Marine Le Pen’s Eurosceptic “National Front” Party Takes Lead in France National Poll

Global Economic Analysis, October 9, 2013

Given the extreme economic mess socialist president Francois Hollande has made in France, it should not be too shocking to discover a surge in the popularity of the National Front, a far-right, eurosceptic political party led by Marine Le Pen.

A recent poll by Le Nouvel Observateur shows the National Front is in the lead for the first time ever.

To show just how far the socialists have fallen out of favor, UMP is a center-right political party, once led by former president Nicolas Sarkozy who lost the last presidential election to Francois Hollande.

Le Pen “Ready for Elysee”

National Front leader, Marine Le Pen tells news agency ANSAmed ‘I am ready for Elysee’.

 Le Pen spoke in an interview with ANSAmed on the same day an IFOP survey for the Nouvel Observateur showed her right-wing party leading in the polls ahead of the 2014 European elections – an absolute first for France.

“Yes, I feel I am ready for the Elysee”, Le Pen assured ANSAmed over the phone.

She is “not surprised” at the results of the survey.

“Today we are the leading party. The Socialists and the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) can only win if they make a deal and form a pact of national unity”, added Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter, who came in third after current Socialist President Francois Hollande and outgoing UMP president Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential elections.

Le Pen went on to explain that hers “is not an extreme right party” but rather a “patriotic, extremely democratic one”. It stands for more “popular referendums” with a “Gaullist vision” of national sovereignty and independence.

“Also, we are not against a market economy”, she continued.

Asked whether she thinks her party resembles Italy’s anti-establishment, anti-euro 5-Star Movement (M5S), Le Pen said that “there is no movement like ours right now. Ours is a mature party, with 40 years of history behind it. The M5S movement is a recent one, born of citizens’ exasperation at the current crisis”.

Le Pen, who opposes the EU and the single currency, reiterated the need to liberate France from the yoke of the Brussels technocrats – and of others.

“It’s time to put an end to the status quo. We no longer want to be vassals of the United States or the Gulf monarchies”, she warned.

French Legend Delon ‘Supports’ Far-Right

France24 reports French Legend Delon ‘Supports’ Far-Right.

French actor Alain Delon said he supports France’s far-right party, the National Front, in an interview published in a Swiss newspaper on Wednesday. The movie star was popular in the 1960s and was once referred to as the “male Brigitte Bardot.”

French film star Alain Delon has come out in support of France’s far-right political party the National Front (FN).In an interview published on Wednesday in the Swiss daily Le Matin, the actor, whose career has seen him appear in some 100 films, described the National Front’s growth as “uplifting.”

Delon went to on to say that he “approves” the party’s progress, which he attributed to a general sense of gloom due to what, he called, was a lack of political action.

“The National Front, like the MCG [Geneva Citizens’ Movement] in Geneva, is very important…I encourage it and I perfectly understand it,” he said in comments published in the newspaper.

“For years, the Le Pen father and daughter team [Jean-Marie, former head of the National Front, and Marine, its current leader] have been fighting, but they’ve been fighting a lonely battle,” he said. “Now, for the first time, they are no longer alone. They have the French people…And that it’s reaching Geneva, that’s incredibly important. They’re fed up there too.”



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  • Now you know why they’re trying to string her up. I figured there was polling data out there not for public consumption that showed the FN within striking distance, when the “charges” against her were announced and her MEP immunity discarded.

  • Spartacus

    Le Pen and the National Front have a good chance of winning, but I’m not overly happy about this. The thing is, despite the media slander, they are NOT extremists, and I don’t think they’re willing to go all the way with what needs to be done. Still – I’m happy the French are waking up . It’s a great step forward .

    • So CAL Snowman

      The National Front’s stance on immigration will tell us ALL we need to know about their party and its intentions for France. Anything short of repatriation of ALL Muslims and Africans is selling the French people out.

      • Spartacus

        I can think of other methods, besides repatriation, that would solve the problem quite easily, and be more fun too .

        • Romulus

          Lol. Memories of Charles the great. Prince Vlad is also a favorite of mine.

          • Spartacus

            You should read up on Stefan the Great. He killed even more turks than Vlad did 🙂

          • Romulus

            I’ll do that. Just for the heck of it, you might like the movie COLD MOUNTAIN. It was filmed in the Carpathians because it was too expensive in North Carolina. It’s about a good ol boy trying to return home to his beloved during the Uncivil war.

