2013 Believed to Be Deadliest for Desperate Migrants

Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters, December 17, 2013

More than 7,000 migrants may have perished at sea or while crossing deserts trying to reach a safe haven this year, believed to be the deadliest on record, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Tuesday.

In what it called the first global estimate based on data from border agencies and activist groups, the IOM said at least 2,360 migrants died in 2013 chasing the dream of a new life, many having paid smuggling gangs to make the perilous trip.

But that figure, drawn mainly from Western countries which keep and share their data, could be dwarfed by the numbers dying while heading from Africa to the Middle East.

Some 2,000-5,000 Africans are thought to have lost their lives while crossing the Sinai and the Gulf of Aden to reach Yemen, the gateway to rich Gulf Arab states, but no firm figures are available, the IOM said.

“We will never know the true total, as many migrants died anonymously in deserts, in oceans or other accidents,” IOM director-general William Lacy Swing said in a statement ahead of International Migrants Day on Wednesday.

Even the conservative figure of 2,360 is higher than last year’s newly established estimate of 2,109.

“We believe it is a record. It is more than last year and we think it is a great under-estimate. This isn’t science, but it is a wake-up call to look at these numbers. They are tragic,” IOM spokesman Leonard Doyle told Reuters.

Many fall victim to closed-door policies in rich countries whose tighter borders have contributed to a human smuggling trade estimated to be worth $35 billion a year, the IOM said.


In one the worst disasters of Europe’s chronic immigration crisis, more than 360 mainly Eritrean migrants drowned within sight of land while attempting to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa in October after their boat from North Africa caught fire and capsized.

An estimated 200 people went missing when a second boat sank a week later.

The flow of refugees and migrants trying to reach the European Union has also been fuelled by civil war in Syria and unrest in Egypt and other Arab and African countries.


Migrants have also died on perilous boat journeys from Indonesia to Australia and off the coast of Thailand, the IOM said. Christmas Island is a frequent destination for refugee boats from Indonesia and a favoured route for human smugglers.

“Migrants from Central America are raped, robbed, beaten and killed as they try to enter the USA from Mexico,” IOM said.

Some 444 migrants have died this year in Pima County, Arizona, one of the most transited regions for irregular migrants entering the United States from Mexico, it said, extrapolating from U.S. data.

Thirty Haitian migrants are believed to have died when their overcrowded boat capsized off the Bahamas last month.


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  • Puggg

    This is like worrying about the burglar that gets massive cuts and bleeds out real badly because he tried to kick in your glass heavy front door and it was a “burglary gone wrong.”

    • Oil Can Harry

      The Leftwing animal rights activists should be happy that sharks and vultures are being fed.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Perhaps someone should point that out to Peta.

    • If I had a burglar do that at my home, I’d shoot video of it and post it to YouTube.

    • Lagerstrom

      Like the intruder that tripped over a garden hose and whacked his poor noggin on the ground.

  • MekongDelta69

    Here’s a wacky and novel idea:
    Don’t be an illegal alien.

    Problem solved…

  • dd121

    Shall we all hold hands and have a candle light vigil?

    • Erasmus

      Hold a candle light vigil for what? All the innocent Americans murdered and harmed by the illegal alien trash who’ve snuck into this country because our “leaders” are too cowardly to do the job for which they were elected? Or for the fact that it was only 7,000, instead of 70,000? Or, 7,000,000? I have no sympathy for illegal border jumpers.

      • BonusGift

        The tally sheet is only ever tallied on one side and by one side. To admit for a moment that these people/human parasites, for example: (1) break the law, (2) kill or maim actual citizens in the ‘host’ countries they land in, (3) drive down wages, (4) suck up welfare benefits that they have no right to, etc. etcetera would be to argue against letting any into any country anywhere.

        • Erasmus

          Because of the internet and with it the ability to disseminate news uncensored, this is changing.
          If the internet had existed in 1986, the criminals in Washington would have never been able to sneak through the 1st blanket amnesty.

      • dd121

        I forgot to say sarc/.

  • Spartacus

    Just a drop in an ocean…

  • Erasmus

    Good. I have no sympathy for them.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I gotta hand it to you, Stephanie. You grew up really privileged, and I know you do not lose any sleep over some refugees no one even missed.

