L.A. Fights Plague of Garbage in Central City Neighborhoods

Esmeralda Bermudez, Los Angeles Times, October 28, 2013

Jose Fernandez looked out his apartment window near MacArthur Park and admitted, in defeat, that he’s grown accustomed to the view:

Torn couches, dingy mattresses, broken dressers, dusty headboards.

The procession of rejected furniture piles high and wide on the sidewalk, compliments of neighbors and whoever else decides to dump and run.

“I’ve seen junk stay out there a week . . . sometimes a month,” the 24-year-old said. “Everyone walks by and stares. No one does anything about it.”

Hoping to put a stop to the rubbish, the city recently launched a $1-million cleanup effort aimed at Councilman Gil Cedillo‘s 1st District, including areas such as Lincoln Heights and Mount Washington. Much of the focus is on the immigrant-heavy neighborhoods of Westlake and Pico-Union just west of downtown.

The tiniest refuse—candy wrappers, grocery bags, fliers—spreads across gutters like confetti. Chairs, rugs and other larger pieces block the alleys and sidewalks in a smelly obstacle course that sometimes reaches 10 feet high.

Saturated with overcrowded apartments and tenants who pack their belongings and move with unusual frequency, the low-income area is notorious among trash collectors because of how tough it is to keep clean.


Backed by money from Cedillo’s general fund, sanitation workers and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps have flooded Westlake and Pico-Union in recent weeks—using trucks, rakes and trash bags to deep-clean the alleys that abut businesses and high-rise apartments. So far, more than 250 tons of trash has been removed, Garcia said.

Garbage is being collected five days a week, rather than on the once-a-week schedule the rest of the city has. Cedillo is working to establish an appointment service so residents can have bulky items carried right out of their homes rather than putting them on the curb.

Several solar-powered and laser-triggered trash compactors, costing close to $20,000 combined, have been placed around MacArthur Park—ground zero for litter.

“What we’re trying to do is change the culture of the place,” Cedillo said. “To keep people from setting their sofas and mattresses on sidewalks, to stop them from tossing their hot dog and burrito wrappers on the floor.”


Cedillo’s education campaign, expected to roll out in a few weeks, will target residents as well as property owners. There will be neighborhood meetings, fliers, street signs and billboards. Children at local schools will be encouraged to be more conscious of their waste.

The goal is to find out what causes the constant mountain of garbage, city officials said. Is it overcrowding, bad habits, public events, homelessness, not enough trash collection or some combination of factors?

“We’re going to have a full-on assault on trash and litter,” Cedillo said. “I don’t believe and accept that people think this is OK. If everybody plays their modest role, I know we can keep things clean.”



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  • Jefferson

    I live in San Francisco and in my city the dirtiest and smelliest areas of town are located in the Mission district, a predominantly Mexican part of town.

    The Mexican part of town is nowhere near as nice as the SWPL part of town. White people do a way better job than Mexicans when it comes to keeping their neighborhoods clean, safe, and organized.

    The Mission district looks as dirty and 3rd world as Ciudad De Juarez.

    • borogirl54

      I know what you are talking about. Some of the places in the Mission used to stink, I hated to walk by there.

    • 1stworlder

      Its called latino littering

  • John Frum

    “What we’re trying to do is change the culture of the place,” Cedillo said.
    LOL,good luck with that Cedillo.

    • Jesse James

      They don’t need to change the culture of the place they need to work on changing the cultural values of the Mexicans who have overrun the place.

      • sbuffalonative

        Change the people from brown to white and you’ll see a dramatic improvement within a year.

        • Katherine McChesney

          But, whites would require that it be cleaned up before moving in there. We prefer our communities be clean and attractive.

      • Greg Thomas

        They need to work on deporting the mexicans who have overrun the place.

