Shooting Breaks Out at Anti-Violence Vigil

Steve Lyttle, Charlotte Observer, September 6, 2013

Charlotte’s recent spate of violence took a new twist Thursday night when gunfire broke out at an anti-violence vigil in the city’s Villa Heights neighborhood.

Four people were injured, but police say none of the victims’ injuries is considered life-threatening. {snip}

Mothers of Murdered Offspring sponsored the vigil, calling attention to last Thursday’s death of Javon Booker, who police say was fatally shot when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store on Tom Hunter Road in north Charlotte. {snip}

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., police were called by someone at the vigil who said a person pulled a gun and began firing at people.

When officers arrived, they found that most people had fled, and there were no shooting victims. But within a short time, police learned that there were four victims, each of whom had called 911 from a different location.



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  • Truthseeker

    So being shot in the course of committing a crime is considered being “murdered”?

    • FormerlyEdNY

      But he was a good boy. My boy would never rob nobody!

      • MBlanc46

        And if he did, it was due to de turrible, turrible legacy ob de slabery. And he was turning his life around.

        • me

          He was working on his ‘rap’ music, going back to school, and helping little old ladies with their yard work. YAWN….

      • I prefer you old avatar.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Like Trayvon Martin—he got exactly what he deserved.

      Glad we see some who are unafraid to defend themselves & their businesses from black thugs.

      We need more efforts to send a solid message that the risk of violent, unprovoked behavior is FATAL. If they don’t learn, let the numbers of the herd be thinned.

      No Apologies.

    • mark eaves

      Only in sensationalist media.

  • MekongDelta69

    As I say, once a week, I’ve requested AmRen post a ‘ludicrous article of the week,’ so can have a laugh.

    I nominate this one…

    • “Shooting at Anti-Violence Vigil” is a story I see a few times a year.

      • Sick of it

        The worst violence seems to occur on Mother’s Day…

    • Oil Can Harry

      There was also a shooting last year at an anti-violence rally held by Philly Mayor Michael the Nutter.

      My favorite headline the last two years: Global Warming Conference Cancelled Due To Blizzard.

    • Nick A Siggers

      Second the nomination.

      • 1proactive2

        I picked up on that pathetic part of the report. Blacks love their thugs, the ones that would kill them.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      It’s like something you would hear about in Africa…

      That’s another regular offering from Amren I like – African Space Programs and Other Assorted Bantustan Idiocy.

      Never grows old, does it, lol?

      Haven’t seen one in a while come to think of it.

    • 1proactive2

      I second it. I have not one lick of sympathy for blacks and their barbaric lifestyles. They asked for it, and they get it. Not enough, however.

    • 48224

      I don’t find this story strange at all…..happens this way here in Detroit all the time.

    • Erasmus

      Realizing that the unindoctrinated can see through the bullshi’ite of PC leaves our left-wing gauleiters wetting themselves in fear.

  • APaige

    We are in trouble when real headlines seem to be taken from the Onion. Being shot while robbing a store is not violence-it is justice.

  • [Guest]

    Close ’em off together and let ’em finish one another off.

    • CharlesFinley

      Last Groid Standing

      • capnmorgan5150

        Last Man(dingo) Standing.

  • ncpride

    Charlotte is getting to be as bad as Philly or Detroit when it comes to black violence. I hear the Hidden Valley ‘Kings’ gang are making a strong comeback in that area. I do believe every single shooting I’ve heard about on the local news this entire year has been black on black. Can you imagine how low our crime rate would be without blacks? Even in this tiny rural town we have lived in the past 17 years, there have only been two murders, and not surprising whatsoever is that they were both black on black, despite their scant numbers here.

    • CaptainCroMag

      The Hidden Valley Kings are indeed coming back strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if that thug who was blasted while robbing a store was associated with that gang. Tom Hunter Rd, where he was killed, runs through the Hidden Valley neighborhood. As ridiculous as it would seem, the city is actually building a stop for the light rail there. So the Black crime that is mostly contained in that neighborhood will soon be spreading all along the route of the light rail, which after the extension is completed, will run all the way to the University of NC Charlotte. The very idea that the city would put a stop there seems comically absurd until you realize that it’s actually happening and it will cost many Whites their lives.

      • ncpride

        I can’t even find the words to express how disastrous it will be to put a stop anywhere near that ghetto. The only silver lining I can see is that NC is a pretty gun friendly state, and they’ve now extended our rights to carry concealed to many more places. Anyone that depends on the light rail for transportation would be wise to take advantage.

    • NorthSea

      Really? A gang named after a salad dressing?

      • Their mortal enemies are the Seven Seas Crips, the Kraft Bloods and the French’s Disciples. It’s a rough, creamy, savory area.

        • NorthSea


  • NeanderthalDNA

    “When officers arrived, they found that most people had fled, and there were no shooting victims. But within a short time, police learned that there were four victims, each of whom had called 911 from a different location.”

    Bet they didn’t “snitch”, bet they still hate the po po, bet they’d rather be shot again than actually do something like support Bloomberg style policing – an expensive, thankless, and resource utilizing process that appears the only successful way to sort of tamp down on minority (mainly BLACK) crime.

