Colombia: The Virgin Auctions in Pablo Escobar’s Home Town

James Bargent, The Independent, October 8, 2013

It is a phrase now commonly heard in the hillside slums of Medellin, Colombia: “Take care of your daughter, or she will be sold.” The warning–or threat, depending on who is talking–is literal. The street gangs that rule the slums known as comunas are recruiting 10 to 15-year-old girls and auctioning off their virginities to drug lords and foreign tourists.

The girls are selected for their looks, and then approached by gang leaders or other girls already involved in the gang life, who act as recruiters.

“They start drawing them in with perks from a culture of high consumerism,” says Luis Pardo, Director of NGO Corporacion Consultoria de Conflicto Urabano (C3), which has been investigating the phenomenon over the last year. “They offer them brand-name clothes, trips to luxury restaurants, top of the range whisky and cocaine, and the girls end up as part of this network.”

Once in the sphere of the gang’s influence, the girls fall under their protection. “When it is decided that a girl is to be auctioned off, no man in the neighbourhood can touch her, no one can hassle her and, most of all, no one can take her virginity,” says Pardo.

The girls’ families are caught in the classic bind of organised crime. If they accept the overtures of the gangs, they receive financial help to ease the desperate poverty of life in the comunas. If they refuse, they can either leave their homes and join the ranks of the more than 10,000 people displaced within the city each year, or they can wait for the bullet fired from the back of a passing motorbike, or the knock on the door that will signal the last time they are seen alive.

Reporting the advances is rarely an option as it is the gangs and not the state that are the true authorities in the comunas. The gangs not only control criminal activities, they also regulate day-to-day life, even resolving disputes between neighbours and charging their own taxes in the form of the daily or weekly “vaccination”–local slang for extortion fees.

The gangs operate as the foot soldiers of Medellin organised crime, controlling territories on behalf of one of two warring mafia networks; the remnants of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s criminal empire, now called the Oficina de Envigado; and the narco-paramilitary army known as the Urabeños. These associations ensure the gangs’ reach stretches far beyond the neighbourhoods they control and even extends deep into the state security institutions, where corruption is rampant. The gangs’ connections not only facilitate the movement of the girls through criminal networks, they also all but guarantee the silence of the victims.

“People are scared to report it, even talk about it because of the fear of these armed actors,” says one youth worker in the city’s violence-torn Comuna 13 district, who has seen girls under his care disappear into gang life, and who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals. “Silence has become an accomplice.”

Victims contacted by The Independent said that since the revelations in the C3 report, gangs had issued them warnings that they would be killed if they talked about their experiences.

With the families powerless to intervene, the girls are prepared for auction. Some are offered up for the orgies thrown by the drug lords and mafia kingpins that control the Colombian underworld, continuing a tradition begun by Pablo Escobar, whose demand for teenage virgins was notorious. Once sold off, few return.

“This is a girl’s first [sexual] experience,” said Pardo. “They pass from the hands of one capo to other capos and by the end they have become prostitutes.” Many are sold to foreign tourists. The security improvements of the last decade, which have helped change Medellin’s international reputation from that of a war zone ridden with drugs and extreme violence to a thriving cosmopolitan city, have opened it up to tourism. However, with the city’s reputation for beautiful women and Colombia’s lax laws on prostitution–which is legal if the women are 18 or over and no intermediaries are involved–the dark underbelly of the influx of foreign visitors has been a boom in sex tourism.

As the city’s murder rate dropped, sex tourism networks quickly sprang up, many of them run by foreigners, who illegally guide tourists through the city’s brothels and red-light zones. The city sex trade itself is overseen by the larger street gangs or specialist sex-trade rings.

According to C3’s investigations, trusted clients are contacted through these networks and are offered brochures of the children on the auction blocks–either physical booklets containing a small selection, or online catalogues of up to 60 girls.

Customers are passed a secret PIN number, which grants them access to the auction website. Clients can then bid on the girls, with C3 registering prices as high as five million pesos (about £1,600) for the right to take the child’s virginity. When the auction is completed, the sites are taken down, and the brochures destroyed.

After the experience, the girls very rarely return to family life, and instead get drawn ever deeper into the Medellin underworld.

“What happens is the girls begin to have a different life because they have access to money and with this money they have access to drugs,” says the youth worker. “They end up far from home, involved with gang members–their way of life is changed from a very young age.”

The gang’s recruitment and abuse of young girls is not just a security issue, it is also cultural, according to Clara Ines, the director of Medellin women’s rights NGO Vamos Mujer. “In the context of the war, and in the context of the ‘narcotisation’ of the culture, women have gone from being thought of as sexual objects to becoming merchandise,” she says. “Women have become the spoils of war.”

