‘I Failed Him,’ Says President of Campus Roiled by Racial Hazing

Charles Huckabee, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 26, 2013

San Jose State University’s president, Mohammad H. Qayoumi, took personal responsibility on Monday for the campus’s not having acted sooner to stop the alleged abuse of a black student by his white roommates, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Hours after the president e-mailed his statement to the campus, frustrated students rushed the stage at a news conference where university administrators and local NAACP leaders had spoken. Some of the students wore tape over their mouths to symbolize their protest that the university had not heeded their earlier requests for a meeting to discuss race relations on the campus.

“Last semester when we were protesting and requesting to meet with you, we were trying our hardest to let you know that something was terribly wrong with the experience that African-American students are having at San Jose State,” Gary Daniels, a student and chairman of the Black Unity Group, told Mr. Qayoumi, according to the Mercury News.“But you did not want to hear us.”

Four students are now facing misdemeanor hate-crime and battery charges in the harassment of a black roommate who shared their dormitory suite. The four white students have been suspended pending the resolution of criminal and university disciplinary proceedings against them. They are accused of intimidating their black roommate by hanging a Confederate flag in the suite, verbally abusing him, barricading him in his room, and putting a bicycle lock around his neck. The accused say their actions were meant as jokes and were not hate crimes.

In his statement on Monday, Mr. Qayoumi conceded that campus officials should have acted sooner. “By failing to recognize the meaning of a Confederate flag, intervene earlier to stop the abuse, or impose sanctions as soon as the gravity of the behavior became clear, we failed him,” the president said. “I failed him.”

“How such abuse could have gone unchecked or undetected for weeks is being methodically untangled, as it must,” he wrote. He added that the campus would appoint a task force, led by an outside expert, to look into what had happened, examine university policies and practices, and propose reforms.


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  • ncpride

    Sorry, but you’ll never convince me with these bizarre charges of ‘racism and hate crimes’, another example being that White Miami Dolphins player, that those ‘people of color’ were not giving just as good as they supposedly were getting. In other words, I seriously doubt these blacks are completely innocent who didn’t engage in a little ‘smack talk’ and pranks of their own. But of course, we’ll never hear any of that.

    • sbuffalonative

      Funny how the Dolphins story has disappeared. I suspect there was more to it than what was reported such as liberal use of racial slurs by everyone. If it was a cut-n-dry racist white man issue, it would still be news.

      • ncpride

        Exactly what I was thinking. I wish some White NFL player would come forward and say as much publicly, but I’m sure that would mean the end of his career.

      • jane johnson

        Bingo! I think there was probably a sexual (read GAY) angle that NO ONE wants to talk about, with the (straight) white guy copping to the lesser charge of “racial insensitivity”, rather than the felony of gay-bashing. Martin seems WAY too “sensitive” for the NFL anyway. By all accounts, Incognito is a douche, but not a racist one.

    • Sick of it

      I once had a black basketball player for a roommate. He tried to tell me what to do…and his friends got him to back down before I knocked the bejesus out of him. After that, he cried to his coach and got another room. Before our altercation he was a douchebag on a routine basis.

  • sbuffalonative

    They are accused of intimidating their black roommate by hanging a Confederate flag in the suite, verbally abusing him, barricading him in his room, and putting a bicycle lock around his neck. The accused say their actions were meant as jokes and were not hate crimes.

    Their crime was the crime of stupidity. YOU CANNOT JOKE WITH BLACKS.

    It reminds me of a story. A white maintainance worker, playing a joke on his black co-worker and FRIEND, put a sign on the water fountain, ‘Whites Only’.

    His black FRIEND didn’t find it funny and the white man was brought up on hate crime charges and I believe he lost his job.

    He was interviewed and his stupidity was apparent. He thought his black co-worker was his friend and could take a joke.

    DON’T EVER JOKE WITH BLACKS! Even non-racial joking. AVOID CONTACT AS MUCH AS YOU ARE ABLE Nothing good can come of befriending a black man.

  • Spartacus

    No… Humanity failed, when it let a dark-skin named after a mentally-ill pedophile to come to White lands.

  • cloudswrest

    The latest news on this incident is the mob is trying to get the charges upgraded to felonies.

  • bigone4u

    Mohammed the prez is in full “CMA” mode since he wants to keep his six-figure job. The campus radical profs would call for his head on a post othewise. As if cheating, rape, robbery, burglary, alcoholism, mental illness, and a host of other problems on a university campus should take a backseat to this nonsense. Black dude gets his feelings hurt and the world must come to a full screeching stop. We must never allow a black to be butt hurt.

  • Chip Carver

    I’m sure several professors should have “failed” the “victim” already, as in giving him an “F” in one course or another. But the way things are today with Affirmative Action and all, you can bet the victim will pull a “C” when he should be failed, and if he has any “A” grades, they’re likely worth a “C” to a White, maybe worse.

    Perhaps I’m too harsh on the professors. The victim lived with the “criminals” for months. Maybe the victim knew he was going to receive what he deserves grade wise, so his best defense was a good offense, as in pulling the race card. For all anyone really knows, all of the roommates could have been tossing racial jibes good naturedly at each otherv – happens a lot, I’m sure some of you out there know what I mean – but now the black has his chance to save himself from D’s and F’s at finals time, the stress and all don’t ya’ know. Wonder if we’ll ever find out the truth on this one. I can remember being able to kid race-wise with some Blacks and Browns in H.S. in Los Angeles here and there for months on end, but they would turn in an instant and claim victimhood when in trouble for some totally unrelated issue. The stress of racism, ho-hum.

    University President Mohammad H. Qayoumi. That shows you how far this country has sunk, what the scoundrels in control have done.

  • IstvanIN

    What is it with Muslim college presidents in the US? NJ has two (Kean “University”) and Stockton State College). Is the native population that dumb?

  • Greg Thomas

    A muslim lecturing us on the “meaning” of the Confederate flag. Jesus Christ! What has happened to this country!

    • Brian

      And he’s an immigrant from Afghanistan. Got a lot of nerve lecturing about enlightened moral values.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “San Jose State University’s president Mohammad H. Qayoumi”

    What, is being a university president another job Americans won’t do now? Why is this guy even in America?

  • ncpride

    Thanks for the info. I looked up articles about Peyton, and I’m not surprised in the least those articles took the tone of ‘boys will be boys’ and largely dismissed his ‘claims’ of racism. Every excuse was made for the racial slurs from blacks, just like ridiculous excuses are made for them every day to avoid the obvious.

  • John R

    OH NO! This is TERRIBLE! A black student had a bad experience from being around White students? Geeze. I have a solution to the blacks: Just stay around your own kind. Any thinking White person doesn’t really want to be around you people, anyway. And the government will not force you to accept any Whites into your clubs, or fraternities. There, problem solved.

  • John R

    Exactly. Blacks have the right of free association-something we Whites have lost a long time ago.

  • shmo123

    “…we failed him,” the president said. “I failed him.”

    What a pathetic, politically correct excuse for a leader. It takes a real milquetoast invertebrate to make such foolish remarks.