    Look what I found, dated Sept. 27, 1986:

    The bride, who will retain her name and who will join the Reuters news agency in Geneva as a foreign correspondent Oct. 15, formerly was with Reuters in London and Vienna. She graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University and received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Her father was a physician. Her grandfather, the late Gustav Nebehay, an art dealer in Berlin and Vienna, was executor of the estate of the painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

    Just how old are you, Steph? High IQs run in your family, so I know you believe the final fate of those refugees was the best solution for them.
    All of those years in journalism, and not one picture of yourself? What are you afraid of?
    Let me guess, you are afraid of the most sinister, most vile thing on planet Earth… the white conservative. Am I right?

    • Strike_Team

      Well, the rest of the time she is busy drumming up all kinds of anti-Syria news for … well, you know. And they do like those German and Hungarian names.

    • itdoesnotmatter


  • Greg Thomas

    So what?

  • Strike_Team

    And this is supposed to concern us how?

    • Lagerstrom

      Everyone’s supposed to shriek a collective ‘Oh My God!’, then feel the pang of White privilege, which in turn results in the government offer of unlimited asylum for everyone from Africa and the Middle East and anywhere else, in your homeland. All at the expense of the local taxpayers; that is everyone like you.

      • Strike_Team

        The only people who feel “guilt” as an emotion, as it is defined, are whites, I mean European whites. One ethnic group who sometimes claims to be white when it suits them, makes a big of show of their guilt, when actually they possesses empathy for only their own, for when they “fail” their own, but not guilt, and certainly no shame or guilt for brutally attacking whites in a silent, subversive, secret war. They only feel guilty for getting caught.

        These people use white empathy for others as a tool against us, twisting into something else, trying to make us feel guilty for the suffering of others. And its worked. But it can’t work for ever, because as conditions for whites worsen, the sympathy will drop.

        Most other races feel high levels of empathy for their own, they possess much less to zero empathy for people “outside” their own ethnic group. The altruism of whites has been used against us. Too many whites take things at face value, that inborn trust is used against us.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Empathy is a foreign emotion for Negroes. Other than the fraction of a percent who have an IQ measurable in three digits, they are not intelligent enough to feel empathy as we know it. To expect them to understand such intricate emotions is as folly as expecting a cat or dog to read Shakespeare.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        If a man is starving, giving him tips on making a good fishing pole, and some good tips to get him started on a fishing expedition is being a good person. Just handing that starving man fish, and telling him to yell when he needs more, is enabling indolence. The most Whites should do for Africans is the former, not the latter, as our Governments presently do. We do not owe them anything. They would still be living in the stone age without us. Other than a few tips and suggestions on how to live like us, they deserve absolutely nothing from us. If they want to have civilizations like ours, they should be expected to create them on their own, not have our civilizations handed to them. Western Civilization belongs to us, and was bequeathed to us by our forebears. To give our inheritance away to an inferior race that is not even capable of appreciating what we have created is a tragedy.

  • I would wak up in the morning when I was a kid a see dead groundhogs in the yard that the dogs brought home to me, which I would then have to bury.

    Must be a real blast finding a dead hispanic in your yard and having to get rid of it.

  • IstvanIN

    Only 7,000?

    • D.B. Cooper

      That number needs an exponent.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Well the gig is make your place a better place to live, in this day and age hitch up your pants and just do it. Does WT have to do everything?How hard has WT fought and killed amongst his own to better himself and you do what?

  • APaige

    ‘Safe Haven’= white nations. We are only ‘safe’ if they stop coming and their brethren leave. It is the same as when blacks move to white neighborhoods and away from the horrible conditions of living around other blacks . They look around and think, say and petition to have more diversity-they do not get that the real reasons they moved there was to get away from diversity.

    • M.

      • Alexandra1973

        I like that…notice in the third panel how the figures that aren’t so close are still smiling…until….

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Right on the money. God put them in Africa, and our ancestors in Europe. If he had wanted them to live amongst us, he would have put them amongst us, not separated from us by miles of water and desert. Segregation is the only way!!

