Pack of Skateboarders Attack Lower East Side Store Owner

CBS New York, November 13, 2013

A pack of skateboarders savagely attacked a Lower East Side store owner when he confronted them about shoplifting, police said.

As CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported, surveillance video shows the four suspects with skateboards bombarding the Eastern Supermarket last Friday.

They were allegedly stealing sodas out of a cooler. After Zhen Dan Guo followed them outside to demand they pay, a scuffle broke out. The suspects then used their skateboards as weapons.

Guo’s son, Linbin, shared photos with Carrasco of his father’s injuries after he was badly beaten, but the images were too graphic to be shown.


Doctors said Guo will need four titanium plates inserted in his face and worry the attack may have left him blind in one eye. He is scheduled to have reconstructive surgery Saturday.



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  • CoweringCoward

    “Skateboarders”, we used to call them something else.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If the government would only ban skateboards we wouldn’t have any more violence in our country.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Also wasn’t this a case of profiling ? Soon none of us will be able to skateboard to get a beer without being profiled. I can only hope the storekeeper is jailed for profiling and god knows what else he does when he is not WORKING.

    • Sue

      We still do. It’s the government that calls “them” skateboarders.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        And the MSM

        • Sue

          MSM is the propaganda branch of the government.

    • Erasmus

      Criminals? Punks? Sons of Obama?

  • A Freespeechzone

    When you live in a city that will NOT allow you to be armed to protect from unprovoked, violent and dangerous attacks, you’ll see more of this.

    Under the Obama administration, aided by Holder, the press and self-loathing liberals, this behavior by blacks is embolden, encouraged and when it happens, nothing is said or done. Notice nothing from Al Sharpton….he SUPPORTS this unprovoked violence.

    IF this victim had the means to stop these animals, you can bet that the likes of Obama, Holder, Sharpton & their minions would demand the victim be prosecuted.

    Moreover, with the election of the new uber-liberal mayor, I look for this to increase tenfold in New York.

    If you live there, you’ve been warned.

    • exlib93

      I recently moved from NYC…I will never go back, especially now that this nut was elected mayor. The open season on Whites and Asians is official now in NYC.

  • IstvanIN

    They called them “skateboarders” because most people will think of 14 white boys doing flips. It isn’t until you see them that you know what they really are.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. When I’m driving around our tiny town, nearly every kid I see on skateboards are White teenage boys, with the occasional White girl.

      • IstvanIN

        The blacks saw skateboards, which they probably stole from white kids, as being easily “hidden in full view” weapons.

        • Blue-eyed Devil

          When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, the blacks and Puerto Ricans would come into our neighborhoods and steal our bikes from us. Twice they pulled a knife on me but I rode like the devil and got away. This was way back in the late 70s!

    • Erasmus

      When the article said that a pack of skateboarders beat up a store owner, I could picture them already. Anyone with more than half a brain now can also. If the article had said he was beaten up by a group of nuns, you’d know they were Whoopie Goldberg look-alikes.

    • So CAL Snowman

      it’s funny because when I was coming up I used to skateboard all the time and if you remember in the 90s, the skateboarders were looked at like punks and social outcasts. I remember i even had the t-shirt and the stickers that proclaimed “Skateboarding Is NOT A Crime.” The worst thing we ever did was break into people’s yards to use their empty pools and occasionally scuff up some public curbs and railings. Today skateboarding is almost considered “nerdy” and does not have the negative connotations associated with it like in the 90s. Leave it to the black youth to demean the term “skateboarders” in 2013 America.

      • pcmustgo

        Lupe Fiasco is a black rapper who made a video about skateboarding , one of his biggest hits.

        • Garrett Brown

          And yet he doesn’t skateboard at all. You listen to rap? Pathetic.

      • ms_anthro

        In NYC, many skateboarders are black. It’s a weapon that doubles as transportation.

    • The “skateboarder” description is a positive development. It means that our dishonest police departments and criminal media outlets are running out of weasel-words to substitute for “black”.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    A pack of skateboarders savagely attacked a Lower East Side store owner when he confronted them about shoplifting, police said.

    I find the use of the word “pack” here quite delightful in its animalistic implications. It reminds me of a pack Mel Gibson once warned his girlfriend about…

  • libertarian1234

    Such an overkill. Which is typical of black mobs.

