Two Golden Dawn Members Killed in Drive-by Shooting Outside Athens Office

Helena Smith, The Guardian, November 1, 2013

Crisis-plagued Greece was thrown into further turmoil on Friday after two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party were shot dead in what police called a “terrorist attack” outside one of the organisation’s offices in Athens.

Two men, described as a 20 and 23-year-old, died instantly in the drive-by shooting, according to a statement released by the extremist group.

“Two helmeted terrorists on a motorbike stopped in front of Golden Dawn’s offices in [the northern Athens suburb of] Neo Iraklio while the office was open and a lot of people were [gathered around] its entrance,” said the party.

“The co-rider got off [the bike] and in cold blood executed two young men at a distance of about half a metre. Before leaving the terrorists fired again . . . they literally emptied their weapons [of bullets] on top of them.”

A third Golden Dawn member, identified as a 29-year-old father of one, was fighting for his life in an Athens hospital after being severely injured in the hail of gunfire.

“His situation is very critical,” the country’s health minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV.

Police said the attack, conducted with an MB5 machine gun, bore all the hallmarks of a well-organised terrorist operation although government officials insisted they were not ruling out any scenario.

Greece’s public order minister Nikos Dendias issued a carefully-worded statement shortly after 8.30pm local time, approximately one hour after the attack. “I express my sorrow at the death of two young men,” he said. “The law will prevail. The country will not be allowed to become a battle field for the settling of scores.”

The attack comes almost two months after a leftwing hip-hop artist, Pavlos Fyssas, was fatally stabbed by a self-confessed member of Golden Dawn in a working class area of Athens. The murder set in motion a crackdown on the neo-Nazi party that has since seen its leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, and several of his leading cadres imprisoned on charges of using the virulently anti-immigrant organisation to operate a criminal gang that sowed wanton terror on the streets of Greece.

In an explosive political atmosphere already poisoned by the despair wrought by cuts demanded in return for rescue funds to prop up the country’s debt-stricken economy, the crackdown has heightened tensions.

“Some are preparing to lead this country to civil war,” said Panos Kammenos, leader of the rightwing Independent Greeks party, reacting to the killings. “Clearly there are those who want to destabilise this country politically,” he added suggesting that “foreign centres” were among the dark forces working against Greece.

The cold-blooded murders were quick to send a chill through Athens’ entire political establishment. Insiders said it had sent tremors through the fragile coalition government with many describing the mood in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ office as being “numb” with shock.

“The murderers, whoever they are, will be treated mercilessly,” said Simos Kedigoglou, a government spokesman, emerging from a crisis meeting called by Samaras.

Across the board there were fears of the backlash the murders could unleash.

“It’s a very dangerous development that could lead to a vicious cycle of blood being shed in a country that is already being torn apart,” said Andreas Papadopoulos, spokesman of the small Democratic Left party, which withdrew from the tripartite government in disgust over its economic policies in the summer.

Analysts worried on Friday that Golden Dawn, which has accused the political establishment of waging a war to destroy it, will use the tragedy to once again boost its ratings in the polls. “My fear is that Golden Dawn will exploit this to make the point that it too is being persecuted, that it’s own members are being cold-bloodedly murdered,” said the political commentator Dimitris Tsiodras.

Catapulted into parliament for the first time in June 2012, the neo-fascist party remains the country’s third biggest political force, although its support has plummeted since the 18 September murder of Fyssas. Last week, the Greek parliament voted to cut off funding for the party as the campaign intensified to marginalise it.

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  • Manaphy

    Will the SPLC condemn this murder?
    Will the ADL condemn this murder?
    Will any “anti-racist” group condemn this murder?

    Of course not. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Looks like the mainstream media’s demonization of and hate-campaign against Golden Dawn is finally paying off in bloodshed.

      • Lewis33

        Yes…and for once Drudge is going along with it. Every link he makes concerning GD say’s “neo-nazi.”

        • blight14

          Matt Drudge is ‘one of them’…..its surely hardwired in the DNA……..

