Posted on October 16, 2013

Public Schooling Battle Map

CATO Institute, October 16, 2013

Americans are diverse–ethnically, religiously, philosophically–but all are forced to support public schools. The intention behind this is largely good: to unite people and minimize discord. However, as the examples contained in this map show, the effect is often very much the opposite. Rather than bringing diverse people together public schooling divides them, forcing them into conflict over whose values and histories will be taught, and whose basic rights will be upheld . . . or trampled.

Of course, anecdotal evidence–even the staggering amount soon to be found here–doesn’t prove that public schooling is more a divider than a uniter. It does, however, reveal that the assumption many people have that government schooling necessarily has a unifying effect is wrong. And this map is intended only to give users a sense of how widespread conflict is, and enable them to find where conflicts similar to ones their schools might be facing may have occurred before. More empirically driven research on this topic has already been done by Cato scholars, and much more is on the way.


This map is a constant work-in-progress, and many more states will be added over the coming weeks. {snip}

Click the map for the full-size, interactive version.

Click the map for the full-size, interactive version.