A Multicultural Hell Hole, That We Never Voted For

Leo McKinstry, Express (London), November 18, 2013

Due to official dogma, this area is rapidly turning into a cauldron of suspicion and squalor. A never-ending influx of Roma people from eastern Europe is fuelling combustible tensions with local residents, many of whom are immigrants from Asia. As complaints about feckless, intimidating behaviour by the Roma intensify, the air is now thick with warnings about ethnic conflict.

The sense of deepening social chaos in Page Hall was vividly illustrated last week by this paper’s reports of two attempts by Roma immigrants to make money from the sale of babies. In one, Colin Barton, the owner of a chip shop, said that he was approached by a teenager who offered him a new-born child for £250. It is almost unbelievable that this could happen in 21st-century Britain but such depraved conduct is part of the world created by the ideology of multiculturalism, where the values of traditional civilisation are constantly undermined.

Page Hall’s descent into social breakdown is just a foretaste of what will happen across Britain next year as the final restrictions on migrants from eastern Europe are removed. From January, 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to settle here, bringing a large number of Roma to our shores.

Already there are estimated to be 200,000 Roma people living here but that number will be dwarfed once all border controls are lifted. “In January the only thing left will be the goat,” says one Roma father of seven, warning that his entire village plans to come to England.

This wave of mass immigration from two of Europe’s most impoverished countries will be a disaster for Britain, hastening the collapse in national identity, wrecking social cohesion and imposing an intolerable strain on civic infrastructure.

Welfare bills will soar, not least because many migrants are adept at exploiting the laxity of our benefits. Even now a third of all sellers of the Big Issue fundraising magazine are Romanian, since such a role allows them to claim self-employed status and thereby gain access to social security. Incredibly, over the past five years there have been 27,000 arrests out of an estimated population of 87,000 Romanians living in London.

This act of institutionalised self-destruction has been foisted on us by a treacherous political class that selfrighteously preens itself over its devotion to multiculturalism and open borders. The imposition of mass immigration over recent decades has been accompanied by a barrage of official propaganda extolling the joys of diversity and portraying all opposition to this creed as racist bigotry.

But the spin machine cannot maintain the illusion of success.

Even the high priests of political correctness have to admit that something has gone wrong. So last week two of Sheffield’s most senior MPs, Labour’s David Blunkett and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, attacked the conduct of the Roma in their city.

Blunkett warned that there would be “an explosion” unless there is a change “in the culture of the incoming Roma community”, while Clegg said that the Roma “behave in a way that people sometimes find intimidating, sometimes offensive”. Yet for all its apparent candour, the language of the two men reeks of opportunism and double-standards. In reality they were both responding to grievances expressed primarily by the local Pakistani community.

Would they have used such rhetoric if it was just the white British working-class people complaining about a minority group? I doubt it.

In such a case they would probably have shrieked about the intolerance of the indigenous population. Indeed, Clegg now has the nerve to bleat about the duty of the Roma “to be sensitive to the way of life as lived in this country”, yet he had never taken such a robust line with Muslims in Yorkshire, even as some cling to deeply unBritish practices such as the adoption of Sharia law or the wearing of the burka.

Obsessed with hierarchies of victimhood the Left sees grievances as only being legitimate if they come from a migrant community.

We are paying a terrible price for the creed of Left-wing politicians.

They pose as champions of progress yet their fixation with multiculturalism is dragging us into a new dark age. In many of our cities, social solidarity is being replaced by divisive tribalism, democracy by identity politics.

Real integration is impossible when ethnic groups are encouraged to cling to customs, practices, even languages from their homeland.

Female emancipation has been set back by misogyny imported from the developing world, as re-flected by honour killings, forced marriages and female genital mutilation. There are estimated to be 66,000 cases of such torture in Britain yet not a single prosecution has been mounted. In the name of liberal tolerance, vicious intolerance is flourishing in our midst, repressing free speech and promoting dangerous extremism.

The tragedy is that immigrants wanted to come to Britain precisely because it was a well-ordered and harmonious place. “The gentleness of English civilisation is its most marked characteristic,” wrote George Orwell in 1941. Now, as Page Hall shows, all that is being lost through the multicultural revolution.

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  • bubo

    Of course they didn’t vote for it. Neither did whites in America where we will go from 90% of the population in 1960 to less than half in 2040.

    Armed revolution and overthrow of hostile governments in white homelands will be needed if whites are to survive.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Some people ridicule our cries of genocide, but such a precipitous drop in 80 years, a single lifetime, can’t be called anything else. One has to wonder when we’ll drop from less than 50% to 0%. I expect that transformation to occur even more quickly as the few remaining whites are slaughtered or forced to flee.

      • RisingReich

        So long as the White ‘majority’ still yells for ‘civility’ – we’re toast. There’s still plenty of Whites on this very board who still feel the need to ‘identify’ and protect some of these groups from those who wish to fight fire with fire.

        One of these days, they’re going to get burned with the rest of them they ‘identify’ with. So be it.

