Little Trayvon his only Son? Oh dear, have I put an idea in their heads?

        • Brian

          I smell a liberal unholy trinity brewing. Obama the father, Mandela the unholy ghost, Trayvon the son.

          • The Verdict of History

            Michelle the Queen Mother.

          • John K

            Yeah, it’s best that we don’t use the word virgin to describe her, most black females lose virginity at ten years of age.

          • Sick of it

            You’re being too kind.

    • The Verdict of History

      A friend of mine compared this to building a shrine honoring a demon.

  • Greg Thomas

    Trayvon is no Jesus!

    • bigone4u

      More like one of Satan’s demons.

    • Erasmus

      Trayvon is in hell where he belongs. God willing Sharpton and Jackson will be joining him there soon.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Um, ‘scuse me sir but…

      How much for that bleedin’ lawn jockey? I got a nice sunny spot for him in front of that burm I use as a safety precaution on my firing range.

      Nice lawn jockey.

  • D.B. Cooper

    They wouldn’t let me post my comment on the original. I guess they didn’t like what I had to say, or show. I listed the names of several white victims those of us on Amren would recognize, with the picture:

    • Erasmus

      Every time some kooky leftie mentions Trayvon Martin (or Emmett Till), I recite a whole litany of names. Even though the MSM pretends there’s no black crime problem, everyone knows that black-on-white crime is staggeringly higher than white-on-black crime.

      • Alexandra1973

        Somehow I don’t think Emmett Till was quite the innocent either. I did read on Wikipedia (for what that’s worth) that his mother warned him that he had to behave himself when he went south…warning probably went unheeded.

        • Erasmus

          He wasn’t. Yet, people still bring up his name.

          If it’s acceptable to bring up the name of Emmett Till, who died a long time ago then it’s perfectly acceptable to bring up the names of Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Fanny Gumbinger, Autumn Paquale, Arturo Santiago, Christopher Lane, Jonathon Foster, Mona Nelson, etc., etc. etc., who were murdered by blacks within the last 10 years.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Looks like a cool lawn jockey if taken out of the context of that silly “art” crap.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I have a friend, a well-known L.A. songwriter, originally from Georgia who collects ‘negrobilia’ and has a lawn jockey among his collection.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I bet he has to hide that stuff in a secret room out there…

          • Katherine McChesney

            No, I’d imagine that Jeff is pretty open about the fact. His collection is simply amazing.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            He must be rich and/or run with Mel Gibson. It seems the PC police of Hollywierdland would chew him up and spit him out otherwise.

            More power to him!

        • Shawn_thefemale

          I just decided to name my next dog Sambo.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            When my father (born 1918) was in his teens he had a black lab named “Ni66er”.

        • fuzzypook

          I’m from Lexington KY (horse country.) The lawn jockeys were originally made black because the early jockeys were black. It was not about racism to make them black, it was realistic.

      • Sick of it

        I know a guy here in the same town who has black lawn jockeys and such on public display. No one seems bothered by it.

      • fuzzypook

        I love black lawn jockeys!

    • Alexandra1973

      Who’s the young girl on the right? I recognize Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, but not the other young lady.

      (I don’t watch the news as I don’t have cable…thing is, even if I did, I still wouldn’t know who that other girl was.)

      • D.B. Cooper

        That would be Emily Haddock. Her story is far more gruesome than what happened to St. Skittles, but there is a reason why you don’t know who she is.

  • Luca

    Judging by their webpage they are a bunch of gay liberals posing as a religion.

    Let’s see them take a really revolutionary stand and do a display about black social dysfunction and their genocidal crime rate.

    • bigone4u

      Even if blacks were to target gays for the knockout game, gays would kowtow to blacks in order to keep that “civil rights” vibe going for them. You know, gays, lesbians, trannies, blacks, Mexicans, women, ad nauseum are “oppressed” and so must practice solidarity.

      • Kenner

        It’s a mile wide and an inch deep– those groups have nothing in common and really don’t like each other.

        • robinbishop34

          Their irrational hatred of whites is what they have in common.