      • negrolocaust

        towson student stabbed by three blks for phone please forward. i will be posting 5 stories on my websites

    • Beetlejuice

      Will any government, the American media, “human rights” or “anti-racist” organizations or the UN condemn the arrest and jailing of legally elected members of parliament?

      Of course not. Anti-Racist IS codeword for Anti-White

    • Vonhauer

      That is quite the Nazi Waffen SS avatar you have there. I noticed that by clicking on your avatar, which brings up your profile, that you lovingly quote Adolf Eichmann.

      Adolf Eichmann was a German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust. Because of his organizational talents and ideological reliability, Eichmann was charged by SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in German occupied Eastern Europe.

      Just so everyone here is aware of where you stand.

      • Winston Merryweather

        I didn’t notice that at first. I wonder if the moderator has and also whether Jared Taylor has noticed the moderator?

        If this is now approved of on this site then I can no longer support it.

        • curri

          It’s probably a SPLC/ADL/FBI troll-especially given the clichéd content. That said, the vast majority of SS were of course just combat soldiers. Latvian and Estonian SS are still openly celebrated today for fighting against the second Soviet invasion.

        • skara_brae

          Perhaps you should ban the effete disco rockers ‘KISS’ while you’re at it.

          • Duck Lover

            Boston were far better than KI$$ mate

      • Kathy M

        Same here. The vast majority of Whites would agree. It seems Taylor and his message are headed into the skin-head and Nazi boy camp. Which means nowhere.

        • Vonhauer

          Eichmann was a particularly nasty fiend in that he condoned the murder of innocent babies who did nothing but be born. They were gassed right along with their mothers.

          In fact, my problem with the whole Nazi crowd in WWII was that it wasn’t enough to get the Jews out of Germany by force, that’s one thing, but to round them up for mass murder went jus a tad too far. Just a wee little bit.

          How anyone with a trace of morality could support that today and on this website is sickening.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Most Germans today oppose those views, and many are ashamed of their past.

            Had Germany embraced their jews, Germany today would probably be a superpower given all the jewish nuclear scientists who fled the nazis.

          • skara_brae

            Germany is in fact a “superpower”.

          • zek

            What’s even worse, did you know that the Nazis made the babies’ skin into lampshades? Oy vey, the humanity.

      • NoMosqueHere

        As I said before, white people should act honorably. And that means, among other things, rejecting genocidal nazism.

    • Winston Merryweather

      But you are in favor of murder yourself. Isn’t that true Waffen SS supporter?

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      You do realize many Slavs like me detest the Nazis almost as much as they do the Soviets do you? Frankly, if I was a Ukrainian in Ukraine during WW-II, I would kill Bolsheviks and Nazis with equal ruthlessness. Your avatar is an affront to Slavs who families suffered because of the Nazis.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Whites should act with honor; and that includes rejecting genocidal nazi policies. Yes, the jews are a nutty people and it’s not wrong to point it out; but they should be left alone.

        Hitler and the nazis believed Slavs were inferior to aryans, which is a disgusting and utterly false idea. Hitler killed about a million serbian patriots FOR NO GOOD REASON.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          They are not nutty, they are very dangerous people who have 500 nuclear weapons and the means to use them against any site anywhere in the world. They killed as many as 100 million Slavs, and millions and millions more whites from other European nations too. Much as I detest the Nazis and Hilter, he was right to see Bolshevism as a threat. He was dead wrong in how he treated the Slavs as sub-human fit only for slavery at best. They wanted to fight with the Germans against the Soviets, until they learned what Hitler’s agenda really was. Had he seen the Slavs for what they were, the Red Mafiya running the Soviet Union would have all been executed by the spring of 1942.
          Do you know the general who directed the U.S. bombing of Serbia was of Jewish descent? It is a verifiable fact the man whose orders led to the deaths of at least 200,000 Serbian civilians has Jewish ancestry? Klinton’s daughter is married to a Jew. He should indeed by prosecuted as a war criminal, but he’s not the only one who should be standing trial for the 1999 atrocity against not only Serbia, but all of Europe too. Klinton and this general has in effect given the Muslims a beach head in Europe from which they are now attacking other European nations. Slavs despise them for good reason, including this one. And you can be sure many of them hate Klinton too.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Israel has nuclear weapons because Jewish physicists invented them: Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, among others. But they’ve had them for many years and never used one. Does anyone really worry about Israel using nuclear weapons? I think not.