        • Sick of it

          If someone says to another to play nice while their family is being violently attacked, they should expect a rather violent retort if they have any sense at all.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed armed revolutions will be necessary, revolutions that overthrow then result in the total extermination of these hostile alien elites and their supporters. Then the next step is expulsion of enemy racial aliens by force. Along the way, whites are going to exact a fearsome vengeance against those who sought to dispossess and exterminate them in their own homelands.

      • Garrett Brown

        Tweety bird drank some of Bane’s venom.

    • Erasmus

      I’ll believe they’re serious when they demand Tony Blair’s head on a platter.

  • McKinstry thumps Nick Clegg for calling out the gyps but not the Muslims.

    They both forgot to call out blacks, of which London has plenty.

    • capnmorgan5150

      I agree. This article is suspiciously absent of blacks and muzzies. I’m sure they’re most of the problem.

      • robinbishop34

        It’s slightly less politically incorrect to bring up gypsies.

    • Bantu_Education

      Commissar Clegg has called for an “iron fist” to stamp out racism.

  • Jesse James

    I am sure the odds looked pretty tough to the Spanish in the 1450s that they would never be able to take back their homeland. 1492, a year that should be remembered forever by Europeans as a shining of example of how to regain control of your lands and political system. Hundreds of years of great prosperity came from national liberation and confident civilizational expansion.

  • shmo123

    Could the crime (and smell) of the Roma be what it finally takes for the somnambulant Brits to wake up?

    • Cold_Gravy

      I don’t think it’s so much a case of waking up, but standing up. And doing something about it.

  • Jefferson

    I have a racially aware British friend who lives here in the U.S. He refers to London as Londonstan because of it’s huge Sand Negro population.

    • dd121

      I’ve never heard that expression “Sand Negro”. It’s got a real bite to it.

      • Kenner

        It’s been around since the seventies, and it’s ‘sand ni66er’…it may have started in Israel.

        • WASP

          I had always understood the term “sand ni66er” refers to Arabs. It may have started in Israel.

          • stewball

            You make me laugh. Why should it have started in Israel. They certainly do not use the N word

          • WASP

            The reason I said that maybe it could have started in Israel, as Kenner suggested, is because the Israeli’s and Arabs are mortal enemies, as we know. I’m sure the Israeli’s have a lot of choice terms for their enemies. I could guess but don’t know where the term “sand ni66er” actually started. I can tell you that where I’m from “ni66er” is a common term, always has been and still is, only not openly as the enemy will destroy your life and career. Such is their power. You’ll be on the street eating dog food with your dog.

          • stewball

            You must live in the south then?
            We certainly don’t call the Arabs that and to be honest I haven’t heard any choice phrases. I’ll ask my son and get back to you 😉

          • WASP

            Yes, I’m a native of the deep south. If the Israeli’s don’t have any choice terms for their enemies, maybe they will soon since I hear on the news that Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset with O’Bama’s and Kerry’s deal with Iran. This time, however, sounds like Saudi Arabia may side with Israel on Iran’s ability to get a nuclear bomb. Scary times we’re living in.

          • stewball

            Obama’s an idiot as are the rest. They’re all being laughed at and especially your great leader who’d like to see Israel go down. Arabs don’t know how not to lie.

          • stewball

            Don’t have a dog. Have 2 kitties. You sound like you expect us to lose. No way.

          • WASP

            I expect things in the middle east to proliferate. O’bama is an idiot. I certainly didn’t vote for that mulatto. I think now with the deal he and Kerry made with Iran that Iran now will be encouraged to continue working on getting a nuclear bomb or missiles; then Israel will strike Iran when they think they must.

          • stewball

            We should have done it when Netanyahu said they’d reached that famous ‘red line’. Now if he does I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama finally sent your forces to attack us. Kerry is a very dangerous man where Israel is concerned.

          • Pelagian

            *Israel* didn’t start in Israel until 1948, lulz. The N-word is certainly older than that.

          • stewball

            What’s lulz? So where did all the ‘Israelites’ come from?

          • stewball

            Yemenite Jews had already settled there in the 1800’s. They came home to Israel as did many ‘white’ people. Israel’s always been there.

        • stewball

          And why on earth would it have started in Israel!

      • 1stworlder

        It was used in the military during the first gulf war

        • stewball

          There you go. Your lot made it up which is certainly more understandable.

      • M.

        The one I know is “sandni**er”.

      • The Final Solution

        Dune Kune is also a good one.

        • dd121

          Final, I like yours best. You definitely get the gold star.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        “Sand Negro” is the half political correct term for “sand ni99er”. The fully political correct term is “Sand African-American”.

        • Alexandra1973

          I’ve also heard terms like “camel jockeys” and “abba dabbas.”

          I went to high school with a bunch of them…it being the Detroit area. I was always warned by my parents to stay away from them, which I did. My one cousin hung around with them and got in so much trouble she had to stay with our grandparents in Arizona for a while. Thankfully she’s since straightened out.

          I also remember that just about any party store (convenience store) you went into had an Arab behind the counter. That’s what I grew up with in the 70s and 80s. Still true when I go up for a visit, some Arab dude behind bullet proof glass at the gas station.