    They’re totally unconcerned that they could kill a person very easily when they attack, but they don’t care.

    It’s getting to the point where all they have to do is write the headline and everybody automatically knows the perps are black.

    • Soft Heart

      Reminisent of when the blacks were beaten in the streets by gangs of hooded men and the locals came out to watch the carnage, what goes around comes around. Say anything you want and try to put a pretty face on it, there will still be those terrible people in our society. It is a real shame that America is such a disfunctional country, but look how it started…. go figure!

      • ms_anthro

        Typical anti-White logic. Those “gangs of hooded men” formed as a reaction to the brutality and grave injustices perpetrated against Whites by power-crazed anti-Whites and blacks under Reconstruction. Lynch mobs existed where there was no way to stop criminals from terrorizing communities otherwise. Given the hugely disproportionate numbers of blacks who commit violent crime today, it’s hard to pretend with a straight face that Whites back in the day were uniquely evil and unfair to the poor, downtrodden blacks among them. Most of the people that were strung up from trees or beaten by angry mobs had it coming.

        By the way, many of those “victims” of vigilante justice were Whites. Civilized people police their own criminals. It’s an admirable trait that non-Whites could stand to learn from us.

        • Blue-eyed Devil

          Most of those jigs who were lynched had raped White women. What did they think would happen to them in the Deep South in those days. Some were burned alive at the stake, too. Don’t believe that phony John Singleton movie, ‘Rosewood’. It’s B.S.

          • CoweringCoward

            Lynchings were huge expenditures of effort, whites would not gather in large groups just for meanness, that is not what we do.

          • ms_anthro

            No, that is behavior observed more readily in non-White countries and communities all over the world.

          • Blue-eyed Devil

            I’ve seen pictures where the Southerners would even bring their children to the lynchings. One photo showed a young White girl smiling while looking at the dangling black corpse. This was vigilante justice. The blacks had done atrocious things to Whites like rape and murder, sometimes to children. They deserve no sympathy.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        Go to hell.

        • CoweringCoward

          Or the Ghetto.

      • “What goes around comes around.”

        An excellent philosophy. I think this should apply in particular to things like the Knoxville Horror. If the perps were released to my custody, I know some tricks that would make being gang-raped, tortured and suffocated seem like the most fun in the world.

        • CoweringCoward

          Institute “life with agony”

          • They wouldn’t even get to scream.

          • CoweringCoward

            I was thinking maybe Groid’a’phone, sort of like a xylophone but with blacks (criminals) arranged in ascending size order so their screams were of differing pitches, wired up to a keyboard. You could rent time playing this instrument to “aspiring musicians”. Such sweet music it would play.(regardless of the talent of the player)

          • CoweringCoward

            I am thinking playing some REAL “POWER CHORDS” would be possible.

          • That was on “The Muppets” once. Poor little creatures were arranged in according to pitch, and then pounded to make them cry. In retrospect, I’m suprised they did that. “Muppaphones”. I think it was.

          • CoweringCoward

            Dangit, thought I had an original idea.

          • Maybe I was in Hell that year, so my memory isn’t quite clear.

      • ograf

        You really should learn how to spell, or quit using big words to try and sound educated. It is obvious that you are one of those “room temperature IQ folks.

  • Dave4088

    Just a day in the life of third world America. In theory, the disparate races should all be learning from one another and singing kumbaya, or at the very least plotting against whitey. But in reality they all wind up beating and killing one another.

    • sbuffalonative

      We just don’t have enough laws in place to create the great ‘progressive’ Utopia liberals envision. More laws will fix these problems and everyone will weep with tears of joy when they say ‘I love Big Brother’.

      • Jackryanvb

        Liberals are not as bad as idiot, traitor Libertarians like Rand Paul and Garry Johnson. These Libertarians insist that we have too many laws and regulations and Blacks are in jail because of institutional racism, Blacks should be allowed to use and sell hard drugs in “free markets”.

  • dave

    How about: savage blacks attack store owner. It’s simple and the truth. I’m sick and tired of all this PC unless its whites involved on rare occasions.

    • negrolocaust

      its not always the writers fault. try posting “blacks attack store owner” on youtube and see how long your video and account last. at least they got the story out.

