Dept. of Education Spent $20.3 Million on 10 Equity Centers to Fight the ‘Isms’

James Beattie, CNS News, November 14, 2013

The Department of Education (DOE) spent $20,396,892 over the last three years to set up and staff 10 Equity Assistance Centers (EACs) across the United States that work with school districts and state boards of education to fight “all of the –isms, like racism, ableism, orientation, etc.,” Velma Cobb, director of the EAC at Touro College in Lower Manhattan, told

The EACs cover 10 regions throughout the United States, and are funded under Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. DOE spent $6,575,460 on EACs in 2013,  $6,938,817 in 2012, and $6,882,615 in 2011.

Jenelle Leonard, director of Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (OESE) School Support and Rural Programs, which provides oversight for the EACs, told that the facilities “offer technical assistance to school districts, state education agencies, and others who seek to resolve civil rights conflicts and promote social justice and equity.”

Cobb explained that the centers are working in the “areas of harassment, bullying, and prejudice reduction.” They also analyze discipline and suspension data to determine “whether a pattern of overrepresentation of a particular group or gender exists.”

“We train and ask questions that try to get at: whose voice is present?  Whose voice is missing?  What population(s) does a decision affect and how are they affected?  Whose interest will be served by a decision?” Cobb told in an email.

“Using the vehicles of technical assistance as mentioned above, we address school culture and climate; how identity influence[s] decisions; expectations and assumptions; implicit and explicit bias; all of the –isms like racism, sexism, ableism, orientation, etc.,” she added.


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  • dd121

    It’s human nature to be “ismistic”. Why fight it.

  • Lewis33

    Make work jobs from the Fed to prop up the “black middle class.”

    • bilderbuster

      “Using the vehicles of technical assistance as mentioned above”.
      $20 million dollars to twist fancy sounding words into intelligent sounding phrases that mean absolutely nothing.
      Propping up the illusion of a “Black Middle Class”.
      How do they “Fight isms”?
      Multimillion Stop the Violence programs of course.
      Blacks believe they can conquer nature with a catchy slogan & the White mans money.
      “Yes We Can”!

  • Fighting an ism.

    Nice lucrative work if you can find it.

    • Nice lucrative work if you can “stomach it”.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Where can I sign up to fight communism and socialism?

      • Brian

        Or egalitarianism.

        • George Clark

          They left out “albinism.” As far as I am concerned, Obama looks like an albino with shoe polish for makeup.

    • ThomasER916

      Where can I fight Zionism?

  • -ism Center, coming to a college near you ….. to employ blacks, homosexuals, hispanics and other people that are not straight and White. White student union … forbidden.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      -ism Center, coming to a college near you ….. to employ blacks, homosexuals, hispanics and other people that are not employable outside of government institutions.

      • negrolocaust

        heads up the 14 yr old obama look alike RAPED THE teacher before killing her google it. negrolocaust…

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Yeah, thanks for the head’s up — read about it earlier today. This wretched beast not only “rape raped” her, he raped her with an object as well.

          I was a 23 year old teacher once – who well knew NOT to be in a room alone with a student, any student, at any time. Period. All after school tutoring, parent meetings, conferences, etc., were always held in a public place — the front office, counseling office or library where other school staff were around — to act as witnesses in case anything happened.

          I didn’t learn that in ed school, BTW, I learned this wise advice from older teachers, some of whom came close to having their entire careers destroyed because they didn’t realize what kids can and will do and say later to authorities about when you were alone with them.

          The advice may have saved my life — and definitely my reputation (kids accuse teachers of calling them racial slurs, etc. all the time — and the school district ALWAYS takes the kid’s side, not ours).

  • Skip Wellington

    Bababooeyism is rampant.

  • bigone4u

    The anti-racism industry is another manifestation of the anti-white mindset of the federal government. Since whites pay the taxes for this junk, the only real antidote is a tax strike or even a general strike by taxpayers. The Tea Party had the right idea, but for some reason could not gain traction. We need to keep trying though since these outrages are only going to get worse.

  • MekongDelta69

    The race-hustling and ‘DIE-versity’ business[sic] has been a multi-billion dollar ‘enterprise’ since the 60s.

    Why do you think someone with an IQ level which doesn’t reach the bottom of your shoe can get a job so easily?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Apparently these centers forgot to fight commun-“ism”

  • Spartacus

    When America was 90% White, it put a man on the moon. Reading this article should make it pretty clear why it’s not gonna do that again.

    • Truthseeker

      Even when America did that, there were “civil rights” leaders claiming that the government shouldn’t be spending money on NASA, but should be redistributing it to blacks. The racketeers have taken over the institutions, and every actual American gets screwed.

      • Brian

        The guy leading the mule wagon parade back then, complaining about the poor blacks who needed that ‘moon money’, was Ralph D. Abernathy. Here in Atlanta we have a street named for him now. We do not have any streets named for Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, or Mission Control. In addition, they have made a pattern of renaming streets for white achievers to black ‘civil rights leaders’ (a.k.a. ‘gibmedateers’) every chance they get.

  • Hunter Morrow

    23 percent of Americans in the country read, write and do mathematics at a 4th grade level or worse. This is what happens when the schools are packed with the ineducable and the criminal. School is sabotaged by the antics of non-Whites and instead of learning how to be functionally literate in the 21st century, White children get brainwashed into thinking Negroes are as magical as Harry Potter.

    • Laika

      Making them sitting ducks and unwitting victims of black crime.

  • DaveMed

    Public schools are the #1 enemy of white Americans. Plain and simple. (Of course, that shouldn’t stop one from having children. But get involved in your school board.)