    • joesolargenius

      You noticed he said change the Culture and that was a mouthful , having worked and lived in the Los Angeles area for years I have constantly observed the illegals walk out of a store unwrapping food and just throw the wrapper on the ground, even though there was a trash can right by the entrance of the store

    • Chris

      How dare they try to change the culture. I hate to break it to them but this IS Mexican culture. Celebrate multiculturalism. Import 3rd world people, get 3rd world results.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    In 2001, I was relatively new to LA. I was set to start new job with the City, and my pre-employment physical was on Sixth St., about six blocks from the nearest subway stop at McArthur Park (it would’ve been more pleasant to get off in Downtown and walk from that direction, but I didn’t know that). The route looked much like the above photo, but what really impressed me was the smell. You know it’s a NAM neighborhood when the street itself smells like urine and feces…we’ve all heard of “raw sewage”, but baking in the hot LA sun, our NAM neighborhoods offer the delight of cooked sewage.

    • Spartacus

      “…we’ve all heard of “raw sewage”, but baking in the hot LA sun, our NAM neighborhoods offer the delight of cooked sewage.”


      It’s good to get a whiff of diversity once in a while. Makes you appreciate all the more that you’re White .


        That it does my friend, that it does.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Black neighborhoods, especially the public housing projects reek of urine, sweat and feces. It can stink so bad, one could be forgiven for thinking unburied corpses lying around. If it stinks of a sewer, it can only mean a bunch of darkies live there. The Hispanics also toss toilet paper on the floor after wiping themselves. Both treat our land as their open air toilet. Even animals know better than to crap or piss in their own nests, but to call these people animals Insults the wildlife.

      • Blacks sometimes claim that whites travel to their neighborhoods to dump garbage there. Amazing reasoning: “Whitey can (1) put his trash cans at the curb outside his own home one evening a week and then head right back inside to the TV set, or (2) after a hard day at work he can load it into his car and drive ten miles each way. I’m going with (2).”

        Blacks and browns are also very unenthusiastic about recycling. We get free curbside pickup by Waste Management every other Friday. All one has to do to join the program is call them and ask that they drop off the recycling bins (made, appropriately enough out of recycled plastic). How many diversitards do you imagine actually go to the trouble?

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Believe it or not, there are some blacks who think that slavery, cannibalism and other lovely practices of the dark continent were imported and taught to the natives by the evil, evil White man. As with their White-garbage-dumping claim, they will entertain any ludicrous idea as long as it absolves them of personal responsibility.

          • Some Guy

            “…they will entertain any ludicrous idea as long as it absolves them of personal responsibility.”
            Truer words have never been spoken.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yeah I knew this black guy and he had problems with his car and he blamed racism. Yes your 95 ford escort has brake problems because 20 years ago whitey knew that a black person would own it and made it that the brakes wear out early.. Good grief

          • So in addition to being a doofus, he’s also too lazy to change brake pads and/or too cheap to buy high-quality ones?

          • ikwiata

            The only “dark” country are countries that are dominated by white folks – the genetically mutated albinism freaks.

        • ikwiata

          Im a member of my neighborhood watch and we have caught on cameras “whites” dumping trash, furniture, paint cans and other large items in the alleys. So, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Spartacus

    Enjoy your diversity …

  • D.B. Cooper

    In my life, I have lived in a couple of areas so rural, you had to bury your trash, often after burning it. Every house in those areas were clean, even among the poorest residents.
    I’m talking about Redmond, OR; and Cleveland, TX.

    When I was in the Army, I had to spend almost a month in Honduras. There was no public trash pick up there either. The difference is that those people didn’t bother to at least toss their trash in the nearby woods. It looked like they merely opened the window, and threw their garbage outside.

    I swear, you could drive along the highways, and smell the fresh air, but when you entered a few of those towns, you started seeing trash everywhere, and it did smell bad.

    • joesolargenius

      I worked as a security officer in North Las Vegas in 2008 patrolling a section eight apartment complex near the Silver Slipper casino ,and every night I would see the tenants on the upper floors just throw their trash out of the window at the general direction of the dumpster.

