Gruesome Details Emerge in North Side Home Invasion

Brooke Martin, WISH (Indianapolis), November 6, 2013

Court documents released Monday outlined a Tuesday home invasion on the north side. It paints a picture of a nightmarish home invasion, repeated rape, gunshots and robbery.

It was early morning on Oct. 29 when, according to police, six suspects entered the family’s home.


The suspects started in the parent’s bedroom, yelling to give them money. That woke up the daughter and began a long, gruesome period of crime.

Eventually suspects drove the mother to an ATM to get money, and while in the car she was sexually assaulted. The mother was also shot twice—once in the upper leg, and once in her foot while trying to escape.

Meanwhile, in the home, the daughter was being repeatedly raped by multiple suspects.

When the mother returned, the daughter was then forced to go to an ATM with another suspect. While in the car, the daughter told detectives the suspect  “talked to her about previously attending North Central.” The daughter told detectives the suspect “resembled someone she knew.”

Throughout the whole ordeal, the father remained in bed. Police say he has a medical condition that makes moving difficult.

The suspects eventually left with all three of the family’s vehicles, cash and belongings.


At least two of the suspects—Spells and Dupree—may also be connected to another home invasion on Spring Mill Road. Police say they found items from that home during a search



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  • D.B. Cooper

    The high school the suspects and teenage victim apparently went to was North Central High, Indianapolis. 42% are white, 41% are black, 9% are Hispanic, 2% are Asian, and 5% are multiracial. 32% of students qualify for free lunches and 9% qualify for reduced price lunches.
    What race were the victims? I’m guessing they are black too, but I’m not sure.

    • NoMosqueHere

      I presume the victims are white bc blacks are not quite that sexually sadistic w/ other blacks, but I don’t know for sure…

      • Lewis33

        I’m here in town and the Meridian Hills area where they live is all white.

      • They are sadistic with whomever they can catch. The people who had their hands hacked off in Sierra Leone were as black as the ones swinging the machetes.

        The only answer that explains everything here is that they’re just orcs.

        • dd121

          My God, you’ll have to change your avatar! 🙂

          • My avatar is a white orc. Maybe he’s only light grey. Tolkein’s orcs were elves, once.

            Is there a way to go back?

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            Mr. Scott:

            Typical SoCal white female neighbor is a dog-walker and works at the pound. Uncomfortably, she admits that schvaartzes are unimaginably cruel to animals and the most ill-used pets belong to them. They also abandon their pets when they move without skipping a heartbeat, and like to torture their animals for fun.

            Evidently, schvaartzes are utterly lacking in the empathy department. As are our Asian friends. Indians and Chinese treat animals with unimaginable cruelty. Hindus, in particular, are shockingly savage and callous.

            Needless to state, rape and other forms of violence are endemic in schvaartze, Indian and Chinese society. I contend there is a causal link between empathy and violence.

            Have you any scientific explanation for lack of empathy among the races? And do you think my theory holds water?

          • I visited a zoo in China once, and it was basically just a jail for animals. Having spent plenty of time in jail myself since then, I can’t visit a zoo anymore. I’ve been home ten years and off paper for seven, but that was still too recent. Seeing them in captivity hurts me. Some of my friends are still inside.

            The insight I have toward animal cruelty among Chinese and Hindus is that they’re also cruel to each other. Whether it is animals or other people, it is all the same to them. I suspect it is cultural, because the California Chinese I knew in college weren’t like that. Of course there was a selection bias because a university environment attracts the more intelligent folks, but the ones I knew were completely Americanized.

            I don’t think it is biological. Japanese acquired a reputation for cruelty unmatched in modern warfare from 1937 to 1945, but during their war with Russia in 1904-1905 and the cleanup of some German colonies in the Far East in 1914, they treated POWs very well. They put them up in hotels and allowed them to find work outside, so long as they did not go near the port facilities. The POWs could date local women. Many of the Russians begged not to be sent home after the Treaty of Portsmouth, and lots of the Germans stayed after 1919. I don’t know what went wrong there afterward.

            When I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company, they were so nice to me that it was embarrassing.

            It may be biology with the groids, and I really do regard them as inferior subhumans, but with Orientals and subcontinentals, I suspect it is just culture.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Asian ‘friends’ and cruelty?
            How about the custom of cutting the skull off a live monkey’s head to eat the brains? Or throwing live fish on a hot grill to hear them scream?

