A U.S. Navy commander has been accused of moving ships ‘like chess pieces’ to ports in Asia to financially benefit a defense contractor, in return for prostitutes and Lady Gaga tickets, according to naval court documents.

Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz also allegedly passed confidential information on ship routes to the firm, Singapore-based company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd, or GDMA.

Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz

Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz

The accusations unfolding in a federal court case signal serious national security breaches and corruption, with the threat that more people, including those of higher ranks, could be swept up as the investigation continues.

A hearing on November 8 could set a trial date.

Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd is run by the gregarious Malaysian businessman nicknamed ‘Fat Leonard’, who is well known by U.S. Navy commanders in the Pacific.

But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by arranging prostitutes, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a U.S. commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy.

Misiewicz and Francis moved Navy vessels like chess pieces, diverting aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships to Asian ports with lax oversight where Francis could inflate costs, according to the criminal complaint.

The firm overcharged the Navy millions for fuel, food and other services it provided, and invented tariffs by using phony port authorities, the prosecution alleges.

At the time, Misiewicz was deputy operations officer for the U.S. commander of the Seventh Fleet, which oversees operations over some 48 million square miles extending from Japan to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and from Vladivostok, Russia, to Australia.

Prior to his assignment at the Seventh Fleet, Misiewicz had been commanding officer of the USS Mustin, a forward-deployed guided-missile destroyer.

‘It’s pretty big when you have one person who can dictate where ships are going to go and being influenced by a contractor,’ said retired Rear Admiral Terry McKnight, who has no direct knowledge of the investigation. ‘A lot of people are saying, “How could this happen?’’

So far, authorities have arrested Misiewicz; Francis; his company’s general manager of global government contracts, Alex Wisidagama; and a senior Navy investigator, John Beliveau II. Beliveau is accused of keeping Francis updated on the investigation and advising him on how to respond in exchange for luxury trips, prostitution services, and more.

All have pleaded not guilty. The defendants face up to five years in prison if convicted of conspiracy to commit bribery. Defense attorneys declined to comment.

Senior Navy officials said they believe that more people would likely be implicated in the scheme, but it’s too early to tell how many or how high this will go in the naval ranks. Other unnamed Navy personnel are mentioned in court documents as getting gifts from Francis.

Francis is legendary in military circles in that part of the world, said McKnight, who does not know him personally. He is known for extravagance. His bungalow in an upscale Singapore neighborhood drew spectators since 2007 to its lavish, outdoor Christmas decorations, which The Straits Times newspaper described as rivaling the island city-state’s main shopping street.

‘He’s a larger-than-life figure,’ McKnight said. ‘You talk to any captain on any ship that has sailed in the Pacific and they will know exactly who he is.’

Navy spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby said Navy Criminal Investigative Service agents initiated their probe in 2010, but declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation.

That same year, Misiewicz caught the world’s attention when he made an emotional return as a U.S. Naval commander to his native Cambodia, where he had been rescued as a child from the violence of the Khmer Rouge and adopted by an American woman. His homecoming was widely covered by international media.

Meanwhile, Francis was recruiting him for his scheme, according to court documents.

Francis’ company bilked the Navy out of $10 million in just one year in Thailand alone, U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said.

The federal government has suspended its contracts with Francis.

Francis was arrested in San Diegoin September, while Misiewicz was taken into custody in Colorado and Beliveau in Virginia – all in September.

Francis was allegedly arrested in the United States after being duped into coming to San Diego by Navy officials who arrested him in a sting-operation.

According to a 2010 U.S. Navy release, Misiewicz grew up near Phnom Penh during the Vietnam war and was adopted by an American woman shortly before the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975.

He escaped the notorious ‘Killing Fields’ and was heralded publicly for his successful rise to become the skipper of the USS Mustin–and made an emotional returen to Cambodia in 2010, which was given huge media attention.

The Navy said in the release that a visit by the USS Mustin to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, in December 2010 marked his first return to that country since his adoption 37 years earlier.

Last month a senior Navy spokesman deflected inquires into the status of the still-unfolding investigation.

‘We don’t comment on ongoing investigations, except to say that we are committed to supporting the investigation,” the spokesman told Fox News. “We hold our leaders to–and expect them to uphold–high standards of conduct and professionalism.’