      • 1stworlder

        Lets be real someone put the dumpster there to try and catch some of the latino littering

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      My brother and my father live in Redmond, OR. I haven’t been there since 1978 when the population was about 6,000. Now it’s four times that, so it’s not quite so rural anymore. Luckily the Mexicans live in Madras, and Redmond is still 95% White.

      • D.B. Cooper

        I haven’t been there since 1976. I remember having to go to Bend for real shopping. I don’t think I saw a black person IN PERSON that entire year I was there.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The title says it all; LA fights plague of garbage… the genetically retrograde people and their incompatible and inferior culture is the plague of garbage.

  • Erasmus

    They’re just turning it into what they now: Mexico.

    THIS is what immigration reform[amnesty] is going to bring us.

  • bigone4u

    The picture looks like parts of San Antonio–the parts where “they” live.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, you wouldn’t expect an illiterate, illegal, uneducated entitlement population to pick up after themselves would you? The illegals want to live just as they did at home, in rat-infested, excrement-ridden hell holes and WE should respect that.

    ALL the trash should be hauled to LA biggest garbage dump: City Hall . Pile it up, douse it with gasoline and every Monday morning light a match.

    The flame will burn eternal as a shining beacon leading the way toward LA’s bankrupt, 3rd world future.


  • MekongDelta69

    “No one does anything about it.”

    Here’s a thought Jose – DON’T throw garbage on the streets, and nobody will ever have to “do anything about it.”

    Btw – this has been going on in every minority neighborhood for decade after decade after decade. When you’re driving, you could always tell as soon as you hit ‘the other side of the tracks.’

    • Sick of it

      Honestly, you can tell when a city or town has a significant minority presence by the litter. I’m sure a study could be done.

  • borogirl54

    I guess the furniture must be junk because nobody wants. In my neighborhood, you put a couch out and put a sign saying free, it would be gone in no time.

    • Lots of folks won’t touch anything with upholstery, due to fear of bed bugs, but hardwood furniture would be gone right away here, too.

      • borogirl54

        My sister put out a microwave and a table and put a free sign on it and it was gone in less than an hour.

        • That trick works especially well in university towns. Students are always on a tight budget, and so glom onto stuff like free furniture very quickly. One of my tricks in grad school at CU was to drive around apartment complexes at the end of the month, when people would be moving out.

        • robinbishop34

          If she wanted it gone in a matter of minutes her sign should read “Don’t Steal This.”

  • Looking at that photograph, I’m astonished someone hasn’t thought to scrounge the wood from the furniture. I’ve made all sorts of things out of scrounged wood, though I won’t mess with particle board. I guess they’re too busy demonstrating and waving Mexican flags – or is that “hiding from law-enformement” (I can never keep these straight) – to do a little woodworking.

    • The Final Solution

      They never evolved beyond mud huts – how do you expect them to do any woodworking? That would require intelligence and the use of tools.

    • 1stworlder

      if they could build things they would do so in their homeland

  • willbest

    I missed the part where they charge these neighborhoods for 5-day a week pickup instead of 1 day a week pickup.

    • The Final Solution

      No the responsible people who live in decent neighborhoods pay for that. It works like Obamacare.

  • The Final Solution

    Squalor is the default nature of non-white people. They have no idea how to create what they consume and they have no idea how to dispose of it. Whites are the only sustainable race – we can make cars that run on air and biofuel out of plants. No other race actively works toward sustainability. Remember that next time someone talks about overpopulation, which is exclusively a non-white problem. They are not sustainable.

  • The Final Solution

    They need to remove the non-whites along with the trash. Pretty hard to tell the difference between the two anyway.

  • The Final Solution

    I’ve had the displeasure of living near some of these non-whites – Asians, Arabs, blacks….they don’t have any idea how to handle trash. I was gone for two weeks once and when I came back the trash was piled to the ceiling and all over the floor. They throw the trash into the recycling bin and vice versa. They never clean up anything. The few times they actually took out the trash, they just left the trash can outside. They are absolutely, unquestionably and fundamentally different than us.