    • Greg_Deane

      The suffix -stan is taken from the Muslim countries of Central Asia, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and so on.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Even the high priests of political correctness have to admit that something has gone wrong.

    Too late.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Don’t believe the empty threats of a population that has been pacified and neutered. Until I start seeing foreigners by the thousands in the English Channel tunnel, going the OTHER direction, you castrated British serfs are a joke Mohammed will keep laughing at.

    You are nothing. I don’t respect you, and neither do those foreigners in your own yard.
    Complain all you like Brits, but there will be 1,000 more new residents of the darker hue within the next 24 hours.

    I mean, Jeezus H. Christ. You are even letting them become members of Parliament.

    • That’s absolutely right. With no real impetus or apparatus to collectivise a mass movement, we are all just isolated and we just stand in the tide waiting for it to wash us away like a seasonal tide we have now come to expect.

      Nobody knows what to do, how to do it, where to go, how to handle it, what strategy to take, just like every other country. We are hardly unique. Many Americans must complain about all the Blacks and Mexicans coming in – but what exactly are they doing?

      Are they heading down to the borders on patrol of them, or running for office or whatever? Most often not, I suspect.

      Americans have the right to bear arms and do not use them against their own government (that is not in the favour of the American people) – which was the intention for the law, I believe – whereas we are serfs, have no means, and thus do not use them.

      Maybe that makes the Americans even worse. But it is easy to talk tough – getting backing, getting action, etc is hard, otherwise it would have been done by now on either side of the water. We are all up against the same kinds of people at the top, the same mechanisms and same kinds of populaces. It is the same in France, Germany, Netherlands…..

      Leo will be writing another article in around 3 months time or so, no doubt stating the latest episode of madness that has since arrived from the publication of this one.

      The British seemed to have suffered amnesia, or rather, been poisoned with it, to the point that most have no sense of who they are or what it really matters anyway.

      They are often pliable, they are often ignorant and hedonistic. Most people are easily rail-roaded and used by our opponents.

      In that, of course the immigrants have no respect for us. They are “laughing up their sleeves” and cannot believe their luck. They have got so cocky that they try and lecture us about what we should do and they now think they have some sort of authority over this country as some kind of equal part in it.

      However, there is an increasing tide starting to come of our own. People seem to finally be getting tired of the “process” and the “act” of all this that goes on.

      Whether it will ever be enough to bring about change I do not know. It has not so far since the 1950’s, and I see no reason to believe it will change this time, but you never know I suppose.

      • Sick of it

        The minutemen were told to go home by the Federal government we won’t revolt against. We have plenty of people interested in protecting our borders with their own two hands, there’s just the most powerful military in the world standing in the way. Reminds one of integration.

      • Emperor Naked

        D.B. Cooper is a blow-hard, constantly using harsh criticism of whites for not taking offensive action. Now, he’s attacking all the white Brits for not doing what he isn’t doing himself, even though as you so eloquently point out, he has more means and actual freedom to do.

        I wish the Whites in Britain good luck with their struggle. I still cannot believe that the British will let themselves be bashed around much longer. But one point in this story is that it appears that Asian and Roma’s will be having their own little civil war in London (and other locales) soon. Perhaps this will remind the government and even the Crown of one of the chief causes of the Fall of Rome.

        • Thankyou, because we certainly need that luck! With regards to the Pakistanis and Roma Gypsies – I suppose, for the first time in 60 years, they really are “doing the jobs that the British do not want to do!”.

          In all seriousness, this beast has grown legs all of it’s own and there is no way of telling how it will end up. It is a runaway train with nobody at the helm, (once certain tracks were planned and the levers pulled) compounding speed as it goes.

          The resultant of the train wreck may not be pretty – whether it gets nullified from travelling any further or not. If it kicks off, it is going to get messy, with no doubt whites fighting amongst themselves over the fate of the immigrants! if it does not kick off, it is going to get messy in terms of all failed states with such demographics.

          I doubt that more than five people in the governments would even know about the fall of Rome, or if they do, they are so sure of themselves (and their “righteous” rights and PC wishes) that they are insane enough to believe “it can really be done right this time”….

      • stewball

        Just as well I left England in 1968 long before the tsunami.

    • M.

      The British people aren’t all to blame for this, because they were never consulted about this massive immigration madness. They were simply betrayed.
      But they seem to be waking up now.

    • Pelagian

      Its the Anglo-Saxon “stiff upper lip” conservativism and disdain for ideas. The English were also the ones that bowed faster to gay marriage than France and most of the continent (save Scandinavia).

      John Rao chronicles this in his book on Americanism. He writes: “It created the illusion of stability, since the purpose of “integration” was to ensure the continued dominance of native American ways. In truth, however, native Anglo-Saxon Americans themselves were pressured into a gradual transformation of their own traditions. Anything threatening the adoption of the new groups soon began to be discouraged and renounced as much as immigrant particularities. Unity took precedence over custom, habit and even adherence to what was believed to be the truth. While seeking to integrate, native Americans were being integrated as well. Integrated into what? Into a “pluralist” society which could only survive by missing bits and pieces of the ideas of all of its component parts and by bending the entirety to the construction of a grayish culture serving the least common denominator in human material needs. A process was begun which has ended with the “integration” into American life of groups espousing perversities and determining how their needs and interests might help improve the GNP.”