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  • Jesse James

    What a shame, Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz is a perfect poster boy for the new multi-cultural navy. Too bad he is a crook and a traitor, and yes I am using traitor correctly, knowing where a ship is and where it is going to be is the first step to destroying it. It is why troop and ship movements have always been considered information to be guarded.

    • ncpride

      But remember, Jesse…… NOTHING is more important to the Pentagon than breaking up that ‘White Male Club’ according to their new training manual. Non-Whites are to be catered to for these kinds of ‘leadership’ roles, and so what if they have no loyalty to the military and country they supposedly serve? “White Privilege’ is so much worse than treason!

    • joesolargenius

      I looked all over the web for a picture of the NCIS investigator but could not find one, every story with photos all show just the one traitors ugly face.

    • Beetlejuice

      Imagine if this happened during WW II. He would have been shot for treason, and rightly so.

  • D.B. Cooper

    This is a necessary cost of diversity. Washington has no problem with it, and neither does 50% of the white population. The other half, who do care, will only pout and watch as another minority take his place.
    Whites have their own problems. I saw on Drudge today that West Point’s chapel allowed two white gays to get married. We have become a nation of sissies.

    • Spartacus

      Expect to read in the coming weeks about how non-White gays are discriminated there…

  • Alexandra1973

    Lady Gaga tickets?

    What the hey…?

    • Spartacus

      He must’ve been caught in a bad romance…

      • D.B. Cooper

        That’s right. His entire career ruined over some ‘hos playing with his disco stick.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Engelman must have an answer for his behavior. You know….IQ….and all that other stuff Engelman praises them for.

    • Magician

      to each their own…

      If he is a U.S. Navy commander, I am sure he can afford to simply pay for sex workers and/or Lady Gaga tickets, The country spends several billions per year on the military just to let the world know “we are spending several billion per year on our military” and its navy commander cannot afford to buy Lady Gaga tickets?

    • Oil Can Harry

      These guys had to take their lifemates to see Lady Gaga because they couldn’t get tickets to see the Village People sing “In The Navy”.

    • For a late 40s early 50s male ….. pathetic.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      That was probably the flag that got him busted.

    • Nathanwartooth

      He should have kept up his poker face.

  • AngloCelt

    The Soviet Union used to only allow Slavic Russians to command important military assets; there’s something to be said for the trustworthiness of those outside of the dominant ethnic group.

    • Sick of it

      Whenever one points out such an obvious fact, one gets called a racist. The same would likely occur if one pointed out the number of Chinese Americans in government positions who have passed sensitive information to the Chinese.

  • Spartacus

    “How could this happen?’’


    Diversitry !

  • Spartacus

    To be honest, news like this makes me happy. A new White nation must arise in north America from the ashes of this dying nation, and with people like this in the current military – They won’t have any problems.

    • bigone4u

      I wonder how many more cases of treason by diversity are covered up. At my former university, coverups by brown administrators were an everyday affair. It’s a minority reaction to coverup any wrongdoing. This case may be the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

      • Beetlejuice

        I thought the same exact thing. Except the cover-ups are often done by whites, except in the media where it’s non-whites that do the covering up for black perfidy.

    • evilsandmich

      It is further proof that much of the U.S. military now has a glass jaw due to lack of discipline and diversity. Either the military will fall into disrespect and get chopped down, or it will encounter a real enemy and discover that their mild tech edge isn’t enough to overcome their incompetence.

  • Defiant White

    A for originality. A for balls. A for the scheming he did to save his butt. F for screwing American taxpayers out of money. F for risking our ships. That adds up to a C. He passed the course. He’s now able to enroll in the University Of Leavenworth for the, oh, next 10-15 years or so . . .

    • D.B. Cooper

      He did over 20 years so his pension is guaranteed. They can bust him down to an E1, and still live like a king over in Cambodia, where a retired Recruit Seaman will still make three times the average wage. Cambodia itself will probably appoint him as an admiral because his training is superior than what they have.

      • joesolargenius

        He still has to reside in the Military prison in Leavenworth ,Kansas which was built in 1832 and the first window starts thirty feet up in the air and the cells are only five X nine feet with a bunk ,toilet, wall locker and bed in it, plus he will have to listen to the groids talk trash at night for at least a fcew years. Also his pension is not guaranteed if he is dishonorably discharged.

