Malta to Sell Citizenships for 650K Euros Per Person

CBC News, November 13, 2013

Malta’s Parliament has voted to sell its citizenship for 650,000 euros ($915,590 Cdn), granting buyers a coveted passport that allows them into the 28-nation European Union.

The plan approved Wednesday is expected to go into effect within a few weeks. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat predicts it will bring in 30 million euros ($42.3 million Cdn) annually and help ease the country’s deficit.

Lawmakers from the opposition Nationalist Party opposed the move and vowed to repeal the law and revoke all the citizenships sold if their party returns to power.

As an EU member, Malta’s citizens can freely enter and reside in any of the 27 other members and they can stand as candidates for the European Parliament, among other privileges. In Brussels, European Union spokesman Michele Cercone noted that Malta and other members have full sovereignty to decide how and to whom they grant nationality.


Anyone 18 or older will be able to become a citizen of Malta, which has a population of 418,000. Applicants will be checked for criminal backgrounds, but neither investment on the island nor residency will be required. Purchasers will be able to buy Maltese passports for immediate relatives for 25,000 euros ($35,215 Cdn).


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  • WR_the_realist

    Which is worse, selling citizenship to people who at least have the means to stay off the dole, or giving citizenship away, which we do with the diversity lottery and our birthright citizenship policy?

    • IstvanIN

      Either is treason to our extended racial family.

  • That’s nothing.

    We’re selling quasi-citizenship (DACA amnesty) for $465 per applicant.

    • puffdaddy

      At least if we charged $1 million we might (MIGHT) get a better immigrant.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Shouldn’t this be grounds for crushing sanctions from all of the other EU countries, or have their elites totally given up on the concept of sovereignty?

    • Sick of it

      The elites are trying to destroy national sovereignty worldwide. This is just one more nail in the coffin.

  • Groovy

    Jesus, I got Irish citizenship a few years ago ‘cuz my mother was born there. I didn’t realize it was so valuable

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      As it should be. The social value of citizenship in a white nation is incalculable. At the current rate, however, the elites are fast making that citizenship worthless. Holder even seeks to abolish the institution altogether.

  • Bantu_Education

    In principle this is a good idea – the price is so high that there will be very few takers, and they will tend to be high IQ so this is no threat to Europe. I’ve heard that some Latin American countries ( eg., Peru?) sell citizenship for as little as $10,000 although this might be out of date. And, of course, the big attraction with Malta is that its in the EU. I’ve often advocated that if or when the Western Cape secedes from Azania they should sell citizenship and use the proceeds to pay Bantu squatters to return to (and remain in) Azania. Those who might ridicule the idea that anyone would want to buy Cape citizenship obviously has not been there – its much larger and far nicer than Malta (which I know well, and like) and most of it sparsely populated (50,000 sq miles, less than 5 million, mostly in greater Cape Town) even if it does have this, er, infestation problem. Rather than a big lump sum I would advocate a modest cash payment plus a annuity to be paid only in their “homeland” and only for say 10 years. Most Bantu in the Cape live in shacks and are desperate with no money or any regular job, so the amount can be quite modest. R10,000 an adult ($1,000) (less for the niglets) plus the annuity might do the trick and, in fact, the mere mention of such an incentive would create enormous divisions between those who wanted to take the money and their political leaders who would doubtless threaten dire retribution. Of course, being Bantu, nothing as sensible and as civilised as this is probably going to happen peacefully, but anyway I thought the idea was worth mentioning.

    • RileyDeWiley

      Um, what if they get tight for cash and have a fire sale on passports? The price might not hold up.

  • Extropico

    They estimate about 40 people per annum will take the offer. Sounds like a good deal for Malta provided they don’t let in a pack of dangerous relatives on the cheap.

  • DonReynolds

    Not much of a traffic thing actually……only 46 new citizens a year, not counting the immediate family…..especially when you consider that one of the selling points is that the new citizens will probably not live in Malta at all, but zip off to one of the other EU states.

  • Spartacus

    For a country this small, this is genocide pure and simple. Malta has a smaller population than the neighborhood I live in, and they’re already overcrowded.

