French Justice Minister: Front National Sees ‘Blacks into Branches of the Trees, Jews into the Ovens’

Rory Mulholland, Telegraph (London), October 22, 2013

The black French justice minister, who was compared to a monkey by a Front National party member, is being sued by the party over the ‘outrageous’ claim that it is racist and homophobic.

Marine Le Pen’s far-Right Front National (FN), which had to jettison a party member for comparing Christiane Taubira to a monkey, now plans to sue the minister for her “outrageous” claim that the FN is racist and homophobic.

The monkey comparison was made by Anne-Sophie Leclere, an FN candidate for France’s spring’s municipal elections in a small town in the northeastern Ardennes region.

She posted a photomontage on her Facebook page of a baby monkey, with the caption: “At 18 months”, next to a photo of Miss Taubira, with the caption: “Now”.

She denied any racist intent but last week told the investigative TV programme that unearthed the montage: “I’d rather see her (Taubira) in the branches of a tree than in the government.”

The revelation provoked a storm of outrage and on Friday prompted Miss Le Pen, who has tried to ditch her party’s image as a movement of bigots and anti-Semites and who recently threatened to sue anyone who calls it “extreme right”, to drop Miss Leclere as a candidate.

Miss Taubira, France’s justice minister, said in response to the monkey slur that it showed the FN’s “lethal and murderous” views could be summed up as follows: “It’s the blacks into the branches of the trees, the Arabs into the sea, the homosexuals into the river Seine, the Jews into the ovens and so on.”

The FN quickly denounced her response as “violent and outrageous”.

“Nothing justifies the expression of such hatred towards an entire party and its millions of voters,” it said in a statement. The party said it plans to sue the minister. to force her to “respect the rules of democratic and republican debate”.

The controversy comes as the FN is enjoying a surge in the opinion polls, with one suggesting it could reap 24 per cent of the vote in next May’s European elections in France–the highest of any party.

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  • Spartacus

    “The monkey comparison was made by Anne-Sophie Leclere, an FN candidate
    for France’s spring’s municipal elections in a small town in the
    northeastern Ardennes region.”


    I never heard of this lady before, but I already like her .

    • me

      Monkey? YOU be the judge….

      • Archibald_Cunningham

        You have to admit, with the similar coloring, hair texture, and wide, flat nose, the similarities are there.

        • Brian

          DNA test!

      • MekongDelta69

        The little monkey is much cuter!

        • bilderbuster

          And most likely smarter although neither one looks French.

  • Spartacus

    “It’s the blacks into the branches of the trees, the Arabs into the sea,
    the homosexuals into the river Seine, the Jews into the ovens and so


    And all is right in the world .

    • me

      I know. The lame stream ‘news’ media is acting like this would be a BAD thing….

  • sbuffalonative

    They can’t find proof of ‘racism’ so they have to construct their own:

    • David Ashton

      Why bother? Just quote “Spartacus on AmRen” above.

    • There you have it, KKKrazy Glue on parade.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The black French justice minister”

    The black justice minister, there I fixed it.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Sue them. Good idea.

    Turn their weapons against them.

  • WR_the_realist

    No prizes for guessing which European party will be the next one to be banned.

    • me

      Nope. They’re too damn pro-White, pro-French, and anti-diversity. As a result, the Front National party is the largest growing and most popular party in France. Vive la France!

      • Major

        It just might happen in Germany again too. If Germany does…so will all of Europe.

        • Sick of it

          I might die of shock if the Germans ever fought for their own people again. If they even complained heavily about Islamic violence. France is the most likely place to change these days.

      • Sangraal

        Unfortunately they’re not all that pro-white and anti-diversity – they have black, Arab, and Jewish candidates-

        http://alternativeright. com/blog/one-small-step-for-marine-one-giant-leap-to-nowhere

        • M.

          I think these are just PR stunts to get more votes.
          But the party itself is still for zero immigration, for encouraging emigration of the non-natives (mostly non-Whites), and for tougher prison sentences for thugs and criminals (who mostly non-White). This is about as pro-White as you can get in today’s liberal democracies without passing for a Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      • jackryanvb

        Agreed. Please everyone shout down idiot Amuricah patriotards who always claim :

        The French never fight.

        Yeah, at certain times White French weren’t all gung ho to slaughter White Germans, White Italians, White Finns.

        Read up on the great French counter terrorism in the a battle of Algiers.

  • M.

    If anyone is racist, it’s that Negro Taubira. She has always openly scoffed at the notion of “ethnic French”; she released thousands of thugs (mostly Blacks and Arabs) back into the streets from prisons, after a “justice reform”; and she pushed for the complete deletion of the word “race” in the Constitution. Which was done a couple months ago.

    It’s true that the National Front was a little more radical a decade ago, when Jean-Marie, LePen’s father was chairman. He is well-known for his phrase, “I love Arabs… but only in Arab countries.” Or for referring to the Holocaust as “that thing.”
    But for many years now, the party has nothing about it anymore. It still calls for zero immigration, but never mentions any race-related topics. It has even abandonned its whole “ethnic French” idea. At least, in public speeches.