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. A nice neighborhood is not always a wealthy neighborhood, but it is always a neighborhood with few to no Negroids. Poverty does not create crime. The Negroid temperament creates crime.

  • NorthernWind

    If I was in charge of a European army, I would station frigates in the Mediterranean Sea. They would be tasked with sinking any “refugee” ships coming towards Europe. Trust me, sink a few of them and they’ll stop trying.

    The same principle should be applied along the USA border. Militarize it and consider those trying to enter illegally enemy combatants. Then blow them up.

    We must abandon the primacy of human rights. It’s a damn racket and it will destroy us. We must consider our own interests first. Charity starts at home.

    • DonReynolds

      Every society in the world recognizes the right of self-defense and what is at stake in this issue is nothing less than the survival of our nation and our people. Close the entrances and focus on interior enforcement. Anglos can do this work with gusto. Shut your eyes if you do not want to watch. We will tell you about it later if you are interested.

  • c684570

    So why do they risk their lives to live in racist White countries?

    • c684570

      I suppose indoor plumbing is more important.

      • Greg Thomas

        So is the welfare.

      • Lagerstrom

        The best of both worlds, indoor pluming, modern amenities, modern dentistry and healthcare, welfare checks, food stamps and more. Along with the opportunity to act like a victim and cash-in on the ghetto lottery.

  • John K

    Who cares? The more that don’t make it over, the less my taxes go up.

  • rightrightright

    How many White people within our civilisation died in 2013 as a consequence of untrammelled third world immigration? From direct slaughter in the streets and in our homes, from criminal neglect in our hospitals which are overwhelmed by these people, from unlicenced, clueless vehicle drivers. And how many White people have had their lives wrecked by muggers, rapists, paedo pimping gangs, moslem ethnic cleansing violence.

    Those would be the statistics that interest me. These 7,000 chose to put themselves in harm’s way in their gamble for the good, free life.

    • IstvanIN

      They died because they are too lazy and stupid to make their own countries free and prosperous.

    • DonReynolds

      According to the best figures I have seen, an average of 25 Americans are killed EVERY DAY by illegal aliens. Half by drunk driving and the other half the old fashioned ways…..with knives, guns, fists, bricks, and etc. That means more Americans are killed by illegal aliens than die in the wars in the Middle East every year.

  • Bossman

    The oceans, deserts and mountain ranges are the true borders that kept members of the human family apart. But now these natural barriers can be scaled successfully by many. Human migration will be a big issue in the coming decades.

  • This brings to mind the old Marx Brothers skit:

    Patient: “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
    Doctor: “Then don’t do that.”

    Perhaps it is time for these Forth-Worlders to cut their nonsense out. It is not our responsibility to prove these invaders with homes or their children with educations.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Neither is it our responsibility to rescue them from the sea, desert or other perilous situations to which they willing subject themselves to score in the immigrant lottery.