      • refocus

        They require victim-hood in order to maintain an identity.

      • Who Me?

        Yep, and I’ve been “oppressed” a time or two myself, but NEVER on account of being a woman–only for being WHITE.

    • Xerxes22

      I doubt they have much of a congregation. They get some rich old lady to leave a fat endowment in her will and they are set for a for life..

    • Pro_Whitey

      I wish it were a genocidal crime rate. At least a suicidal crime rate. That would save us a lot of trouble.

  • bigone4u

    One of thousands of Cultural Marxist psy ops we read about every year to strip white Christians of their identity. Keep an eye on this “artist.” He’ll soon be planting a crucifix in a pile of cow manure or something. Unless he starts making porn. No difference.

  • IstvanIN

    Wack job heathen.

  • Erasmus

    And the Methodist church still wonders why it’s numbers keep shrinking.

    • Brian

      My grandfather was a Methodist minister decades ago. He would roll over in his grave to see this Trayvon creche abomination.

  • How did Trayvon’s horns get through Mary’s cervix and vagina?

    • Erasmus

      Trayvon isn’t Mary’s baby. Trayvon is Rosemary’s baby.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Mia Farrow is her surrogate.

  • Spartacus

    “For one thing, the backdrop to the Christmas story is the slaughter by
    King Herod of all infants in Bethlehem, a barbarous attempt to kill the


    Now… I’m not very religious myself, but I’m pretty sure Jesus was not a thief. Or a thug. Or a drug dealer. Or a n****r either…

    • Irishgirl

      So I guess the parallel is that Herod also killed those infants in self-defense as they slammed his head into the pavement? This “artist” is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.

      • You should see the mural that shows St. Skittles being back-shot by Mr. Zimmerman as he tries to run away.

  • Magician

    What on earth does Christianity have anything to do with Trayvon Martin?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Nothing. He and his family worshiped at the altar of Government Entitlements.

    • JustJeff

      Christianity promotes slave morality, love of that which is lowly and wretched. That is only one part of Christianity, true, but that’s the part that has conditioned Whites to reflexively idolize The Victim.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Liberalism and Christianity are incompatible.

      • Sick of it

        Where were you guys when the United States military turned its guns on Southern Christians in order to force us to accept the modern Babylon? On either occasion. Oh yeah, we were left to our own devices.

    • Brian

      Maybe this fool artist thinks Skittles are wafers and watermelon drank is wine. Good grief, I’m a godless heathen and even I think this is offensive and sacreligious. For an encore, this ‘artist’ should work Trayvon into the story of Mohammed’s flight to heaven…maybe he’ll get a fatwa dropped on him.

    • Alexandra1973

      My guess is they’re trying to make him into some kind of martyr. To them St. Skittles was a poor little black boy that got killed by a big, mean White racist.

      I don’t understand how people can be so willfully ignorant.

      • Erasmus

        It isn’t going to work. Not this time. Not with the real story of what a criminal little Trayvon was now able to get out.

    • Spartacus

      Of course it does ! He was mentioned numerous times in the Bible, albeit not by name:

      “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s
      desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do
      with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he
      speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of
      lies.” John 8:44

  • MekongDelta69

    So – this lunatic is comparing ‘Skittles and Drank’ to “The Messiah” and George Zimmerman to King Herod?!?

    Oh yeah – that make perfect sense to me. No – not his idiotic comparisons.

    What makes perfect sense to me is John Zachary is yet another mentally deranged, self-loathing, guilt-ridden, white leftist.

  • Magician

    And I read that the photo of T Martin has been photo shopped to make it appear to be lighter. Even the liberals know that the lighter skin more closely associated with peace and justice.

    • David Ashton

      In Britain the media mostly chose one of him as a happy little boy with a smile.

      • Do you mean the photo taken of him when he was approximately 10 years old? The mainstream US media ran that one as well.

        • David Ashton

          Yes, ten years after he was born in stable under a star and two years before his parents took him to Jerusalem for his barmitzvah where he outclassed the learned philosophers with his intelligence.

