Posted on November 20, 2013

Surprise! Media Finally Wake Up to Knockout Game

Colin Flaherty, WND, November 19, 2013

Ever so slowly, reporters are starting to figure out a version of black mob violence called the Knockout Game.

The first chip in the wall fell in New York, where Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said last week that Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights were the victims of eight episodes of mob violence and vandalism.

He did not see a pattern.

But the New York Post did, reporting: “The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to show that he can knock down some stranger on the streets, preferably with one punch, as they pass by. Often, some other member of the group records the event so that a video of that ‘achievement’ is put on the Internet to be celebrated.”

The violence, caught on video, was so egregious even the CBS affiliate in New York had trouble ignoring it. The station reported that Rabbi Yaacov Behrman said “he believes the assaults are part of a disturbing game by some African-American teens.”

The same station, however, reported on the Knockout Game in Hoboken just a few days before without mentioning the central organizing feature of the violence: The race of the perpetrators.

In Washington, D.C., the CBS affiliate reported this week that at least two people were recent victims of the Knockout Game. But the station got it wrong on two counts. One was of omission: It did not mention that everyone involved in committing the Knockout Game is black.

The station also did not report that white and Asian people throughout the district are subject to frequent black mob violence on bike trails, on mass transit, in entertainment districts, in “gay” neighborhoods and just about everywhere else, as documented in “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.”

The other error is of commission: They called it “new.”

WND, however, has documented hundreds of examples of the Knockout Game around the country over the last two years. They include several stories from Washington.


Anyone looking at the hundreds and hundreds of examples–many on video–knows this: The victims can be white. Or Asian. Or women. Or homosexual. But this much they have in common: All of attackers in the Knockout Game are black.


Finally, this week, it all got to be too much for Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. She did an “off the record” commentary in which she talked about “young African American teenagers viciously and gratuitously attacking a random victim–a teacher–in Pittsburgh, Pa.”

Greta gets points for identifying the attackers, but the victim was not random: He was white.

Greta continued with her description of the Knockout Game, then her commentary took a strange twist: She appealed to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for help in stopping this racial violence.

She totally ignored the role Sharpton had in encouraging racial violence when in 1991 he was involved in three days of black mob violence directed at Jews in Crown Heights.

“I beg of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and even President Obama to step up right now and speak out,” said Van Susteren.

Maybe they can have a beer summit.