How Migrants from Outside Europe Leave a £100billion Hole in the Public Purse

Steve Doughty, Daily Mail (London), November 5, 2013

Immigrants from outside Europe have taken £100billion more in benefits and services than they paid back in taxes, a major study revealed yesterday.

Over a 16-year period, the bill to the taxpayer of providing them with welfare, health and education was 14 per cent higher than the money they put in the national purse.

However, migrants from Europe–including those from Eastern Europe who came in large numbers after 2004–have paid more in taxes than they received, researchers said.

The report from academics at University College London claims to be the most far-reaching study yet conducted of the impact of migration on taxpayers.

Its findings were based on official figures, including those for public spending and tax receipts, and on the Government’s Labour Force Survey that looks at the lives of around 150,000 families each year.

Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini said that between 1995 and 2011, migrants from European countries paid 4 per cent more into the tax system than they took out, while British-born people had on average paid in 7 per cent less than they received from the state.

However, migrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)–which is the 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway–had made a ‘negative fiscal contribution’ overall,’ their report said.

‘This is partly explained by their demographic structure–non-EEA immigrants have had more children than natives, and we have allocated educational expenditure for children to immigrants.’

The analysis comes at a point of deepening controversy over the cost of health and benefit tourism and widespread anxiety over the potential impact of a new wave of migration from Romania and Bulgaria in the new year.

Citizens of the two countries, which joined the EU in 2007, win the right to work freely in Britain from January.

The Daily Mail reported at the weekend that British firms are actively recruiting workers in Bucharest and that job agencies in Romania are already being asked how to claim state benefits in this country.

UCL’s report said the population of migrants from outside Europe grew by more than 2.2million between 1995 and 2011, reaching just under 6.15million in 2011.

It said that over the same period, the non-EEA immigrants received public services and benefits worth £104 billion more, at 2011 prices, than they paid in taxes.

Their contributions, the report said, paid just over 86 per cent of the value of the services and benefits they received.

Over the same period, the EEA migrant population went up from under two million to 2.85million in 2011. But they contributed £8.8billion more to the Treasury than they received in services and benefits, meaning they paid 4 per cent more than they took.

According to the data, migrants are 20 per cent more likely to be claiming work tax credit than Britons. One in seven people claiming the benefit is a non-UK national.

The report does not break down differences between migrants from wealthy western European countries like France and Germany and those from poorer Eastern European nations.

Migrants from Poland and seven other Eastern European states gained the right to work freely in Britain in 2004.

Professor Dustmann and his colleagues said: ‘Immigrants arriving since the early 2000s have made substantial net contributions to public finances, a reality that contrasts starkly with the view often maintained in public debate.’

However their report said recent immigrants are likely to be of working age and so make fewer demands on schools or the NHS.

But Sir Andrew Green of the MigrationWatch UK think tank said: ‘It is very interesting that this report finds that non-EU migrants since 1995 have made a negative contribution to the national budget, yet they have accounted for two thirds of foreign immigration over the past 15 years.

‘As regards EU migrants, much of the benefit stems from their relative youth but, like the rest of us, they will get older. No allowance has been made in these calculations for future pensions or for higher health costs in old age.’

Dr Carlos Vargas Silva of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University said the research suggests the net contribution of recent migrants is positive–but some groups can ‘represent a burden’.

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  • Oil Can Harry

    Despite the p.c. spin being put on the study, it simply shows that white immigrants bring civilization and economic growth with them while black, Muslim and Gypsy invaders are a drag on the economy.

  • anew

    …but some groups can ‘represent a burden.’

    That’s putting it mildly.

  • Spartacus

    “Professor Dustmann and his colleagues said: ‘Immigrants arriving
    since the early 2000s have made substantial net contributions to public
    finances, a reality that contrasts starkly with the view often
    maintained in public debate.”


    No, Dustmann, you with a non-Eskimo sounding name, White immigrants have made those contributions. The only thing dark-skins “contribute” to are crime reports…

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    “Dr Carlos Vargas Silva of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University”, couldn’t have any kind of bias could he?

  • borogirl54

    Aren’t gypsies pretty much a native population in Romania? Most gypsies do not work anyway and make a living by stealing. They live in camps that are as bad as poverty in a third world country.

    • Anna Tree

      Gypsies are descendants of emigrants from India and are moving all over Europe for centuries.

      You are correct regarding the rest of your post.

    • Spartacus

      No, they’re not natives, they’re from India, and Romania only has around 10-15% of all the gypsies in Europe. Your confusion is by design, as they have been given the artificial name “Rroma” by our first prime-minister after the Revolution, who was not an Eskimo .

    • Jack Burton

      They originate from the Jat clan of Northern Indian/Pakistan, there’s even a genetic mutation that identifies them. However not all modern Roma are necessarily racially pure, they are mixed.

  • Defiant White

    We have around 40 million two-legged (acting like four-legged) Afro-American “negative fiscal contributors . . . “

  • JohnEngelman

    All immigrants are not created equal.

  • Nathanwartooth

    So if the Republicans were actually a political party and not just a bunch of anti white, big business shills, I have a great strategy they could use in the good ol’ USA.

    The left wants socialized medicine. That is their dream. They know that the Republicans will always fight against it.

    In exchange for a Republican vote on socialized medicine, the Democrats would have to vote for restoring the border, kicking out all illegals and stopping legal immigration.

    The pitch to the public would go like this: “We Republicans have decided that since we are so close to having socialized medicine already and Obamacare is a mess, that we would just go the extra step and give you socialized medicine. But for it to work, we can’t heal the world. We have to start protecting our border and remove any illegals that are still here.”

    I really think that even the liberal voters would go for it. The normal liberal doesn’t understand that millions of Hispanics means millions more Democrat voters forever. They just know diversity = good. With socialized medicine always being sold as the greatest thing ever to liberals, I think it would be an easy sell.

  • Erasmus

    Immigrants from outside Europe have taken £100billion more in benefits and services than they paid back in taxes, a major study revealed yesterday.

    And when we amnesty tens of millions of low-skilled, poorly-educated illegal aliens with huge families, they’ll be taking trillions more from the treasury than they ever put back.

    The American taxpayer now even foots the bill for legal immigrants into this country. So, not only do they contribute nothing to the overall economy, they take more from it. In short, we’re paying for them to come here and for our own displacement.

  • Willowville

    This his how the EU/NATO “buys” its allies. It takes in their surplus poor. Don’t forget, these immigrants do all the dirty work like picking crops and cleaning floors.