Registered Sex Offenders

American Renaissance, November 25, 2013



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  • Erasmus

    If they’re “white,” does this mean that they and everyone else of a similar hue lose their preferential treatment in hiring and education?

    • John R

      LMAO! As John Wayne said in The Searchers: “That ‘ll be the day!”

  • Luca

    This is just another Liberal propaganda tactic. From now on to reduce black crime figures all mulattoes will be recorded as White. However, should a mulatto do something positive, his label will immediately switch over and he will be called a black.

    • Erasmus

      But people still see through the ruse. The MSM, instead of pulling one over, is only losing its credibility.

      • IstvanIN

        and readership.

    • Rhialto

      I think your right about the racial label switch. I seem to recall an American politician, whose mother was white and father an African (Kenyan?). He was always referred to as Black.

    • Sick of it

      Most folks don’t realize that when a white mother gives birth to a mulatto child outside of marriage, the state assigns the child the same race as the mother (i.e. white). We’ve had b.s. statistics for a long time now.

      • Nanci Loveless Burns

        No. The mother has a choice, to list her child as white or black.

        • Sick of it

          www DOT circleofmoms DOT com/moms-of-bi-racial-babieschildren/racial-identity-on-government-docs-538666

  • Puggg

    <—- St. Bernard

  • sbuffalonative

    Now I understand why the white sex offender myth is so hard expose. They have to lie to inflate the numbers.

    Years ago, I went on the New York (Erie County) sex registry website. I looked at each offender. Despite the ‘To Catch a Predator’ storyline, the majority of offenders were black and Hispanic.

    • Spartacus


      • ShermanTMcCoy

        How can I down vote a down vote?

    • Sick of it

      Even those who weren’t black or Hispanic were likely related to either David Berkowitz or Osama bin Laden.

      • bilderbuster

        Or Geraldo Rivera.

  • IstvanIN

    NJ does something similar for various statistics…..Spanish last name = white Hispanic.

  • bigone4u

    Paul Craig Roberts, highly respected former Undersecretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, has written about how the government is cooking the books on economic data, to make it appear that unemployment is lower and that the economy is growing. This is something new, not seen until Obama. Now, we also know that the race of criminals is being changed for political purposes. Essentially, Dr. Roberts makes a convincing case that the government is nothing but a CRIME SYNDICATE, extorting money from us to “protect” us from the thugs in the pictures and their ilk, while enriching the politicians, judges, lawyers, professors, and do-gooders who make up the anti-racism industry.

    Until we pull the plug on TV, newspapers, Hollywood, sports, and most importantly, the IRS, and go out and DEMAND the right to our own country, we are going to continue to be played for suckers. The thugs in the pics are just the instruments that the government uses to force us to acquiesce to the ever growing police state. The black and brown plague are a disease and we know what the cure is. It’s time to swallow the red pill and act.

  • Spartacus


  • Spartacus
  • puffdaddy

    The police also categorized Philip Chism, who killed Colleen Ritzer in Massachusetts as white.

    • Pelagian

      I’m guessing there’s a bit of a battle going on in precincts over the race classification. Sergeants who are too quick to classify as black (you might say, “to call a spade a spade”) are being challenged by their black and liberal white colleagues under suspicion of racism. Again, who wants to throw their career under the bus for the sake of interracial truth and justice? VIRTUALLY NO ONE! but I think our mantra should be, if even one fact is changed, and there’s a 12-year-old blonde girl that’s a little less on guard then she ought to be … It’s on their consciences

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    What’s really incredible about this is that even when they list mulattoes and Hispanics as white, the white crime rate still doesn’t even get close to the black or Hispanic crime rate.

    The only possible way to close this gap would be to genetically test every offender and list all of the ones with even 1% white genetics as white (and even then, it might not be enough).

  • WASP

    I don’t believe a lot of statistics now that list the race a White.

    • Jim Henry

      I have an example…Barak Obama. He listed as a black, yet he is just as white as he is black. Of course Clinton was referred to as the first black President. Now I am really confused. Todd Palin is part Eskimo, is he still considered white? Does this put Sarah in a racially mixed marriage. What about the Redskins? They mostly have black skin. The Jewish guy who got knocked out is not considered white, but a Jew…look it up.

      Forget it, I am starting to get silly.

      • tlk244182

        Silly? Not at all.

    • bilderbuster

      Calling yourself WASP isn’t helping as a wasp is a venomous insect & also there is no such creature as an Asian or Black Anglo Saxon.