            Asians are a cruel people. They may be intelligent but they are lacking in compassion for human and animal life. Blacks are just dumb, low class savages. They are less human than other races.

          • Fish can’t scream. They have no lungs. I’ve eaten live octopus before. They don’t scream either. The tentacles grip and release all the way down. American hipsters in the 1920s used to swallow live goldfish. I did it in college on a bet. I could feel it moving in there.

            I would never eat another primate. Pretty much anything it might have is something a human could catch. I also don’t eat apex-predator reef fish like moray eels and barracudas. They’re reliably unsafe because of cigueratoxin. I wouldn’t eat a bat. I’ve had dog and cat. They’re OK. Bear is a bit tough and stringy.

            Isn’t it normal in North America and Europe to boil live lobsters and crabs?

          • dd121

            Americans always believe that salvation is a possibility.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            If there is a soul in the beast to be saved.

          • What is given away freely – like one’s soul – is beyond recrimination.

          • In August, I received a job offer as a university professor in China. When I admitted my criminal convictions this was of course revoked. I hope salvation is a possibility, but I don’t really believe in it.

          • dd121

            Personally, I think a brilliant guy like you should be given a second chance and you should be allowed to work in the field for which you were trained.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I like to think of that sequence from “Brother Where Art Thou?,” where George Cloony’s character tells one of his companions who is claiming to be “saved” and therefore beyond earthly reproach or condemnation, “The laws of the State of (fill in the blank) take a more harsh view.”

            I’ve always found that the sort of “forgiveness” that Christianity and Christians espouse to be very, very conditional, or else overdone to the extreme in only certain cases (where they are victims).

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            Side note: South Korea requires a criminal background check (and HIV test, I think) from their foreign workers. I have heard China and sometimes Thailand as well. But Japan does not yet check criminal records!

          • Sangraal

            Yeah he’s no Uruk-Hai – they’re the uber-groids of the orc race.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            As one that has been a Tolkien fan since 1968 (I suppose it’s the only term I can use very readily), I know that Tolkien would hate seeing his Middle Earth creatures being categorized as being comparisons to any particular race or group in our world. Interestingly, Tolkien hated the Nazis, and mostly for the way they “tarnished forever” the Nordic/Germanic myth cycles that he loved so dearly.

        • John R

          Yeah, but that was in Africa. No Whites in Sierra Leone. I agree with NoMosqueHere; blacks in the US reserve the cruel sexual humiliation type of crime for White victims. They seldom like to rape their own women, certainly not if they can find White ones. Hey, even Eldritch Cleaver said he only practiced on black women, “until he could get White prey.”

          • Sick of it

            Rape is endemic in black communities, as are incest, child molestation, and physical abuse.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yes, it isn’t as if whites have never killed whites over the centuries or even that last hundred years, when we did it in the most technically (and horrible) ways imaginable. When I was a boy, I met and knew a few WW1 veterans. I was always struck with how much they were still haunted by what they saw.

            (I also “knew” one man who had served in the German Army (he was a neighbor). His take on it was interesting, too. I even knew an American who had been a journalist attached to the Marines during WW1. He had met the Kaiser and died the oldest living Marine at the time late 1990s. His name was Miles Curran).

        • Sick of it

          Orcs seems to possess greater cognitive abilities. Or at least D&D orcs.

    • blacks don’t rob blacks because they have nothing of value to steal, other than their rims.

      • Sick of it

        They will kill another black guy for his tennis shoes or x-box.

  • NorthernWind

    More savagery by the usual suspects… an endless litany of rape, murder, and theft.

    • Spartacus


      • ncpride

        I actually saw this gruesome murder ‘re-enacted’ on a crime show yesterday. I was surprised, but not so much when they demonized Whites who pointed out the racial aspect. As per usual, we are just terrible when we notice such things, and ‘blow it out of proportion’. That’s just rich coming from the hysterical media on the rare occasion a White kills a black, in clear self defense or not.

        • Spartacus

          What was the name of the documentary ?

          • ncpride

            It was a show called ‘Sins and Secrets’ and I believe I was watching the Discovery channel at the time.

  • ncpride

    There is a story emerging in Rowan, NC about a home invasion yesterday. An elderly 87 year old man was killed, and his 67 year old daughter was ‘assaulted’ and left in the drive way. She is now in critical condition, fighting for her life. I’d almost bet my life it’ll turn out to be negroes. They are quite notorious for raping the elderly.