      • dave

        the writers and reporters are told what to write by the commuinists running the press and news media. if you closed you’re eyes and listened to the story,you would think the perps were white. the story was right the facts were wrong.

  • 48224

    It’s a good thing the store owner didn’t have a legally owed and carried hand gun like George Zimmerman did. Otherwise, he’d likely be facing murder charges and threats of lynching….Like George Zimmerman did. These little darlings probably just needed some Red Bull so they could stay up late and study for a big Algebra test.

    • Mahound

      Then we would have had a white Asian racist murder!

    • negrolocaust

      no. it is a BAD thing that he did not defend himself like bernard goetz and zimmerman and so what if he served six months like goetz did goetz has his vision and a good long life and pride in himself and millions of people who consider him a hero just like zimmerman whereas this guy might lose vision in his eye. whites are too cowardly that’s the problem here.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        Not the Alpha male Whites. N***ers are terrified of strong White men who show no fear. That’s for real.

    • Jackryanvb

      $12 T ball bat from Target. Best ever one handed club. We’re going to get persecuted for using guns to shoot Black teens armed with skateboards.

      Guns are not our salvation. We need to learn again how to fight, form our own mobs – the Russians do these things well.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    We should start an ASDL (Anti-Skateboarders Defamation League) and mount some concerted protests! Stereotyping of skateboarders cannot be allowed to stand!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    No pay.

    We iz prez’dint now.

  • Mahound

    I can’t help to think that this is the fault of the white man.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Koreans are probably the only ones willing to set up shop anymore in their blighted neighborhoods. Here’s why.

    • borogirl54

      They guy was not Korean. He was Chinese by the looks of his name.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        Is there a difference?

        • Rhialto

          Yes, Koreans generally dislike Chinese, but have a high opinion of Koreans.

          Chinese generally dislike Koreans, but have a high opinion of Chinese.

    • Blue-eyed Devil

      Low rents. Duh!

  • Luca

    Clearly we need more skateboard control and more money for an after-school tutoring program.

  • Nice Guy

    Jared Taylor’s plea for me to support Amren just popped up while I was reading this article. I read his plea about how whites are going to be a minority in America by 2042 and how we need to support Amren to get the word out. Sorry, Jared, but I just don’t have the money to support Amren. See, I’ve got six kids — six WHITE kids. I’ve put my money to better use. Now, if only all the 930,000 unique visitors (if they’re white) would do the same…

    Supporting Amren with your money isn’t the answer.

    Having more white babies is.

    Get on that.


    Or die.

    • NoMosqueHere

      We need a white baby project, and we also need to end all third world immigration.

  • Truthseeker

    I feel bad for Asian immigrants who have to deal with blacks for the first time in America. They come from cultures where people care about their reputations and avoiding social shame. When blacks engage in criminal acts, the Asians think they might be shamed into turning themselves in (I remember a similar incident in Chicago where an Asian store owner released surveillance video in hopes that the “youths” would be shamed into confessing).

    How disillusioning it must be for them to realize that all the work they put into maintaining their good face means nothing to a significant segment of the population. This “vibrant” country is nothing but a free-for-all devoid of any social capital.

    • ms_anthro

      One more excellent reason they should stay in their own countries.

      • convairXF92

        Disagree–“good face” is a *positive* cultural contribution to 21st-century America. If this were 1980, the psychobabblers would sneer “emotional immaturity” at any American (regardless of color) who had an Asian-type concern for “good face”. Perhaps it’s partly because of the greatly increased number of ABCs (American-born Chinese) and Korean college students since then that Asian-like concerns for good manners and personal honor have taken root among the best of America’s educated young. Whatever faults multiculturalism has (and keep in mind, that depends on “which cultures”), it does have the potential of poking the psych industry’s excesses in the nose.

        Asians might cheat a lot in Asia, but I’m wondering how many male college students at top-tier schools were inspired to behave better and “think out” problems calmly (rather than reacting like drunken boors) by their Chinese or Korean girlfriends.

        • ms_anthro

          Asians belong in Asia, not White Western countries.

    • Jackryanvb

      Most immigrant groups coming to New York City do the “merchant” /”Kaufman” thing. Jews did it, Arabs and Hindu Indians, Pakistanis do it, Koreans did it for awhile – these are family businesses and crime and ethic envy, hatred are always dangers. It’s not just USA – Idi Amin expelled Indian Asian merchants from Uganda, Chinese merchants were subjected to brutal pogroms in Indonesia in the 1960s.