            Your position that the jews killed 100 million slavs and millions of other whites is, pardon my frankness, quite insane, and thus does not deserve a response.

            Ok, Klinton’s daughter married a jew, but 20 years after the Kosovo war. I fail to see the relevance since her husband is not a political type.

            Wesley Clark was the horrific US General you refer to. I don’t think he’s jewish, but he may have a jewish ancestor from way back. But what difference does it make? Clinton was the commander in chief who gave the orders to attack Serbia.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Your denial of the genocide they created in Eastern Europe is insane, because it did happen. My father’s family witnessed it. Many historians, including Alexander Solzhetnitzen have documented their atrocities. Putin publicly names them as the real masters of the Soviet Union. Israel has threatened on more than one occasion to attack European and Russian cities with nuclear weapons without provocation. And you better believe they are planning to committed the same sort of massacres they perpetrated in Eastern Europe here in America. No sir, I am saner than a heart attack. You are bamboozled to not know what they did in Eastern Europe, and why some Slavs fought for Hitler. They didn’t do that because they liked the man, they mistakenly thought Hitler was a liberator. My family witnessed that personally too. My grandparents told me things about what happened to them that would make you turn white as a sheet. Wesley Clark was indeed a horrific general, one of many who would just as easily kill you and your family as he caused the deaths of at least 200,000 Serbs by deliberately bombing infrastructure, and populated areas. If ordered to, he would kill millions of us given who he’s close to before he retired. I talk to people from Eastern Europe, they tell me things you would never believe. There is no debate, this is fact and the sooner you Americans learn what really happened to my ancestors at the hands of the Jews and their accomplices in the West, the more likely you can save yourselves from what already happened to us.

  • Sam Francis, writing in Chronicles in August 2002.


    The most obvious glimmer, of course, is in France, where Jean Marie Le Pen, after three decades of crusading against immigration, placed second in the French presidential primary in April, only to fall victim to a globally orchestrated campaign of vilification and demonization that clearly made it impossible for him to win more than 18 percent of the vote in the general election in May. Nevertheless, the major consequence of the Le Pen balloon was not what happened in France but what occurred in the Netherlands. There the result of the vilification of Le Pen was the outright murder of the man who was more or less the closest analogue to the French political leader, Pim Fortuyn, one day after the French vote.

    The Fortuyn murder, by a left-wing crackpot, tends to make conspiracy theories obsolete. No one need speculate any longer that some secret cabal of the ruling classes orders assassins to eliminate troublesome political figures who just won’t shut up or go away. All the ruling classes now have to do is launch precisely the kind of vilification against such figures that the entire European and American press vomited at Le Pen (or earlier against his counterpart in Austria, Jorge Haider, or around the same time and to a somewhat lesser degree against Fortuyn himself). It is now well known to everyone that there are so many free-floating nuts allowed to roam at large through European and American society that the proper sort of vilification campaign can be relied upon sooner or later to trigger one or more of them into eliminating the designated figure. Some friends of Pat Buchanan wondered in 1999 when he was being vilified in the American press in much the same way if that was the real purpose; whether it consciously was or not, it remains a small miracle that Mr. Buchanan — or indeed, Mr. Le Pen, or Mr. Haider, or any such leaders in Europe or America — remains alive today.


    Since Sam Francis died (way too soon), there has been a fancy phrase to described this sort of thing: Eliminationism, or eliminationist hate.