    • ThomasER916

      That should be reason number one why whites should put every effort to home school and end public schools. Public schools steal white tax money to make the world anti-white.

    • Laika

      White American Enemies
      #1 Public Schools
      #2 Media: major newspapers, alphabet networks, movies, music industry, magazines.

    • ThatguyinTN

      Isn’t the Department of Education and this new Common Core crap unconstitutional anyway? My soon to be wife is a music teacher and we have gone rounds over common core but she is slowly waking up and coming around to my way of thinking on race and common core.

      • DaveMed

        In my judgment? Yes. But constitutionality hardly matters any more. Indoctrination by the government is a human right now.

        Just go slowly enough with the fiancee not to scare her off. 🙂 Women and race… *shaking my head*

        • ThatguyinTN

          Yea I am easing her into it but she is from KY so its a bit easier. Plus she used to teach in Newport News Virginia or something like that where there was a very large black population so she has witnessed it first hand I so far have just had to point out what she knew already but couldn’t admit. She still can’t publicly admit it because she would lose her job.

  • MBlanc46

    Oh boy, the government is finally going after integrationism and multiculturalism!

  • De Doc

    All the ‘-isms’ except for Marxism and Islamism. These are acceptable types of ‘-isms’ per DOEd.

    • M.

      Don’t forget multiculturalism.

  • Whirlwinder

    Good reason to dump the Dept. of Education. Totally useless federal organization spending billions of tax dollars in frivolous pursuits. Education is a local operation, not Federal and not even State controlled.

  • ThomasER916

    This is no different than the Holocaust Industry. They’re using the same arguments, the same agents, and the same white tax money to shame, attack, demoralize, and militate against whites.

  • Laika

    In reality, there’s no difference between the two parties, with a few notable exceptions. Both are for wide open borders and favor non-whites over whites. They are as dead as door nails for whites.

  • Jesse James

    We need to fight waste, fraud and abuse in government and the DOE looks like a good place to start. Does anyone really think that if the DOE disappeared tomorrow that there would be any significant negative impact on the US education system? Sure a lot of school systems would lose the various Federal education grants but if the citizens in their districts were taxed less they might be willing to pay additional money for their local schools. Or maybe the educators could use some of that intelligence and creativity they so often brag about and they could figure out how to teach the essentials in a more cost efficient manner.

    • ThatguyinTN

      Or they could scrap the teachers unions that are screwing over the students all the while claiming what they do is ‘for the kids.’ Scrap the unions and fire unfit teachers the state will find the money to keep school systems up and running and it would be easier if they didn’t have to pay crap teachers.

  • willbest

    Good thing $21 million is just rounding error and not real money, otherwise I would be annoyed.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    The ism committees, if doing their job ethically, will surely discover more bantus and mestizos are expelled or disciplined. What will the ism committee do about it?
    We already know. To effect equitable outcome, for every school bus or playground black on White beat down, the beatdown victims must also be expelled. After they are discharged from hospital, that is.

    • ThatguyinTN

      Haha using ethical while talking about a committee under this administration. Unfortunately I think you are probably spot on on the rest.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Irony, Thatguy, irony. :]

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Surprise, surprise: Two Affirmative Action appointees protecting one and all against those nasty isms.

    L:Velma Cobb, director of the EAC at Touro College in Lower Manhattan

    R:Jenelle Leonard, director of Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (OESE) School Support and Rural Programs

    • Make work jobs?

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Certainly not anything that requires ethical nonbias, precision, skill, and showing up for the day.

  • George Clark

    You make a lot of good points. What do you suggest? People that are blessed with intelligence, like yourself, work for slave wages to support idiots? I have been doing that for 25 years, friend. I really don’t understand your post. Are you expressing sympathy for these carp, or are you excoriating them?


    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.


    “Jefferson delt [sic] with this very problem and solved it by imposing tariffs on any goods made outside of the Continent.”

    We tried that again in 1930 with the passage of the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act. It might have worked in Jefferson’s time but it didn’t in the 20th century when more people worked in the export business. Other countries responded with tariffs of their own, and a tariff war ensued. “Economists still agree that Smoot-Hawley and the ensuing tariff wars were highly counterproductive and contributed to the depth and length of the global Depression.” – Wiki

    We’d probably set off another tariff war if we tried it

    • I’m supposed to believe that sales taxes on imports caused a major worldwide depression.


      • SFLBIB

        According to government statistics, U.S. imports from Europe decreased from a 1929 high of $1,334 million to just $390 million during 1932, while U.S. exports to Europe decreased from $2,341 million in 1929 to $784 million in 1932. Overall, world trade decreased by some 66% between 1929 and 1934. … The new tariff imposed an effective tax rate of 60% on more than 3,200 products and materials imported
        into the United States,” quadrupling previous tariff rates on individual items, but raising the average tariff rate to 19.2%, in line with average rates of that day.
        – wiki

        60% doesn’t sound like a sales tax to me. Maybe it does to you.

  • Dave4088

    No doubt much of that money went to pay six and possibly seven figure salaries of low I.Q. blacks with no job skills. Another transfer of our wealth. The collapse and breakup of this sorry nation can’t come soon enough.

  • WR_the_realist

    I know some of you hate Ron Paul because he’s not as strong on controlling the borders as we’d like. (As if any other candidate was.) But he was certainly right about many things, among them wanting to get rid of the Department of Education.

  • WR_the_realist

    Unfortunately once mainstream Republicans get into office they are far more interested in tax cuts and more war than in cutting out any of the nonsense in domestic spending.