      And of course, Jewish shops were attacked in NS Germany after a Jewish Communist murderedand a German diplomat.

      Urban American underclass Blacks are the classic types to steal, attack merchants in “their neighborhoods” – that terrible Black racist Spike Lee showed/supported Black riots against Italian and Korean merchants in “Do the Right Thing”.

  • ograf

    It seems as though an overwhelming majority of blacks have no moral compass, or do not feel compassion for anyone or anything. To always do such serious injuries over minor matters has to be a genetic thing. Like the frontal lobes not developing normally or something. Day after day we read about these atrocities and yet they continue on and on and on.

    • Sick of it

      www (DOT) amren (DOT) com/news/2013/09/shocking-attitudes-to-rape-in-south-africa/

      The evidence points in that direction.

    • negrolocaust

      Do not go around them and if you see a black approaching your car: Roll the window up and lock the door as loudly as possible while staring at the black.

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      You’re deadly accurate in your post. The problem is that honest studies in regard to chronic black predation aren’t allowed in public universities. Any research that may produce results that are even slightly critical of blacks is not allowed.

      Consider what would happen if any social scientist or forensic psychologist asked for funding to learn about IQ in blacks, or the absence of a conscience in so many of them. Instant job loss, and possibly banishment from the profession would most likely happen.

      If, on the very outside chance, the researcher did get the funding he or she would have to survive perhaps fatal physical attacks after publishing the findings.

  • negrolocaust

    his son should get retaliation to honor his dad.

  • Dave4088

    I didn’t know that youths knew how to skateboard, but you learn something new every day in our multiracial dystopia.

  • OhWow

    I feel for the poor guy, but this is a blessing in disguise every time a pack of youth gibsmedats attack other races other than just whites. All it does is turns asians against blacks and gives them one more reason to rally with whites against them. If there is one ally we have outside our race, it’s asians. During the LA riots they were very brave and honorable shooting and killing the black savages that tried to loot their stores. That day they truly understood what whites were talking about with them. Next time this asian guy hears a black guy whining about whitey, he will be more likely to say “No, the problem is YOU people” due to his experience with diversity youth gibsmedats.

    They convert other people to race realism by allowing their true nature to flow.

  • Spartacus

    Another case of Cannibalism amongst the Opressed ? Good …

  • Scott

    I still remember the black boycott of Korean grocers back in the early 90s. The Koreans were not politically correct and had the temerity to stop and detain black shoplifters. For that they received death threats and had their businesses targeted, and white libtards didn’t lift a finger to help them.

    • Xerxes22

      Dinkins was the mayor when that occurred. Naturally, he did nothing about it. The msm wouldn’t even report on it.

    • The Koreans involved were probably delighted blacks were staying out of their businesses.

  • Nice Guy

    The Amren moderator(s) deleted my comment about the white race needing to have more white babies.

    I assume this means Amren is against white breeding?

    Moderator, what do you have to say for yourself?

    • Amren is jewish, but the comment section is a White turf.

  • Defiant White

    I’m pretty sure I saw some white faces in that little group. Maybe they were mixed race. Really doesn’t matter. Even if they’re genetically whiter than Snow White, their hearts and minds have been corrupted by Darkness. Pun intended.


      Sorry friend, you’re gonna have to check that video again. There were 4 perps and every one them are black.

    • Like the mixed-race gangs that Hollyweirdos so often like to feed us? Even among narco-traffickers where the motivation is financial, mixed-race criminal gangs do not exist.

  • This “TJ Sotomayor” is part of what I like to call the “Tom Brigade” on YouTube, a group of blacks that like to bash low class ghetto blacks, others in the Tom Brigade include Painless Risen, Nadra Enzi, Detroit Street Watcher, Straight Shooter, and to a lesser extent, Demcad.

    • ms_anthro

      Add to that list James David Manning and Colion Noir. We should support them as much as we can without betraying ourselves. It isn’t easy to stand against the crowd, and these blacks speak up against the evil ones among them, at great risk to themselves. It should be encouraged.

