UK ‘Becoming Colour-Coded Society’ Because Races Don’t Mix, Says Ex-Equality Chief

Jack Doyle, Daily Mail (London), November 24, 2013

Britain is turning into a ‘colour-coded society’ as whites and ethnic minorities choose to live apart, Trevor Phillips warns today.

The former head of the equalities watchdog said Britain was ‘in denial’ about growing levels of racial division resulting from the choices different groups make about where to live.

Mr Phillips, who is now leading a research project at the think-tank Demos, made his comments as he launched a study into how different ethnic groups have moved around England and Wales.

His study found that when whites leave urban areas to have children they tended to settle in overwhelmingly white areas in the countryside. At the same time, members of ethnic minorities tend to move to areas that are largely populated by other ethnic minority groups.

This, the research suggests, is the result of not wanting to be ‘ethnic pioneers’–the only minority people in white areas.

Mr Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, described this process as ‘comfort zone segregation’ and warned it would ‘set communities against each other’.

Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips

He said: ‘We’ve been in denial on this issue for far too long.

‘This research reveals that we have yet to face up to the risk that we are drifting into a colour-coded society.

‘There’s no doubt that today’s Britain is way more at ease with ethnic and cultural difference than the country in which I grew up–nobody moves out of the street because I’ve moved in. But ironically, the next generation’s natural desire to do the right thing for their families is leading to a new kind of social division–what you might call comfort-zone segregation.

‘The consequences are to set communities against each other and to build educational and economic division into our society.

‘If we’re going to halt the trend we first have to acknowledge it is taking place.’

The study, by Demos and Birkbeck, University of London, surveyed the movements of different groups around the country between the censuses in 2001 and 2011.

It found 100,000 ethnic minority people left London for other parts of England and Wales, but tended to avoid the 80 per cent of the country that is overwhelmingly white.

Instead they mainly moved to ‘mixed’ areas where there are already other established minority groups.

White Britons, by contrast, tended to move into mixed areas in London in their 20s, and move out when they start a family.

Some 600,000 whites left London for other parts of England and Wales over the same period, with many opting for ‘homogeneous’ areas that are more than 90 per cent white.

The report said racial tolerance was not a factor in why people moved out or where they moved to, nor ethnic differences in wealth or income.

Instead, they said it was a result of ‘cultural tastes’ and ideals about what kind of neighbourhood they wanted to live in.

Professor Eric Kaufmann of Birkbeck said: ‘The Census shows that since 2001, white British people have left London and other diverse areas for more homogeneous parts of the country.

‘This is not exactly “white flight”–it seems as though they’re influenced by friends and family as well as the neighbourhood ideals of their age group.

‘But that doesn’t mean ethnicity isn’t important.

‘Britain’s ethnic minorities haven’t caught the same fever for the countryside as white British over-30s, which seems to be linked to their reluctance to be ethnic pioneers.’

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  • dd121

    So they found a place on earth where diversity isn’t their greatest strength?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Trevor Phillips,former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission:

    “The consequences [of people exercising freedom of association] are to set communities against each other and to build educational and economic division into our society. If we’re going to halt the trend we first have to acknowledge it is taking place.”

    And then apply pervasive coercion in the form tax, housing, schooling and employment policies tending toward diversity.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Has Trevor ever considered that the problem is him and his insistence on forcing people together who so clearly don’t want to get together?

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

        Exactly. They are the true extremists.

  • Extropico

    Sarkozy infamously stated that the French have a duty to miscegenate; we eagerly await a similar proclamation from The Ministry of Truth in the UK.

    • watling

      The Ministry of Truth has ordained that we must endure diversity whether we want it or not. Miscegenation would, over the course of time, result in a non-diverse population of brown-skinned people.

      I can only conclude that miscegenation is discouraged. Yet, bizarrely, adverts love to feature black/white couples with mixed race kids. This must be an example of doublethink (the simultaneous belief in two opposing views) because miscegenation and diversity are mutually exclusive.