      What he writes about America, is true in spades about the Fatherland, Britain.

    • Sick of it

      …and titled Lords.

    • gemjunior

      LOL. And we here in the USA have a boon for a president, I don’t know which is worse. Maybe next we’ll have a Roma or Chicano, even a member of Al Quada. I don’t see that as going too far. Nothing is too far, other than a white Christian heterosexual male with a traditional background. Heavens, Nooooooo!!!! The Horror….. As long as we are all members of the same dying race we need pro-white plants in every “club” such as Council of Foreign Relations, etc. It won’t be easy but it has to be done to get a grip on whatever the hell is going on here.

      • Emperor Naked

        Today, Boonbama gave a Medal of Freedom to some “outstanding” Liberals. One of them was Gloria Steinem. She and NOW actually stated sometime in the late 80s (as I recall, but could have been earlier) that no white woman should bear any white man’s baby. This was a call to white genocide, and today, she got the highest civilian award that can be made in the U.S.

        Gloria Steinem’s father had deserted her mother when she was young. The simple and obvious explanation for her lifelong testagony is a simple Freudian projection of her fear and resultant hatred of her father onto all men. (Many of the 60s feminist leaders came from homes with no father, the one exception being Jane Fonda).

        • Katherine McChesney

          Gloria Steinmen was a CIA operative. They funded Ms. Magazine. She was charged with destruction of marriage, demonizing White males, putting women in the workplace to pay more taxes to the IRS and to give the government control over children through indoctrination in school.

          • Emperor Naked

            Source for this nonsense?

            1. When was she a CIA agent?
            a. Why would a white male dominated CIA put her in charge of an alleged program to destroy them?

            I am the same man “Whiteplight” that cornered you before. (Changed because I was banned from the CNN posting board).

            I have a copy of the 1970 California Subcommittee Report on Un-American Activities, that covers all national anti-government conspiracies (since they were all operating in California if not orginated there). There is no support for your completely illogical claims.

            “Acid Dreams, the Complete Social History of LSD; the CIA, the Sixties and Beyond” is based on nearly ten years of reviewing and researching the CIA documents that were declassified and released in 1976. There is only one reference to the Women’s Liberation Movement in it and it is in regards to the fact that they were waging simultaneous campaigns against Playboy Magazine, Wall Street and the Miss America Pageant. I personally recall them going after every men’s club in every city in the country. If the all white male CIA was behind this, it must be because they were a gaggle of jealous homosexuals.

            Again, Betty Friedan began the Second Wave Feminism when she published “The Feminine Mystique” in 1963, eight years before Ms. Magazine was published. Gloria Steinem never had any connection to the CIA. Ms. Magazine was funded by Clay Felker, a journalist with The New York Times. It was Friedan who founded the National Organization for Women, not Steinem. Steinem was a known and vocal anti-Vietnam War critic along with a long well established track record of activity then and now with the NEW LEFT. So if this was all a CIA plot aimed at destroying America by the CIA, you’ve got the story of the millennium. The problem is that you have NO, none, ZERO tangible, logical or demonstrable material, facts or history to prove it.

            I can just feel the turning away of readers that are on the fence when a regular poster submits another claim that anyone with a dot of information or logic would know is blatantly untrue and even ridiculous.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, the even have a “Lord Ahmed” in their parliament.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It’s just a matter of time when blacks in England will be ‘Ladys’ and ‘Lords’.

      • stewball

        Some are already I believe.

    • David Ashton

      I return to the “fray” just for a moment to express my resentment as a “castrated serf”, who has actively opposed non-white mass-immigration all my political life, at this comment and its numerous supporters, from a population which has elected a President of Kenyan origin and whose own ethnic future is well illustrated by Jared Taylor’s graph. Until you can offer practical advice to our English people instead of expletives your ignorant apache abuse means NOTHING to US.

  • Leo is one of the few journalists I still have some time for.

    Yes, he interjects caveats into his pieces at times, yes, he might be regarded by some as a safety valve of the mainstream media, but even if all this is the case, I think he sails as damned near close as he can to the wind without being sacked or having his head put on a plate.

    In fact, I am sure this article will get the likes of Yasmin Alibhai Brown and her grouping of journalists and pressure groupers frothing at the mouth again – for they have previously sought to banish these kinds of “anti immigrant” articles from the newspapers.

    There is always more that can be said and yes, Leo does not really get that deep……but I regard him as at least being consistent and able to thread together articles that hit the right kinds of notes.

    It is just a shame that he has been writing them for at least a decade to my knowledge and yet it has no real effect on the actual running of the country. I am sure he will be writing another such piece in 3 months time, in 6 months time, in 12 months time, if he is not hounded out of his job by the PC stasi.