          That “hood” would have produced a very counter-productive response in our country which has a special police agency for young Jamaican criminals called Operation Trident despite allegations of its “institutional racism”. No media outlets I saw indicated how tall he was.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The cultural revolutionaries of the 1960s did a great job brainwashing most whites. God bless the counter-revolution!

  • John K

    As is typical with liberals, they love to celebrate their criminals. It is infuriating to read that this imbecile compared a black thug to Jesus Christ.

    A more appropriate message to send about violence is this: do not attack people, and you won’t get shot. Again, the predictability of these unhinged liberals is evident, as they are distorting the truth. I have to wonder if this hyphenated-liberal has any type of qualification to be a “pastor”, or if this is just another ragtag group of liberals that get together and preach to each other about the need for “diversity”.

  • Shadrach

    Meanwhile the White victims of Black on White Crime go unnoticed and ignored by the media.

    • Sick of it

      They could burn us alive in a furnace and the media would downplay it.

  • Sick of it

    My response:

    “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess
    served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and
    under every green tree:

    And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn
    their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their
    gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.” Deuteronomy 12:2-3

  • Conrad

    Claremont 1st Church of Stupid. California, what else can one expect. It’s just amazing how a libtard can conflate these two subjects or characters.

  • Evette Coutier

    Where was there black on white knockout game nativity scene?

  • WR_the_realist

    Who knew that Jesus liked to knock men down and beat their heads into the pavement?

  • Saint Trayvon, Saint Mandela.

    I got news for you–it aint the all powerful liberals that have elevated nonwhites in social status and lowered white males in social status.

    it is those in control of america’s most powerful institutions that have done this.

    Hollywood moguls, corporate media executives and talking heads, Ivy League professors, politicians, federal judges.

    These are rich and powerful people.

    And they set the rules for this culture.

    And they get their ideas from their own elite subculture, and that is where the idea of raising up nonwhites and lowering white males came from.

    Why do the rich and powerful want to raise up nonwhites and lower white males.


    Always follow the money.

    The rich and powerful live in a elite culture where those around them make a living by buying labor.
    The cheaper the labor, the higher the profits.

    Nonwhites provide cheap labor.

    Follow the money, always.

  • Shadrach


    • sbuffalonative

      Nearly every issue the ‘progressive’ left champions is sacrilegious. They have Daddy issues.

  • Johnny Squire

    That’s the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while! Trayvon the Martyr! Trayvon the crucified! Trayvon died for refusing to renounce his faith in interracial harmony and peace! Trayvon washed away our racist sins when he died on the sidewalk cross!

    John Zachary is one stupid sonofabitch. May his head come off when the holy knockout game visits him.

  • Evette Coutier

    The United States is third in murder throughout the world.

    Take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and New Orleans and the United States is forth from the bottom.

    These 4 cities have the toughest gun control laws in America, and they have the largest black problems.

    Maybe the church should rethink who should be canonized.

  • A Freespeechzone

    The comparison of the violent, out-of-control criminal, Trayvon Martin to Jesus Christ is offensive and defiles all that Christ and Christmas represents.

    But, then liberals find any way they can defile Christ and Christians.

  • IstvanIN

    Wack job heathen is all that man is.

  • eavesmac

    Too many ‘kind-of’s’ in the piece.

  • King of My Castle

    Zachary should be horse-whipped and shot.

  • gemjunior

    What a farce. The “artist”/”attention-seeking whore” is talentless and the church is disgusting beyond words.

  • dd121

    Trayvon as the son of God. Kind of hard to get your mind around that one.

    • Katherine McChesney

      That’ exhibit is blasphemous.

  • Brian

    ‘What if Jesus was lying there bleeding to death? I was kind of thinking of that,’ Zachary said.”
    Funny, because right now I’m kind of thinking about this ‘artist’ lying there bleeding to death.

    • Pro_Whitey

      What if George Zimmermann was lying there bleeding to death, which is likely what would have happened had he not been armed? I guess that would not rate a Pieta. That “artist” is a butt-skank.