  • Puggg

    The races shouldn’t mix.

    England should be for the English.

    • bigone4u

      It’s amazing that no one with political credibility challenges the notion that race mixing is desireable. Christian leaders claim that we are all brothers and sisters of the one true god, and so mix we must. I must be stupid because I don’t get it.

      • Sick of it

        I must have missed that scripture. Pretty sure God said we should leave in our own nations and NOT create a one world government.

        • bigone4u

          I was on the occidental observer website last night and happened to read an essay there by a WN whose claim is that the Puritan tradition and the Quaker tradition preach total equality. The movement to abolish slavery even if hundreds of thousands had to die came from this religious impulse. I can’t remember the author, but it should be easy to find on that website, which is a WN website with lots of good content.

          • Sick of it

            Puritans were not wholly on the side of the Indian and certainly not the negro (maybe you’re referring to the Calvinistic belief that some folks are automatically saved and we don’t know who they are, so we should treat all people decently?). The Methodists actually did more to convert black slaves and Indian folk than the Puritans ever did (they were also very conservative people in this country until pretty recently). Quakers have been involved in quite a few radical movements, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

          • ThomasER916

            The Quakers still are. The recent push for gay marriage in England had a show trial where the Parliament called on Quakers and Jews to lend their religious support. Anyone who followed TheOccidentalObserver would know the relationship between the Parliament and the push. Weaken and degrade the white man and his identity, while lording over them like Pharisees.

          • ThomasER916

            I read the article when it first came out months ago. What they’re talking about is the pathological altruism that sprang from up in these movements at that time. The Quakers were by far the worst offenders, and still are today. The larger point of using the Quakers was to illustrate their biological past and their fixation on certain codes (charity only for others) as intertwined. It was their strength in coming together but their weakness in expanding their people.

            What had changed, as MacDonald points this out in his other works, is “the poor” used to mean YOUR people. Go to your people and tell them the good news! Granted, I’m paraphrasing but the point is a clear one. The idea used to be that you lifted up your own. If a mission went abroad it was so THEY would instruct others how to do the same. Thomas Jefferson used the Federal Government to fund Catholic Missionaries to the Red Indians. What happened since was something truly pathological. The quest for perfect morality and self-denial became an obsession.

            If you read MacDonald’s work he actually believes (as do I) that Christianity could give us the way out. Why? Part of the reason is because it’s so virulently hated. This may seem strange but the feeling of out-group pressures triggers a sense of identity. The goal would be to tie our history, heritage, ancestry (race) to something intangible and then reinforce the impulse to defend both.

            The problem with Amren is it censors information and deletes posts. I will say nothing more.

        • Alexandra1973


          While we’re all equal spiritually, before God, in the physical, it’s not the case.

          Oriental, black, and Arab Christians are my brethren in Christ…but that doesn’t mean we have to *live* together.

  • JohnEngelman

    If people choose to live in multi ethnic and multi racial neighborhoods that is fine with me. That is a reason recent college graduates who can afford to often choose to live in cities like San Francisco and New York City. Nevertheless, the government should not be pressuring people to live in multi ethnic and multi racial neighborhoods.

    Diversity should be voluntary.

    • bigone4u

      San Francisco? Google “Folsum Street Fair” with safe search turned off. There’s diversity for you.

      • IstvanIN

        Another site had a link to that a while back. I suggest that one not go there.

  • IstvanIN

    No official of HM’s government in the UK should be black. Jamaica, yes, Britain, no!

  • Spartacus

    “…report said racial tolerance was not a factor in why people moved
    out or where they moved to, nor ethnic differences in wealth or income.”


    These “people” are mentally ill…

  • Jesse James

    These globalist government lunatics are going to keep pushing us together and pushing us together until we explode like those damaged fuel rods in Fukashima. Progressivism is a dangerous unworkable fantasy that is pushed by useful idiots who are in turn manipulated by cynical global elites who are using divide and conquer tactics to constantly increase their share of global wealth and power.