      • I suspect a military court can revoke even most of his pension if they bust him down to enlisted. I’m not sure about how that works for the brass.

  • WR_the_realist

    See, just as a suggested earlier, straight white men should stay out of the armed forces. Only then will our politicians get the military they deserve. And do keep in mind that our military is the toy of the politicians, it’s not the servant of ordinary American citizens.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Not no, but H double hockey sticks NO!! If you don’t fight for THIS, then you won’t fight when it actually IS time to fight.

    • DaveMed

      Again, I must take issue with such a proposal. The fact that there are so many whites in the military is a factor highly in our favor.

      • Beetlejuice

        Most non-whites are dumb as hell. They couldn’t shoot their way out of a box and certainly couldn’t maintain the military’s high tech equipment if it broke down.
        I don’t like hearing about whites losing their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq or any other third world slime pit while fighting a proxy war for non-whites.

        • DaveMed

          I think this kind of hyperbole is dangerous. It’s best not to underestimate our opponents.

          I well understand your point about white soldiers dying, but warfare is shifting toward fighting with less human involvement. I’d rather see whites more engaged in these changes.

          • Beetlejuice

            Hyperbole is what our enemy has been using on us for decades.
            Saul Alinksy said, “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

            Blacks are not our main enemy. They are nothing more than low IQd useful idiots.
            Our main enemy may be coldblooded and ruthless but is not invincible.

          • DaveMed

            Fortunately, the wars are winding down. And the country is weary of the Middle East and its attendant problems.

          • Beetlejuice

            Unless there is a war with Iran. I’m not selling my defense stocks, IWO. Democrats love war, as long as THEY don’t have to serve.

          • Defense contractors do a lot of other work: commercial airliners, satellite launches, etc. It’s hard to go wrong with them. Developing nations that purchased Cold War-surplus equipment 20 years ago are also frequently now looking to modernize the stuff. The Egyptian “Ramses II” rebuild of their old T-55 tanks and similar Turkish upgrades of M-60s are good examples.

      • WR_the_realist

        Our political leaders are determined to get as many white soldiers as
        possible under the command of black and Hispanic officers. I really wouldn’t want to be a soldier in such circumstances.

        • DaveMed

          Tactically speaking, however, it seems to me that it remains a convenience (for us) to have a military that may be sympathetic to our goals when push comes to shove.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Affirmative action in practice.

    • bigone4u

      I love it when affirmative action blows up in the faces of the politicians. I hate it that the taxpayers are paying for this mess.

      • ThomasER916

        So do I but the problem is it’s always at the expense of working-class whites; i.e. me.


    I have listened lately to the broadcasts of the late and in my opinion
    the great Dr. William Luther Pierce. I am inclined to agree with his
    assessment. White Middle class America is getting what it deserves. The
    incident described in the above article is just another symptom on a long list
    of symptoms. For too long whites have been more than happy to overindulge in
    rampant consumerism and neglect the far greater issues of the destruction of
    the white race in America. Now the middle class white American is an endangered
    species. The only way to wake white Americans up is for total economic collapse
    and I pray every night for such an event. I highly recommend the “Turner
    Diaries” also by Dr. Pierce.

    • libertarian1234

      Many people have said that we must fail in order to succeed………… and I agree.

    • Carney3

      What on Earth is the point of having moderation in the comments when open praise for a neo-Nazi who advocated the violent overthrow of the US government, the institution of a totalitarian state, and genocide on a staggering scale is allowed to remain up?

    • Carney3

      According to surveys, White South Africans to this day believe the races are equal in innate capability and that the handover of power in 1994 was the right thing to do. Worse is not better. Worse is worse.

      • Do you mean white South Africans still living in South Africa? All 3 of ’em? Too small a smaple to be significally significant. They used to have a real country, now they live in disporia all over the globe.

        • MikePence

          Good point Carney. No matter how bad things get many whites will never have their eyes opened. They are like the family of Amy Biehl, who rather then reevaluate their liberal views, blamed their daughters murder by black South Africans on years of discrimination and apartheid.