  • Anone

    For those of you a little slow to believe that negrowhorship is the cornerstone of liberalism, we see here an overt example.

  • Elena Andbasket

    I find this grotesque yet laughable. It’s like a bad taste joke, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sick. Just another sad example of the degenerate idolization by effete leftists of the sub-saharan african.

  • Jake Frizzell

    Knowing that ‘gay men’ overwhelmingly supported Trayvon Martin I suspect we know what Zachary is all about.

  • Pro_Whitey

    This reminds me of that Bible verse: “Lo and did Christ jump Pilate and knock him to the ground, straddle him, and ground and pound him MMA-style. But Pilate did pull his 9 and cap Christ’s black [butt] . . . .” Wait, that’s not in the Bible? And you people say us Cat-licks make stuff up!!

  • Pro_Whitey

    I have come to believe that “mainline” means “you might as well shoot up heroin for what you are going to get out of this place.”

  • Garrett Brown

    I thought he just spilled his Kool-Aid.

  • Magician

    well he already is a saint and worshipped as some noble martyr in the eyes of all liberals in the country

  • john ellis

    Get to know some Black gang bangers. Many operate on a “for profit” basis and can be hired to do on to these blasphemous Leftists what they do on to others. Black thugs enjoy beating and terrorizing idiot White Leftists like this as much as they do White a conservatives. Believe me, there’s a Trayvon type guy in California that would enjoy grounding and pounding this idiot.


    Twitter handle: “No-Limit-Ni,,,,,/ Savior”? West si-eeeeee-d!” – Hashtag: “You gonna die tonight mother f—-r”, screamed the Savior into the face of Pontius Pilate after crushing his nose in and repeatedly bashing his skull into the ground. Amen?

  • David Ashton

    An Update of the Good Samaritan Parable from “England” at “Xmastide” 2013.

    A despised Ulster Protestant Loyalist was travelling to London for the Royal Jubilee Celebrations when he saw a victim of muggers and rapists bleeding in a Peckham street. Her body had been ignored, first by a member of the local race-relations organisation who didn’t want to get involved with an incident that might reflect badly on “the community”, and then by a police patrol car that was chasing a middle-class driver, who had exceeded the speed limit at 32 mph in a built-up area in order to escape another gang attack. The “foreign” Ulsterman did not pass by on the other side, but carefully lifted the victim into his car and drove her to a private hospital, where he paid for her care out of his own pocket and left the staff eventually to get through themselves to the police, leaving his name and address for further news. Two days later he had a visit from the police accusing him of a pedophile assault on a helpless under-age girl…….

    • Katherine McChesney

      So, the good Samaritan was railroaded by Freemason-controlled British police.

      • David Ashton

        Ritual Purity of old resembles the Political Correctness of today. The point of the parable was not to advocate a vast immigration from Samaria or anywhere else. It was a lesson from a neighbouring citizen in the compassion that compatriots (neighbours) should show one another. Jesus did not idolise the criminals.

        It is true that many police are masons, but masonry in the UK at its lower degrees is nothing like Grand Orient. Masons I have known are quite right-wing and anti-immigrant. However, I am not in favour of secret societes.

  • nignogger

    This is where I seen George Zimmerman visiting this ‘shrine.” A shrine of Saint Tryvon, the holy leader of black thugs! Now lets make more negro criminals holy again.

  • Funruffian

    There are a few words I can say about this vulgar display of blasphemy. Trying to equate a feral Bantu with Jesus Christ goes beyond any convention of good taste and etiquette.

  • Lagerstrom

    No, he’s ‘God!’

    • Sick of it

      Don’t be silly, that’s Morgan Freeman’s job!

  • Jim

    I think we’ve just seen an example of one of the reasons that people are leaving mainstream denominations in droves.

  • Jim

    Okay, went to the church’s website, and one of the few statements on the homepage is this:

    “As faithful disciples of Jesus and His teachings, we advocate for the full inclusion and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons and their families.”

    It’s an activist church.

  • alex

    Trayvon is in black heaven now. He spends his time getting high on purple drank and beating up angels.