12 Years a Slave: Film Forcing US to Face Bitter Truths

Jon Swaine, Telegraph (London), November 9, 2013

The film 12 Years A Slave, the extraordinary story of a free man torn from his family in New York in 1841 and enslaved in the antebellum South—which is out now in the US and released in Britain in January—is even being tipped to become the first film by a black director to win the Oscar for best picture at the Academy Awards in March.

Somewhat lost among the rapturous acclaim, however, has been the fact that it took a pair of Britons finally to bring this comprehensive take on America’s scarred heritage to the country’s silver screens.

In doing so, Steve McQueen, the filmmaker, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, his leading man, have shed light on unresolved tensions in a nation where African-Americans remain disproportionately poor, badly educated and locked behind bars, even as they are led by their first black president.

While the brutal injustice the film depicts is a cause for shame, it is “an even bigger disgrace that it takes a British director to stare the issue in its face”, according to Peter Debruge, of Variety magazine, one of the few American critics to note this tension at the heart of the production.

The film is adapted from the memoir of Solomon Northup, a black labourer and violinist living in New York in the mid-19th century. By 1841, Northup, born a free man after his father was emancipated in the will of his late owner, was living comfortably with his wife, Anne, and their three young children.

A bogus offer of lucrative work drew him to Washington DC, where he was drugged, kidnapped and locked away in a building near the US Capitol, before being shipped to Louisiana and sold for $1,000 to a plantation owner played by Benedict Cumberbatch—another Briton.

Accused of lying and instructed to keep quiet whenever he protested with details of his true identity, Northup was renamed Platt, and put to back-breaking work in swampish heat with other slaves, who were among the millions of Africans taken from their countries and shipped to the New World.

A dispute led to Northup’s being sold on to Edwin Epps, a “repulsive and coarse” cotton-planter portrayed by Michael Fassbender, who sadistically whipped his slaves “just for the pleasure of hearing them screech and scream, as the great welts were planted on their backs,” Northup recalled in his book.

McQueen’s depictions of Epps’s beatings, more explicit than in any past Hollywood portrayal of slavery, are so excruciating that some American cinema-goers have walked out of screenings, unable to keep watching as Fassbender’s bloody whip continues cracking into torn black flesh.

“It is intense and it is raw, yet it is also beautifully human,” said Dr Kellie Carter Jackson, a fellow at Harvard University’s Department of African and African American Studies, who teaches a course on slavery in film. “I have yet to see another movie tackle slavery so well.”

While Northup’s explosive account of his enslavement caused a sensation on its publication after he was freed in 1853, his book fell into relative obscurity for more than 100 years, before being rediscovered and republished by two Louisiana academics amid the civil-rights battles of the Sixties. But then it disappeared again.

Bianca Stigter, a historian and mother of McQueen’s daughter, chanced upon the book as the couple searched for the right story of slavery to adapt for film.

“I could not believe that I had never heard of this book,” McQueen writes in the foreword to a new edition. “It felt as important as Anne Frank’s diary, only published nearly a hundred years before.”

While the story of the Holocaust’s most famous victim has been used to educate millions of American children about the evils inflicted in Europe in the Forties, few would know about the ordeal of this 33-year-old caught up in their country’s own moral outrage a century earlier. “In America, looking at bad guys generally as Nazis is OK,” McQueen said earlier this year. “But when you’re talking about home, you really don’t want to be perceived as bad.”

Two of the biggest Hollywood attempts to deal with the subject—Steven Spielberg’s Amistad (1997) and Lincoln (2012)—notably focused on the legal and political efforts by heroic white ­figures to save black slaves from their plight.

Even Roots, the landmark history by Alex Haley adapted for a hammy 12-hour US ­television mini-series in the Seventies, balked at showing quite the sort of merciless and sexual violence that is visited on their slaves by Fassbender’s Epps and his wife, Mary, played by Sarah Paulson.

Of course, the British Empire played a leading role in the business of humans-as-livestock. McQueen, whose parents came to England from Grenada and Trinidad, stresses that he owes his existence to ancestors who survived enslavement by British colonists. Ejiofor’s forebears in the Nigerian Ibo tribe were among those plundered for the trade. Both point out they are members of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora that was blighted by this enterprise.

Yet McQueen, a Turner Prize-winning CBE, and Ejiofor, a Dulwich- and Lamda-educated Royal Shakespeare Company actor, also look back at the era as members of the establishment of a country that outlawed the practice decades before Northup’s ordeal, and whose own shores were largely untainted by the shameful practices carried out in its name—an advantage unavailable to American filmmakers.

“America is yet to produce a film like this,” said Dr Roderick Harrison, a sociologist specialising in race at Howard University. “Americans have a great deal of difficulty because of their intimate proximity with slavery. Its true horrors have often been denied.”

Despite the re-election last year of President Barack Obama reinforcing the view among some Europeans that racial tensions are practically a thing of America’s past, sharper and more painful disparities persist between white and African-American communities, whose roots reach back to slaves freed after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

While white workers earn on average 30 per cent more than blacks, white American families have an average household wealth ($110,729 or £68,912) that is 22 times greater than that of the average black family ($4,995 or £3,109)—a gap that almost doubled during the last recession.