    • John R

      Blacks will rape elderly ladies, and even MEN, if they are WHITE. They are so hard up for any kind of White flesh.

      • Spartacus


  • Spartacus

    Kill them !

  • Voice of Reason

    From WND:

    Newspapers directed: Cover up black violence

    City’s epidemic silenced by national ‘journalism’ society

    Published: 11.03.13

    When a mom and daughter were kidnapped, forced to withdraw money from
    an ATM, raped, then shot last week, the Indianapolis Star played it by
    the book: Do not mention the suspects are black.

    The “book” in this case is written by the Society of Professional
    Journalists, headquartered just three miles from the scene of the crime.
    In last month’s issue of the SPJ magazine, the oldest and largest
    organization of journalists in America reminded its members how they
    should report racial violence.


    The SPJ story was just repeating what dozens of chapters around the
    country tell its members in regular seminars: Unless someone is
    considerate enough to wave around a sign saying, “Kill Honky,” or issue a
    press release or utter racial expletives in front of lots of witnesses,
    the fact that the suspects just happen to be black has no bearing on
    the story.

    And if you wonder about it, you are probably a “racist and hater,” said the SPJ.

    • ncpride

      Well…. there have been quite a few cases where the non-white has actually shouted racial slurs in front of witnesses, and declared their hatred for Whites while committing crime against them, and they STILL try to tell us race was not a factor. Unbelievable, but true.

      • Spartacus

        You guys should get a van, kidnap some of these journalists, and dump them in the middle of black ghettos. It would be pretty much impossible for the cops to connect it to you .

        • ncpride

          Problem is though, it’s actually ‘law enforcement’ that usually denies race was a factor in these clearly racial attacks, but instead of questioning those absurd claims as any decent reporter would, they go right along with the nonsense, and probably believe it.

          • Sick of it

            Law enforcement knows the truth. They have to deal with this mess every day.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          They probably wouldn’t even report it if they were attacked by blacks, that’s how over-zealous they are. I remember hearing a story a while back about how some German socialist youth organization had their center inside a building which also housed immigrants. Some 20 Turkish immigrants (unprovoked) invaded their office and beat them all senseless. They never reported it because they didn’t want to prove that the “far-right” was actually right about the immigrants.

          • Spartacus

            I don’t think they’ll be reporting anything if they pass through Lemaricus’ territory…

          • Maybe the far-right was wrong about these particular Turks. Anyone who beats the daylights out of Communists can’t be all bad.

  • MekongDelta69

    They’re only ‘lucky’ in the sense that they lived to see another day. Hopefully, somebody in that family will purchase a gun – and use it next time – because there WILL BE a next time…

    • I know – think of the target-rich environment.

  • Dave4088

    I’m guessing the victims are white since the news report didn’t mention it. These black bastards should hang within one hour of their trial.

  • Defiant White

    Six Innocent & Unfortunate Negro Youfs Mistakenly Enter A Home.

    Once inside, they were seduced by the young wimmenz who performed sexual acts upon them. The wimmenz later made the unfortunate negroes drive them to an ATM where they withdrew all their money and forced it upon the protesting youfs. One woman who was playing with a gun mistakenly shot herself in the leg and foot.

    • Dave4088

      Your giving their public defender ideas.

      • I like public defenders just fine. They always worked hard for me, all three times, and skated me on two of the cases, where I got to plead to misdemeanors. I was innocent of the felony charge in the second, but the cops like “hanging paper” so they file frivolous charges. The trick with a P.D. is that one must bond out immediately and then get on the ball and do everything one can to establish complete innocence.

        • Katherine McChesney


  • Ronald

    Once the high paid taxpayer funded Government lawyer gets these “youth” entangled in the Government’s corrupt legal system, it won’t be hard to get the boys off – perhaps even using taxpayer money to compensate them for the inconvenience. After all, at least one of them confessed, perhaps implementing his fellows in the process. He either didn’t have the benefit of a Government lawyer to council him to say nothing until he could concoct a “story”, or otherwise he lacked the intelligence to follow his advice. Either is “a mitigating circumstance”. Is it any wonder the number of increasingly violent African on non-African crimes are soaring in frequency?

  • tickyul

    Never, EVER submit to an Urban American criminal……………they will gladly torture, rape and butcher you…………………THEN kill you.

  • John R

    Reminds me a little of the Wichita Kansas Massacre. And, it really bothers me to say this: These victims were actually lucky compared to other victims of black hate crimes. What a sad day it is, when you feel “lucky” to “only” be kidnapped, robbed, and raped. Sorry sorry state of affairs.