    I can only hope that Leo is burrowing away in the minds of a section of the nation and re-injecting some of that good old common sense by pointing out the absurdity of it all and questioning the entire validity of what is going on. Not many do this in our media.

    The problem with the rhetoric from Blunkett, Straw, Johnson, Ed Milliband, or anybody else in the establishment is that they are NOT sorry for what has happened. They are sorry it is losing them votes.

    The problem is also that – like shown in this article – all they can do is talk about these people “having to fit in” and so on and so forth.

    It is never “Why are they coming?” or “Why don’t we stop it somehow and face the sanctions from the EU?”, or “Why don’t we really crack down on this and shut the door in general?” – or “Why don’t we deal with the 800,000 backlog of cases for entry and deport all those who should not be here?”……

    No. You get none of that. It is all carefully worded rhetoric to try and put people at ease, to sound like they will be tough, that they expect people to “fit in”….it is all framed for when the horse has already bolted.

    This is because they know they have no powers to do anything about them coming, and in the most case, do not really have any ideology in them that says they should not come. Quite the opposite.

    Leo makes a good point that I am sure has crossed many of minds in Britain’s nationalist following – that if the true English natives had brought it up, if it were them patroling the streets and holding meetings about what to do with these people causing problems, and not the Pakistanis, it would have had the press in a frenzy over “mobs” and “xenophobic fears” and the usual idiots on the UAF side of the coin would be up to Rotherham like rats up a drainpipe – holding demonstrations against the “fascists” who are “scape-goating”.

    I hate to be so pessimistic, it is perhaps not over yet, but sometimes, when you think you see a light at the end of the tunnel, it ends up being just more immigrants with a flash light entering into the country.

    • watling

      The majority must want mass immigration from the crappiest of crapholes or they wouldn’t be voting LibLabCon.

      In the latest opinion poll Labour is still the most popular party. That’s the same Labour Party that forced mass immigration on the UK without telling us they were doing it. The reason we hardly meet anyone on our high streets who have English as a mother tongue is entirely down to Labour policy. Yet we might get a Labour government from 2015.

      While we have voters in our country who are stupid enough to support a party that hates its own country and its own people then we really are doomed.

      • The majority seem to simply vote for their own niche interests, as selfish people.

        Take a mother who has to put kids into school soon, she will no doubt vote for whoever promises what she wants to hear about schools and education. She won’t give much of a thought to ideology or what else the parties are like on other issues.

        The terminally and wilfully unemployed amongst our own folk – and I have heard this from the horses mouth – will vote Labour and Lib Dems for the sole purpose that they fear the Tories will make them go to work. Again, they do not give the rest of it much thought.

        Others are still in cloud cookoo land and still believe the “apologies” from Labour and that, well, as they are not “Tory Toffs” who are selling off the NHS, “Labour is the one to go for” – to just get shut of the Tories…..

        ……and on and on it goes – just like it has for at least the last 70 years.

        It is strange though…..in a contradictory way….. that in my personal and work life, through friends of friends, their extended relatives, their friends at parties, that out of say five people I meet, around three are against immigration (some quite strongly so!) about one is not the least bothered either way as long as they can live in some comfort and not have to discuss any kind of difficult issue, and around one is really hard to the ‘liberal’ persuasion who believes they are God’s gift to humanity itself.

        That is the kind of ratio I have found. People not comfortable with what is going on do not always know how to speak, how to handle it, how to articulate their points beyond that of the rough tabloid press, but more often than not, folk are not in agreement with how things are heading -or at least, they can share some concerns that we have.

        I live in an area which may skew the figures though. But if the conversations I have heard are happening all over the country, then it is clear we do not live in a functioning democracy.

        As an aside, have you ever heard of the Asch Conformity Test?

        A friend of mine introduced me to the theory of it several years ago and I think to some degree, thanks to saturation by media and assertive “left” movements, it has a wider effect on the narratives people take and what their focus and interests are.

        I think UKIP might have a real surge in the new year. I am not a fan of them really, nor do I think of them as remotely nationalist, but it may start to upset the apple cart and start to break the “Lib/Lab/Con” grip of choices. The Conservative party needs to die, horribly, and get swept aside…..then the same needs to happen with UKIP. However, we do not really have the time for all that.

        Already, too, the main argument of the Conservatives is “Vote UKIP – Get Labour”. Sadly this might be true. But what can we do to smash this infernal ‘tag team’ between a useless and wreckless Blue Team and Red Team?

        I have come to support Western Spring which takes a different route from politics, as I think it is too late for politics to save anything. I may be wrong on that point, but there is no harm looking at alternatives.

        Arthur Kemp suggests that we are not going to be able to save everybody here and that we perhaps ought to stop trying in the little time we have left to organise. Unfortunately, he may be right.

        Those agreeable and in agreement with the essence of our arguments will come with us for the ride, whereas those who are hedonistic or too stupid to care will end up under the wheels of the juggernaut.

        I do not know what I will be doing for the future. I have pretty much had enough of it and am close to washing my hands of it precisely because there is little that can be done, or seems worth doing, and because it is such an uphill battle with many people who really are that docile to vote Labour back in.