    • Bantu_Education

      Malta is indeed very overcrowded – more than 400,000 people on 2 semi-barren islands (90% on the main island) about the size of the Isle of Wight. They already have admitted a few thousand Africans who arrived by boat without putting a cent into the islands economy, and there are thousands of rich foreigners who own 2nd homes there, so this incentive is not going to affect their demographics unless they use the money to justify admitting more parasitical Africans. Which they will.

      • Spartacus

        There’s nearly 10.000.000 millionaires in the world today. If even 1% decide this is a good idea, those people are gonna choke to death !

    • The emigrate. One of my best friends in Sydney was Maltese, and he flat-out said there are more Maltese in Australia than there are in Malta.

      • Spartacus

        “According to the 2006 Australian Census, 43,701 Australians were born in Malta.[1] Maltese ancestry was claimed by 92,332 either alone or with another ancestry.[6] The 2001 Australian Census reported that Maltese was the 14th most common self-reported ancestry.[7] In the Mackay area in Queensland, some 25% of the population are of Maltese heritage.”


      • Bantu_Education

        They all say this, but its absolute bollocks and they get quite upset if you try to tell them otherwise. Its a classic example of a minority trying to inflate its importance by including everyone who married a Maltese going back generations, plus their children, their children’s children, and then doubling or tripling the total. Irish do the same and they even have a word for it – “blarney”…!

  • Anon

    I dunno what the problem is. Anyone who can afford to blow basically a million dollars just to get citizenship is probably going to be a net asset to that country instead of a liability.

    In general, no matter how despised you might be in a country, that level of cash will gain you acceptance. Usually, no questions asked acceptance. No exceptions.

    In fact, such things turn immigration from a negative to a positive. Imagine how immigration would be different in the US, if we only allowed in people with high IQs, lots and lots of money, advanced degrees or strong political connections or even good looks or other signs of advanced genetics.

  • Magician

    That nothing. Many countries in Northern Europe give away citizenship for free to immigrants from some of the most violent and incompatible countries in the world as soon as they arrive in Northern Europe and also give them welfare every month as long as they are alive

  • JackKrak

    You can get US citizenship for whatever it costs you to get to the border.

  • Bantu_Education

    So Malta has now established a floor price on a EU passport, and its $1 million. So a country like Britain which gifts citizenship to at least 200,000 new black/brown “migrants” annually is, in reality, giving away $200 billion a year which is more than 3x the defence budget. Its actually much worse than that as, unlike the Malta millionaires, most of these new “Britons” are low IQ “citizen parasites”who are going to be an ongoing drain on the nations resources. Of course the liberals will insist migrants are good for the economy and they will cite the USA experience of 100 years ago as “evidence”.

  • puffdaddy

    Actually if I had the money I’d buy citizenship to Malta.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    We should charge illegal aliens a million dollars to stay in America or go back to the toilets they came from.

  • Arbeideren

    That citizenship is probably unconstitutional and the national party could revoke all omit refund, once in power.

  • Bantu_Education

    Perhaps citizenship (and therefore passports) should be traded like everything else – after all, the first law of capitalism is that “everything is for sale” (at its market price). Its really no different to those lucky people who inherit a lot of property and other assets from daddy without actually working for it. So, those lucky enough to be born in a decent country can be considered to have inherited an item of much value (their citizenship) and could therefore exchange (for example) their UK citizenship with a Nigerian, who would pay him/her the market value (established as $1 million minimum) for a EU passport. The Nigerian passport he would get in exchange is of course worthless, so there would be no “trade-in” value so to speak. For comparison the passport of a once-decent (but now run-down) country like Argentina’s might be valued at about 200k. When you look at it from this angle who in their right mind would want to go live in Nigeria, even with $1 million plus to spend? If anything useful has come out of this story, and I think it has, its that if white countries were to establish a monetary value for their citizenship they would better be able to see what they are wasting by giving away citizenship like sweets to ungrateful and hate-filled turd-worlders of the worst kind. Not saying all third-worlders are useless parasites, but 90% are, as for that matter are about 10-15% of our own people.

  • Malta is now pimping-out the rest of Europe. How nice.

  • Fr. John+

    And again, the adage, ‘The rich can always afford their own apartheid’ rings true. But what of us middle-income schlubs who are racially aware, have skills, and families that can still produce for a given nation. Why can’t our whiteness be our reason for seeking citizenship in the EU? Why does Izzzrael only get to have aliyah? Hmmmmmm????