    Make no mistake about it, what happened in Greece here to these two young men was the result of a campaign of eliminationist hate against Golden Dawn.

    • Pro_Whitey

      At vdare . com they have characterized it as another of Francis’s phrases, anarcho-tyranny, where the power of government comes down like a hammer upon the generally law-abiding, like Golden Dawn, while at the same time not applied at all against those elements tearing society apart.

    • Puggg

      Idea for an editorial cartoon:

      Draw a cartoon of the drive by shooting, but the man on the motorbike doing the driveby should strike a striking resemblance to the current Greek prime minister.

  • Manaphy

    Golden Dawn is the only political party in Greece which actually stands up for Greek people. Golden Dawn fights the anti-whites and the multi-kulti promoters, and what’s more is that they are effective at this. The “Norwegians” realize that when whites band together and form political parties like Golden Dawn, whites threaten “Norwegian” global hegemony. This is why “Norwegians” are celebrating the bloody murders of two true Greek patriots. That is, if “Norwegians” didn’t orchestrate these murders themselves, just as “Norwegians have used their espionage agency to assassinate their political foes in the past.

    • Pro_Whitey

      That word, Norwegians, I think it does not mean what you think it means (just kidding).

    • Katherine McChesney

      I don’t get it. Unless you are using ‘Norwegians’ in place of a certain unmentionable culture of people.

      • Manaphy

        If I mention this culture of people by name then Amren will delete my comment.

        • Sick of it

          We say that they are not Eskimos generally.

      • Brian

        I use ‘YKW’ (you know who) to save a bit of typing.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      This is getting good. The spark has to start the blaze somewhere. I hope Golden Dawn and their supporters indeed make the most of this.

    • Anna Tree

      Is there any Jews at all in Greece?!? Unless your Norwegians means leftists or muslims.

      • NoMosqueHere

        No, he means jews. His comment was deleted which I am opposed to. Anyway, he was suggesting that jews were behind the execution, which is beyond absurd. I am in favor of white rights and real immigration reform (ending all third world immigration and increasing white immigration), but I believe whites should conduct themselves honorably and that does not include supporting nasty, hitlerite genocidal views.

        • Anna Tree

          Yes I knew, I was being sarcastic to Manaphy’s claims. As PesachPatriot writes, I don’t think there are many Jews left in Greece and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the few left would prefer Golden Dawn over the leftists bringing hordes of muslims and Africans (same in France: one is for diversity until they live in it).

          Less liberals in a country, less liberal Jews in a country because I think Jews are liberals the same way than Christians or atheists etc are liberals: by naivety, wishful thinking, greed, self-hatred and so on.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Virtually no jews live in Greece but the nazis will invent jews if they have to because they are vampires. They cannot live without jewish blood, real or imitation.

  • Spartacus

    Will the leaders of whatever party or movement these vermin are members of ever get arrested? Of course they won’t. They’re not “evilnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews”…

    Golden Dawn, and all of us, should quite trying to win in the so-called “democratic” elections, and take power by force .

  • anew

    Of course it was a terrorist attack, and those terrorists were enabled by the Greek state. The Greek people need to rise up.

  • IstvanIN

    I wonder if the Greek government arranged this execution?

    • Ella

      And Americans wonder still about JFK with the replacement of LBJ and the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965. To state, ” President Johnson called the bill “not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions”,[4] while Secretary of State Dean Russ estimated only a few thousand Indian immigrants over the next five years…………” I want to cry seriously.

    • blight14

      It has been postulated that a certain ‘ally’ of the United States does not approve of the Golden Dawn………allegedly………

  • WR_the_realist

    I feel confident that whichever party the murderers belong to will not be banned.

    We all know that this sort of thing only goes one way.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Zeus? Apollo? Poseidon? Hera?
    Quit sitting around the table and do something, or the lowly humans will turn you into blacks, like they are already doing to Thor’s people.
    Let me guess, you don’t mind your country going down in flames, but you let one queen say her daughter is prettier than the nereids, and you’re willing to destroy an entire city?