    Hey blackie…you want me to have any sympathy for your “plight”?

    1. Beg the cops to patrol your neighborhoods like martial law zones.

    2. Thank them when they rid your community of prison bound parasites.

    3. Cease caring about your co-racialist criminals. If you work and obey laws and just want to be left alone, rejoice when another black who does not share your dream goes away for good.

  • Anglokraut


  • Evette Coutier

    if this story was in a movie or a book, no one would believe it. An anti-violence vigil in honor of a violent criminal killed in the act of a violent crime. My God blacks are stupid.

    • MBlanc46

      Average IQ of 87 and diminished impulse control. Add firearms and the body count grows like Topsy.

    • 1proactive2

      If this story was made into a movie, Hollyweird would make the shooters white and victims black. Hollyweird is entirely too dishonest and morally corrupt to make an accurate portrayal of black violence.

      • NorthSea

        Except for “Zulu”.

        • Xerxes22

          Great film. They would never make a movie like that today.

          • NorthSea

            Except for the very end, where they couldn’t help but put in a little PC bit. Where Chard and Bromhead are talking amidst the Zulu corpses, and Bromhead (Michael Caine) says he feels ashamed. Nonsense. George MacDonald Fraser, a British author and ex WWII British Army officer, says Bromhead would have felt no such thing. He says the real Bromhead would’ve been proud, as well he should. “Zulu Dawn” is a great movie, too.

          • The Welsh were outnumbered about 35-to-1. Anytime a fellow survives those odds, relief is the only emotion.

          • NorthSea

            Bromhead was an interesting figure. Won the Victoria Cross, and he was almost completely deaf.

    • NorthSea

      No they’re not. They’re vibrant.

  • Nick A Siggers

    “I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there”

  • Spartacus


  • sbuffalonative

    Four people were injured, but police say none of the victims’ injuries is considered life-threatening.
    Well, that’s good news. I guess…

    • me

      Bantus can’t shoot straight, unless they’re a foot away from you. Thank god.

  • Puggg

    Shootings at funerals is even more ironic.

    • FormerlyEdNY

      Yeah, it seems like blacks shooting up funerals are an almost everyday event. I wonder how many there are that we never hear about? Oh well, such are the benefits of diversity.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Aw, how cute. See, they’re just like us but with different skin color.

    • NorthSea

      Merely a social construct.

  • joesolargenius

    I live only twenty five miles from this neighborhood and have not heard anything about this shooting nor did I see it on any headlines of any newspapers.However the Charlotte police have been trying to pass an ordinance forbidding the local gang members from hanging out together.

    • A_Companion_Unobtrusive

      The Charlotte Observer did have at least one article about it. They don’t usually allow comments on these types of stories but they did for this one. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no squishy liberal pleas for more whatever. Every poster except one condemned all the people involved and made the point that the robber wasn’t murdered and any sympathy should go to the guy who shot him. A poster who claimed she represented Mothers of Murdered Offspring tried to defend the action. Most of the posters then agreed that their name should be changed to Mothers of Murdered Thugs or Mothers of Murdering Offspring after seeing a tribute to Trayvon Martin featured prominently on the organization’s facebook page. Refreshing to hear the truth for a change.

  • Spartacus

    Just a friendly reminder :

    • me

      If we lived in a sane society, this would be a public service announcement.

  • roadgeek

    What strikes me about black on black violence is what poor shots most of them are. Is is the weapons they choose to use? Lack of range time? Why are there so many survivors of these shooting incidents?

    • Spartacus

      It’s hard to aim a gun when you’re on crack…

      • Non Humans

        Or terminally Stoopid!


      It’s because they live an image over substance life. Hitting their target is secondary to looking cool while doing it, which forces them to hold their gun sideways while firing, you know, just like their favorite rapper does.

  • Steven Bannister

    Anti-violence rallies in the inner city are almost guaranteed to erupt in violence.

    • That could be said of virtually any group of 2 or more in the inner city.

  • IstvanIN

    Funerals, baby showers, weddings, fast-food drive thrus, blacks are enamored of guns.

    • MBlanc46

      Anywhere there are blacks, there’s a good chance that other blacks will try to shoot them.

      • me

        That’s why I personally support the 2nd Amendment, among other reasons.

    • CoweringCoward

      What’s the new slogan… “Chucky Cheese, where a kid can be KILLED!”

      • capnmorgan5150

        “Chucky Cheese, where a kid can be a corpse!”

        • CoweringCoward

          Even better.

        • CoweringCoward

          Doubt CC will set that one to their theme tune, you got the syllable count to work though.

      • Dale McNamee

        Here’s a new ad for Chucky Cheese :
        ” Come to Chucky Cheese’s for a ‘ Bang Up Night ! ‘ ” ;-D

  • ncpride

    If only those thugs were that harmless.

  • me

    I thought I was reading ‘the Onion’ for a minute. Only in the USA could you have this happen! Bantus would be hilarious if they weren’t so destructive.

    • Well, actually, this occurs wherever there are swarthy people.

  • me

    Outer space. Outer space is still safe.