  • 1stworlder

    I just hope he doesn’t figure out its because of the smell blacks have they might try to expose kids to it more in schools.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Harmony, fellowship, peace, these are the casualties of diversity.

  • bigone4u

    The British countryside is a beautiful place, but the government so tightly controls every aspect of life there, that Britain is now Prison Island, with blacks, Pakis, etc. as the brutal prison guards, enforcing the cruel dictates of the poltical class. Meanwhile, the Queen merrily ignores what is happening to her once great land. One day, the blacks will march on her castle, drag her out, and hang her. Then, there will be nothing left of historic Britain.

    • newscomments70

      She will be dead by then. They will probably get looney liberal Prince Charles though. He will have that same sad, disturbed look that he had when he sympathized with the rioters…they just need kindness and understanding.

      • IstvanIN

        You do realize they haven’t had any political power for over 200 years?

        • newscomments70

          They have no political power, but they do have influence.

    • M.

      They’d still have diversity, that’s the more important thing!

    • saxonsun

      The Queen has no power to do anything about the hellish problems in England.

    • ThomasER916

      You should read the articles at TheOccidentalObserver.

      There is no “conspiracy theory” when there’s only facts.

  • An anon on SBPDL found this:

    www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=JFVkzYDNJqo

    Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? This is the YT version of those.

    Too bad there’s no option here for the Empire Windrush not to dock in London in 1948.

    • watling

      I suspect Clement Attlee experienced a major orgasm as the Windrush docked. Perhaps he got one of his lackeys to film it so he could orgasm again later.

      It could well be that mass immigration into the UK became policy purely because Attlee had a thing for black men.

  • sbuffalonative

    Mr. Phillip is an example of someone who won’t or can’t accept reality. He’s a dangerous person because he’s in a position of authority and he’s insane.

  • Greg Thomas

    In the third world, they have arranged marriages. In the first world, we have arranged diversity.

    • ThomasER916

      I’d rather have arranged marriages. They got the better deal.

  • Anglo

    I’m tired of all the false prophets of miscegenation. There is nothing in the Bible that teaches or even suggests that it’s desirable or right to join what God separated. I’m tired of the New World Order masters and tricksters. I’m disillusioned with today’s churches, but I still believe in God. My Bible tells me, “For God is not the author of confusion” (I Corthinians 14:33). It’s humankind who confuses things by mixing it up. God separated us into different races, nations, languages. (Kings James Bible, Acts 17:26 says, “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, AND THE BOUNDS OF THEIR HABITATION”; AND VERSE 27 GIVES THE REASON “That they should seek the Lord”). That last part of verse 26 is the part the race mixers don’t like and often leave out. When God created Eve from Adam’s rib, Genesis 2:23, “And Adam said this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh,” it is certain God didn’t create a woman of another race. Read Genesis 1:11-25 which states repeatedly, all things created (plant and animal) are to bring forth after their own kind. If one does not believe in the teachings of the Bible, it still is only common sense to live among your own kind and produce children who are of your kind. This is natural and most people innately desire their own kind. People of mixed races often have identity problems; but, alas, you cannot unscramble eggs. Preachers in the pulpits need to stand for truth or get out of the churches.

    • Brian

      I look to psychology, sociology, anthropology, and evolutionary theory to explain it, but I arrive at the same conclusion. I simply relate much more to my own race, and resonate with the cultures we’ve created. I like the way we look, our musical forms, languages, all of it. I remember the feeling of visiting Greece for the first time and feeling this sense of ‘rightness’, of being at home, in the cradle of Western civilization. There are of course things I can appreciate about others, but it’s not the same deep feeling of kinship and brotherhood. There are few things I would die for, but defending the right of my ‘tribe’ to exist, thrive and achieve is one of them.

      • saxonsun

        Great post–we all know just what you mean.