  • bigone4u

    Arrest the leaders. Murder the followers. Demonize it. Cut off its money. It’s WAR.
    Whether it’s Golden Dawn today or the Confederacy in 1861, the plan rarely deviates from the above steps. Golden Dawn stands against the genocide of the white race and so must be destroyed. Likewise, the still weak white resistence movement in the US is destroyed by the federal government by a thousand slashes of the knife. I’m betting Golden Dawn will prove itself real men. So will American men in the end.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I personally feel my own death in the coming civil AND world war would be an acceptable price to pay if the ones who started it meet their end with a rope around their necks.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    This killing in broad daylight has the fingerprints of those who cannot be named all over it. They murder anyone who opposes them openly with impunity because they are protected in high places. Golden Dawn and their followers better resolve themselves to responding to violence against them with greater violence because this is a lit fuse to civil war.

    • Beetlejuice

      This was a calculated hit, designed to send a message. This may be the flashpoint of a very large civil war that will spill outside the borders of Greece, just as the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo set of a chain of events that started WW I.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Of course this was intended to send a message, but it will backfire because now Golden Dawn has martyrs. Every political or religious revolution needs martyrs, and now this one has them. As for spilling outside of Greece, that is assured the moment foreigners intervene with troops, tanks and aircraft. We are at the same point Europe was during the Weimar Republic in Germany. There will be violent riots in the streets that would sooner than later explode into civil war. Europe and America is pregnant with civil war, and those who cannot be named or criticized are the mid-wives. They will of course start killing pro-white activists and other members of the opposition more and more brazenly through useful idiots then openly. The resistance however against them will be like a glob of grease, clamp down in one place, it squeezes out somewhere else.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’d guess that the Jesuits are behind this considering they are Vatican Assassins.

  • rowingfool

    Good! The sooner we open-minded liberals murder all these intolerant bigots who gained access to power via democratic, parliamentary elections, the faster we can get on with building a better society. These bigoted fascists who want to protect the Greek people and particularly the working class from mass migration must be made to pay and pay and pay for their stupid intransigence. Why can’t they see that Greece is big enough–and big-hearted enough–to make room for as many offspring as our African brothers and sisters can produce? Sure, these boatloads of people aren’t educated by Western standards, but just because these people don’t score high on our tests doesn’t mean they’re stupid. After all, IQ tests are biased towards wealthy, healthy, democratic, technologically proficient, scientifically literate, tolerant, viable, rule-of-Law Cultures. And those narrow-minded fascists wouldn’t do too well if they were tested on tracking game across the desert in Africa either. Maybe WE should build a place in Greece, a replica Africa, where these people can feel at home. It’s the least we can do to welcome our new neighbors.

    • Sick of it

      The weirdest thing about the situation in Greece is that there are so many liberals in support of immigration when their economy has basically collapsed. For every non-Greek who gets a job, a Greek loses his job.

  • RHG

    So will elected leftwing politicians be denied their seats and rounded up and jailed like Golden Dawn elected officials were for a crime they had nothing to do with?

  • Cannot Tell

    Terrible news. So now Greeks are not only risking their freedom to join Golden Dawn. They’re now risking their lives.

    • Beetlejuice

      Greeks are becoming desperate and when that happens, risking their lives doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. What have they got to lose? Their government doesn’t support them, they have little hope of gainful employment and their country is turning into a third world garbage dump. They have nothing else to do, a lot of time on their hands and nothing to lose.
      Insurrection will be the result.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        From risking their lives, to killing their enemies is the next step, and that is not a very big jump. Making an entire population of people angry, fearful and desperate can only result in insurrection, and full blown civil war.

  • rowingfool

    Anyone here remember the movie “Z”?

    It’s about the political assassination of a liberal leader in Greece in the late 1960’s. And the state’s prosecutor who followed the chain of evidence that led to charges being brought against the top right-wing politicians and Generals for their role in the conspiracy to commit murder.