        Things are not going to carry on like this forever though. At least when or if the time comes, I will be somewhat mentally prepared for it.

        • Since the founding of the NHS in 1948, under Labour PM Clement Attlee, Tory governments, all them majority none hung or coalition, have existed in the following time frames:

          1951-1964 (Churchill, Eden, Macmillian, Douglas-Home)
          1970-1974 (Heath)
          1979-1997 (Thatcher, Major)

          So in the 49 years from the founding of the NHS to the end of the last majority Tory government, Tories were the government for 35 of those 49 years. At any moment they wanted, the NHS would have been gone. Yet it’s still here.

        • Pelagian

          Like your comment very much. But I am afraid that too many here are assuming it all ends with a bang. It may in fact end with a whimper.

  • M.

    “Blunkett warned that there would be “an explosion” unless there is a change “in the culture of the incoming Roma community”,”


    This is exactly the problem with the lefties: they’re too much nurture-oriented. They have high expectations of “people changing” and “adapting”. There will be no freaking change!
    Roma Gypsies have lower average IQ’s than the average white European, and nothing will freaking change that! They’ll remain the same regardless of the environment.

  • kjh64

    “They pose as champions of progress yet their fixation with multiculturalism is dragging us into a new dark age. In many of our cities, social solidarity is being replaced by divisive tribalism, democracy by identity politics.”

    This sounds like an exact replica of the situation here in the USA. The thing is that most of the ones that push multiculturalism and diversity, the politicians, news media and “champagne liberals”, all make sure they stay far away from it. With the exception of a few tokens to show their “tolerance”, they all live in White areas, send their kids to schools that are mostly White and steer clear of the multicult masses. I’m sure it’s the same in Britain. I’ll bet you wouldn’t see Tony Blair for example, sending his kids, to a school full of Roma, just like Obama doesn’t send his kids to the Black DC public schools, he sends his kids to a posh private school.

    • M.

      It’s the same everywhere.
      There’s a popular French Facebook page about named, “Forcing leftist politicians to live in Saint-Denis (a crime-ridden multicultural prefecture in northern France)”. Because all of them live in white neighborhoods, in spite of their rotten speeches about tolerance and diversity.

      • Kenner

        There’s a regular poster on SBPDL that’s French, and posts as if he lives in St Denis.

  • bigone4u

    There is a world-wide conspiracy to exterminate the white race. It’s happening in every country, which means that it’s not just a national problem. Until whites organize themselves internationally to fight the conspiracy, which is well funded, local battles will continue to be fought and sometimes won, but often lost.

    Cut off the head of the snake and it dies. Battling leftists in the streets is not the answer. The lefties are funded by a greater conspiracy of international bankers who don’t like it that whites were able to carve out a middle class and some rights for themselves.

    The middle class is being destroyed everywhere, as are our rights ground to dust by the UN, International entities (such as the EU), and our own politicians and judges. Engulfing us in pornography, nonwhite immigrants, terrorist attacks, chemicals to mentally pacify us, and propaganda by Hollywood are some of the tactics.

    The Internet has given us a tool to organize and so the Internet is monitored by the NSA, with new forms of surveillance popping up every day to keep us from marching on the homes of our leaders, dragging them out, and hanging them from the nearest lamp post.

    We will either organize and fight or be erased. Our enemies are cowardly. They are not valiant warriors, but rather ginny-women who hire others to do their dirty work for them. They can be defeated in spite of the power of their money. I hope I live to see it happen. I don’t believe we will allow ourselves to be erased, but if we are going to die, then better to die fighting.

  • Spartacus

    In the early 90s, a Romanian politician called Corneliu Vadim Tudor had a way to solve the gypsy problem. He wanted to round them up and send them to labor camps, where they would be taught how to work . But when he said it publicly, the west accused him of being an “extremist”. Good luck now, with the harvest of your own stupidity .

  • DaveMed

    I’d rather it be a large influx of Romas, rather than Muslims, that sparks the ultimate outrage of the English. I can’t claim to have any experience with them, but they seem to be a group that rather obnoxiously crashes the party and makes a racket. In contrast, Muslims are far more insidious in their subversion and sabotage of the host.

    If this is what it takes to close the borders…

  • Truthseeker

    It’s plain to anyone with eyes that you can’t transplant people into a new culture and expect them to become just like the natives. The reason their people are the way they are is because it’s a reflection of their genetics. Let the English have London and let the Roma have some other country where they don’t have to bother anyone.

    • Bantu_Education

      London has already been lost.

  • Pelagian

    Hey I used the expression “hellhole” to describe Britain here on this comment page a few days ago. [Pats self on back].

  • freddy_hills

    This wave of mass immigration from two of Europe’s most impoverished countries will be a disaster for Britain, hastening the collapse in national identity, wrecking social cohesion and imposing an intolerable strain on civic infrastructure.

    That’s what the political class wants. They want to destroy the national cohesion so that countries can’t vote themselves out of the EU. Canada did the same thing back in the 80’s when Quebec tried to vote independence. They also want to use immigrant votes and the collapsing economy to grab power once and for all.