      • WASP

        I’m not Asian or Black. When this country was 90% White, everyone understood what WASP meant — White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. WASP is my heritage; it’s who I am. WASP is not an insect.

        • bilderbuster

          You’re a Anglo Saxon Protestant.
          Trust me when I tell you that when non Whites refer to us as WASPS it is not a positive term.
          The W is added as a double negative as in White/Venomous Insect.

          • They could call themselves Anglo Saxon Protestants, and the acronym would thus be ASP, with “ASPs” as the plural. An asp is a venomous snake – an elapid. It’s the obsolete term for a cobra (genus Naja) and in modern taxonomy, the Aspidelaps genus includes South Africa’s dangerous cape coral snake.

          • Brian

            The blacks would never be able to pronounce ASP, any more than ‘ask’.

          • bilderbuster

            It’s also an abbreviation for the American Society of Primatologists whose website states they are “An educational and scientific organization that aims to understand, conserve and inform about non human primates”.

          • Well, since we understand and inform about non human primates on this website, doesn’t that make us all ASPs, even those of us who are not Anglo-Saxons?

          • WASP

            OK, I see your point; but I still like WASP. I may change to another handle sometime, but maybe if non-whites think I’m a White venomous insect, they better leave me alone! LOL

          • bilderbuster

            No matter what we do for them they never leave us alone.
            As Kipling wrote it’s “The White Man’s Burden”. LOL!

          • Bunky

            Wasps are brown, red, yellow, black.
            I haven’t seen a white wasp yet.
            Insect that is.

          • bilderbuster

            That’s another way to look at it.
            I’ve never seen a White wasp either but I have seen an albino negro.

  • MBlanc46

    No lie is too outrageous if it’s in defense of the integrationist narrative.

  • [Guest]

    This is yet another example that proves race is a “social construct” … unless it can be used as a weapon against white people.

  • [Guest]

    For anyone who’s interested, other examples of “white” criminals can be found mentioned in the comments section of the American Renaissance entry “Wanted by the FBI: Rosita Vilchez” (posted 21 November), where the likes of Jose Gustavo Badillo, Mahboob M. Pasha, and Tarek Ahmed El-Zoghpy are listed as “white” criminals wanted by the FBI.

    • Jefferson

      In California, the majority of “White” criminals also have last names like Marquez, Lopez, Hernandez, Reyes, Guerrero, Santana, etc judging by law enforcement websites.

      So it is not just Texas. Why are “White” people in California and Texas so violent ?

      • [Guest]

        Yeah, I believe it’s happening all over the country. When we dare to comment on things such as criminality and dependence on tax dollars among Hispanics, our noble “anti-racist” friends are quick to scream “Racist!”

        In the same breath, they’re apt to inform us that “Hispanic” is not a racial designation and that race is just a social construct anyway.

        My standard reply is to point out that if “Hispanic” is never a racial designation, then my favoring a closed southern border cannot be racist. I also like to point out that the leading Hispanic advocacy group is called La Raza (“The Race”).

        What it comes down to, I think, is that at all times and in all circumstances, race is a weapon that blacks, browns, and suicidal whites wield against white people.

  • Pelagian

    Hmmn…. “hair color black”. That’s an interesting hair color for a white man. They both must be “goths”. (-:

    • M.

      Black-haired whites do exist, but they still look white though.

  • Andy

    Grievance studies professors should be given a list of criminals to identify race and told it’s a list of promising young scientists.

    • tlk244182

      Excellent idea. Mr. O’Keefe, are you out there?

  • Massif1

    Mount Vernon and Bronx don’t have any white people.

  • WASP

    That’s interesting. One place I used to work was in a local county department and, of course, we were under all the federal laws including race classification. Everyone was either Black or White regardless of the person’s real race. Needless to say we had a lot of Asians and Indians (not many Hispanics here) listed as White. It didn’t make any sense. I wonder who in the government came up with this and, as you say, why?

  • Paleoconn

    If they’re White, Obama is albino.

  • [Guest]

    “State raises reward for most-wanted sex offender with Tarrant County ties”
    By Matt Peterson | Dallas Morning News

    The reward for a wanted sex offender with ties to Tarrant County has been increased to $15,000.

    Santos Francisco Sanchez, 46, is on the state’s list of 10 most-wanted sex offenders.


    Here is the Texas State Department of Public Safety information on this man:

    NAME: Santos Francisco Sanchez
    SEX: Male
    RACE: White

  • John K

    They can’t be rehabilitated. Lock them up and throw away the key.