    In other words, it is the exact mirror image of current events–even to the point of the killing’s having been carried out by two assassins!

    Within a year or two of the movie’s release there was an actual military coup in Greece in which the Colonels of the Army took over. Unfortunately, they implemented fairly repressive measures such as censorship of the press, curtailing freedom of speech etc. Within 6 years or so, they in turn were toppled in the wake of nation-wide protests.

    Animosity between Communists and Fascists in Greece goes back to WW2. During and after the war both factions fought violently over who would rule Greece. Atrocities on both sides. What we see today is the same old conflict reignited because of harsh economic times. This could be the spark that starts the general conflagration.

  • Alfred the Great

    Reminds me of when those “terrorists” shot George Wallace. The libs don’t care about the means, only the endstate.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The Jesuits live by the motto ‘The end justifies the means.’

      • Alfred the Great

        I am not Romish, but when I attended a Jesuit high school, I never heard or saw anything that would lead me to that conclusion.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Since 2008, the Greek economy has contracted by 20%. Unemployment stands at 27.6%, for Greek youth it is 57.3%.

    Citigroup projects unemployment in Greece will reach 34% by 2015.

    Golden Dawn is the only major party and best choice Greeks have to put a stop to the never-ending hoards of refugees and immigrants that will dissolve Greek heritage and turn Greece into a Muslim-majority tyranny.

    A month ago, Greece’s prime minister said his government will do “whatever it takes” to crush and eradicate the “neo-Nazi” Golden Dawn party — and then had legally elected members of parliament and its leader arrested and thrown in jail.

    “Greece belongs to the Greeks. One does not become a Greek, but is born one. If a black man comes from Africa and stays in Greece for 15 years, he is still not a Greek. We are anti-capitalists, anti-communists and believe in a national state. We also have extremely normal and strict opinions on matters regarding illegal immigration, drugs and homosexuality.”

    –Spokesman for Golden Dawn

    Police said the attack, conducted with an MB5 machine gun, bore all the hallmarks of a well-organised terrorist operation

    What’s surprising is that Greece isn’t on fire…yet. Maybe this shooting will be the catalyst.


  • Jack Burton

    Notice the stark subracial divide even among Greeks, the left seems to have more non-European genes such as with the late anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

  • TheMediaIsYourEnemy

    the mainstream establishment and CorpGovMedia hate Golden Dawn, not only because they are anti-immigrant, but also because they are also anti-austerity.

    Golden Dawn is the ultimate evil as far as the media is concerned. Why? Because Golden Dawn refuses to accept rightwing economic dogma.

    The GOP is OK as far as the media is concerned because even though the GOP is supposedly against immigration and supposedly against affirmative action and race spoils, the GOP and other rightwing groups accept rightwing economic dogma (e.g., flat taxation, weaker workers rights, less regulation etc).

    Golden Dawn however is against immigration and supports white rights (truly against immigration and truly support white rights), but golden dawn is anti-austerity, which means golden dawn recognizes that the rich are the enemy of the white majority and that the wealth of the rich must be taxed and that the rich must be controlled. And Golden Dawn is also for a strong welfare state–for the whites of the white nations.

    This is the ultimate evil as far as CorpGovMedia and their rich puppetmasters are concerned.

    You see, with all the other rightwing parties, the rich win because the rightwing dogma allows the rich to win, just as the rich win whenever the Dems and the supposed “Left” win.

    The rich win with the GOP and they win with the Dems, just in different ways.

    But golden dawn mixes left and right in order to give the win to the white majority and not to the rich.

    That is why CorpGovMedia is demonizing and destroying Golden Dawn–because golden dawn mixes pro-white from the right and anti-rich from the left.

    This is the ultimate evil as far as CorpGovMedia is concerned.

  • MarcB1969

    Is the Greek government now ready to outlaw the Golden Dawn’s opposition party?

  • MarcB1969

    Their new twist on that is the Red State vs. Blue State divide to get Whites at each others throats over Thanksgiving dinner.