  • cecilhenry

    Doing away with whites is not idealistic; it is the sort of thing a lot of people got hanged for.


    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • The Final Solution

    Groups like the EU, the UN, and Amnesty International push this idea that migration is a “human right” and that the whole world must be able to take advantage of economic opportunity that whites have created. A Gallup poll showed that the majority of the world’s population would choose to migrate if they could, and the number 1 destination was the USA. Pair that with the exponential population explosion of the third world and you’ve got a recipe for total annihilation. Let that soak in.

    • FransSusan

      If there were a way to stop all the freebies that we productive taxpayers are forced to provide to all these third worlders, probably a lot of them wouldn’t be so interested in coming here. I guess that will never happen, though, with such a corrupt government controlling things. I believe it will take a rebellion to ever change the course of the decline of our civilization.

    • WASP

      I would like to add to that list the World Council of Churches.

  • The Final Solution

    Everyday the future of England looks more and more like the movie Children of Men. England as the last economic hub, surrounded by third worlders desperate to get over the walls.

    • Bantu_Education

      Ah, but didn’t that movie have a happy ending? After 17 years during which no children had been born they found one fertile and pregnant woman whose offspring would save the “human” race. And the white “nazi” police who were busily machine-gunning immigrants stopped shooting when they say this heavily pregnant woman and helped escort her to safety on the waiting ship. Only one problem – she was BLACK..!! I saw this movie together with a bunch of well-eduacted white guys and none of them saw the significance of that message..!

      • Sick of it

        What you just mentioned is the reason why I refused to watch it. Utter bollocks.

  • Major

    We in the US need an example…a real live out and out failure of diversity first and the hell with nationalism and home pride. Along with it’s customs and languages. And it might as well be our “fatherland” and colonial ally that bites the dust. I want to hear them scream and ask forgiveness for that silly “stiff” upper lip that’s been bashed and bleeding from the barbarian hordes. They’ve forgotten their heritage and history….Anglos and Saxons alike.

    • Sick of it

      Angles, Saxons, Celts, Romans, and Normans would all think modern British policies are insane. They would also be able to figure out who is pushing them and put a stop to it rather quickly.

      • Major

        Good point….they might as well go back to what once worked for them. I’m sure 95% of real Brits would agree.

      • IstvanIN

        Edward I threw them out. A traitorous politician, Oliver Cromwell, let them back in.

        • Sick of it

          Too bad some of his descendants who happen to have taken the throne later on did not mind intermarrying with them. You know, the fools in charge are only one tiny portion of Edward I’s descendants in England, let alone worldwide. The so-called royals are working on annihilating their own kin in favor of an alien people.

          • gemjunior

            That’s what is so crazy when you get right down to it. And seemingly all whites are busy blindly annihilating their kin, themselves, and even their descendents – as if they are trying to kill off any sign that we were ever here. We should try to concoct a magic thinking potion that lifts programmed cobwebs from the eyes of a benighted culture hoodwinked by decades of propaganda promoting white self-hate. It should be guaranteed to work on hordes of mouth breathing whites and be sprayed into the atmosphere.

  • Sick of it

    “In the name of liberal tolerance, vicious intolerance is flourishing in
    our midst, repressing free speech and promoting dangerous extremism.”

    Apparently he doesn’t realize that’s what they are going for – Anarcho-Tyranny.

  • Gianni_Paolinzetti

    I really can’t bear reading articles about Britain anymore. It’s pretty much too tragic for me to begin to process even at a purely intellectual level.

  • Ella

    I read that Bulgaria has similar annual wages like Mexico, about $6,500. England will have an onslaught of immigrants much like the USA experiences from Mexico. On an island, it will be chaos and even more painful.

  • ZeitTrash

    The Brits – a lot of complaining and absolutely no backbone, guts, or will to do anything at all about the problem. This has been going on for many years and they just keep on grabbing their ankles and taking it. It’s a bit difficult to care or to empathize with people like that.

    • David Ashton

      I reluctantly revisit AmRen when my all fellow-English are described by Cooper and you (appropriately named) ZeitTrash as having “absolutely no backbone” to do “anything at all” about immigration. I have briefly explained before why public opinion over 80% from Powell’s repatriation speeches to the recent poll against Romany immigration have been continually bypassed by an increasingly powerful combination of political, educational and commercial forces, with the aid of outright deceptions, during and after infrequent first-past-the-post general elections usually fought on general economic issues, followed by successive acts of repressive “equality and diversity” legislation and the incremental exploitation of ethnic votes in key constituencies.

      We do not need “empathy” from transatlantic critics among a people who have a Black First Family, plus unending Mexican and Asian immigration, and politically speech codes in a country without anything like our level of state-police censorship or porous borders. White folks everywhere need solidarity, and well-informed practical co-operation, which I had hoped I might find on this site, instead of the sneers and spite which are among the reasons why I have generally stopped posting here.