          • Spartacus

            I heard of it, but never saw it. I’ll put it on my list .

          • “Cold Mountain” is very good.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I have a copy of Cold Mountain and have watched it many times. Even though I enjoy it on several levels, there are underlying themes and facts of history that the movie twists to present a PC take on real history.

            First, the opening scene of the mining and the disaster that followed it did occur, but the troops that the Union sent into the crater were black. IN fact, they weren’t sent, they rushed into it themselves. I suspect they were represented as white in the film so that no one would realize that the blacks troops had been so dumb.

            Second, the “home guard” representation did not occur in the Carolinas, but was one case near the Oklahoma territory and involved many Indians as renegades that perpetrated the sort of home front terrorism assigned to some villainous and cowardly white characters in this film.

            There is also a good deal of bossiness by women toward men and there is also, of course, the stereotype of the Southern preacher that has fathered a child with a slave woman. In this film, he is going all the way to cover it up by murdering her, but the valiant (and PC) Innman prevents it and exposes the preacher to his congregation.

            I agree with anyone that this is still a well made and compelling film. I even enjoy the bossy woman with her organizing skills on a farm and her deep seated devotion to her erring father. Yet, I think it is important for white realists to not be too swept away with it and lulled into accepting the large amount of PC distortion and revisionist history it represents.

          • hastings88

            Cold Mountain is an intolerable anti-white film. The really “bad” guy is very blonde, as usual. Southerners are portrayed as animalistic. A Christian congregation is shown singing a hymn and swinging their arms down in unison–in a kind of downward Roman salute. These are just a few examples.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I agree with you that Cold Mountain must be viewed with knowledge and awareness of its faults and pointed distortions in a very PC stereotype aimed at white men, but it is also a good opportunity for whites that care about the real story to get educated. That’s what I did.

            The scene in the church is not mythological, this is the way that sect of Christianity sang and where the term “Bible Thumping” came from. I think the singing is interesting, even though everyone here might know that I am a strident non-believer. Movies like this provide the curious and aware white to dig in and learn about our real past and it is a waste to merely dismiss it entirely. Lies on this level actually can help clarify facts the way that Lincoln film simulated some eventual real discussion of the historical Lincoln and his wife. Let the liars continue to prop themselves up with lies. Lies are the worst foundation for any proposition.

          • Romulus

            I agree that it does have some anti white scenes,but it also shows what some of the Yankees did to the southerners and again is mostly about a soldier wishing to see his love again. Being that almost all character actors in the film were white, I’ll nominally disagree.

          • You are assessing these things from a 21st Century perspective. Anyone in charge in the wartime South was bound to be white. Did you want that actor to be black?

            Nearly everyone was enthusiastic about that war, except the older veterans who had earlier been to our war with Mexico. Civilians brought picnick lunches to First Manassas to watch it.

          • Lagerstrom

            I’m a Vlad fan, yet I have not heard of Stefan the Great. I’ll have to check him out. Where was he from?

          • Spartacus

            He was a Romanian ruler, but of another part of the country, Moldova. He ruled for 37 years in a time when the average life span in Europe was below 40, and he was one of the greatest military rulers of all time .

            Here’s some info about him :


            And this was his greatest victory against the turkish hordes :


          • Lagerstrom

            Thanks for the information Spartacus.

        • David Ashton

          France already has enough killers from eastern Europe, thank you, Spartacus.

          • mikebowen55

            Evidently they don’t have enough to get the job done though.

    • Archibald_Cunningham

      They are on the record saying they will deport unemployed foreigners, even if they’re currently French citizens. If they’re willing to say that ON THE RECORD, I have no doubts they will go the small, extra step and deport all foreigners eventually. Doing it too quickly would be chaotic anyway. The future is bright for France.

    • The Final Solution

      It sounds like they are making more progress than we are in America. Where’s our National Party?

      • Spartacus

        I’m not American, if you’ll recall. Still, you guys aren’t doing that bad from what I’ve read about your numerous militia and secessionist movements. You just need to organize better .

        • The Final Solution

          They are mostly fringe elements. Not exactly political movements, and definitely not appealing on a national scale. But maybe that is a better path to take, rather than trying to go in the front door with mainstream politics.