The gap between the proportion of white and black Americans earning university degrees is almost twice as large as it was in 1962, and while black people make up about 30 per cent of Americans, they account for 60 per cent of the country’s prison population.

“One of the biggest fallacies of the Obama presidency is that he has ushered in a post-racial society in which racism and discrimination are no longer problems,” said Dr Carter Jackson. “In fact, the systemic racism that is built in to the system and is very difficult to put your finger on or digest—that goes on.”

“This is a long history of inhumanity that still has reverberations today,” said Prof Brenda Stevenson, who teaches Afro-American history at the University of California. “This history does not just disappear. It stains the nation. It takes a long while to clean up, and it hasn’t been cleaned up yet.”

Resentment often runs high. As a Sunday Telegraph writer watched 12 Years A Slave at a cinema in a predominantly black neighbourhood in Brooklyn last week, an African-American teenage girl in the row behind leaned in and whispered to her friend: “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?”

Some critics have even accused McQueen of pulling his punches to save the blushes of white audiences and awards judges, by basing his film on a man who was previously free and eventually escapes his slavery, rather than one of the millions who were born and died indentured.

Freely admitting to emphasising the film’s redemptive quality to boost ticket sales, Nancy Utley, the co-president of its distributor, Fox Searchlight, told an interviewer: “We always wanted people to know that it’s 12 Years a Slave, not One Million Years a Slave.”

In any case, McQueen claims that “things have changed” enough in America for his film. “People are ready to have that dialogue, looking at themselves similar to the way Germans have looked at themselves,” he said.

None the less, according to Brad Pitt, one of McQueen’s co-producers, “it is strange that it took a Brit” to help them do so.

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  • DLRisVH


  • D.B. Cooper

    If they make 1,000% profit, I say why not?
    NOW, will someone make a movie about blacks victimizing whites?

    • Alexandra1973

      Just find out where these thugs are posting videos of them attacking whites, make a movie out of those clips!

      • Spartacus

        Worldstarhiphop is the site you’re looking for.

        • Alexandra1973

          I thought so. That and maybe Facebook or MySpace.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            The fact that so many black thugs are dumb enough to post video evidence of their crimes on Facebook under their own real names just astounds me.

            I can only presume they don’t actually understand how the internet works. Yet more evidence that life is an IQ test.

    • Brian

      It was called Planet of the Apes.

      • Whitetrashgang

        At this point could call it New York 2033,oh well back to sleep.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Er, no. The Apes were much smarter than, well, you get it.

    • Erasmus

      I never owned a slave. None of my ancestors ever owned a slave.
      Just three words for the race hustlers and perpetually aggrieved: I DON’T care.

      • Defund The GOP

        Same here…and I have checked and verified. My people came here from Ireland, and never bothered a soul. Have several great/greats who fought in the Revolutionary War… I await my turn.

        • Alexandra1973

          My earliest ancestors were in New England, had one arrive in Virginia in 1635, to my knowledge they didn’t own slaves. In fact one ancestor of mine, Richard Butler, has his name on the founder’s monument in Hartford, CT.

          Now I had at least two ancestors in the Union Army…but you’ll forgive me, won’t you? 🙂

          • Defund The GOP

            Forgiven 🙂

            I have a rare document passed on from my Grandfather, of land purchased by GGGGG…from, and signed by William Penn on the ride over to the “New World”.

            I’m very proud of my ancestry…even more proud that none of them ever owned a feral bantu, to be released later.

      • Ella

        For us, it would be hard to own slaves in non-slave States. Plus, the maternal side emigrated much later post slavery and before WW1. So we’re not Nazis’ or slave-owners.

        Even if you had ancestors who owned slaves, you’re not guilty by blood the last time I checked in the US Constitution.

  • dd121

    My god will they ever get off slavery? It’s been over in this country for 150 years. I’d like to ditch the holocaust, too.

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      Victim status, real, imagined, or historical, pays huge dividends to groups in the way of “protected status”, set-asides in school admissions, and in hiring. If certain groups whine long and hard enough, taxpayers get nailed.

      America no longer honors heroes. Now our government and Hollywood celebrates the perpetual victim – real or imagined.

      • bilderbuster

        “Our” government & Hollyweird are owned by one & the same group.

    • Erasmus

      In a word, no.

      Clowns like $harpton, Jack$on, Holder and Obama have made very nice livings stirring up racial hatred. Until there’s no more money in being a race hustler, expect this k-rap to continue for at least several more generations.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    I’m sure this movie is truthful and accurate the same way Roots was. Oscar statues are all polished up, engraved and ready to go.

    I personally never owned slaves and refuse to inherit the sins of others so this movie won’t “torture my soul.”

    Really. I don’t give a damn about slavery and and am sick and tired of all this handwringing over blacks in general. Worse, are the disgusting Whites who beat their breasts and rend their clothes to atone for the sin of slavery — as if they are personally guilty of something.

    Enough with the forced White guilt. I’m though with it.