The Medellin authorities say they are aware of the practice but their efforts to tackle it are limited by the silence that surrounds the issue. They also say they are hamstrung by the fact that many of the children being groomed for the sex trade enter into gang life voluntarily.

“From a very early age they look at it as something natural, something normal,” says Jesus Sanchez, the Medellin human rights ombudsman. “There are cases where the parents call attention to it, they ask the state to intervene, but the child says they don’t want to be part of a protection program, they want to stay in the environment and belong to the group.”

However, many of those working with the victims say the response of the authorities has been weak.

“This phenomenon exists and it is getting worse every day, but there is no state or police action,” says Pardo.

Pardo believes the situation is a clear example of the growing gulf between the facade Medellin now presents to the world, and the reality of poverty and violence still rampant in the comunas, where child prostitution and virgin auctions are just another daily horror to endure.

“This has become part of the landscape, part of the cruel reality of the other Medellin–the one that is not visible, the one that does not appear in the media, that does not involve grand construction projects and fancy restaurants,” says Pardo. “In the comunas it is lack of opportunity and poverty that reigns.”

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Gloria Steinham? Dianne Feinstein? Hillary Clinton?

    • Puggg

      Don’t bother Feinstein. She’s too busy procuring “assault weapons” even though they’re illegal in D.C. and also her own state.

    • cecilhenry

      No, unfortunately I don’t think any of the gangs would be interested in those women.


  • mobilebay

    And this is the filth that is bleeding into our country with the aid of our own government and greedy businesses.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Columbian gangster: “We’ll take your daughter’s virginity.”
      Columbian father: “Been there, done that.”

      • D.B. Cooper

        These gangs probably sell one girl’s virginity a dozen times.
        Chinese proverb: “Virginity is like bubble. One prick, all gone.”

  • D.B. Cooper

    Most of those girls are from the slums, and no doubt less than 25% Caucasian. It’s very doubtful they look like famous Colombians Sofia Vergara, Shakira, or the current Miss Colombia.

    Of course, if a movie is ever made about this subject, the ugliest girl on the auction block will look like Carmen Lucia Aldana Roldán, Miss Colombia 2012. In fact, they may even cast her in the theoretical movie.

  • dd121

    It may be a bit trickier to blame this on white people but I’m sure liberals are already working the problem.

  • Spartacus

    Just further proof that we’re all the same…

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    One more reason why I want all non-white, non Western, non-Christian immigration permanently stopped into the U.S., without exception, especially the blacks and Latinos. Then mass deportations, either by encouraging them to leave or by force of the ones in the country. Can you imagine what these fiends would do if they got to white girls, especially blue eyed blonde or red heads? Hispanics look at white children as prey, especially girls.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Joran van der Sloot, or whoever sold Natalie Holloway, probably got more for her alone than ten Colombian girls combined.

  • bigone4u

    I have no hard proof, but I suspect that this type of sex slavery exists in the USA, but the MSM is keeping it under wraps in order to keep “immigration reform” on track. In south Texas, there are sporadic news reports involving this type of crime in heavily Mexicanized areas. The Mexican Mafia is strong here.

    • Jesse James

      Big about ten years ago now we had a very public case in Atlanta where a house on the south side of town in a minority neighborhood demanded the attention of the police because the slave traders had fenced a suburban house with a high chain link fence and the pattern of traffic was unmistakable. I think the police only acted because the presence of the whore house was so blatant they couldn’t just take their payoffs and ignore it. There were about 6-12 (sorry it has been awhile and I can’t remember the number) very young Asian women being held in slave conditions. They weren’t allowed to leave the compound or keep the money they were making – at $20 a pop. I saw pictures of the place and basically it was an empty house with filthy mattresses thrown on the floor in every room. Hundreds of men were frequenting this place for months before it was closed down. Sex slavery is real and it is in most of our towns. Sorry to go on and on but I don’t have a lot of moral hobby horses but this subject is definitely one that makes my blood boil.

    • Sick of it

      Girls in Detroit and D.C. are often kidnapped and pushed into this sort of thing. Then there’s the pedophilia rings run out of Washington D.C. (and various state capitals) which are the reason so many children go missing each year (all over the country). Whoops, not supposed to know about that.

    • pcmustgo

      My friend lives above a place where Mexican teenage girls are bussed in each night and sold for $20 for sex- and that’s here in Brooklyn NY. She knows because they offered her husband sex.

      They also blare music so loud each night she has to move. She can’t sleep.

  • Truthseeker

    I’m sure some liberal somewhere is looking for a way to blame this on white racism.