          • Spartacus

            You don’t need to be appealing to the main-stream. Be well-trained, well-armed, well-organized, and that’s more than enough. Remember- history was written by small, dedicated groups, not by the masses .

        • Been there done that with the former movement.

          They’ve been deeply infected by cultural Marxism, too.

          That’s a polite way of saying that they’re a two word phrase, the second word is “lovers,” and the first word starts with “N.”

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Somehow, I think she has probably made too many compromises at this point in order to achieve mainstream status. If she’s not willing to start the mass deportations the minute she takes office, then she will be of very little use to France.

  • Let me try to cheer you up.

    I think there are enough white Americans woken up for us to win.

    Why don’t we win, then?

    I don’t think it has anything to do with wasting time on funny costumes running around in the woods and weird religions. Only a small percentage of people, even our kind of people, ever do that.

    I think it’s because most people who are woken up don’t see a legitimate political outlet to translate their racial frustrations onto the political process.

    Why not?

    Because American political culture is pretty much locked into two legitimate parties. The political cultures of continental Europe is conducive to many parties, and the parliamentary political systems make voting for an ethnonationalist party not seem like a wasted vote, because you do get the sense that your vote will contribute to public policy becoming more ethnonationalist, even if the party for which you vote doesn’t get an outright majority; the whole deal with coalition building.

    When we do get the rare chance to vote on racial issues, it almost always works out in our favor, even in surprising places where one wouldn’t expect.

    The good news is that politics are businesses of monkey see monkey do. Once the first real someone like us wins a significant election, we’ll be on the verge. If a few more imitate and wind up winning, then the dam is broken. However, it’s going to take someone who is of like mind to us showing leadership and being that outlet I describe.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Hi QD, read my post above yours, here. I am talking about the need for a white organization with a legal panel funded for the defense of white rights and even individuals. Rather than useless demonstrations that only cause the reinforcement of stereotypes all around, we need to organize. Having a non-profit org with a legal fund and panel is what we need most to even begin.

      • I think an LDF would be very much useful and appreciated. Street theater has its uses, but you’re right, it can only do so much before you have to move on to other things.

        Just don’t expect our ethnonat white defense LDF to get 501-c-x status anytime soon, as recent events have demonstrated.

        My point to ATBOTL was even simpler than my relative rambling. People are already awake, but they just don’t see a means to translate their desires onto the public policy process, mainly because of the bipartisan bipolar nature of American political systems and culture.

        Let me give you and example that’s not way too relevant to our immediate concerns: ObamaDontCare. The RINO-liberal establishment thinks that the “smart” way to fight it is to let it take effect fully, let people get hacked off over its negative consequences, then the RINO-liberal establishment can just sit back in 2014 and 2016 and watch the votes roll in.

        Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in the real world. People don’t automatically blame the people who are doing them dirt and punish them for doing them dirt like magic, because most people aren’t that tuned in to the scorecard of everyday conventional politics. They won’t punish the evildoers unless they can see someone actually fighting for their cause, proving that they want to pursue and fight for their own agenda and citing the evildoers. Then they’ll actually show up, reward the people are helping them, and punish the people who are hurting them, precisely because someone on their side showed a little bit of leadership. For all his immigration queasiness, Ted Cruz is providing that leadership, and somehow he was able to talk yellowstain Boehner into following along.

        But for leadership, people’s anger over bad things that politicians are doing to them would dissipate, because they don’t see anyone fighting for them.

        Another example of this, and this was/is an issue very relevant to our cause: School deseg. Why did white public anger over deseg dissipate and why did white people do other things (white flight) to solve their problem? Because they didn’t see any leadership, they didn’t see any way to translate their anger onto the public policy making process in such a way that would have stopped deseg. Sure, there were a few good people who wanted it stopped, but most anti-deseg rhetoric was campaign season expediency only, forgotten after the election results were certified.

        We can spend a lot of time talking and debating why we’re not winning, because we’re distracted by this issue, we’re running around in funny uniforms, the negative consequences of certain religions, I’ve read and heard it all. But it’s really none of that. It’s because we don’t have real political leadership, nobody of any credible chops has shown the desire to take the bull by the horns.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          The anger never goes away, it goes underground until something wakens it. When it does wake, it will be an angry giant filled with a ruthless resolve to destroy he who disturbed it. The collective anger whites harbor is but a massive anti-tank mine with a multiple impulse fuse, one the darkies and those who cannot be named are tap dancing on.