      • ThomasER916

        The problem is none of those things you’ve listed have ever provided humans, in particular whites, with a group strategy. The Amish started off a small congregation of around 200 and now there’s about 300,000. Everything you’ve mentioned causes dwindling numbers. Culture is religion. Culture is tribes.

        The “modern” person is so indoctrinated they can’t figure out what we’ve known for thousands of years – religion is a group evolutionary strategy.

        • Brian

          I’m not claiming they provide a group strategy; I’m claiming they help me understand how humans act. If the question is ‘why do people get along better with their own kind’ a religious answer might involve God creating people on different continents and marking out boundaries of habitation…a divine plan. I look more to genetic diversification as a result of the diaspora– Africans, Europeans and Asians have genetic differences as a result of long separation, mutation and natural selection at work, molding each group to deal with the native environment. That is the why whites are white and blacks are black (in skin color that is)– the tradeoff of melanin vs. skin cancer, latitude, and vitamin D production. Babies respond more positively to strangers who look like their mother. 70% of Tibetans have an allele that confers resistance to high-altitude hypoxia, whereas .5% of humans overall have that. North Europeans have high rates of lactose tolerance because we needed another food source in cold climate/short growing seasons. Blacks have the resistance to malaria with the side effect of sickle cell. Humans have the oxytocin hormone that reinforces hostility to outsiders and friendship with the in-group…all kinds of things like that.

          I resonate with my kind because we have similar genetics, language, religion, historical experience, and a variety of psychological characteristics (high intelligence, strong future time orientation, physical and emotional self-control, K-selected mate strategy, etc). Hence, white society appeals to me and black societies repulse me. I don’t see a need to pull God into that. But if someone else sees it in religious terms, that’s fine and I can work with that, because we are still on the same basic page of what we want…different explanation but the same result.

          I do agree with you, though, that in daily practical terms of ‘how do I motivate fellow group members to bond for common purpose’, religion is a powerful motivator. Other things are too, like common language or nationality. And believe me, I strongly resonate with the Christian heritage of the West, and also the earlier pagan Greco-Roman ideas. But to me, race trumps all– how many times do we see do-gooder American Christian churches playing this game of Kumbayah, sponsoring refugees from Somalia and such? Going abroad on mission trips to convert the heathen, and then we’re supposed to have common purpose because we’re all Christians? ‘Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight’. Hell no. I am for the white man, whatever religion he is, more than the black man, whatever religion he is. A white, mostly Christian country is fine with me, but the white part is what matters.

          • ThomasER916

            I agree with you, but you’re making a mistake and I think it’s a very important one.

            Vikings, Pagans, and Romans were all marked with tribal infighting – against whites. Killing each other off is much worse than missions abroad. There’s a point during the Great War were the Germans and the French start singing Christmas carols, stop fighting, and visit one another. This is what we need to focus on and Paganism cannot do this. Paganism is a bad form of Tribalism. I believe that Christianity can bring out a good form of Tribalism – race realism. The only way we can do this is by making that message our own.

            I’m Swedish and Italian. I was on a Conservative forum, the only race realist, and a man posted a comment on a thread about the current Arab riots in Sweden that he wanted to go to Sweden and fight them. Why? His great, great Grandparents were Swedish, he’s Christian, and Sweden should be a Swedish and Christian nation. It’s amazing that American there were lots of positive reactions. Very few folks screamed “racism”, primarily because they don’t have a problem with Sweden being a white nation of Swedes.

            Religion gives us Culture, an idea about ourselves. It allows us to bring out an inner world and make it come to life. Being in touch with our history, our ancestors brings us close to our idea as a race, but we need a common dialog, one that’s at least common enough so we can work together, while maintaining our tribal differences. Paganism doesn’t do this.