  • WR_the_realist

    In Ukraine some women are kidnapped and forced into sex slavery in Turkey. The people doing the kidnapping are other Ukrainians. So I’m afraid that this sort of horror can occur anywhere that poverty and a weak or cowed legal system coexist.

    • Jesse James

      Yes Eastern Europe in general has a huge problem with young women basically being kidnapped and forced to work in the sex trade. This is something I really despise and it really says a lot about how corrupt the world has become that we aren’t doing more to put a stop to it. White people used to have such greater moral clarity and will to power that the British Navy alone drove the chattel slave trade off the world’s oceans. It for years was only maintained deep in the Muslim countries and places like China. The globalist and their various corporate and ethnic facilitators care only about the profits of the global super rich, less than 1/10 of 1% of the world’s population. The sex slave trade is despicable and all morale and honorable people should be working to destroy it and to kill those who facilitate or profit from it regardless of race or nationality..

    • Sick of it

      If I recall correctly, the above occurs quite frequently in Serbia as well. The mafia types there don’t care about their own people.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Jews, and Muslims from crap holes such as Albania are involved in this genocide against the Ukrainians, whose blood I have in my veins. You can be sure many of those kidnappers you refer to only have Ukrainian names, probably aliases at that. Muslims for centuries regarded a blonde Slavic girl as a status symbol and a baby machine, nothing more. I think Ukrainian men should avenge the enslavement of their women and girls by cutting out these monsters hearts and feeding them back to them, literally,

      • NoMosqueHere

        How many jews live in Albania today? I doubt very many since Albania is a muslim country.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Correct, but they work with Jewish sex trafficking rings that condemn these women to a fate worse than death in Israel.

          • NoMosqueHere

            I have never heard of this before. Where has this been documented?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I’m a man, but I have gray eyes and light hair too…….to these heathens I am yet another blonde, blue-eyed devil, “haole” or soulless one. All whites are in danger, especially those with very fair or white skin, light hair and eyes.

  • Pelagian

    The regular horror stories that Amren is able to present with no trouble from South of the Border, make me more terrified of the Latin invasion than the current blacks, who are not at any rate reproducing at replacement rate.

  • “Women have become the spoils of war.”

    Women have been the spoils of war for at least the last six thousand years.

    In related news, dogs chase things.

  • convairXF92

    There is an “economic activity” in the Oaxaca, Mexico area where a handsome man attracts a young woman and goes through the complete set of motions as her boyfriend, fiance, and husband, complete with meeting her folks as in a normal relationship. What he was planning all the while, though, was to set her up as a prostitute, as soon as she became his property by becoming his wife. The men become quite wealthy this way, and live in huge houses nicknamed “houses of rear end” by the locals (who know what is going on, but don’t see any way to take action).

  • convairXF92

    (continuing) I believe some of the Oaxaca “wife” prostitutes are sent to the US to “serve” Mexican laborers here.

    • Correct; lots of INS busts are of Mexican men trafficking, imprisoning and exploiting women trapped in this manner.

  • More of Shrubya’s family values, eh?


  • Brian

    That’s why I bought my GF a pistol for her birthday. And we’ve been going to the range to practice…she loves it.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Sick liberal whites ignore female slavery in South America and black slavery which is rampant in the muslim world. Why? Because their primary enemy is white privilege, and nothing can sidetrack them from their suicidal war against their fellow whites.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    About the way you would feel about the Civil War, as in an unfortunate event in the past about which nothing can be done.
    The Mongol invaders usually killed every Slav they came across during their invasions who could neither escape nor fight. However, they did take some Slavic women as concubines, their descendants the Tartars were Muslims and they enslaves ethnic Ukrainians. Like all Muslims, enemy women were war prizes. That is why you saw people who appeared partly Asian in Ukraine, but most Ukrainians are entirely European. Also, during the Soviet era, hordes of Asians moved into Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine was the breadbasket and heavy industrial heartland of the Soviet Union, so that resulted in non-Slavs moving there. Ukrainians ARE Cossacks, whose origins can be traced to the Vikings, Sycthians, Celts, Sarmatians and the Goths. That is why Cossack traditions are as strong as they are there. However, some of them were forced to move into Russia. Ukrainian Cossacks existed for centuries before they appeared in Russia. The Asian invasions did have a powerful effect upon the Slavs, and not just leading them to adopt Asian ways of horsemanship and war fighting. Their invasions set back Eastern European civilization for centuries. But the Cossacks were the first to write and adopt a written constitution, well before any European nation, let alone America did.

  • joesolargenius

    Congressmen like Barney Frank , no wait I forgot he prefers young boys !

  • I suspect a lot of those girls voluntarily ran away from abusive homes, only to discover that there were worse things waiting in the wings.

  • Chechens.