    • Pro_Whitey

      Yes, I liked the comment about how this film has not been made in America? What about Roots? Isn’t there something else, the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman? I bet there’s a film about Harriet Tubman somewhere, too. What a crock of crud.
      Also, has anyone ever double checked Northup’s claims? Even if we concede that we was truly kidnapped and enslaved (I understand there was a trial of the men accused of kidnapping him), was he allowed to let his imagination roam free in his account to boost notoriety and book sales? We now know Alex Haley felt free to embellish and make crud up.
      Yet another reason why all freed slaves should have been sent out of the U.S., which ironically was the position of both Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis. What a waste.

      • cablegirls

        Alex Haley stole “Roots” and lost the plagiarism suit filed against him, to the tune of several million dollars.

      • bilderbuster

        Alex Haley stole almost all of the material for his book “Roots” from the novel “The African” written by Jewish author Harold Courlander & made up the rest.
        After Haley settled the lawsuit with Courlander the judge said Haley had “Perpetrated a fraud on the public”.
        The reason the anti-White propaganda mini-series Roots sold as history to the public with record television audiences is because just about every single public school in the nation made watching it a homework assignment followed by a written report on it.
        I remember that because I was one of those students who had to suffer through it.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Teachers love to show Roots in class because it is in seven parts which means seven days where the kids watch the video and you, the teacher, don’t have to do anything. I think there is now a Spanish version as well, also in seven parts.

          As for Roots, which is still peddled in American schools as gospel truth, Jack Cashill writes in Hoodwinked:

          In 1978, Courlander sued Haley in a U.S. District Court in New York for copyright infringement. The suit cited eighty-one passages that had been lifted from Courlander’s The African as well as the plot and certain characters. Not unreasonably, Courlander asked for half of Haley’s profits. As is all but universal in such cases, the accused denied any wrongdoing. Under oath, Haley went so far as to testify that he had not even read The African.

          Throughout the six weeks of testimony, U.S. Disctrict Court Judge Robert Ward listened in disbelief to denial after denial…

          The last thing Judge Ward wanted to do was undermine a newly ascendant black hero. Midway through the trial, he counseled Haley and his attorneys that he would have to contemplate a perjury charge unless they settled with Courlander. They did just that to the tund of $650,000…In return, Courlander agreed to keep quiet about the suit, which he did until he died in 1996.

          12 Years a Slave will be shown alongside Roots as authentic black history and to question the narrative of either makes one an automatic racist.

          Wonder how many parts 12 Years a Slave will be broken into?


          • bilderbuster

            If I were to place a wager it would be that it took the screen writer less than 12 months to write an imaginary script. Knowing how Hollywierd relentlessly churns out anti-White films of fiction & sells them as truth I did a small amount of research myself & am inclined to doubt that the original account of Solomon Northup has little if any truth to it.
            One such an incredible story is one of a 17 year old slave girl who snuck off to another plantation to see a friend.
            When she returned, her evil master had Solomon strip her & tie her to stakes in the ground then ordered Solomon to give her 100 lashes with a whip which he did until she was covered with blood from head to foot.
            Solomon was ordered to give her more but refused so the evil master continued the whipping himself.
            We are then to believe that somehow she not only survived this but the evil master had her working the fields the next day.
            Solomon made no mention of being punished for refusing to whip her any more either.
            I could go on but it sounds like it was abolitionist propaganda when it was first published.
            The New York Times put it this way 6 days ago.
            “What matters is not the veracity of every detail in “12 Years a Slave”, but it’s emotional truth”.
            Nuff Said.

    • rowingfool

      I believe that most states had laws against master’s abusing their slaves. The popular image exploited by propaganda such as this film is that cruel, white slave masters ruthlessly and relentlessly beat their slaves senseless out of pure sadism. Now why would a man spend $1000 (of 1840’s money) on a laborer from whose work he expected to profit and then incapacitate the man? Is it likely that a white man who was cursed with such poor impulse control and had such a flagrant disregard for his own monetary welfare would have even accumulated $1000 to begin with?

      In general, the relationship between races on plantations was far more cordial than this movie depicts. Many black slaves were better off than poor southern whites because white laborers could not work as cheaply as slaves and were forced to scrape by as best they could. Thus it was the white laborer and not the wealthy planter who was antagonistic towards blacks. Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t present these historical truths and therefore adds nothing of value to understanding the actual daily life of slavery.

      And finally, why should we believe that white slave owners raped their black women slaves? It’s almost unheard of today for a white man to rape a black woman and it strains credulity to believe that tastes have changed so much that there was any more white on black rape back then.

      • Brian

        The average black American has 22% Euro DNA. Not sure how that happened otherwise. It doesn’t happen today because if a white man is going to risk prison, why not rape a white woman, who are more plentiful anyway? But back then, the master could get in some hot water even for having an affair with a lady of social standing, but no one would mind much, maybe not even the wife, if he dallied in a slave shack now and then. The dynamics have changed.

        Totally agree on the rest though– the idea of rampant brutality of slaves who cost an awful lot doesn’t pass the smell test.

        • bilderbuster

          Don’t forget the heavy influence of Black women as prostitutes.

    • Massif1

      You can’t make money in America by exposing current slavery in the Middle East. Blacks can care less about the slavery, past or future.

      • Brian

        Yes, for the Negro Americanus, the mid-Eastern slavery is orthogonal to Da Gibs situation here. If they can’t monetize it somehow, they couldn’t care less that their cuz is in bondage.