    • Major

      “I love Arabs… but only in Arab countries.”

      Mirroring our feelings about illegal Mexicans?

      • M.

        Yeah, it’s the same thing. Arabs/Muslims are to the French what Mexicans are to Americans.
        Although LePen was referring to Arabs in general, not just illegals.

        • Major

          See…it’s universal. This diversity mandated crap where we have to “love and get along” with everyone, even the most vicious, corrupt monsters..will never hack it.

      • MBlanc46

        Absolutely. And nothing extreme about it.

  • Major

    If France expets to survive the next 20 years…it needs LePen and the NF and a total nationalistic awakening. They’re being over run by 3rd and 4th world savages and ME’s. All cause they were too damn lazy to do the work themselves.

  • bigone4u

    “The revelation provoked a storm of outrage…”
    There’s always an alleged firestorm of protest directed toward a few allegedly racist words, but silence towards the victims of the colored races. How about a firestorm of outrage toward black and muzzie violence in France? A “storm of outrage” by whites would of course be ignored by the power elites and their media sock puppets.

    • Sick of it

      There IS a storm of outrage about muslim violence in France. French folks can be found on YouTube talking about it pretty regularly. Folks are starting to vote for the National Front.

    • Spartacus

      Go to youtube and search for “blonde of youtube” .

  • The Final Solution

    “It’s the blacks into the branches of the trees, the Arabs into the sea, the homosexuals into the river Seine, the Jews into the ovens and so on.”

    Sounds like good bumper sticker material.

    • blight14

      Hmmmmmm, ok………….

  • Chris Granzow XI

    It looks stupid when they call the Front National “raciste,” because despite the history of her father (Jean-Marie Le Pen) a lot of non-French surprisingly like it, including French celebrities like Dieudonné.

  • The Final Solution

    That is one of the best movie scenes ever. So satisfying. I salivate every time I watch it.

    • Sangraal

      For the record – I don’t condone the fetishisation of senseless brutality…but this gif is too good not to post…

      • Sangraal

  • The Final Solution

    Sometimes i like to think that the French weren’t such cowards in WW2 after all. They secretly agreed with the Germans and wanted to join them.

  • MBlanc46

    It wasn’t a very bright thing for a political candidate to do. They’re just as well to be rid of her. The party needs to be focused on “France for the French” without needless insults to any group. They’re not monkeys. They just don’t belong in France. Keep your eye on the prize, Marine.

    • Ella

      It seems the Right parties tend to “blow it” between conspiracy theories and ignorant public comments. Then, average voters refuse to support these “radical” candidates, even if they mean well for their country.

      • MBlanc46

        A lot of true believers have a hard time staying on message.

      • jackryanvb

        Average voters in France are set to make the Front National the #1 party in France. Swiss People’s Party is #1 party in Switzerland. Nationalist/populist coalition parties are #1 in Austria.

        Please stop being so negative. Americans and Brit/Anglo nationalists/populists need to work hard for similar,ar successes.

        • Ella

          I don’t mean to be cynical. However, if FN makes obvious mistakes, then, it hurts them at the voting booths where they could have made more progress beyond 25%. Just stick to the facts being a conservative and behave professionally.

  • Anon

    Jews into the ovens?

    Probably the easiest way to spot a jewish infiltrator into white nationalism is support of some version of a pro-holocaust theme. The holocaust did not exist as an idea until years after the war ended. The claims made (and by this, I mean ALL the claims made) related to the holocaust are not only not backed up by evidence but are patently absurd and impossible. It’s not just the soap and lampshades that are absurd lies. But the intentional killing of any jews at all, never mind the absurd number, that doesn’t hold up to even casual investigation.

    The truth. Extermination of jews was NEVER a meme of any white group, country, organization etc. at any period of time, ever. Jews in WWII were VERY unpopular in Germany because, straight up, most of them joined the soviet army and attacked their own country….treason. Almost all the jews that died in Germany, during WWII, died as soviet casualties on the front line, with a rifle in their hands. Not to be outdone, American jews put heavy pressure on the US government to just exterminate the German populations….resulting in the firebombing at Dresden, war crimes of bombing food supply routes and worse (what is worse….shipping raping, murdering non-white cannibals from the third world to collectively punish German populations during “denazification”). A handful of jews (like 100,000) died along with close to 10 million Germans due to starvation (why exactly are THEIR deaths more important than the German civilians). The US, by the way, refused to repatriate these jews before and during the war. They were arrested and detained, under humane conditions because they were committing acts of terrorism against Germany. Every single place they were detained was heavily monitored by the Red Cross and those records exist to this day. The Germans wanted to kick them out yet no country would allow this. That is the truth. A German citizen, especially a member of the nazi party would have been MORTIFIED at the idea of genocide. They did, however, want the jews out of their country. And for that, THEY were punished with a genocide. The conflict actually precedes WWII by at least two decades. American newspaper clips from the time period make for some interesting reading.