  • Garrett Brown

    They’re making a big deal out of it now that there are white immigrants causing some problems? (selling babies compared to raping little girls) They never say anything about the blacks and Muslims doing much more harm. It’s okay if they are white however…

  • WHY… do people not see immigrants come to civilized countries for the benefits not available in their home countries? Be clear, those who support immigrantion have a vested interested in assuring the native/traditional people are terrified into silence and not acting out to protest their fears and misbehaviors of the immigrant/other member of the Left’s victim class. The PC speech codes were specifically created, endorsed, and placed to silence the opposition. The obligatory “Crime(s)” of offense are real and many who crossed taboo race/sex/sexualbehavior thresholds face punishments more severe than many found in criminal court. The racist/phobe/bigot… label last a lifetime as permanent as a tattoo.

  • Alexandra1973

    I have a friend in Birmingham…complains that all you hear on the bus is any language BUT English!

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    I love that term, “oil driller”. Thanks for the link!

  • Bantu_Education

    Gypsy females are always out on the street being in your face in an aggressive manner, whilst Gypsy men take a back seat most of the time – this is completely opposite of the roles in Islam. This may be why Muslims dislike Gypsy’s.

  • Bantu_Education

    If they ever get into power, or even become the “swing party” – both of which I doubt given the UK’s “first past the post” voting system – they will just become part of the elite. Wait till they get a couple of Euro MP’s and they start enjoying all the luxury perks and gourmet food that is served in the EU parliament, will they still be as anxious to abolish it? Would turkey-farmers vote to abolish Christmas?

  • Bantu_Education

    When are these hypocrites going to have the courage of their convictions and admit that Enoch Powell (Rivers of Blood) was right? Isn’t there still a vacant statue plinth in Trafalgar Square waiting for him? Or did they give it to Nelson Mandela?

    • I am not sure whether it is still vacant or not, but if it is, it will probably go to St.Stephen of Lawrence or some other ‘fashionable’ celebrity of the left, like that Afghani girl who got shot in the head for going to school and who now lives here with all her family, and who recently spoke at the UN or something as the new “Mandela” puppet figure.

      Given that 60% of London is no longer white, I cannot see Enoch’s statue being erected! Maybe in that fantasy day where we have reclaimed our country, he can take pride of place.

  • Emperor Naked

    I see much of the same thing in my own community here in the Pacific Northwest, and it changed only in the last ten years, but accelerating quickly. But I also notice that most of the homeless people I see are white males.

  • Cold_Gravy

    “…scoffed at the idea that Whites were being deliberately targeted and are under attack.”.

    If this were true, then there wouldn’t be any reason for the Jewmedia not to report crimes against |Whites and give it the same prominence it gives to crime against minorities.

  • JustSomeDude78

    “‘In January the only thing left will be the goat,’ says one Roma father of
    seven, warning that his entire village plans to come to England.”

    I want every open-borders, libertarian nutcase in the West to read that sentence over and over, contemplating and visualizing the catastrophic, real-world consequences of Western national allowing unlimited hordes of peasants and savages from Third World crap-holes. You people are absolutely out of your minds.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I see no bloodless way out of this either. If blood must be spilled, for every white person’s blood that’s spilled we must make sure the blood of ten or more of our enemies will also be spilled.

  • hastings88

    I wonder if this writer (he’s in Britain, isn’t he?) will be prosecuted for hate speech? He tells it like it is, but still seems to cling to the idea of “integration,” if only it could be successful. How about we preserve our race and culture and not integrate?

  • hastings88

    All this migration into our nations can only end in tears, as a great man has said. If we have to fight for our homelands, we must remember who betrayed us. Where the left has historically gained power, it has executed its enemies on the right. The U.S. also implemented a de-Nazification program after WWII, with executions. Similar options will be called for in dealing with the traitors.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Elizabeth II and Tony Blair betrayed them to the EU beginning in 1997.

  • Sick of it

    Tanks, bombers, nuclear weapons, and bio-weapons unnerve me a bit more than machine guns. A guy behind a machine gun can be killed like any other person. Not so the guy in a tank…or ridiculously high in the air above your head. Nukes are a no contest victory (ask the Japanese). Disease has killed more people in human history than anything else.

  • Chip Carver

    Multiculturalism wasn’t voted “in” by the populations, by Whites, in GB, the US, Australia, and so on. It was basically stealth legislation, especially in the US and down under, by the enemy who can’t be named for now. But when it comes crashing down, you can bet the FINALLY uncomfortable Whites who see the govt. feeding the children of the blacks and browns while their own children are hungry, will be looking for answers. And it won’t be hard to find them. And they’ll figure out how to fix things, despite the naysayers and pessimists.

  • WASP

    There is a diabolical force (both seen and unseen) of international multi-corporate, political, and religious elites driving this multi-cult evil toward a New World Order. Former president, George H. W. Bush talked about the NWO almost constantly.

  • Paleoconn

    I’m no fan of gypsies, but I find lately when the Euro media dares say anything negative about multicult, it’s always ‘Roma’ as the focus. These people are brutes, but for centuries they’ve been successfully contained in their fringe camps, and last I checked they don’t impose their own laws in city neighborhoods or behead soldiers or groom young White girls for a life of rape.