    • Sick of it

      The teenage girl who was gang raped probably does not feel very lucky. She will probably be scarred for life and may not be able to have children.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Most likely that girl will also be infected with an STD too, given blacks incredibly high rate of infection with everything from Herpes to HIV. Not to mention the older women raped by a gang of blacks in their home. In either event the only appropriate punishment is execution, by a method that inflicts a long, excruciating and degrading death on these monsters. Impalement on a blunt, greased stake or crucifixion would do. However other than letting their male relatives have a go at them with pliers, blow torches and razor knives, justice would be best served by throwing them into a cell with fifty other prisoners who know they are rapists. Sexual offenders are lower than whale feces, literally in the prison pecking order. Especially those who rape children. I think being gang raped by other prisoners is poetic justice for them.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        She probably got an STD too, given that blacks have a very high infection rate for everything from Herpes to HIV. In other words, to be raped by a black could also be a death sentence given the risk of being infected with HIV. That could well render her, let alone the other women unable to have children and or dealing with the stigma of having an incurable sexually transmitted disease. I live for the day when blacks who gang rape out women are caught, tortured and executed in a manner that terrorized and demoralizes other blacks. If impalement or other medieval means of dispensing justice are out, then throwing them in a cell with fifty other prisoners AFTER letting them know what these creatures had done. In the prison pecking order, sex offenders such as rapists and pedophiliacs are literally lower than whale feces. Sometimes prison justice is poetic justice.

  • Sensitivity Training

    “Gruesome details” is racist discourse.

  • negrolocaust

    blks r ugly looking

  • OhWow

    Blacks still wonder why we don’t want to live anywhere near them. Hah!

    • MBlanc46

      They know why. Those of them with the slightest bit on the ball don’t want to live around blacks, either.

  • JohnEngelman

    When there is a crime like this a black reporter will tell about it, and black witnesses will express shock and disapproval. The purpose of this is to convey the message: most blacks are not this way; most are just as decent as you are.

    • But they’re not. They’re not decent “people”. I don’t think they are “people” at all.

    • evilsandmich

      I might disagree with the ‘most’, but even putting it at a very favorable 50.1%, that still leaves a dreadful lot that aren’t (and another half that look the other way and/or egg them on).

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Don’t look to the local paper, The Indianapolis Star, to get any facts about the race of the perps in this case.

    Colin Flaherty writes:

    When a mom and daughter were kidnapped, forced to withdraw money from an ATM, raped, then shot last week, the Indianapolis Star played it by the book: Do not mention the suspects are black.

    The ‘book’ in this case is written by the Society of Professional Journalists In last month’s issue of the SPJ magazine, the oldest and largest organization of journalists in America reminded its members how they should report racial violence…Don’t.

    The SPJ story was just repeating what dozens of chapters around the country tell its members in regular seminars: … the fact that the suspects just happen to be black has no bearing on the story…And if you wonder about it, you are probably a ‘racist and hater,’ said the SPJ.

    From FOX59:

    The early morning crime involved as many as six [BLACK] males who shot and sexually assaulted a woman in her 50s, and repeatedly raped her daughter, who is in her 20s.

    Both women were forced to take suspects to a nearby bank to pull out money. The mother was sexually assaulted in the back seat of her own car. She was also shot in the hip and foot. The daughter was raped and assaulted by multiple suspects in several different rooms of the house

    The death penalty, administered swiftly, is the ONLY appropriate punishment for this case.

    At the bottom of this article:

    “Commenting Disabled

    Commenting on this page has been disabled by the blog admin.”

    Don’t wonder why.


    • Bleed them out from their gennies.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Could you translate that expression? Not one I’m familiar with way out here in California.

        • Cut their genitals off and let him bleed to death.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Ohhh, Ha Ha!!

            I knew I could count on you to give me a straight answer. One of the reasons you’re one of my top three favorite posters.

            As much as I hate the Muzzies, rjp, there are a FEW things they get right — try ’em on Tuesday, public execution on Saturday. It took eleven years and millions of dollars to electrocute Ted Bundy American style.

          • Whoops, I got moderated. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes, I noticed. Better your comment disappears than YOU!!