    Holocaust claims, invented years after the war were impossible. Ten times the census of jews in all of europe were supposedly put to death, using methods that don’t kill (Zyklon B is non-toxic….people would bathe in it as a delousing agent). Zyklon B is NOT cyanide. Technically, it is possible to perhaps, mix some with a strong acid and release enough to kill a person. There was not enough chemicals in all of europe to release enough cyanide to kill more than a handful of people. And why exactly would you use expensive chemicals in an extremely unreliable way to kill a limited number of people? You wouldn’t. Bullets are cheap….which is why the soviets committed their genocides primarily by putting one in the back of each victims head. That did not happen in Germany. If that was claimed at least, it would have been possible. The Zyklon B thing…not even remotely possible. Not for 100 people. Certainly not for 6 million phantom people.

    The chemical stains stuff blue (non of the “gas chambers” has any blue staining or any trace of the chemical at all). In order to burn the bodies, all the fuel in europe would have to have been used, lol. But that doesn’t matter because burning the bodies, even in a blast furnace (did not exist back then) leaves behind a heavy skeletal corpse. There are, of course, no mass graves. No mass graves in the “death camps” that is. There are plenty of white mass graves all over the former soviet union. Between 10 and 50 million white people DID die due to political murder. None of them jews. Who killed them? According to Stalin….mostly jewish Bolsheviks. People seem to forget that the soviets opened their archives and owned up to the truth of the matter.

    There are ovens in those death camps, btw. They were built by the soviets between ten and twenty years after the war. Of course, that isn’t mentioned if you tour the death camps.

    Bring up any of this stuff in a white country and you will go to prison….even though it is all, not only true but incontrovertible.

    The Holocaust is essentially a jewish Bolshevik psy-op designed to make sure the losers of WWII not only remain losers but feel pain at the very thought of resistance.

    Nobody ever legitimately thought that way. But, every once in awhile an anti-white poses as a rabid, nazi whowantstokillsixmillionjews so that people won’t question that it could have been true. Most people, faced with the evidence are forced to admit its not true. So today, the possibility that it could be true, has to be good enough. It helps if anyone outside the US, who says anything, no matter how well documented, is sent to prison. To my mind, such behavior is ironclad proof that it was NEVER true. And anytime you hear anything remotely related to nazis, nazism, the holocaust, antisemitism, racism, or in anyway attempting to link any of that horse puckies to anyone or anything, it’s automatically discredited. A lie by default.

    I won’t even say, there’s always a few crazies. All current and past “crazies” turned out to be jews, playing us all for fools. Simple as that.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Check this out.

      -englishrussia. com/2012/09/06/photo-manipulations-in-the-ussr/

      • Sangraal

        Very interesting, thanks for posting.

    • blight14

      Well stated………

  • blight14

    That ‘woman’ is no more French than I am……………

  • The Front National is caught in a bit of a trap, it seems.

    On the one hand I think it is losing its traditional robustness and going a bit wishy washy on the ethnic dimension in order to play Realpolitik and appease the ‘mainstream’. On the other hand, you tend to get these kinds of silly comments that make the job of presenting a proper racial/ethnic case properly to the public.

    If the candidate had said something “shocking” about the racial situation we all find ourselves in – and could back up what they were saying – then the silly “outrage” perpetuated by the opposition would be entirely hollow and we would at least get a proper message over for people to stew over. I could easily defend that.

    When it gets down to the level of putting up pictures of monkeys…..well, that is a ridiculous place to be arguing from.

    It reminds me of the pre-2008 British National Party, where before elections we always used to have candidates coming out with something ridiculous somewhere. It was even suggested by some people that it was far from accidental on some occasions…….

    It is refreshing to see the Front National take on the shrieking masses though and stand up for itself against the wild hysteria.

    ““Nothing justifies the expression of such hatred towards an entire party
    and its millions of voters,” it said in a statement. The party said it
    plans to sue the minister. to force her to “respect the rules of
    democratic and republican debate”.”

    Indeed. I hope her actions help serve to further embed the FN into French politics. The opposition have got away with these far fetched slurs of their own for years. Seeing them taken down a peg or two and having to reduce their hysteria and propaganda against parties like the FN would be nice.

    • jackryanvb

      French nationalists like Swiss nationalists are doing well, projected to win ~ 24% of the vote, become the largest party in France. Swiss People’s Party is #1 party in Switzerland.

      Brit nationalists are doing poorly.

  • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

    “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

  • M.

    Yes, I’m well aware of those. The soldier was stabbed a North-African Arab, actually. The anti-White sentiment is rife in France.

    There are many other videos on Youtube and LiveLeak of Blacks and Arabs physically attacking Whites in France. These kinds of incidents are (partly) what caused the FN to gain so much popularity lately. And rightly so.

  • ceonwulf

    Miss Le Pen sounds like Griffin.