  • bigone4u

    The support of Alain Delon and his daughter Anouchka probably swung a goodly number of voters. Anouchka is also a politician at age 22–I think I read that here on Amren. I tried to insert a picture of the two, but it didn’t turn out. Anouchka is a stunner.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Re: Anouchka, You are correct, sir!

      • bigone4u

        Let me try again to put up a picture.

        • Romulus


          • Katherine McChesney

            He’s a great looking man.

          • bigone4u

            I think so too and I’m not gay. I love the French cinema from the early 60s. Just for you, here’s a pic of the younger Delon

          • Romulus

            My praise is for the woman, thank you very much!!!

          • Garrett Brown

            Calm down there Kathy!!!

          • Brian

            I heartily recommend his films, esp. Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge. Fantastic stuff.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Interesting, Anouchka is not a French name by any stretch, but a Slavic one. I don’t know what it means.

  • kjh64

    Notice that the press always refers to anyone they don’t agree with as a “right-wing extremist”?

    • WR_the_realist

      Yup. Even pro-peace, pro Bill of Rights Ron Paul is a right wing extremist. All politicians worth voting for are right wing extremists. Remember that by today’s standards everyone from Winston Churchill to Harry Truman was a right wing extremist.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        I was reading something today about how Rep John Boehner is a “right wing extremist”…sheesh…

        • Sick of it

          Weepy is a left wing activist…

  • Oldcorporal

    Look for the left-wing European media, and the leftists in general, to mount a frantic campaign to smear the National Front as “racist,” “xenophobic,” etc. (fill in all the leftist hate terms you can think of). The elections are some ways off, but the fact that the National Front is, well, OUT FRONT, is, I think, a significant fact.

    • MBlanc46

      They’ve been doing that for decades.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      There are actually a lot of non-white French that support them too, believe it or not. Dieudonné is one example.

    • Lagerstrom

      A large dose of ‘good old-fashioned xenophobia’ is exactly what we all need right now. Marine Le Pen is one gutsy woman!

  • gemjunior

    How long will these government elites continue to try to force the multicultural agenda, when they have to see that the majorities of their countries’ people are against it and are reacting negatively? Don’t they know that people will eventually get violent in defense of their own homelands, and there will not be a good outcome either for the invaders or themselves, the traitors who rolled out the red carpet for them the same time as they attempted to destroy their own people?

    • Sick of it

      That’s why they’ve been pushing for another world war, to wipe the slate clean and bring everyone in under a world government.

      • Another World War? I’ll go do it, but the last thing they want is that.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I don’t think a WW will occur. It is most likely that massive world civil unrest and war will cause or accompany spreading chaos due to final economic collapse. The U.S. Dollar is about to loose its power as the international currency for exchange. China represents the most consumptive population on earth as well as possibly the most narcissistic (in a practical sense) as do most other Asian countries, cultures. China is a parasite that has outgrown its victim and will not be able to sustain itself indefinitely. Will war be a feature of all this? Possibly, maybe probably, but when you consider the international economic ties, it will likely only occur after a collapse and this collapse will also feature health pandemics on an apocalyptic scale, so we can’t predict who will be able to participate or if there is even any will to do so.

      • gemjunior

        Hopefully people will see the futility of another world war (I’m not hopeful to be honest as they didn’t see through the last ones designed to thin the herd of white men and fill the bankers pockets. Good thing so far the American gov’t war criminals haven’t been given the green light but how long will that last? I hope more whites wake up and figure out how they are being played.

        • Sick of it

          I can’t speak for other nations, but Americans elected peace candidates who betrayed their trust both times – Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Americans did not want to get involved in Europe’s war.

  • David Ashton

    Now is not the time to complain that the FN is not “extremist enough”.

    • Sick of it

      I’d be glad to see ANY anti-immigrant party in power virtually anywhere. It’s about time people had common sense again.

  • Spartacus

    To hell with the UN ! All White countries should get out of that thing immediately .

    • Fr. John+

      Fort bien! Vive la belle France. Roi, royaume, race. C’est tout qu’il est important.