    • Jack Burton

      Part of it is because they’re just a filthy people with low IQs, but part of it is also resentment against the host people and culture, passive-aggressive behavior. I’ve found similar behavior with White tenants who don’t clean up, refuse to pick up anything and trash the place. Why, because it’s not their property and they don’t care, they’re resentful.

      • The fault I find with that argument is that the greaseritos doing this illegal dumping are the same ones who claim that the American southwest is “theirs”. If people really believe that something belongs to them, the rational thing for them to do is take care of it. I suspect the real reason is that Mexicans are simply a lazy, dirty people. They trashed their own country, too, after all.

        • Erasmus

          Because of the way NAMs treat their own neighborhoods, we should be relieved that so few travel to our national and state parks and forests and work to ensure that it stays that way.

          • The illegal drug-growing operations they conduct in our national forests produce plenty of trash.

        • Jack Burton

          I included both reasons to explain their behavior.

          It’s not currently theirs, it doesn’t belong to them, so your argument is invalid.

  • dd121

    Seems to be a cultural thing. Hispanics are a dirty people. When I was in Peru most of the trash was just taken out to the desert and thrown away randomly. On the west coast of Peru the wind usually blows 30 miles an hour so it gets moved around. Since it only rains once every thirty years in that part of the Atacama desert, the stuff tends to accumulate.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Non-European Hispanics are dirty, filthy. What the Spanish speaking Brown people do has nothing to do with our Spanish and Portuguese brothers and sisters. I call them Brown, they call us White. They call us Gringo, I call them Beaner.

  • ViktorNN

    “The goal is to find out what causes the constant mountain of garbage, city officials said.”

    Leave it to a public employee to be so willfully obtuse.

    What causes the constant mountain of garbage? Mexicans. It’s Mexicans being Mexicans.

    Go anywhere in Mexico and you will see garbage strewn about, garbage thrown into ravines, creeks, streams, rivers, garbage lining the road sides, garbage choking gutters, people making shacks out of garbage and people literally living in garbage. They’re Mexicans!

    • What causes the constant mountain of garbage?

      It’s my fault. I get the Easter Bunny liquored-up and he dumps that stuff there for me because I want Hispanic neighborhoods to look bad. Now you know what E.B. does in the off-season.

    • Jack Burton

      Seems to be a Mediterranean problem too, you can google articles similar to this about problems with trash in Spain, Italy and Greece.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        It isn’t a Mediterranean problem, its a third world people problem.

        • Jack Burton

          Third worlders didn’t cause the problem in the countries I mentioned.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Viktor.
      You and I can save the officials a wad of money. We know the One Word answer to their question.
      Get rid of messycans, the trash goes with them.
      Four wheel drove into a remote Mexican desert a few years ago before it became unsafe to do so.
      No matter how far into the remoteness we traveled, litter abounded. Not just pop cans, candy wrappers and disposable diapers. Couches, chairs, as well. Mexicans apparently travel miles to litter.

      • Alexandra1973

        Just load up the trash and dump it back into Mexico. And stick the Mexican government with the trash collection bill.

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘And stick the Mexican government with the trash collection bill.’

          obama would give them millions to pay it.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          What Katherine said. obama would give them millions to pay it.

          [obama would give them millions to pay it.]

        • Greg Thomas

          I’d prefer they “dump” all the mexicans back into mexico. No mexicans , no trash. Problem solved. Perhaps bossman will stop by to remind us what a “blessing” these parasites are.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            I like your idea even better, Greg. Living in MexiSikhHmongMuslimAsianAfrofornia, it’s a no-brainer.

            Repatriation now!

          • Alexandra1973

            That too. Take it all back.

    • shmo123

      Right, and who was it that said, “Wherever there are Mexicans, you have Mexico.” Some Mexican politician I think. The first thing I noticed when I first visited Mexico, was the amount of trash on the side of the road–from the airport into town, just one big trail of garbage. Later on I realized why, when I was on a city bus and watched a Mexican woman telling her little kid to just toss his candy wrapper out of the window. For those people, the whole world is a garbage can.

