Posted on November 6, 2013

Gruesome Details Emerge in North Side Home Invasion

Brooke Martin, WISH (Indianapolis), November 6, 2013

Court documents released Monday outlined a Tuesday home invasion on the north side. It paints a picture of a nightmarish home invasion, repeated rape, gunshots and robbery.

It was early morning on Oct. 29 when, according to police, six suspects entered the family’s home.


The suspects started in the parent’s bedroom, yelling to give them money. That woke up the daughter and began a long, gruesome period of crime.

Eventually suspects drove the mother to an ATM to get money, and while in the car she was sexually assaulted. The mother was also shot twice — once in the upper leg, and once in her foot while trying to escape.

Meanwhile, in the home, the daughter was being repeatedly raped by multiple suspects.

When the mother returned, the daughter was then forced to go to an ATM with another suspect. While in the car, the daughter told detectives the suspect  “talked to her about previously attending North Central.” The daughter told detectives the suspect “resembled someone she knew.”

Throughout the whole ordeal, the father remained in bed. Police say he has a medical condition that makes moving difficult.

The suspects eventually left with all three of the family’s vehicles, cash and belongings.


At least two of the suspects — Spells and Dupree — may also be connected to another home invasion on Spring Mill Road. Police say they found items from that home during a search