Public Schooling Battle Map

CATO Institute, October 16, 2013

Americans are diverse–ethnically, religiously, philosophically–but all are forced to support public schools. The intention behind this is largely good: to unite people and minimize discord. However, as the examples contained in this map show, the effect is often very much the opposite. Rather than bringing diverse people together public schooling divides them, forcing them into conflict over whose values and histories will be taught, and whose basic rights will be upheld . . . or trampled.

Of course, anecdotal evidence–even the staggering amount soon to be found here–doesn’t prove that public schooling is more a divider than a uniter. It does, however, reveal that the assumption many people have that government schooling necessarily has a unifying effect is wrong. And this map is intended only to give users a sense of how widespread conflict is, and enable them to find where conflicts similar to ones their schools might be facing may have occurred before. More empirically driven research on this topic has already been done by Cato scholars, and much more is on the way.


This map is a constant work-in-progress, and many more states will be added over the coming weeks. {snip}

Click the map for the full-size, interactive version.

Click the map for the full-size, interactive version.

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  • borogirl54

    I think that segregation in schools are inevitable. Busing did not work. Most whites have left the cities and moved to the suburbs, leaving these schools to blacks and Hispanics. In order to win whites back to the public schools, charter schools and magnet schools have opened up. Most of these schools have become so popular that a lottery is required for entry. Many whites have opted out of public schools sending their kids to private schools or homeschooling their kids.

    • ncpride

      I read an article a while back that said homeschooling had jumped 75% in a few short years. Along with ‘dumbing down’ the curriculum, most parents cited an unsafe environment as the reason for pulling their children from public schools.

      • Those are the parents who will get a visit from “diverse employees” at DFACS under suspicion of White Privilege Denial.

        Badness commences…

      • willbest

        Keep in mind though that it is still a small movement. Moving from 1.5% to 2.5%. The internet has allowed for affordable resources and sharing of information that was impossible even a decade ago though so who knows where it ultimately ends.

        What will be interesting is if in some areas it hits critical mass to allow homeschoolers to opt out of that portion of their property taxes.

        • ncpride

          Wouldn’t surprise me if homeschooling continues to grow, they’ll try to make it illegal. Can’t have an entire generation who think for themselves, and are not forced-fed their loony liberal agenda, huh?

          • ms_anthro

            This is why many homeschooling families are creating their own private schools. Once enrolled, the child can be taught in whatever manner the parents wish, because the private school oversees the operations and curricula (if any) and the private school is owned and operated by other homeschooling families. This is how parents in states that require state supervision of curricula get around having to deal with the educrats every year.

  • Spartacus

    All conflict fundamentally derives from differences, it’s in every dictionary on the planet, and yet some “people” still try to convince us of the exact opposite…

  • Luca

    Forced integration has the idealists’ dream that by bringing people together they will learn what hey have in common and that their preconceived notions of differences were ill founded.

    In the real world, what happens is people are offended at being forced together and they find they have greater differences and dislikes than they had ever imagined before.

    People of differing opinions, background, culture, religion, morality and values don’t not assimilate simply by being in proximity to each other. In fact, the opposite happens, conflicts naturally arise and become heightened. The ultimate result is always violence and more conflict..

  • bigone4u

    The public schools have become brainwashing centers, the propaganda arm of the Cultural Marxist effort to destroy America and replace it with Amerika. White parents have resisted and will keep on resisting. Don’t underestimate Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzly.”

    • So CAL Snowman

      In the city I grew up in, they are all up in arms about the lack of diversity in the 98% Latino schools. Of course those schools have the WORST test scores in the district, so the administrators are frantically trying to use a recent multi-million dollar federal grant to transform these Latino schools into magnet schools to attract Whites. One of the best schools in the district (17%) Latino is changing its core focus from “mathematics” to “global citizenship.”

    • Rhialto

      This it the essential point. The Liberals have little interest in educating children only in Liberal indoctrination. In fact, when it involves history or language, the Liberals are actively hostile.