      • Not so much Colion Noir, he’s mainly 2A, though on rare occasion he’ll tell a little bit of the truth about his coracialist undertow. And I said “Demcad” above, he’s mainly prepper-survivalist who will occasionally go on video tours of the Bell Curve City parts of Flint and Detroit.

  • Those aren’t “skateboards” per se; they’ve been weaponized by negroes.
    Example no. 54,908 why we can’t have anything nice because of feral blacks.

  • PesachPatriot

    I used to enjoy skateboarding with my friends in my small rural town in upstate NY when I was a teenager but me and my friends never attacked store owners with our boards….the worst mischief we got into was riding where it was expressly forbidden by posted signage…when I was into it more the soundtrack was punk rock and heavy metal and it was a very white thing….in the last ten years it has become more rap/hip hop influenced….I hate watching skateboarding competitions on ESPN2 and hearing rap music …it usually makes me change the channel…. hopefully these trouble makers get a nice long stay in jail….

    • ms_anthro

      De Blackio will probably give them a full pardon and the key to the city. Dey a good boy. Dey dint do nuffins. Etc.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        De Bantu’s negress wife will make sure of that.

  • pcmustgo

    Would that really have happened though… and the skaters and the movie was very much about racial mixing.

  • Defund The GOP

    Non swimmers can skateboard?

    Who knew?

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Now they’re skateboarders. What happened to youths and teens? They steal from this poor Asian merchant and then split his head open when he confronts them. Why aren’t the black talking heads on T.V. wringing their hands over this?

    • A better question is why Rabbi Yaacov Behrman – who recently shot his mouth off about similar attacks in NYC directed against Jews – has decided to remain silent on this case.

      • Blue-eyed Devil

        Because it wasn’t a Jew who was victimized. Jews are very tribal.

        • Or because he doesn’t that blacks are usually psychopaths and just don’t care who their victims are, which would make him a psychopath himself, or at least a sociopath.

          Sharks also don’t care who their victims are, but this doesn’t mean a shark who eats a Jew is anti-Semitic Instead, he’s just being a shark. Likewise, when blacks hospitalize a storekeeper over a few sodas (or just for fun), they’re simply being black.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    If they try to knock me out, they’re going to meet my two best friends. Their names are Smith and Wesson.

    • CoweringCoward

      Yeah the current “usual” is a 5906, kinda heavy but followups are quick and light. 🙂

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    I’ve rarely seen blacks skateboarding. I’ve seen many Mexican youths skateboarding but I live in a Mexican neighborhood in Southern California.

  • Sloppo

    That video has been removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy prohibiting truth speech.

    • Blue-eyed Devil

      Five will get you ten the tribe controls Youtube, too. Is there anything the freaking tribe doesn’t control?!

  • ms_anthro

    I doubt it, unless he’s a You-Know-Who. Then it will be the hate crime of the century.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Soft dick (heart) lives in Nirvana apparently.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    New York City is the armpit of the world. I’m glad I live 3000 miles away from it.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Off topic question. Does anyone know how to put a picture next to your screen name?

    • In the “Edit Your Profile” option box, choose “Avatar” and from there you can upload a picture.

      • Blue-eyed Devil


  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Very disturbing video. Made me sad. Something tells me these “skateboarders” aren’t going to turn themselves in like the reporter suggested. Too bad The Chinese father and son didn’t have a couple of Jet Li type relatives on hand to teach the “skateboarders” a lesson they’d never forget. I would have paid to watch that. The poor man had half his face pushed in because these thugs got thirsty and decided to jack some sodas.

  • ms_anthro

    Thanks. It’s an avenging angel watchfully holding a sword.

    • I thought of using one that looks like my mother with a flaming sword, but that would have been too much. Instead, I have fallen, so my avatar is a light orc.

      There’s one avatar here with a pointed beak that resembles a plague doctor’s costume.

  • Chip Carver

    The video has been removed because it violates Google’s standards regarding “Hate Speech” lol. Who owns Google? Well, a couple of guys are the front men, front men who use a search engine developed by the US Govt., and as part of a behind the scenes deal, they get to claim they developed it, all part of the big show of control by our enemies, and another b.s. story they can use to claim as another “invention” by their “crew”.

    “Hate Speech”. See, it doesn’t matter if a black guy posted it. Truth is hate speech today. Period.