Posted on November 7, 2013

White Apocalypse Republished

Kyle Bristow, November 7, 2013

Kyle Bristow has published a revised edition of his novel, White Apocalypse, along with a collection of scholarly essays in a 500-page tome entitled White Apocalypse / The Conscience of a Right-Winger. The book is available for purchase from here.

White Apocalypse, which was originally published in 2010, is a fictionalized account of the controversy surrounding the Solutrean Hypothesis, which posits that prehistoric Europeans traveled to North and South America approximately 18,000 years ago, and that they were almost rendered extinct via genocide on those continents when Amerindians arrived by crossing the Bering Strait approximately 6,000 years later. In the novel, a lawyer, professor-in-exile, and political activist team up to share the truth of the Solutrean Hypothesis with the world.

The second edition of White Apocalypse was republished in honor of Native American Heritage Month, which is November. The novel is dedicated to the real Native Americans.

Unlike the first edition, the revised edition of White Apocalypse contains a foreword by a prominent figure in American politics, an afterword by the author, supplemental materials which evince the validity of the Solutrean Hypothesis, and a new cover design.

In The Conscience of a Right-Winger, through scholarly essays written from a paleoconservative perspective, Kyle Bristow delves into matters concerning the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, the tragedy of Rhodesia, how NAFTA has adversely affected the American economy, the vulgarity of African “art,” and much more.

Said reviewers of White Apocalypse:

“[Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints] sales soon may be eclipsed by the just-released ‘semi-fictional’ White Apocalypse. . . . It’s a bloody book. And it’s not subtle.”

The Village Voice

“A thrilling and intelligent story with epic ramifications.”

The Occidental Dissent

“A great way to spend a day in front of the fireplace.”

Dr. Sean Murphy, Citizens Informer

“Bristow’s fast-paced story is laced with well-documented scientific and historical data, as the theory itself is Earth-shattering: imagine — if you can — a reality in which Whites are the historical victims — and not the perpetrators — of genocide. Could the System continue to peddle their daily, anti-White elixir uncontested without this Original Sin firmly in place to remind Whites of our alleged race-guilt? This evidence could be the jolt Whites need to awaken from our suicidal slumber! . . . I salute Kyle Bristow for his genuine courage.”

Craig Bodeker, Producer, A Conversation About Race

“White Apocalypse has all the characteristics of a Bildungsroman as it portrays a young white man coming of age and becoming aware of the Big Lie of the liberal System. The author keeps the reader in suspense by providing thrilling descriptions of his characters on the move: either hunting down their racial detractors or being hunted down themselves. The main thesis is well stated: Whites are being outbred, outnumbered, outsourced, and outsmarted everywhere due to their inborn sense of justice and their extraordinary naiveté in downplaying the conceptual world of the Others.”

Dr. Tomislav Sunić, Former Professor and Croat Diplomat, Author, and Director of the American Freedom Party

“The central topic of White Apocalypse is ethnic conflict over the construction of culture — the central issue of our time. At its heart is an emotionally compelling account of Whites as historical victims of non-Whites — just the sort of thing we need to motivate a renaissance among our people. I recommend it highly.”

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology, California State University-Long Beach; Editor, The Occidental Quarterly and The Occidental Observer

“This well-researched page-turner adds the Solutrean Hypothesis to possibilities in our search for national origins. One looks forward to much more from this author.”

Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry (Anthropology), Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

“A contemporary epic summoned from the depths of time.”

Dr. Michael O’Meara, Author, New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe

“Our friend Kyle Bristow has courageously written an astounding story based on a theory that will gall today’s White-hating bigots — that White people are the real Native Americans and are the original victims of genocide. White Apocalypse is fascinating, tough, compelling, glowing with White pride, and sorely needed these days, for European Americans are subjected to non-stop insult, abuse, and bashing — like the undercard to a soon-to-come main event. Some of the scenes are eerily like events we see taking place every day. Bristow reinforces his story with science and tells it with a realism that makes it seem like something inevitable — in short, White Apocalypse is possible. I am pleased to welcome and recommend it.”

James Edwards, Radio Talk Show Host, The Political Cesspool; Author, Racism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda

“Kyle Bristow’s novel dedicated to North America’s ‘real Native Americans’ — Europeans who have been here for more than 15,000 years — is a soaring inspirational dramatization of our people taking our continent back from the Third World invaders. From the very first cathartic scene in which the protagonist dispatches a gang of Hispanic thugs seeking to murder his family, I felt I was reading the actualization of Rudyard Kipling’s insightful poem ‘The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.’“

Paul Fromm, Director, Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Said reviewers of The Conscience of a Right-Winger:

“This remarkable collection of essays shows keen insight into an impressive variety of fields: Constitutional analysis, race relations, politics, history, and international relations. Mr. Bristow calls his perspective ‘conservative,’ but I am struck more by his relentless willingness to follow facts to their logical conclusions. Mr. Bristow writes as well as he thinks, which makes him a pleasure — and not just an education — to read.”

Jared Taylor, Editor, American Renaissance

“Kyle Bristow’s analysis is detailed and insightful. He focuses on some of the main fallacies in law and society that have contributed to the decline and fall of Western civilization. It is essays like the ones contained in this compilation that help lead Western Man from the darkness that grips him in every country where he resides.”

William Johnson, Esq., Chairman, American Freedom Party

“Kyle Bristow backs up his conclusions with fact. The data that he has compiled should be useful to both political and legal scholars as well as activists. Kyle speaks for many patriotic and ethnically aware Americans, and they will take pleasure in reading his book. To the right of Attila the Hun, he is not.”

Dr. Virginia Deane Abernethy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry (Anthropology), Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

“Kyle Bristow is a very learned young man, highly versed in different fields of humanities — a feature quite rare on the American conservative scene, let alone among young white students of humanities. . . . Bristow writes eloquently about the meaning of the political in postmodernism and he is completely at ease when narrating about decadence on display in modern American art museums. This book has a distinct academic weight. . . .”

Dr. Tomislav Sunić, Former Professor and Croat Diplomat, Author, and Director of the American Freedom Party

“The Conscience of a Right-Winger, a pleasurable read with surprisingly clear legal insights, contains fifteen short essays on a diverse field of contemporary topics that were written from Bristow’s thoughtful, paleoconservative perspective. Its essay format provides a terrific glimpse of how Bristow’s keen legal mind works. Methodical and impeccably researched, The Conscience of a Right-Winger stands as another reason Bristow has been called the twenty-first century heir to the late Samuel Francis.”

Craig Bodeker, Producer, A Conversation About Race