  • gemjunior

    Well don’t get me wrong, I can’t live with them and don’t want them anywhere near me but I draw the line at actually trying to wipe them off the earth. I want them to be put far, far away on their own land where God put them and to stay there. If they’re left there without any way (white technological marvels such as seaworthy vessels and airplanes) to get to us, it’ll take thousands of years for them to figure out how to construct a plane or whatever. OTOH they are trying to kill us off so perhaps it would be their just desserts. I don’t know so I leave it to the wise men of our people or tribe. Or maybe I should have said the wise men of our tribe who love whites and aren’t working against us. Anyway, I’d be afraid too many white people might be killed with the reduced numbers. But it’s not a bad idea…..

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    To the feminists out there; I support women like this – ones that support men. Sometimes, as we can see from some female authors such as Christian Hoff-Sommers (The War Against Boys) and Tammy Bruce (The New Thought Police), women who love men or at least care about real justice speak out for males. They are smart enough to realize that men have a biological role in the basic equation of life and life cannot go on long without them performing their natural tasks. Female rulers like Elizabeth l of England and Victoria operated within a patriarchal system that supported them and took pride in supporting a wise and loving queen/ruler. Maine le Pen is her father’s daughter and Frenchmen understand this very well. When a woman like this rises, she often draws the devotion of her countrymen that could be called love, but it is the old chivalric love, and it can bind a people and nation together like nothing else.

  • Sick of it

    You do realize we would be the primary targets right? No one is going to bother waging a serious war against Africa or most of Asia or Latin America.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, those who cannot be named would like nothing better but to kill hundreds of millions of us by attacking U.S., European and Russian cities with thermonuclear bombs. Assuming of course, they don’t trick us to doing that for them. Even if we are not the primary targets, modern warfare totally indiscriminate nature will result in tens of millions of deaths among whites. Indeed the goal of modern warfare is genocide, it now kills dozens or hundreds of civilians for every soldier killed in a war.

      • Sick of it

        In Iraq thousands were killed per soldier. During the Iran-Iraq War, it was even nastier. Our enemies are heartless beasts.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Not only were there white nationalists in the U.S. back then, there had been since the 1920s at least. In the aftermath of the 1914 film, “Birth of a Nation” (which was a film version of the book, The Clansman), a new version of the KKK arose. They were stridently patriotic towards the U.S., as opposed to the original KKK which was a secret society that resisted Reconstruction and the social problems (violence, injustice towards whites) that came with it. But by the 1950s, 1960s, we had a number of them. It was their extremes and lack of focus that probably led to their end or social suppression to the point of uselessness or extinction.

    I have a copy of the 1970 California Senate Committee Report on Un-American Activities. Although 90% of it is about Leftist groups – as they were far more active and effective than the few far right groups, they are listed with information on them. They were, The American Nazi Party, the KKK, The Minutemen and The John Birch Society. The John Birch Society made the dubious claim that its namesake was the first casualty of World War 3. He was killed by Soviet troops in China in something like 1946-7. They are the origins of the ongoing call to disband and extinguish the United Nations. They are a political faction that have existed since 1912 as opposed to Woodrow Wilson and attacked the notion of the League of Nations as they were purist isolationists and entrenched in polarized politics. The American Nazi Party was led by Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell was assassinated in 1967 by a former member. Look it up, there’s probably plenty to read on him and the ANP. The Minutemen were a radical, militaristic group that actively armed itself with illegal arms such as machine guns and mortars, etc. A cache in California was found to contain 350 machine guns alone. They were a break-away group from the John Birch Society who thought its founder was too radical for even them. Then there was the National States’ Rights Party.

    None of these groups were very successful. They were riddled with inside contention and power struggles just the same as the Leftist groups, but they had no larger, better organized intervening organization that the young, individualistic members of the Leftist groups had (The Communist Party of the United States of America). But there is another reason that they failed. That reason is that the membership, just as the apparent sum total of “white realist” discussions today reveals, chronically pick the wrong battles to fight. I think this is a very important issue. Focusing on impossible and distracting issues like abortion, the overriding reflex to promote or preserve one’s own brand of Christianity and other deeper political impulses with histories that have almost been forgotten as the political myths have grown, has produced again, an impossible consensus. The Report I am quoting from contains a letter by the Minutemens’ leader. He discusses this very problem, that of subordinating the various opinions and “individualism” of the membership for overall unity of purpose. They must have failed at that, but also they failed because they went so far beyond the law in arming themselves. BTW, although the national home of the org was in Missouri, the California chapter was by far the largest, consuming the entire national budget of the group.