          • Brian

            To be clear, I’m not a pagan nor do I favor it over Christianity. But I have more affiliation with ancient Athens than black Christians in the Sudan. To the extent that shared Christianity makes French and German WW1 soldiers rethink the white infighting, I love it. To the extent it fosters ‘we are the world’ pathological altruism, I have less use for it. The question is how Christian commonality can be resurrected as a force for the West. But I wouldn’t disregard scientific findings against diversity either– Putnam’s ‘Bowling Alone’ has gotten through to some people who wouldn’t go to church. Any tool in the toolbox that unites whites is good in my book.

          • ThomasER916

            Agreed. I’m in favor of both and I think we NEED both.

            What I’m against is when whites attack Christianity. The reason is we cannot escape that Christianity is much of our identity, history and heritage. Whites were saved from slavery and total domination by Muslims because of Christianity time and again. Whites were protected against Jews and their selling of white slaves and turning white women into prostitutes by the Church. When whites say “I hate all religion” what they’re really saying is “I hate my community.” Only whites say “I hate all religion” because the indoctrination is geared to be anti-White. When they say I say “Agreed! Now let’s get rid of all practicing Jews.” They quickly change their mind. Why? They’re not anti-religion they’re anti-White. It’s a matter of perception. Altruism is a white trait, it’s also a Christian teaching. The problem of pathological altruism needs to be fixed QUICK, but it seems obvious that being anti-Christian means being anti-White. Whites are blamed for everything, so are Christians. The two are connected because the identity is there. Jesus is evil. Why? White goy. Granted, Christians do deserve blame but for realistic things, not bugbears.

            We need to foster a sense of self and a group identity while also emboldening ourselves as defenders of our peoples. We should always be keen on defending national identities with a sense of kinship and brotherhood. If we do it right, then the Ethiopians will be themselves and we can say, “Kewl, look at them” while we grow and thrive separately. That is to say, you are Irish, I am Swedish. We both have different but related cultures and we’re different people but of one European (read white) Christian people. Kevin MacDonald had talked about “Particularism” as part of Christianity until VERY recently. Particularism is a tribal identity (we are German Christians) while allowing for a thematically common culture. Given the long history of Europe there’s a LOT to draw to reinforce this in modern times. The key is to make people see Church and religion as a social institution and a group evolutionary strategy. I’ve actually gotten atheists to go to church and still be atheists. Why? Because being part of your people doesn’t mean believing everything, it means belonging to your community, your history, your culture, and your heritage.

            I believe we can do this by making South African Apartheid and the white genocide that followed part of our cultural institutions. Furthermore, we need to have the Holodomor as part of our traditions and people. Mass starvation of white Christian farmers at the hands of Jewish Generals, and the mass murder of white Christian farmers at the hands of Jewish Communists and African Christians puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

          • Brian

            Well said. I go to church sometimes (protestant, catholic, orthodox, but orthodox is my favorite) just to participate in the ritual and beauty. I like religious art, musical, literary and visual, and have read pretty much all the scriptures of the world. Christianity is a foundational cornerstone of European civilization. It can be a uniting force, despite our individual confessional differences. Even as an atheist, I recognize the need to draw on this ancient strength of the West.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, mixed race people are a walking identity crisis.

    • ThomasER916

      Anglo, I disagree with your last point. The preachers don’t need to get out so much as we need to get in. Wouldn’t it be better if race realists replaced them with a consistent message and shifted the perception to one that focused on breeding, family, ancestry, and ethnicity? Wouldn’t our lives be safer, fruitful and more fulfilling if we had a message consistent with the laws of nature? We can’t wait for people to walk in. We need to take that step.

      (And to be perfectly honest, that’s the only thing that really worries me)

      • Anglo

        I understand your point about race realists replacing those who aren’t. I have a friend to whom I’ve attempted to explain all I see wrong in today’s churches. Anything that challenges her personal religious views, she shuns. She will say, “I only listen to my minister.” They are very indoctrinated that Whites are evil “racists” if we don’t embrace diversity, and we are probably going to hell. I would love to find an old southern Baptist or southern Methodist church as they used to be (strong race realists). A strong and abiding faith that cares for its own is so needed.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Neither Whites nor the various groups of non-Whites like “diversity”. Each race/ethnicity likes to live among their own. That is normal human nature which should be respected. For the diversocrats to discover this unwelcome reality may come as a “surprise”, for us it was entirely predictable. It’s about time to end this unholy attempt at creating a multi-racial Utopia. Send the non-Whites to their respective homelands and give Trevor Philips a real job…in Jamaica!