    • Paleoconn

      Steve Sailer points out many, many inaccuracies in the movie, and also how a movie about this kidnapped free man was already made in 1984, on PBS I believe. Finally, a movie called Skin Game starring James Garner and Lou Gossett Jr. (?) portrayed a scam whereby the White guy sells the black then steals him, over and over.

  • Jesse James

    The only bitter truth it makes me face is that as long as white hating Jews control the film industry we will get endless propaganda about slavery and the holocaust. Got to keep the salt rubbed into the wounds of the thugs so they keep threatening society and continue the long hard slide to the left. Making blacks hate American whites is exactly what all these movies are about.

    • Jefferson

      The director of this film Steve McQueen is a Bantu and not a Jew. And the producer of this film Brad Pitt, is not a Jew either.

      • Lewis33

        Oh well, thats that then, they don’t control Hollywood anymore…good thing you solved that one for us!

        • Alexandra1973

          They never did control Hollywood. You’re thinking about Jesuits, using Jewish puppets.

      • The Final Solution

        No doubt the Jews financed it.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Produced and distributed by Regency and 20th Century Fox. Distributed in the United States by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Or did the bantu McQueen manage to get this movie in theaters across the world by himself?

      • NM156

        And who put up the money for the film then?

    • Pro_Whitey

      Does anyone recall the criticism of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, that its violent depiction of the crucifixion was to no purpose, just intended to rile people up, to be a snuff film? Somehow that major turning point in world history cannot be depicted, but the likely overwrought depictions of cruelty toward slaves that occurred over 150 years ago, oh yeah, that serves a purpose. Right.

  • DaveMed

    “‘It is intense and it is raw, yet it is also beautifully human,” said Dr Kellie Carter Jackson, a fellow at Harvard University’s Department of African and African American Studies, who teaches a course on slavery in film. “I have yet to see another movie tackle slavery so well.'”

    Seriously… one of the ostensibly premier institutions of higher education in this country has courses on slavery in film?

    This country is a joke.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Film courses are well known as being bastions of extreme pathological liberalism.

  • Cornelius: Hey Javarius, they space shuttles be real fancy, ain’t they?

    Javarius: I know. Doesn’t it make you hate Whitey even more?

  • JohnEngelman

    In doing so, Steve McQueen, the filmmaker, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, his leading man, have shed light on unresolved tensions in a nation where African-Americans remain disproportionately poor, badly educated and locked behind bars.

    – Jon Swaine, Telegraph (London), November 9, 2013

    Whenever the high black incarceration rate is mentioned whites are expected to feel ashamed. Blacks should feel ashamed.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They’re a drain on the resources of British Isles but Brits won’t admit it. Judging by the comments on the Daily Mail they are too afraid to call them what they truly are. And yet they demonize the U.S.

  • Truthseeker

    In any case, McQueen claims that “things have changed” enough in America
    for his film. “People are ready to have that dialogue, looking at
    themselves similar to the way Germans have looked at themselves,” he

    Ugh. More of this “white people still haven’t apologized enough” talk. We get it already. Until white people give up everything they own and hand it over to blacks, they will not have been adequately punished for their sin of having “racist” ancestors. It’s getting really old. We’ve been beat over the head with this long enough. Just move on.

  • negrolocaust

    the black man is not the real enemy. the real enemy is the white woman, because the white woman has voted power into the hands of the black man since 1920. the weak minded white woman betrayed her race. the truth is painful isn’t it.

    • M.

      What do you mean, she “has voted power into the hands of the black man”?

      • negrolocaust

        woman got the vote in 1920

      • negrolocaust

        obama won by the female vote

        • Alexandra1973

          This female didn’t vote for Obama.

          I voted for the Constitution Party candidate for the past three presidential elections.

      • negrolocaust

        some democrat in VA just won by the woman vote and on and on

        • M.

          It’s true that women tend to be more liberal in matters of racial identity, and buy more into the egalitarian marxist view of humans. But the men, and society in general aren’t doing enough either to shun the race-traitors.
          There’s virtually no social stigma anymore for xenophilia and race-mixing. If you accept the race-traitors (interbreeders, those who favor non-white immigration, those who vote for racial aliens, etc) into your community, then this behavior will be seen normal and innocuous, and will encourage others to engage in it. And yes, they tend to be females. I’ll give you that.

          • negrolocaust

            woman are getting attacked by black mobs and criminals as much as anyone. i used to be chivalrous but at this point if i saw a white woman being beaten by a flashmob of blacks i would walk the other way because they have brought it upon themselves and this is just the beginning. watch and see how far these monstrous blacks go. you cannot imagine.

          • So CAL Snowman

            nice attitude, what if it was Marine Le Pen?

          • Brian

            I have protected a couple of white women against leering or menacing blacks, but if it was a coalburner I’d have to think twice. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Would seem like a good reason to open dome heavy fire, don’t you think? I surely do like Marie!

    • kjh64

      There were plenty of White men who voted Obama in, the gap between men and women wasn’t big. Men have run the country since 1776 so if you don’t like the way things are, blame your own gender.The 1965 Immigration Act, was created and voted in by men, amnesty is being pushed by mostly male politicians, democratic male politicians want all of these non-Whites in to stay in power, White republican men ie. Bush, want these non-Whites from Mexico because they are in with big business which wants to drive down wages.