  • dave

    this is what happens when you have affirmative action,diversity and multiculturalism over more qualified white men. another example of obama purging the military of qualified white men in favor of unqualifed minorities. not sorry if the truth hurts.

    • And that is all Obama’s purge is, getting rid of Whites to make rank space for minorities.

  • Rhialto

    Show some respect: If your prez had an affair with an Afro-Oriental, that man could be his son.

    • joesolargenius

      Obama probably did have sex with an Afro -Oriental only it was a male so no children .

  • D.B. Cooper

    Jesus H. Motherloving Christ. I looked up his biography. This Cambodian born foreigner, raised by his adoptive mother, Misiewicz enlisted in the Navy after graduating
    from high school in Lanark, Illinois. He was selected for the Navy’s Broadened
    Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) program, and attended the
    U.S. Naval Academy, where he received his commission in 1992.
    Care to take a guess how a foreigner got into the Naval Academy?

    • MBlanc46

      Doesn’t look like the people around here (still, I believe, the second largest Polish-speaking city in the world) who are named Misiewicz.

      • bigone4u

        I was thinking Misiewicz was a Jewish last name, but your comment makes me realize I was wrong. It would be interesting to know more about the traitor’s ethnic background, which might explain why he became a criminal. PS. Second largest Polish speaking city in the world being Milwaukee?

        • NM156

          Chicago metro, although London may have that title now after Poland’s admission to the EU in 2004.

        • ThomasER916

          I believe Chicago has the most Polish immigrants in the world. Growing up on the south side everyone I knew was a Pole. Chicago definitely has the best Polish food in the US. I used to eat at Mabenka on 79th and Cicero. Best beet soup in the world!

          Though there was a growing tribe of Arabs. I grew up near the Hilton on 95th and Cicero, Oak Lawn, where Hizbut Tahrir held a Jihad fundraiser a few years back. I’m not surprised based on everything I’ve experienced with Muslim Arabs from middle school and on.

      • NM156

        Cambodians and Chicago Poles never mixed. Cambodians live in Uptown, and Poles live on the NW side. Poles mixed with Catholic Mexicans and Puerto Ricans far more than with Asians. I thought something was odd with the last name.

  • bigone4u

    Asian whores are cheap. It takes nothing to sell out your country when you are not really part of that country. I hope all of them are tried, convicted, and sentenced to death, and that they are all hung together side by side on the gallows.

  • Ella

    “Straight White men” used to join the military for one major reason–college education benefits. Some States will pay for all tuition costs at public universities if you serve 3 plus years (excluding books and fees). A public college for 5 years costs 40-50K.

    So, the Navy can’t find a US born White guy for the job who might be more loyal to his country? Sad………. Oh, White males are considered dangerous according FBI profiling.

    • libertarian1234

      “Oh, White males are considered dangerous according FBI profiling.”

      They’re also the beneficiaries of white privilege, which is delineated in a 600 page manual to let minorities know the reason they score higher on tests is because the system favors them.

    • Jesse James

      You are wrong Ella, I know a lot of “straight white men” who joined the military because they were honoring their families tradition of service and old fashioned patriotism.

      • ThomasER916

        That’s why I joined.

        Now I advise whites to join the US Marines for the experience they’ll get to fight against an anti-white government and help defend their people, culture, heritage, and religion against Diversity.

  • libertarian1234

    Yes, it is elements within our rainbow utopia who are keeping busy. When they’re not gunning down their comrades at Ft. Hood, they’re fragging fellow soldiers for jihad, except, of course, the ones who believe in selling out the country and becoming traitors.

    Diversity is our strength.

  • Virus, Smiley

    Funny. He doesn’t look Polish.

    • Polish father and southeast Asian mother, I would guess.

      • Kenner

        He was adopted by Americans.

      • ThomasER916

        Probably a Filipino. When I was in the Marines, I swear, everyone in the Navy was Filipino.

        • dogbone

          The article said he was Cambodian

  • JDInSanD

    I live in big Navy town San Diego and this is the first I’m hearing about this – from a British newspaper article reposted by Amren. Yet the media couldn’t wait to get the picture and the story about the LA shooter out there fast enough.