  • Bantu_Education

    ‘There’s no doubt that today’s Britain is way more at ease with ethnic and cultural difference than the country in which I grew up–nobody moves out of the street because I’ve moved in”

    Thats because you moved into a rich area where you are the only darkie on the street.

    “White Britons, by contrast, tended to move into mixed areas in London in their 20s, and move out when they start a family.”

    Thats because the mixed-race areas are where the cheapest houses are – I wonder why? – they didn’t ever really want to live in the diversity.

    “The report said racial tolerance was not a factor in why people moved out or where they moved to, nor ethnic differences in wealth or income. Instead, they said it was a result of ‘cultural tastes’ and ideals about what kind of neighbourhood they wanted to live in.”

    “cultural tastes” – an obvious code word for “race”.

    • watling

      The most expensive areas in the UK are the whitest. There is a little variation from that rule in the most expensive areas of London due to filthy rich foreigners buying up the best properties but the rule holds good elsewhere.

      Conversely, as you might expect, the most “enriched” areas are the cheapest locally. e.g. compare Slough (heavily enriched with Asians and Eastern Europeans – average property price £282K) with Windsor (white – £442K) just 5 miles away.

  • Alexandra1973

    That’s why you have queers trying to rewrite the Bible.

  • saxonsun

    Yes, the English have always sought to limit monarchical power. Thanks for the superb post.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Ironic indeed they limited monarchal power, yet grabbed far more power than any monarch who actually ruled England could dream of. One thing is certain, historians are going to have as much to write about as historians during Roman times.

  • Sick of it

    To both you and Alexandra – Yeah, God made us all different. We each have our own purpose and were created for that purpose. We may rebel against it, but that doesn’t mean we are all 100% equal in every way like some sort of interchangeable parts. I, for instance, could not sing well to save my life. Pretty sure about that.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    My main gripe against Christianity is that it pathologizes instinct to be replaced with guilt. Most “sins” are quite natural and, while people should learn to control themselves, lust and pride seem to be quite useful.
    Likewise, this multicultural cult demonizes tribalism to replace it with guilt and forced integration, “tolerance”, etc.

    • ThomasER916

      I don’t believe you in the least. Reinforcing impulse controls is not the same as pathologizing instincts. You got it backwards. You can’t look at something now, after 150 years of Materialism, Marxism, Socialism, Post-Modernism, neo-Hedonism, et. al.and then tell us the symptoms are the cause.

      I didn’t get to this site because I believed the propaganda.

  • IstvanIN

    How long would the monarchy last if she exercised those powers? The politicians, to the detriment of the people, hold all the cards.

  • Brian

    I wonder what the Queen’s opinion is on the third-world immivasion. Does she ever go to any of the browntowns for any reason? Has she ever been to a place like Brixton? That Peter Gabriel song comes to mind: “Here Comes The Flood’.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    And why is that such a big surprise? Given a choice between a violent revolution which is likely to fail and result in an even WORSE situation OR voting with one’s feet and taking your chances in a strange land, the choice is all too often clear. Voting with one’s feet is preferable than voting with bullets. Fighting City Hall is more often than not, futile. However, the option of voting with our feet is NOT an option for most, and the political class not only ignores our well being, they demonize us for trying to defend it. Therefore we are being forced into a violent confrontation no sane person wants, I sure as Hell don’t knowing how all too often revolutions turn into reigns of terror.

  • Bunky

    I bet he lives in a nice safe white community.

  • ThomasER916

    Helping them flood Israel and intermarry with “The Chosen” is a great start.