      • Sick of it

        Women tell us to do nothing as the country burns. A more masculine approach requires action.

      • isiah

        ted kennedy wasn’t really a man………. more of some kind of demon or morlock

        • Brian

          Hell of a swimmer, not much of a lifeguard…according to GA gov. Lester Maddox.

  • Katherine McChesney

    More lies about the South. Blacks should be grateful for all the benefits Whites have given them in the last 150 years. When are we going to see them take responsibility for themselves? *pause*


  • William Krapek

    This movie is bad news. All my white friends looooove it.

  • negrolocaust

    visit baltimore maryland and the first white woman you see pushing a baby carriage look in the carriage. the odds are 95 percent that the baby you see is half black and half white which politically means it is BLACK. the white woman has destroyed this country. the truth hurts doesn’t it.

    • Brian

      It wasn’t women who insisted on bringing the Bantus over here in the first place.

  • negrolocaust

    on this veterans day i take time out to thank the white woman for destroying the united states of america. you burn in hell white woman. GOD BLESS AMERICIA AND HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO ALL THE MEN WHO FOUGHT IN D-DAY AND GAVE UP THEIR LIVES so that woman could hand our country over to a group of imbeciles walking around with their nasty butts hanging out of their pants.

    • kjh64

      White women didn’t destroy America. You comments are idiotic.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Respectfully disagree. Women’s suffrage combined with television has been an unmitigated disaster for America. If only men had the right to vote we would never have had the Communists Roosevelt, Carter, Clinton and Obamination. While my view of JFK has evolved over the years and I respect his anti-Com stance, the fact remains; he never would have beaten Nixon if not for the female vote and his “youthful” appearance on television.

        • Brian

          I would submit to you that LBJ was more harmful to our stance here than any of the prezzes you mentioned.

        • kjh64

          I could write an essay on how men ruined America if I wanted to though both sexes have an equal share of blame.

          –Creators of communism, Marxism were MEN

          -All of our presidents and most judges and congressmen that have and still run the country are MEN.

          -The 1965 Immigration Act was created and passed by MEN.

          -Amnesty was created and pushed by MEN

          -Conservative Republicans, mostly MEN, push for amnesty to drive down wages as they’re in with big business and want our country flooded with non-Whites See Bush, McCain.

          -Liberal Dem politicians, mostly MEN, push amnesty for their own careers.

          -Big business, mostly MEN, sent our business overseas.

          -Conservative MEN have gotten us involved in these useless wars like Iraq where troops are maimed or killed, thanks partly to 911, which never would have happened if MEN hadn’t passed the 1965 Immigration Act.

          -Plenty of anti-White MEN, like Tim Wise, Michael Moore running around.

          -Men in America, including White men, commit FAR more violent crime than women. Imagine how much safer the streets would be at night with no men on it.

          _MEN created the view of “boys will be boys”. Thus, sexually men think that simply because they are male, they can sleep around all they please. This has caused a lot of unwanted pregnancies and disease and all kinds of problems. If men thought of themselves as sluts for their promiscuity, there would be a lot less social problems in society.

          -A lot of men don’t want to commit and have kids, they run from it.
          There you go, the truth about the problems in America.

          • kjh64

            PS- I forgot to mention that is was men who brought Blacks to the Americas in the first place.

          • Sick of it

            Jewish men are not white. Or not completely.

          • gemjunior

            Wow, you let ’em have it, soytenly. Most of the women are stupid though.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Look at the bright side of this, black people. The film will almost guarantee at least two more generations of blacks receiving unquestioned handouts from the government.

    Of course, government dependency is infantalizing and destroying the black race here, but that’s beside the point. Just blame that on whites. This film will cause a lot of black people to “get paid”, as the term for unearned income is termed in the ghettos across the country.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Maybe it’s time for a movie based on Colin Flaherty’s book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot” where a series of fifty or so vignettes showing black assaults on whites, Asians, and the elderly here in America that are happening right now, and for the past 10 years. The book highlights hundreds of these assaults, many that have ended up in murder.

    I won’t hold my breath on this one.

    • fuzzypook

      After the bantus see this movie there will be much more black on white crime to report. He might have to do a 3rd edition. I am reading his second edition now.

      • Marlin B. Newburn

        Blacks and their slobbering leftist supporters in Hollywood and the MSM had to go back in history to find a racist group of whites. Couldn’t find any in the past 50 plus years so, well, they had to dig deep.

        Blacks will still prey on non-blacks with wild abandon, but this movie will just give them a boost during marijuana down times.

        • gemjunior

          Frickin’ HATE them. Ah Hight Nayggers.

          • Marlin B. Newburn

            Grow up. It’s time.

            If you’re looking to confront or address a terrible social problem, I strongly recommend you don’t go for adolescent, emotional responses. You come across as that which you claim to hate – at age 8.

          • gemjunior

            Now, now don’t be hightin’ awn me. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and a sullen demeanor devoid of humour. Maybe you should just STFU “Marlin” (classic white trash name BTW – is your brother Skeeter or Jarvis?)