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Congrats, it happened to me yesterday. Being censored for telling too much truth is a badge of honor around here.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I agree with you. I am finding that my comments are disappearing too frequently.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Too much censorship here. But I recognize some of the arguments, particularly between the nazis and anti-nazis, could become very nasty with obscenities flying. So, I guess JT wants to maintain some civility.

          • Sick of it

            Sadly, obscenities rarely have anything to do with it. Not really sure why members of opposing groups would be allowed to moderate a website constructed in support of our people, but that’s the way the world is today.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The younger victim was not a teenager:

    From the FOX article, where the commenting is disabled:

    The early morning crime involved as many as six males who shot and sexually assaulted a woman in her 50s, and repeatedly raped her daughter, who is in her 20s.

  • fuzzypook

    He is disabled. Perfect targets for the diversity.

    • NoMosqueHere

      This is a real problem. As we age and grow more frail, we will become easier targets for black street thugs. We saw this in NYC recently; a black killed a very gentle 62 yo white man in broad daylight in a Union Sq Park in front of hundreds of people. Stories of geriatric whites killed or raped by blacks have become common. And nursing home abuse — often black staff abusing elderly whites — is at epidemic levels.

  • Sloppo

    I think it’s interesting to observe which news stories are important enough to merit coverage by CNN. Here are some of my observations.


    This story. Six blacks invade the home of a white family in Indianapolis, gang raped a young lady, shot her mother twice, kidnapped the mother and daughter to steal money from ATMs, stole three vehicles, cash and other belongings.

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    White NFL lineman says unpleasant and hurtful things to sensitive black NFL lineman. Black lineman gets badly hurt feelings, cries bitterly.



    Black teenager Shaun Brown shoots and kills professional fisherman Jimmy Johnson in a Motel 6 parking lot while burglarizing his boat.

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    Black man Todd Howell in Jacksonville FLA murders white girlfriend’s 22 month-old white baby named Kyleann Burress.

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    Black ex-boyfriend Johnny Lashawn Shipman beats white ex-girlfriend Kristi Delaney to death in front of their 3 year old daughter in Mascotte, FLA.

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    White student at Towson University stabbed and robbed by three black robbers, victim hospitalized, in critical condition

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    Seventy eight year old white man named Delor Cabral beaten to death in Providence Rhode Island by two armed home-invaders, one black (Wilbert Richardson), one hispanic (Joel Valdez),

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story


    Black ex-husband named Ferdinand Glen Smith shoots and kills white ex-wife (Karen Smith) in the parking lot of her workplace at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

    CNN – not important enough, not news-worthy, no story

  • Jack Burton

    Makes no damn sense.

    Okay, say he is disabled to the point where he couldn’t offer any physical resistance. How about a phone by the bed to call the police.

    What world are these people living in where they don’t have security procedures. I bet they do now, unless they’re really, really stupid and learned nothing.

    Surveillance cameras are cheap now, get some, or get a security service.

    I have a loaded gun ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • Jack Burton

    A gruesome crime, but really it’s just an example of the typical mainstream relationship between blacks and Whites, blacks abuse Whites and Whites still want to help them. It’s Stockholm syndrome, battered wife syndrome, or in PC terms it’s tolerance for “diversity.” It’s a very feminine mentality, where the victim seeks to identify with and help their aggressor(s) as a method of ending the aggression.

    “Court documents also describe an unlikely moment of kindness between one of the suspects and the mother, who had already been shot in the hip and sexually assaulted. During the car ride to the bank at 93rd and Meridian streets, the mother began talking to the suspect who was in the car with her. He disclosed how he went to North Central and loved to play football. He told her about how his father had been shot and his mother abandoned him. She offered to “help” him.

    He said, “After all I done to you, you want to help me?”

    “Yes,” she said, informing him that she is a teacher.

    “We’re not gonna kill you, if you do what we say,” he told her.”

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    There is a word that better suits them, but it cannot be used here because it’s rayciss.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It’s the only word that suits them. And they know it, that’s why they use it so frequently against each other.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Precisely, and every knows what that word is, even if they do not have to say it.

  • evilsandmich

    Thanks. That story is completely believable, but odd at the same time. I’m sure the family is hard enough on itself for being too complacent, but jeez. No gun, no phone, no dog, no effort to make sure that they didn’t end up stacked up dead in their basement? *sigh*

  • Of course the idiots condemn these descriptions. They’re too stupid to understand that providing an accurate description of a suspect is helpful for actually catching that suspect. What earthly good is the point of putting out a deliberately vague description like “a man in a blue jacket”?