  • M&S

    Many fall victim to closed-door policies in rich countries whose tighter borders have contributed to a human smuggling trade estimated to be worth $35 billion a year, the IOM said.
    You’ll pardon me if I see this as the equivalent of the Wallstreet Journal for immigrant aid groups.
    “See! If you’d only contribute to the problem, we could take some of this money away from the dirty smugglers and put it into the hands of those willing to pursue -legitimate- disenfranchisement of whites. Yours!”
    Which is where my instant response is rather cold blooded: Buy more lions. Sharks too.
    Saudis despise blacks and will only hire them when their aren’t enough Pakistanis or other non-Arab Muslims to do the jobs Arabs consider themselves above. Like the Japanese, they don’t want them anywhere near their people and will only put up with them in non-public positions such as construction, at night. They are often forbidden to leave their work site trailers otherwise. Muslim or no.
    Who am I to blame them? Aren’t they the religion of peace?
    Israeli’s those bleeding heart liberals with other people’s money, have set up concentration camps in the Negev where they send would be illegal immigrants for caught trying to enter the land of David’s People.
    Who am I to say such ‘smart people’ are wrong for being such obvious /racists/.
    Why doesn’t the world beat on their door and demand that they be ‘more racially sensitive’?!?
    Folks, let’s be real here: A million people in Africa die, every year, from simple Malaria.
    And it’s not even slowing down population growth.
    If that were the case here, the CDC would be fired in a week and we would have major medical action teams on the issue, day and night, 24:7:365.
    But because nobody /wants/ to raise up Africa to self sufficiency as self determinancy by blacks, nobody is willing to make the bigger investment in a real and ongoing health crisis there.
    And why should they? Tiz cheaper to pay one strongman to strip mine his lands than all his tribe together.
    Past which, blacks have busted the population barrier. With existing aid, not even Africa can contain their exploding population growth. They crossed a billion souls three years ago. In another 40, they will be at 2.5 billion. By 2100, they will be at 4.3 billion. And despite what the UN demographers keep promising is an ‘almost there!’ leveling of population /growth rate/, the fact is that blacks are the sole race group which has a near constant slope on the population growth chart, all the way out to the 22nd century.
    Where 50% of Africa is desert, 30% is trying hard to be, 10% is mountain or jungle unfit for habitation and the rest is already under occupation, well beyond natural carrying capacity; controlling black population growth is going to be crucial to avoiding black population implosion as Western Aid fades with The West. And the Chinese don’t give a rat’s ***.
    Under conditions where a black woman is giving birth to 5-6 70 IQ black children during her reproductive lifetime and her last pregnancy may overlap the birth of her first grandchild, making a total hash of conventional TFR measures; how DARE these people talk about 7,000 dead as if they are saving the planet from civilized negligence when in fact they are not even acting as a safety valve for a boiler that is going to explode from 10% to 30% of the planetary population with nearly retarded intelligences anyway?
    Is there anyone in sub Saharan Africa capable of making that continent into Kansas? I mean, is there a global agenda to kill all the wildebeest and giraffes and hippos and crocs and elephants, DDT the bugs and the birds and burn it all off to let the land clean itself of microbial disease vectors before bringing in grain, corn, soy and cattle (along with water from coastal desal plants) as replacements? Because if there aren’t, then Africa is committing slow motion suicide by starvation as birth rate.
    You want tragedy? Let’s talk about a drought which leads to a billion person die off in a land where the rains only come 3 months of the year in normal seasons! That’s more deaths than in all the wars -ever- on this Earth.
    If you want to fix African’s plight, fix Africa. If you want a challenge, tackle the heart of darkness as the problem in-situ. Do not waste our money or your energy pretending that immigrants deserve a chance at a Western lifestyle.
    They don’t. They deserve a chance at the lifestyle their genetics can create and sustain.

    • DonReynolds

      All the more reason for quarantine and vigorous pest control. Our own lifeboat is already full. If they sink their own, they will not be climbing on ours and tossing out the elderly and the children…..or anybody else.
      Same goes double for Mexico. Stay in Mexico. Fix your own problems or perish.

      • M&S


        Re: Lifeboat’s Full.

        I’m fine with that. But it will have to be within a functional society which does not implode for want of cheap labor doing what it does as grunge living ‘on they outskirts’ or inner sanctums of society.

        As long as the rich can find a way to argue that the world is not functional without the aid of ditch digger junk consumerists we have a divide which cannot be bridged.

        You know what a squeeze chart is I’m sure?


        Outliers rebel because that’s how you expand the social norm as genetic algorithm of success. Moderates swing whichever way the wind blows and Centrists are the success story within the existing norm who yell “Whoa up!” when things get too far gone for their own interests to be successful.

        Note that there is NO ‘morality’. No overriding social insurance policy as internalized awareness of right and wrong. The pressures of conforming to rebelling outside society to achieve your success state are all that matters in a genetic algorithm which comes down to Survive (youth as growing up) Breed (replacements by selective mate choice of best possible genes) Succeed (keeping your social algorithm successful enough for your brats to rinse and repeat).

        We have been the Centrists for so long that we refuse to acknowledge that we have been displaced by the Nietzschean Slaves (I have nothing so therefore I want ‘equality’ regardless of whether or not I do anything useful to get it) mentality of our weakest link Empaths.

        These Empaths live forever in the moment of their new found power and so have no conscience of or care for the consequences to what they are doing to our society.