    • Sloppo

      I really don’t understand why we don’t do movies like that. When I look at what passes for a “good” movie in the theaters and rental places, I have to believe we could put some resources together and create entertaining motion pictures that could effectively counter many of these propaganda attacks against us.

      • Marlin B. Newburn

        An explanation on Hollywood would take an essay in itself, a lengthy one, with human instability being a prime theme used by that toy department of American culture. Even so, Hollywood, with all of its great wealth, bows at the altar of political correctness so making movies that reflect actual social conditions among blacks to include their behavior would be heresy.

        They do make the occasional black gang movie, but each one still emphasizes suffering due to hostile and violent authority figures such as cops, and judges.

        Keep in mind that blacks are controlled by the MSM, liberal politicians, and race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson, and the way they do it is by fomenting resentment against all other races. It’s an effective Machiavellian trick used by despots such as Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all through the 20th century. And also keep in mind that there are very few independent thinkers among American blacks. They think as they are told to think, and woe be unto any of them that rejects victim status so preached by the Black Grievance Industry.

        I do like your idea of pooling resources to make accurate movies about whites, and blacks. The reality of this will freak out the MSM and Democrats, but it’s quite a honorable goal. Just keep spreading the word.

  • DaveMed

    Ladies and gentlemen: the next time you hear a liberal whining about slavery in white countries, politely suggest that they read the wikipedia article on slavery. They might, for instance, be surprised to learn (as I just did) that Mauritania only abolished slavery in 1981. 1981! And Nigeria only abolished it in 2003.

    History is on our side, people. We just need to convince people to learn it.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Amen! Repeat these facts relentlessly!!

  • The Final Solution

    “McQueen’s depictions of Epps’s beatings, more explicit than in any past Hollywood portrayal of slavery, are so excruciating that some American cinema-goers have walked out of screenings, unable to keep watching as Fassbender’s bloody whip continues cracking into torn black flesh.”
    The devil has work for idle hands. Before this point they lived lives of endless leisure, basking under the shade of banana trees before the white man wiped the grin off their faces forever. We are living in the wrong time period gentlemen.

    • Brian

      The description of whipping sounds like The Passion of the Christ, with a suffering black messiah. But….I’m sure I’m just reading too much into it, eh?

      • The Final Solution

        That’s what I thought. The whipping scene in that movie was horrific and beyond what anyone could even survive. I’m sure this 12 Years a Slave is deeply embellished as much.

    • Alexandra1973

      All I’d have to say is, too bad these bantus aren’t whipped like that for raping white women before they’re executed.

      It could serve as a deterrent.

      • Brian

        I like the old method of hang, draw and quarter, head on a pike.

  • OhWow

    Well, you know what’s also out and actually happened in our lifetime? Colin Ferguson the racist black LIRR shooter who hated white people. It just hit theaters today in the LI/NYC area.

    The strange part? It’s only being screened in a few select theaters. It’s a very small production. It just isn’t as sexy as black victims 150 yrs ago.

  • The Final Solution

    I would like to see a documentary of the past 5,000 years of African “history” which shows them as the cause of their continuous failures. Call it The Failed Race. Starring Zulus.

    • Alexandra1973

      All you’d have to do is videotape them doing whatever it is they do. I think maybe ten, fifteen minutes of footage, and there you have African history.

      Doing the same thing they’ve been doing for the past several millennia!

  • DailyKenn

    Nominated white guilt movie of the year by … me.
    The people who produce such movies are complicit in black-on-white violence and should be held accountable.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    You lost me at “Black laborer and violinist…”

  • Spartacus

    “African-Americans remain disproportionately poor, badly educated and locked behind bars”


    No, the reason they’re poor is because they’re dumb. The reason they’re badly educated is because they’re ineducable (I wonder how many of them know that word). And the reason they’re locked behind bars…

  • DelmarJackson

    I had a Jamaican at work the first day I met him start talking about my ancestors owning slaves, as if he knew my ancestors. I told him, I knew a lot more about my ancestors than he did, and I doubt any of them ever owned slaves, and knowing my family history, if we ever did own them, we probably rented.
    He did not like my answer.

    • The Final Solution

      Bwahaha I’ll have to use that one.

    • The subcontinentals never could stand my rapport with the Japanese. I used to take them shooting, and this never meant having to dig a hole and then lay down in it when they were done. The Japanese thought the Hindus were lazy and stupid.

    • NorthernWind

      Jamaicans are notorious for whining about slavery. Seriously, they are worse than American Blacks.

  • The Final Solution

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? It actually sounds good to me – I can’t wait to see Massa Epp in action.

  • Dave4088

    The whole objective of this movie is to foment black racial hatred of white people. And someone should remind the arrogant Jon Swaine that Brits kidnapped white children in English ports and forcibly brought them to America. In chains. When will a movie be made about that?

    • IstvanIN

      and that will make us look good.

    • Pamela

      You won’t see it. Everything by the Liberals is to spread their RACIST ANTI-WHITE PROPAGANDA, same thing Hitler did about the Jews.

  • ““In fact, the systemic racism that is built in to the system and is very
    difficult to put your finger on or digest—that goes on.”