  • WR_the_realist

    It has been my experience that the sun people always believe they should just toss their garbage on the ground and that it is the responsibility of the ice people to pick it up.

  • “Whites seem to think they will never be directly impacted by all this.”

    Correction: Wealthy white elites seem to think they will never be directly impacted by all this. Fixed it.

  • lily-white

    now that’s catchy!…

  • Earl Turner

    “No one does anything about it.”

    Yes they do. Whites clean it up. You and your people walk past it and add to it. Whites go and clean up your messes for you and you go right behind them and make the same messes all over again.

    It happens every year in my city. Well-meaning but woefully misguided young volunteers will spend an entire weekend picking up trash in some “poor” neighborhood. The inhabitants of that “poor” neighborhood (with iPhones, big plasma TV’s, and expensive custom wheels on their late-model cars and SUV’s) will sit on their porches watching the cleanup, never lifting so much as a finger to help.

    Within 1 day of the cleanup, the trash returns.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      At one time I was one of those misguided volunteers. I dated a girl in Minneapolis, and she was a member of the United Methodist church. I’ve always been an atheist, but I didn’t mind going to her church because at least they focused on doing good works. One of their works was an old downtown residential hotel that they renovated and used as a homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Sunday morning we men would descend on it with mops, sponges and toilet brushes, while the women scrubbed out the kitchen. Not once – I repeat, not once – did any of the perfectly able-bodied black residents lift a finger to help out, in fact all we got from them were dirty looks.
      “Gratitude with the African is not even a sense of prospective favor. He looks upon a benefit as the weakness of his benefactor and his own strength; consequently he will not recognize even the hand that feeds him.” — Burton’s Africa, page 490.

  • Erasmus

    That’s not a slogan. That’s a threat!

  • libertarian1234

    “Piles of junk can be 10 feet high in “immigrant-heavy” neighborhoods.”

    Yes, but it is there because they wanted to design their new neighborhood to look like the old one, so they wouldn’t be homesick.

    They brought a top notch decorator up from Mexico.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    One way the darkies made and continue to make war on our race is deliberate desecration, if not outright destruction of our physical environment. That means doing their business in public, dumping trash everywhere, killing off native animals and plants, and so forth. The Muslims destroyed agricultural lands in N. Africa that fed everyone. The Mongols did the same thing in Iran and Eastern Europe. The Mexicans set forest fires and turn our lands into disease ridden toxic waste dumps unfit for our habitation. Make no mistake, this is more than mere laziness on their part, this is also motivated by intense malice towards us.

  • Greg Thomas

    Welcome to mexico!

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Import 3rd world people, get a 3rd world country.

  • Whitetrashgang

    That a top ten black invention don’t you know?

  • Katherine McChesney

    Los Angeles….the home of Swoop and Squat accidents. Insurance fraud.

    • Alexandra1973

      There are Vietnamese involved in that kind of thing.

      Ever read Lois Duncan’s book “Who Killed My Daughter?” Her daughter took up with some Vietnamese guy and found out about a lot of stuff.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Wow. Perfect.

  • Unperson

    “Garbage is being collected five days a week, rather than on the once-a-week schedule the rest of the city has.”

    Moral of the story: if you’re a non-littering, legal, tax-paying, productive white person you get your garbage picked up once a week. If you’re a littering, illegal, tax-eating, un-productive brown person you get your garbage picked up five times as often.

  • Brian

    “Wherever there are Mexicans, there is Mexico.” –Vincente Fox

  • ikwiata

    Geez – you white folks on this blog are a bunch of weirdo “freaks”. But, what can you expect from a people that are a rare breed – plagued with defective genetic mutation, aka, albinism. That’s how white folks came to be white folks. Your lack of ability to produce enough melanin affects you all mentally and physically. I’m positive that you all are a “hiccup” in God’s creation. But, the fall of man has many consequences.