The women who travelled on a migrant boat that sank off the coast of Italy have claimed they were covered in petrol and raped in front of their tortured husbands before boarding the doomed craft.

The revelation came in a criminal complaint against suspected Somali trafficker Elmi Mouhamud Muhidin, 34, who was arrested on the island of Lampedusa where he was living in an overcrowded migrant centre and pretending to be one of the refugees.

Together with some Libyan militiamen, the man is accused of taking part in dozens of rapes while the migrants were being held in a refugee detention centre in Sabha in the Libyan desert.

‘All the women in that centre were raped,’ Maurizio Scalia, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, told reporters.

The La Repubblica daily quoted one of the criminal complaints against the Somali–the heart-rending story of one female survivor, a 17-year-old girl, as told to the police.

She said she was in a group of 130 people from Eritrea including 20 women walking through the desert from Sudan into Libya when they were seized by kidnappers and taken to a house in Sabha.

They asked for ransom of $3,300 (£2,000) to release their victims.

‘They forced us to watch our men being tortured with various methods including batons, electric shocks to the feet. Whoever rebelled was tied up.’

‘The women who could not pay were assaulted,’ she was quoted as saying.

Once the payment was made, they were then passed on for the voyage to Europe.

‘They threw me on the ground, held me down and poured fuel on my head. Then three of them raped me without protection. After a quarter of an hour I was beaten and taken back to the house,’ she said.

Investigators said some of the survivors of the October 3 tragedy had spotted Elmi Mouhamud Muhidin at the centre and identified him as a member of a trafficking ring that smuggles migrants from Libya to Italy.

The Somali arrived on one of his own boats on October 25 and an alleged co-conspirator, a Palestinian, landed on November 3, the police said.

The Palestinian has also been arrested.

Another man, the boat’s 35-year-old Tunisian captain Khaled Bensalam, was detained immediately after the tragedy on charges of manslaughter.

Some of the 155 survivors–most of them Eritreans–attacked the Somali and the Palestinian when they saw them and the police said they could have been lynched.

The Somali was flown from the remote Italian island to Sicily on Thursday and could be seen in photo and video images distributed by the police.

He faces 30 years in prison under the charges.

Italian authorities have vowed to crack down on the people trafficking rings that have been behind the influx of more than 35,000 asylum-seekers so far this year to the country’s coasts.

The police suspect that smugglers across north Africa–particularly in an increasingly lawless Libya–are working together with criminal contacts in Italy to arrange the landings.

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  • Jesse James

    Stay safe, stay at home.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    When in Africa…

  • Asylum-seekers? No. More like welfare seekers.

  • kjh64

    If the West would stop taking these people, they’d stop coming. They’d stay at home and they wouldn’t be assaulted. The same goes for those assaulted by coyotes trying to get into the USA.

    • Brian

      Some artillery pieces on Lampedusa could save a lot of their miserable lives. Sink a few of these f%^&ers and the rest would have no incentive to be out there and drown.

  • IstvanIN

    This isn’t my concern. They should be in Eritrea and then they can live as they want.

  • Spartacus


    • NeanderthalDNA

      You know, if you want something lurid yet kind of pathetically comical, sub-Saharan Africa is a good bet, news wise. But if you want soul crushing depraved cruelty, hit that zone where Bantustan meets Islam. That’s where you get the best inhuman depravity. And Mexico.

    • Alexandra1973

      I want that on a bumper sticker.

  • Wethepeople

    Guess they should’ve stayed home, eh?

    • 1XXX

      If only….

  • MBlanc46

    Moral of the story: stay home.

  • Sick of it

    We should prevent heart-rending events like this from occurring by sinking every boat attempting to dump illegals on any nation’s soil. The entire terrible system would disappear.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    That’s not our responsibility. Besides, it would just foster even more resentment of us and our efforts to aid them. What we need is an immediate moratorium on all foreign aid and non-European immigration.

  • captainc

    I think the solution should be to keep them in their neighboring countries with similar economies if their country is war torn.

  • “Tragedy”?

    I’d say instead this was a useful learning experience in why to stay out of other people’s countries.

  • Jackryanvb

    “The police suspect that smugglers across north Africa–particularly in an increasingly lawless Libya–are working together with criminal contacts in Italy to arrange the landings.”

    JR responds

    Looks like the Hollywood image of the honorable Italian Mafia families isn’t holding true here.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Now I fully understand why American blacks love to identify themselves as “African-American”. In most respects, after reading this horror story, many really do live the first half of the hyphen.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    That’s an interesting guess. Gattaca? Sort of how some liblefties want to use global warming to liblefty us?

  • I am sure it was reported at the time that these people travelled 1000 miles before even setting off on their journey. That would – or should – rule out any valid asylum or ‘refugee’ status. They are economic migrants coming for a ‘better life’ – and there is no reason why we ought to take any such people in.

    This is, besides other things, fundamentally because you do not solve the poverty of the third world by importing the poor demographic to a rich one. In fact, you only serve to drag the richer ones under, particularly when you have such disproportionate numbers and birthrates involved.