    The next time I hear calls for affirmative action I will simply observe that AA is built into the system. That it is difficult to put one’s finger on or digest simply proves how pervasive AA is and how unnecessary further AA measures are.

    • Brian

      Systemic racism is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; they can never lay hands on it but believing in it is a faith-based initiative.

      • FransSusan

        It’s a pot of gold, all right.

  • Aaron997

    Many blacks claim that the reason American blacks are part-white is because slave owners raped their female slaves.
    This would mean that THEIR ancestors owned slaves.

    • Alexandra1973

      I guess they’d break even, wouldn’t they?

    • FransSusan

      The story about slave owners raping female slaves is hard to believe. Were those rich men who owned slaves really so desperate that they’d stoop to sex with negroes? I doubt it.

  • Dave4088

    When will white people file a multi trillion dollar class action lawsuit against Hollywood for defamation of character?

  • Eddie Lutz

    Hollywood will never cease making excuses for African mediocrity, savagery, and stupidity.

  • Bantu_Education

    The so-called “British” director turns out to be “McQueen, whose parents came to England from Grenada and Trinidad”. Nuff said.

    • Bossman

      Many British Blacks have connections to the Caribbean islands. Many of them seem to want to hide that fact. An Afro-Caribbean Black who happens to be British should have great sensitivity for the subject of slavery.

  • borogirl54

    People often forget that the movie shows the time period of slavery. Some hot head people are going to be real upset but it does happen today.

  • Oh black people were slaves?
    I didn’t know.

  • NM156

    ‘In any case, McQueen claims that “things have changed” enough in America for his film. “People are ready to have that dialogue, looking at themselves similar to the way Germans have looked at themselves,” he said.’ Go f**k yourself. Ha Ha Ha Ha. That’s the only appropriate, logical, and thoughtful response to that.

    • Alexandra1973

      As much as I despise the Holocaust, I’m not going to apologize for my German ancestry. Besides, my German ancestors were here 300 years ago.

      Besides, Hitler was Austrian. And it’s believed that his paternal grandfather was a Rothschild. One of the POPE’S bankers!

  • Paul

    I absolutely agree with you. You can almost understand why certain people embrace Marxism if they’re born into poverty. But look at this Brad Pitt Dropkick. Picked up off the street and put into Thelma and Louise because he had a good 6 pack. And now spends his time wandering around behind Angelina Jolie and carrying her adopted bantus like some sort of pussy-whipped loser. And then constantly telling hard working Americans they have white privilege. What an embrassment to the race.

  • William Allingham

    to me it seems weird that a poor slave who spent all his life being beaten suddenly, became a best seller novelist, for what i know, even great writers today have troubles getting a book finished. who knows, maybe he comes from the same school of Anna Frank and M L King (where Mr King wrote his dissertation).

    anyway, i can assure you all without any fear of being mistaken that if I wanted I could find among the zillions of historical sources, some bizarre account of some forgotten someone that could depict jews, blacks, mexicans (you name it) as revoltingly evil.

    how many gringos went to mexico and ended death and their wives raped in front of them?
    lets make a movie!

    how many White Russians were tortured and starved by communist jews?
    lets make a movie!

    thats why i can see this film and end up utterly unmoved and unimpressed, just pure propaganda and hate (against whites)

    “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?” yes specially the ones who wrote the film

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?”
    Yes it does. I hate the White people who financed and released this film, and assisted in its creation.

  • Pamela

    The True Story of slavery in America, started with indentured servants, who were actual slaves, and they were mostly white Irish.

    The 1st actual SLAVE OWNER in American was BLACK, a free BLACK MAN named ANTHONY JOHNSON. Blacks were 100% completely involved in hunting down their own, selling their own, owning their own, making a huge profit in some cases. You will never hear the truth about the 3,000 black slave owners, when the Civil War was over. Nor, will you ever hear the fact, that the vast MAJORITY of WHITES of the 28,000,000 American in 1865 did not own slaves, or have anything to do with slavery. There were approximately 300,000 white slave owners out of 28,000,000 whites, and 3,000 black slave owners. A few of the richest and cruelest American slave owners were BLACK.

  • Pamela

    Look up the 1st American slave owner in American was a free BLACK MAN named ANTHONY JOHNSON. He was one of THOUSANDS of Blacks slave owners.

  • fuzzypook

    It’s not likely that this story is even true. There were many books and stories put
    out at this time in American history. They were mostly written by white
    abolitionists as propaganda for the cause.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    An injustice in human history! Ask yourself; what are the chances?!

  • Brian

    Best one I’ve seen on here is D’Leterious!

  • Rhialto

    Different yes, but not inferior, not according to the sources that I have consulted. I find it fascinating that in all demes, males and females have the same average IQ. Perhaps the females need enough mental capacity to manipulate the males, but anymore capacity would be unnecessary.

  • bilderbuster

    Every now & again Hollyweird gives an Academy Award for a movie that isn’t about the “Holocaust” but the villain always remains the same.

  • Alexandra1973

    Yeah, those oppressed Amerinds who were actually invited to the Thanksgiving feast almost 400 years ago.

    Didn’t those Amerinds help the settlers through that first winter? No doubt the settlers were thankful for that. I would have been.