        Until we admit that we are now the Outliers, we cannot work to generate separation as Rebellion of our own. And existing in that Rebellion is what will drive us to prove ourselves within a given window of time as the overwhelming longterm pressure of society seeks to SQUEEZE OUT our point of view.

        And when we succeed (for we are the true thinkers and effectors of society, not’s its housekeeping sustainment branch) ONLY then will we have the swing to bring the Moderates onboard.

        As they have a clear choice between the NEW model for success and the old model of socialism as equality for everyone but whites.

        There is a catch of course, always is.

        And that is that the moderates will and are breeding to nulls such that, in another century, we will not want them back because they will have the worst of black and brown traits as stupidity, dependence and blind, selfish, empathy. And none of the white traits of nobility, intelligence and will to power that ACHIEVES something, worthwhile.

        IMO, the way forward for whites is genetic engineering of ourselves and robotics to replace our ditch diggers as we move away from capitalism and towards something more like command entrepreneurialism.

        Nobody should want to be dependent on the work of others because others can fail you and you will end up owing more than you can give back to repair society for it’s loss in a pure capital market.

        Simlarly, no one can survive on the work of one’s own hands because there is simply not enough hours in the day as opportunity cost (the chance to do something different, more profitable) from simple existence to work up from menial contributor to someone else’ enterprise into owning one’s own.

        And finally, whites do not have the exclusive access to brainpower we once commanded in our world. Which means that being an idea person is not a guarantee of being able to find wealth selling your knowledge.

        What we need is an edge. And that edge is personal ownership of robotics. Because this society is transitioning from technology driven to service driven in a manner which will open us up to participation by the lowest of the low as non-white intrusion into our wealth system.

        But if we can get together enough capital to set the course of a robotics revolution away from war and sextoys and towards _white owned_ service labor where we are the ones repairing and modifying the bots and we are the ones bidding online as time use scheduling and we are the ones who are getting our salary plus that of 4 out of 5 robots (the 5th being taxed as a kind of indenturement to a larger, social, labor pool) then WE CONTROL THE LABOR.

        Just as the rich whites, Asians and others control the manufacturing.

        And let’s face it, junk is only worth as much as the people are willing to buy it for but labor is priceless when you cannot do enough of it to sustain your own existence as a rich person.

        This is the way we Rebel. This is how whites get angry and say: “You may not like me but I can underbid any Hispanic, black or other menial out there and I _will always be on time_, _always get the job done_, and _always take home the bigger paycheck_ which means me and my kind will ALWAYS have the money to buy the things you want to sell.


        Back in the Center seat.

        But we only have about a century before we are so interbred with the barbarian Horde and so few in numbers as residual IQ that there is nothing left for us.

        So we have to man up, accept being called racist means being interested in genetic preservation of the endangered species Homo Sapiens Sapiens Caucasian and start working to pry our economy from the suicidal fey grip of the leftist socialists who want ‘everyone to be equal’ in a world where that can simply never be.

        You want to keep the outsiders from capsizing the lifeboat? Let me give you a better gun to do it with.

  • “Who’s the boss at the International Organization for Migration (IOM)?”
    –Speedy Steve

    My own top three guesses would be:
    1. George Soros
    2. George Soros
    3. George Soros

  • odious liberal

    Who cares?

  • DonReynolds

    Worldwide…….7,000 deaths in a year.
    My goodness!
    That many can perish PER DAY once a shooting war starts
    in one major country (maybe one near you).
    Why would there be shooting?
    Because the Federal government refuses to enforce immigration law?
    Because the Congress votes to give amnesty (again) to tens of millions of invaders? Because of cruel and outrageous crimes against innocent American citizens?
    Because there is no other remedy at law?
    Because self-defense is a human right recognized by all societies?
    (How many reasons do we need?)

  • DonReynolds

    Still clinging to the ballot box with white knuckles and bent knees. Still begging for peace when you know they do not bring peace and they have no intention of being satisfied with anything peacefully handed to them. No matter how much you vote to give away, they will take the rest. Peaceful resistance is not going to work, my friend. That time has already passed and in your heart of hearts, you know it is true.

  • M&S


    Much as I admire your sincerity, Don is right.