    I don’t think that much has changed. I read these posts often and my impression is that most posters are ignorant of American history and history in general. In the case of Americans, there seems to be a near complete loss of actual white culture and society with some notion of Christianity as the only necessary feature of it (but that is a universal religion). On of this and even more importantly, white realists seem to still be largely reactive and not able to choose the battles that can be won. IMHO, the one battle we ought to be fighting is the one to organize and promote a national white organization that contains within it a funded legal body that will begin to defend whites when they are victimized by the growing anti-white policies and actions of the various federal, state and local governments as well as white community funded support in general.

    This is what we need, not a chronic diatribe of reactive exclamations habitual scapegoating. Some self-examination and self-improvement is badly needed. White advocacy needs to go beyond subscriptions to websites and conferences. Whites need to organize legally so that they can find and even expose the issues and problems we are facing today.

    • The JBS wanted us out of the UN? That’s one of the most American things possible, to be out of the UN.

      Really, the one problem I had with the JBS and the underlying anti-interventionist anti-globalist mentality from the time of Woodrow Wilson to the end of the political careers of the Ohio Two, Robert Taft and John Bricker, is that they and the southern segregationists of the time should have been natural allies. Foreign policy isolationism and racial segregationism shared most of the same philosophical underpinnings. However, the big hangup from that ever happening was that the isos, largely based north of the Mason-Dixon Line and Ohio River, never wanted to be thought of as “racist.” So they denounced “racism,” segregation, and this fumed the seggies.

      In spite of that, there were southern chapters of the JBS, that even more than the Citizens Councils, took the lead in trying to impeach Earl Warren after Black Friday.

      Also the JBS in New York and elsewhere is probably singularly responsible for the NYPD not having a civilian review board.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I can’t completely agree with the notion that the US exit from the UN is “the most American thing” or aspiration except for the most radical conservatives who imagined or still imagine that any modern nation can live in isolation. When the U.S. had hegemonic control over the UN, conservatives thought it was great. But the JBS did not exist until after WW2. The defeat of the League of Nations Plan probably guaranteed (many scholars say) a restart of hostilities in Europe (WW2) and they were right then as Wilson was, and they are now.

        Yes, the UN often is a source of irritation and I particularly don’t like that it is located on U.S. soil and that we have to allow so many deplorable people that fabled “executive envelope” (which can be containers of contraband) and diplomatic immunity while committing crimes inside the U.S. I just read an article that reported on the high patronage of these UN ambassadors at New York City strip clubs. Like just about everything in the public view these days, we must put up with insults and abuses that are irritating and evidence of anti-Western, anti-white suppression/oppression at out expense, but the world without a meeting table would quickly become a worse one. And that may be inevitable, but as with all the inevitable scenario out there, I see no need to willfully create the collapse because once the chaos begins, no one will be able to direct the many aspects of it that will not be concerned with race or political position.

        • We should have an international cooperative transnational organization, but it should be race-based, white countries and white parts of non-white countries only. That’s the polar opposite of globalism.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            But that “should have” is perhaps a goal, but to get there is the issue. I am suggesting that it has to begin by working with the reality we face right now. When crimes against whites occur, we ought to have a fund that can pay white advocate attorneys to press the hate crime issue, for example. When orgs like the NAACP say a city or town is too white, this must be challenged. When one guy is attacked for wanting to sell lots to whites in order to have a white community, that right to association must be defended, etc. Everyone can and does come up with lofty and often completely unrealistic goals and fantasies as the same old reactive sort of emotionalism. Getting down to actually beginning to do something is going to require not just discipline but also vision; the vision to recognize reality as well as “our goals.” (Getting that straight has always been the thing that defeats these sorts of movements on both the left and right side, but especially the right).

  • Yeah, so? The legions of politicians who uttered our kind of racial slurs in private yet governed egalitarianly in public are massive.

  • scutum

    It’s very simple, cut off the free stuff and all the third worlders will either go home. Or they will head for greener pastures where free stuff is still available.