    The people who should be hanging their heads in shame are not us, the people who wish to stop them coming. No. The people who should be hanging their heads in shame and having the deaths of thousands on their hands are the open borders lobby and pro-immigration groups who allow this to continue.

    Think about it. These people are poor, they are allegedly raped and abused by traffickers in their desperate bid to escape their situation.

    They stump up everything they own to give to these unscrupulous people (who send them into the deserts with not enough water supplies and rickety transport, and send them on unseaworthy boats).

    They are then often used as cheap labour (or on the black-market economy) by unscrupulous business men, then put into a cycle of debt trying to afford the higher costs of living here, and used as voting cows for socialist governments – and are thus placed at the front of hostility amongst a population that neither wants or needs them, and is indeed often paying for them to be here.

    The only way to stop it is to deport all these people, send them back without appeal, patrol the waters and send them back and then set fire to their vessels as a warning that they will NOT make it to Europe.

    It is the dangling carrots, the bleeding hearts, the incompetence and willing destruction of the border systems, etc, that continues to make people take these risks and be so abused and used. The deaths are on their hands, not ours. We have nothing to feel guilty about.

    Unfortunately, on BBC Radio 4 the other morning I heard some spokeswoman for the EU or UN or something telling us that Europe needs to be more open and accepting of these people than they currently are…… the message is not getting through to their thick skulls.

    But then again, they have no interest and place no value on the survival of European peoples, so they would not begin understand or support that side of our efforts to stop it.

    • kjh64

      According to UN rules, asylum seekers are supposed to come to the first safe country they come to. Last time I checked, no African nation bordered Australia. These people are economic migrants, most of them anyways. Yes, if Western countries were not taking these people, they would not come and be subject to crimes by smugglers. If any sympathetic White people want to help, well they can help these people with their OWN money in their OWN countries but stop foisting them off on everyone else.

  • russ

    this is what the future of the west has in store

  • captainc

    don’t worry GM, I think most Indonesians can take criticism well, unless it’s about their religions, it’s almost like beers to the Germans. :p

    but, no wory, you can say whatever you want. religon or not, i think it’s good to see how we could improve ourselves.

    from my travels around SEA, i think we have morality or attitude similar to our neighbors be they budhhists, christians, catholics,or animists instead of our middle eastern co-religionists. so, race is really determining factor.

  • Defiant White

    Head covered in oil and then raped . . . was that to kill the smell?

    Just when you think the Negro has sunk to an absolute new low, along comes the pinnacle of the species . . . the Somali . . . to shatter all preconceptions of what “low’ really means . . .

  • Xerxes22

    These people are supposed to be dirt poor but yet they can afford to pay thousands of dollars to sumugglers. It ‘s obvious that their relatives in Europe are sending them the money. The only way to stop this is for the European govenments to deport all non-Whites living in Euope including those born there. Give each family ten thousand dollars and ship them back to their homelands. Then set up strict border enforcement and navel patrols in the Mediterranean. Problem solved.

    • Yes, they certainly are doing.

      One Labour party MP in the government even boasted how great it was that many of these people were sending their welfare ‘back home’ to their poor and needy relatives.

      The ex-race-relations watchdog head honcho Trevor Phillips also boasted about the sheer volume of these ‘money transfer shops’ that now seem to festoon our shopping precincts and high streets. He claimed it was the greatest “global wealth distribution” method ever seen, as millions of immigrants are sending money out of Europe.

      Even on TV last week or so, there was a programme called “Pickpockets and Proud” – which showed blatant participants on the prowl, stealing money, purses, phones. Most were from Romania, although the program aimed to offset the bias by including some home grown white drug addicts who stole to fuel the habits.

      Some of the “Roma” gangs were claiming they could sometimes send up to £3,000 back to Romania a week, where they are building mansion houses and fitting them out with luxury items.

      I am sure I have on old video somewhere from the 1960s, where it mentions how you could not take more than £5 out of the country as it would “upset the balance of payments”…….. now, such a thing seems inconceivable.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Eugenics, well and kindly implemented with incentives (easier access to other people’s money or something) and humane penalties (declaring a few serial reproducers that cannot afford their producings mentally ill and treating them) would be a great kindness to all, including low IQ Blacks (and anyone else). Actually it would be even kinder to average and above Blacks who have to live with their co-racialists’ idiocy too.

    And gosh gee golly, if you’re eating and have a roof over your head as a result of others’ forced generosity, you owe your society something in return, the least of which is “guided responsibility”.

  • bilderbuster

    There should be the death penalty for the smugglers & the cargo should be destroyed.

  • kjh64

    “Even here we are now required to refer to them as “Asylum Seekers”, the term “Illegal Immigrant” ”

    That’s funny, it’s the same here. Except that we are required to refer to illegal migrants as “undocumented workers”. It’s kind of like calling a burglar an “uninvited guest”.