Posted on October 30, 2013

Video of Mall Riot Shows Punches, Unruly Crowd

Kris Betts, KVUE (Austin), October 28, 2013

The video from the air tells the tale: A crowd of people outside Highland Mall Saturday night refusing to the leave the scene. They refused even as an Austin Police Department helicopter followed from above, and as many as 30 officers reacted on the ground.

According to police some people in the crowd of 200 even started throwing rocks at officers. From above punches were captured on camera.

Around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, a crowd of more than 200 people became confrontational outside the House of Torment haunted attraction.

Police say people were throwing rocks and ignoring officers’ commands to leave. They also reportedly refused to back away from police who were dealing with fights. Those brawls spanned from Highland Mall Boulevard around the parking lot to Airport Boulevard.


Austin-Travis County EMS treated a total of seven people for assault and crowd-related injuries. One of those people was a police officer.


Five people were arrested, including four adults and one juvenile.