    • Not that easy. The third world is such, well, third world, that even if we can perfectly cut off the free stuff, they’ll still come here if we let them, and not go home even if we cut off their free stuff.

  • The masses won’t flock to us for “no particular reason,” they’ll flock to us when they see a legitimate chance for victory because there’s someone credible close to real political power.

    And you’re right about the other point. Look at the way the Democrats, media and RINO establishment are foaming at the mouth over the few politicians that actually want to defund or delay ObamaCare. That issue is small potatoes compared to what really needs to be done. The first one of us that gets close, take the vituperative that is being hurled against, e.g. Ted Cruz, and multiply by 100, for starters. Then you can add sabotage and attempts at legal repression.

  • And we’re not going to have any of the underlying infrastructure until people think there’s a chance that our way of thinking can carry the day, and we’re not going to get to that point in turn until we find a way to break the partisan duopoloy, so that we can have a credible ethnonat party that has a prayer.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Well, I am pretty sure that praying won’t do any good, that’s for sure.

      Again, I am sure that we need to start with a political action fund and a cadre of lawyers that will seize upon events and issues that can be argued as unjust toward whites both as individual and as a racial/ethnic group. As these strategies gained momentum, the acceptance of a white rights organization will result in more organizational gains. My only wonder is if it will matter in the end because the political structure/culture of the U.S. is pretty much destroyed and is at the point that Rome was at in about the fourth century. Still, I believe this effort ought to be made and that this is how to begin.

  • Lagerstrom

    BBardot should speak up too.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    There are some problems with the perception that those groups were not political organizations, they were…. one was even called “The National States Rights Party” (American Nazi Party also has “Party” in it’s name, which directly declares political intentions). All of them had the problem that they could not muster enough interest because of how crazy radical they were and when they got popped or as with the ANP, the leader got murdered by a former member, (for political reasons) the membership scattered like rats out of a drainpipe. It shows how unstable the extremes of emotionalism in radical political groups tend to be (including the leftist sorts) and the almost inevitable problems with power and individualism that come with it. In the case of the National State Rights Party, the de-facto leader who had control of the funds (and was also the newsletter editor was found to have used the funds raised through donations for personal benefit. That party self-destructed. The John Birch Society was extremely political as was the least radical of all these groups, which is why it lasted until recent times. But they usually got popped for illegal weapons possession. The list of items stashed by The Minutemen is worth listing here; an arsenal of flame throwers, machine guns, a cannon, mortars, aerial bombs, automatic pistols, and ammunition was found on one farm in Illinois alone. A separate cache of 270 machine guns was found in a warehouse just outside L.A. in Glendale and a member there, Keith Gilbert was arrested and charged with illegally seizing 1400 pounds of dynamite from the W.A. Murphy Company is Sylmar. These guys were prepping to respond to what they saw as a coming insurrection from the Left. Caught up in their own dialogue, they failed to realize that they were posing a threat to everyone.

    Also, it is important to realize that the people that prepared this 1970 California Senate Committee on Un-American Activities in California were white and male. As i wrote QD, our argument should not be a repeat of these hugely failed movements. Our argument should be that the the radical Left has taken the political power in the U.S. and its anti-white anti-American policies are wrongly being taken as just and the result of democratic processes. This is an argument that can be made and made to stick because it is true and can be illustrated by a long list of facts, figures and political history. The problem then, as it remains today is that whites too often do not pursue fights that they can win and are operating within a dogmatic, reactive and emotional paragrim.

  • European Observer

    I was pleasantly surprised that Delon spoke out for the FN. It took some guts. He is rich enough to buy him the utmost possible isolation from Défrancisation and he is in a business where it could hurt him to speak out against the mainstream.

    It shows that things are changening in France, but it will be a a race against time as large swathes of the country are now cleansed from French people, particularly the suburban areas and the beautiful south.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I beg to differ, the people who control Hollywood are diametrically opposed to white nationalism, and moreover they are working nonstop to perpetrate the ongoing genocide against us. You would not have to look far to see who those evildoers are.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Avenger, they want us dead to the last child. If things come to a war of annihilation, then I advocate returning the favor against any non-white race or ethnic group trying to annihilate mine. They think we do not have a right to exist, that is clearly demonstrated in their behavior among us in our lands.