  • me

    You forgot church services, baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, and just about any other venue where you would least expect this type of psychopathic behavior.

    • Funerals. They love to shoot one another at funerals

  • plaintruthforidiots

    “gunfire broke out” – what a quaint way of putting it – or rather, how typical of the Left wing media to try to deny reality, that SOMEBODY was shooting somebody else. The guns didn’t fire themselves.

    • IstvanIN

      Blacks don’t kill, gun do. There, I explained for you.

  • Whitetrashgang

    I don’t see why some auto company doesnt come out with a trayvon option package ,something like guns mounted on the hood, storage for lean and jenkum on the dash, special passenger seat for fat white woman, kill switch for the lights. Maybe even a high school diploma in the glove box.

  • Dale McNamee

    While getting shot ( fatal or not ) isn’t funny….The fact that it happened at an “anti-violence ” vigil is ironically and darkly funny…
    I have pitch black sense of humor…

    • Being shot can be funny. In 1991, I was behind a fence, which one of the Chetniks very thoughtfully shot through, breaking my right arm. I dropped my G-43, and while bending down to pick it up, a long burst went through the fence, right over my head. I don’t think that was a submachinegun. They’d have had me dead to rights if I hadn’t been dinged a few seconds earlier. My right arm is about an inch longer than my left, and somewhat twisted.

      The 22 years I’ve enjoyed since then are precisely because I was shot, dropped my rifle and bent down to pick it up.

      • CoweringCoward

        G-43? Odd rifle, would more expected the ever popular offering of HK’s G3.

        • All sorts of old stuff came out of storage. The lucky guys got FN-FALs, but until Carlos Menem shipped 7.62mm NATO ammo from Argentina, there was a shortage of cartridges. 8mm X 57 Mauser was abundant.

          • CoweringCoward

            L1A1 owner myself (never like to discuss weapons or numbers online). FN-FAL variant, semi only, but with .308 who the hell wants anything else.

          • My only complaint about the L1A1 was that here in the USA, the inch-pattern magazines were more expensive than metric-pattern. As a 30th birthday self-present, I accordingly built myself a semi-auto-only Austrian StG-58 on a Brazilian “Imbel” receiver.

          • CoweringCoward

            Bought my L1A1 back during the Clinton AWB, it came with this horrible thru hole stock and unthreaded barrel, it was awful. Yes it’s inch pattern all da way.

            Have never 922r’ed one of these…

  • LudwigvonDrake

    Charlotte has most likely had its last white mayor, and is in that regard following quickly in the footsteps of South Fulton County GA (home of downtown Atlanta) and Detroit. Mayor Anthony Fox was recently “promoted” by Obama to U.S. Secretary of transportation. His one and only ‘accomplishment’ during his tenure as mayor was to win approval to expand the city’s light rail, and that at the last minute AFTER his nomination as U.S. Secretary of Transportation (sort of a going away present from the city council). This seems to be a priority among black mayors once they win office. Maynard Jackson expanded MARTA in Atlanta after his 1974 election (MARTA is an acronym for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta).
    The light rail provides many advantages for the black community: #1 jobs, #2 taxpayer subsidized transportation, #3 access to housing in previously ‘off limits’ areas. The not-so-unintended consequences of light rail is the increase and geographical expansion of crime which catalyzes “Urban Sprawl” (i.e. white flight). Accelerating white flight greatly increases the likelihood of black politicians election and re-election, which means higher taxes on white residents and businesses to fund more black city and county jobs. The end game of this process is the Detroitification of a beautiful city.
    The Charlotte Observer is a typical pathetically black-pandering rag. Its circulation has been dropping for years. Most days, the majority of people whose photos appear on the front page are black, unless of course they can find a white person accused of a crime and then their picture will be front and center.

    • Brian

      Atlanta had a fairly close brush with getting a white mayor this last time– the demographics here have been pushing white over the last decade. Perhaps next time.

  • CoweringCoward

    The Kenyan King didn’t make a convert of me, being raised around blacks
    did. Being beaten in school and robbed three times, twice at gunpoint
    and once with a meat cleaver, Having a black in my living room telling
    my grandfather how he was going to rape my grandmother and many many
    other things long ago showed me the nature of the “free negro”.

  • odious liberal


  • So, what is your specific science discipline, and where did you study?

    • Brian

      You don’t need to be a scientist to observe what scientists themselves claim to think.

      • Agreed, but this person said you do, so I replied by asking what type of scientist he is.

    • Has he had any articles published in peer-reviewed journals?

      • Oil Can Harry

        He just completed his first magazine article last month.

        And he enjoyed it so much he may someday read another!

  • CoweringCoward

    Yet the point never sinks in, not beyond eluding to it being somehow YT’s fault that they are FORCED to act this way.

  • CharlesFinley

    Geezus-phucking-Kraist, these worthless bantu-groidians must be stopped.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    No, they want you to be bleeding out and screaming in pain before they blow your head off. These people are sadists, nothing less.

  • This is the same city that was outraged when we tried to have an American Renaissance conference there. Maybe it’s better we don’t have conferences there afterall.