  • Beetlejuice

    “‘A lot of people are saying, How could this happen?'”
    A lot of people are naive. It happened because our government thought it was a good idea to replace Whites by importing people from the corrupt third world who have no history or loyalty to this country, like this guy, and expect them to act and perform just like us.

    For showing such scorn to the country that took him in, he should be stripped of his American citizenship and deported to Cambodia, along with the people who adopted him.

  • NordicHeritage

    Diversity and affirmative action strikes again.

  • negrolocaust

    a TOWSON U. STUDENT was stabbed multiple times by three blacks yesterday who stole their phone. be advised, this is a nice quote (was that is) nice area but it is only about two miles from the black baltimore city line so these naive kids are sitting ducks. another was robbed a few blocks away as well yesterday. i know this area. too bad for these kids. just too bad. wow this used to be a nice school in a nice area. sitting ducks.

  • NM156

    Cambodian and Polish? Where did that hook up occur?

  • PouponMarks

    In America today, diversity and multi-culti trump competence and performance. Something’s gotta give. White people can’t abused indefinitely.

  • Jesse James

    Yes, you are exactly right. We can’t afford to abandon the military.

  • Sloppo

    It’s not nearly as important to them as the story about the black NFL lineman in Miami who got his feelings hurt by the white lineman who apparently said some ugly things.

  • Spartacus

    White South Africans are nothing like most other Whites. They’re just pretending, because they’re outnumbered 10 to 1, have no foreign backing, and know the dumb animals can start a Rwanda-style genocide over the slightest “insult”, as if there’s any way to insult a groid .


    So the heroic Captain of Diversity sold the United States Navy for nothing more than a prostitute or two. And hilariously, a couple tickets to an ear bleeding Lady Gaga concert! All while General MacArthur rolls in his grave!

  • Beetlejuice

    The writings of Dr. Pierce as well. I too recommend Oliver’s work.

  • Beetlejuice

    It is also a distraction that causes us to look the other way as to what they’re doing to the American economy, i.e., bank bailouts, the Fed Reserve’s QEs 1-3 and possibly more, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, explosion of the welfare state, sabre rattling in the middle east.
    Same with entertainment industry, watch this instead of minding what your government is doing TO you. Well, all of it is controlled by the same source anyway, an enemy that plays all sides while it stealthily destroys White America.

  • Gereng

    What the hell kind of race mixture is represented by this guy? He certainly doesn’t look very American. Are they sure this guy IS an American?

    • An adopted re-tread. Calling him an “American” is like calling a wad of dirty rags stored in a shoe box “New Balance” or “Nike”.

  • Rhialto

    A retired Marine officer (Annapolis graduate) told a group of us that the only reason the military academies exist is because they’re there (i.e. a legacy situation). These academies have degenerated into little more than Liberal Arts colleges. He felt that if the US military had to start from scratch and with its current goals and constraints, it would be much more efficient to expand ROTC and OCS programs.

    I don’t know enough about this matter to have an informed opinion.

  • bigone4u

    Yours is a great comment. I too have been worried about white cops beating up innocent whites and killing the family pet in front of the children. Our enemies have created a sadist class of law enforcement officers.

    • WR_the_realist

      Agreed. Unfortunately we’re now a long, long way from Mayberry, RFD.

  • Jesse James

    He is an American citizen, whatever that is supposed to mean now.

  • IstvanIN

    If this man had pulled these kind of treasonous stunts in the Navy he should have been in, the Royal Cambodian Navy, he would have been shot.

  • negrolocaust

    didn’t people from this site speak at towson? but its not worth mentioning that three students were attacked by blacks within the past 48 hours robbed of their phones one still in critical after being stabbed multiple times, but its not worth mentioning that on this site… lets see if you are invited to speak again. somehow i doubt it. and the folks at wcbm baltimore are just as disgraceful for ignoring the story.

  • ebengale

    I’ve been reading several good SA blogs: Mike Smith’s Political Commentary, which he has taken time off from to write a novel and Shane’s Blog just another WordPress.com site. Both are race realists and I can tell from the commentary that a good number of Afrikaneers are race-realists. They are constantly lambasting the liberals. I understand there are four million whites in SA. It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t run about 30% liberal, like here.

  • keithwren

    Cambodia? obama’s america is the real toilet…