    There is no peace possible in such a tiny, mixed, terrain isolate after so long inviting the threat in to be your neighbor and then sitting on your hands while they 3-4-5 children out-TFR’d you.
    It is likely too late, even now, with the population numbers you already have to retain Britain for whites.

    Every time they have a daughter who has her first child at 17-19 and you don’t have your first child until you are 30+, you are giving them a ‘double up’ chance to access more and more of the economy which they will not give back because they breed to their own as much as you do.

    And as they take over more and more of the GDP, the landscape of the society which they create will reflect, more and more, that of the one they came from. Be it North Africa, Pakistan or the Carribean or East Asia.

    In this, short of race war, it is likely already too late for the lower half of Britannia to survive as white homeland and you _have to_ admit this.

    Because Hibernia and Caledonia could still survive until a later day when you can take back what is yours in a world that is once again sane enough to recognize the evolutionary power of racial genetic algorithms.

    I use these Roman names to remind you that you have been slaves to foreign influence before.

    Remembering that, you do what your ancestors did: you FIND a place which is close to all white and you BUY everyone out who isn’t and when they call you RACIST you tell them you are _buying back_ the genetic survival of YOUR people and then you ask them what material wealth they sold their souls for.

    As of now, that process can only happen in Scotland and Ireland. Which, if they declare independence and deny the Euro, will give them some margin of time with which to set up independent, internalized, industries and service cultures with which to compete on a global market outside the Euro Zone.

    It will be hard and it will make you poor before it makes you free but it is the only hope of White Britain to escape annihilation by making your -entire- landscape Brown Free.

    And daring other whites not to envy you your crime rates, your welfare rates, your _working_ medical system, your schools and all the rest that goes with not having to support people you refuse to breed with.

    In many ways, this is white’s last chance to prove that they can and will care for each other, down to the meanest drunken fool or the most idiot-minded socialist labor moron.

    Keeping them in the circle of a white society rather than letting them continue to betray us by bringing in replacement other populations who ‘warmly empathize’ with their loneliness as apathy in the face of rejection by their own.

    For that is the basis of all of this, envy of what we have coupled to a sense of being disenfranchised outcasts among their own such that the natural empaths: the young and inexperienced, the women and the gays and the leftist slaves of Nietsche’s ponderings all now RUN with the power they have, thinking to remake the world ‘as it should be’, rather than as it is.

    Even if it means destroying the society whose majority gave them the freedom to be so stupid.

    We must take in, even these people, over anyone and everyone non-white else.

    And to successfully win their hearts and minds back, we must show them an alternative, working, social order contrary to the ruin they have wrought upon the existing white world. So that the apathy of fait de accompli doesn’t keep them on the winning, traitorous, side as success becomes it’s own undertow inertia.

    I tell you this because if a black or an Asian or a hispanic calls you racist, it should not sting because it’s a self-admission that your genes are stronger than theirs and they envy your position as evolution in a soceity which DOES cater to your people.

    If a white calls you racist _it matters_ because what is really being said is: “You don’t give -me-, your fellow white, enough that I feel empowered amongst you and so I seek outsiders to undermine what you have that I may take more from the chaos of everyone’s plunder.”

    We cannot live that way. We cannot do business. We cannot take each other’s word to mean a promise well met whose benefits will enrich both our children’s futures.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    There is such irony in the illogic of the libtard mind. If these Left Wing Libtards love the Negroids so much, they should do them the favor of asking them why they are leaving their native lands, instead of fixing them. If Negroids, as a race, were truly just like us, as Libtards want to pretend, they would simply fix their native lands, and make them the most prosperous places on earth. By allowing and encouraging them into our native lands, Libtards are actually validating the tenets of racial realism. They are admitting that they know and recognize that, yes, the Negro race is not capable of creating and maintaining Western Civilization. To me, such incapability is all the reason European civilizations should need to weld our doors shut as far immigration from the non-European world. Only Whites can and will maintain European style civilizations. When we, as a people, re-awaken, and realize that what we owe the third world is absolutely nothing, I hope that we will again weld our doors shut, as in the old days. We should view the third world with cautious condescension at best.