  • JohnEngelman

    School integration only works when blacks are in a fairly small minority of the student body. Whites who forced school integration were nearly always whites who had gone to school with few or no blacks.

    The civil rights legislation of the 1960’s was forced on whites with extensive experience with blacks by whites who had very little experience.

    With few or no exceptions predominantly black schools are dangerous places for non blacks where little learning happens. They are even dangerous for blacks who try to learn. These are castigates as “acting white.”

    • Jefferson

      The only way for White teachers in urban inner city schools to be safe is to treat those schools like a police state, meaning have an armed guard in every classroom to make sure the Yoof students do not violently chimp out on the White teachers.

      You can not have a libertarian society in a nation with such a huge Squat Monster and Bantu population.

  • At least Diversity will fight back against Diversity.

    Whiteness let’s Diversity kill it, and sometimes after sex.

  • guest

    “Diversity in schools is a constant headache.”

    As it is in colleges, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

    • But at least they think they will have a better footsball and bakkaball team.

  • Xerxes22

    One of the original purposes of public schools was to Americanize the children of European immigrants. This was done through the curriculum. The curriculum taught standard English , American history and patriotism as well as the 3 Rs. There was no need for diversity. The children did not need to attend school with native American children in order to learn and assimilate. Today, the curriculum is used to foster hate and division. The kids do not assimilate nor do they learn.

    • Jesse James

      Until the communist and progressives are driven out of the school system there is no hope for American schools. I don’t see that ever happening, public schools are already dead. The idea that everyone should be educated at public expense for twelve years all in preparation for universal college is a fantasy that has only been maintained by ridiculous reduction in standards. The public schools are like someone in a vegetative state being kept alive at tremendous expense by mountains of taxpayer cash. Part of the problem I suppose is that we are unable to produce enough jobs to gainfully employee young people even with universal education. Those in power use the schools as a substitute minimum security prison to keep young people off the streets, as a way to keep delaying the next generations entry into a work force that doesn’t need or want them and finally as a way to drip drip drip the poison of socialist progressivism into the minds of the vulnerable youngsters.

    • Sick of it

      School systems/programs were being setup by Marxists in the 19th century to inculcate the same failed ideology they are still pushing. John Dewey was born in 1859.

    • WR_the_realist

      As recently as the 1950s they actually taught high school students about the Constitution. Now the last thing the powers that be want is a public that knows what’s in the Constitution.

    • David Ashton

      Just one brief point (among many) from British experience: in the early days of mainly Afro-Caribbean immigration, the official policy was “assimilation” into an English culture, but the escalating south Asian immigration changed it to a “multi-culturalism” (not at the request of most immigrant parents at the time). The leftists, who cleverly made the running on policy in this field, said that instead of running a “color-blind” classroom teachers now had to be sensitive to the ethnic experience of each and every “student”. So what was non-racist on Friday became racist on the following Monday.

      The multiplication of absurdities continued, so that for example as the Head of English in a state school, I was told that to teach recent arrivals from illiterate peasant villages from Bangladesh “survival English” (e.g. “open your books”) was “racist”. I will not waste space on how we got round such problems, but other teachers either submitted, moved elsewhere, took early retirement or in two cases I know had fatal heart attacks.

  • Lewis33

    “forcing them into conflict over whose values and histories will be taught, and whose basic rights will be upheld.” All we know is that it won’t be ours…


      “All we know is that it won’t be ours…” < Any thing less would be racist, friend! )


    Eggheads sit in their ivory towers and conjure up ways they think we should live. They are then shocked when to learn the unwashed masses don’t automatically accept what they think is good and right. They are also the ones who tell us that morality is relative. If morality is indeed relative, why should we accept theirs in the first place?

    • Sick of it

      “Eggheads” who only possess an IQ barely above average aren’t exactly the go to guys for positive changes in a civilization. They should by all rights work as technicians of some sort, NOT as planners. They simply are not smart enough.