    • KingKenton

      Those same Indians later turned on the settlers and attacked them. And that’s, the rest of the story… ( overlay Paul Harvey voice 🙂

  • Sloppo

    This is a propaganda war and we need to go into the movie-making business. We need movies about the fates of people like Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom Jr. and the untold stories of the estimated 1.25 million white people kidnapped and worked to death by African muslim pirates.

    • Harry

      Great idea. I would love it if Steven Spielberg made a movie about the capture and enslavement of Thomas Pellow in North Africa under the sultan in north Africa!

      • Sloppo

        I doubt very seriously that Spielberg would be likely do a movie which would cover our side of history and current events very well, but there are many other talented people who could do what needs to be done.

  • Bossman

    They were not called slaves but indentured servants and their contract was for a certain time period. Blacks, on the other hand, would be slaves for life.

    • Winston_Jack

      Which is precisely the reason that they were more likely to be treated with severe cruelty and worked to death than Black slaves which represented an investment. According to that book an estimated 50% of indentured servants died while in captivity, although accurate numbers are difficult to come by.

  • NorthernWind

    Oh look! More white guilt porn…

  • Anglokraut

    I really like Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender, but I have personal rules to follow in situations like this. When I want to know about the past, I read old history books to learn what really happened; when I go to movies, I choose something that will entertain me. For example, I’m just finishing up Churchill’s “The Great Democracies” which includes a chapter on American Reconstruction that would make current public school curriculum planners curl up and cry at its unflinching, un-PC descriptions of the failings of “Negro Rule”. In the next month I’m planning to see “Frozen” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” in theaters. I saw more Blacks in “Thor: The Dark World” than I anticipate seeing in either of these upcoming films.

    • Brian

      I love watching the Lord of the Rings series because it reminds me of the old virtues of European valor. That scene in The Two Towers when the doors are being broken in Helm’s Deep gets me every time. ‘What can men do against such reckless hate?’ ‘Ride out with me and meet them.’ ‘Now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red dawn.’

      Some of us here are sons of Confederates and some are sons of Federals, and we have our friends in Canada, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Like Rohan and Gondor, we must join to deal with the ‘hordes of Mordor’.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    There were four million blacks in the South in 1865. Logistically speaking, how do you suppose Lincoln would’ve accomplished this feat? Lord knows, we’d be a million times better off today without our colored brethren. Countless Whites wouldn’t have been murdered, raped, or beaten to bloody pulps, either.

    • CoweringCoward

      You can also bet that our fertility rate would have remained much higher, not being robbed blind to feed and breed literally GENERATIONS of folks that hate us. Whites think about kids, we think about feeding them and clothing and housing OUR OWN KIDS, and what is stolen from us is factored in, ergo lowered fertility, because WE are responsible. Blacks have not this care, not in the least knowing whitey will be ravaged to proliferate their defective DNA.

      • CoweringCoward

        Wonderful repro strategy if you think about it. Lucky for them that more Americans are not awake.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    My Irish ancestors escaped the Great Hunger in Ireland only to toil away as iron workers in a foundry.

  • Ella

    “Edwin Epps….who sadistically whipped his slaves “just for the pleasure of hearing them screech and scream.” Fictional Mr. Epps must enjoy working his cotton fields alone during the planting and picking season if he beats his slaves to a point of serious injuries.

  • Sloppo

    It seems to be that white/east-asian mixed children usually don’t grow up to make our communities unsuitable for our families.

  • kjh64

    Dead wrong. Women’s suffrage didn’t cause America to go down the crapper and don’t give me the nonsense about women being “emotional creatures” because that is bull. Women think things through and vote for their interests just like men.

  • Whirlwinder

    Of 12,000,000 slaves sent to North & South America during the slaving years only 500,000 were sent to the USA. But the liberals never tire of beating up the white folks for creating problems for the slaves. What about the 11,500,000 slaves in South & Central America and the Carribbean? What about the hundreds of millions of slaves taken by Arabs to the Middle East over some 1400 years and continuing to this day? The American slave story is wearing me out. Lets get to the serious and still continuing Islamic slave situation. Why don’t you liberals study this problem?

  • FransSusan

    It’s more accurate to say they’ve been brainwashed to whine about slavery rather than taught. A large % of blacks really aren’t capable of learning beyond about a 5th grade level, but with such low IQs they’re easily brainwashed.

  • ograf

    I am so sick and tired of these morons crying about slavery in the past. No one alive today was a slave in the 1800’s , so they should really STFU.I

  • Jesse James

    Why should we? Do you not understand that directors like sound and light men are hired hands they make the movies the financial backers want made?

  • Webspin

    It’s teaching hate, hate whites! This one sided version of reality encourages crime. Steal, rape and murder are so much easier when you hate the victim. The left needs to be held accountable for the 10’s of thousands of whites that have suffered.

  • gemjunior

    I have that problem with mine too. I think she longs for the past or something when democrats were farther from destroying the country? Or when they seemed farther, I don’t know.

  • gemjunior

    One day whites will have had enough, I don’t know when but they will soon have no other choice. Sick and tired of hearing about them.

  • Brian

    One more reason to admire Ben Franklin.