School Official Tells Students Trayvon Martin Case Proved It Is ‘Legal to Hunt’ Children

Maxim Lott, Fox News, September 26, 2013

An email sent to students by a University of Maryland official that cites the Trayvon Martin shooting as evidence “it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida” is being blasted as the latest evidence of a left-wing bias on campus.

The email, from William Dorland, director of the school’s Honors College, starts by welcoming students back to campus, but then quickly veers into politics.

“This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida,” it reads, in a reference to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The email went out to all students in the Honors College.

The political language continued:

“This year, the most activist Supreme Court in the history of the United States and radical factions of gun owners, gun manufacturers, and marijuana users are challenging the very fabric of the nation . . . .”

Dorland then invites students to attend a lecture by former NAACP chairman Julian Bond.


Dorland, reached by phone, told that his goal was merely to stir student interest in the Julian Bond speaking event.

“I didn’t regard it as a political statement, I regarded it as trying to stir some student interest in an activity going on on campus,” Dorland told


Dorland defended his use of that line.

“I think it’s stirring the pot,” Dorland said about his email. “I think, factually, the sentence–it may be strained and polemic or something–but it is roughly at least what many people would say was the outcome of the verdict [of the Trayvon Martin case]. I’m not going to avow or disavow the position because it doesn’t really matter what I think.”


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  • dd121

    Think this guy could go for just a teensy more balance in his opinion?

    • Oil Can Harry

      The race-baiting in the email is a mere appetizer for the three course meal of racial arson Julian Bond will be serving up.

      • Jefferson

        The irony is that you can tell by looking at Julian Bond’s phenotype that he has a lot of Caucasian blood in him. That High Yella is nowhere close to being a pure Bantu. Yet that does not stop him from being extremely anti-White.

        • Oil Can Harry

          It’s long been observed that mulattoes and other light-skinned blacks appear to hate whites more than dark-skinned blacks do.

    • Sick of it

      He was being balanced, according to liberal standards.

  • Puggg

    Why are all these smart people such whackjobs when it comes to things that are so obvious?

    People on either end of the bell curve are the ones who are most susceptible to have mental illnesses and fall into cults. The reason I think extremely smart people can’t see the obvious truth about race is because they think they’ve outsmarted common sense, therefore they tend to believe ideological cults like racial equality, and cult like adhere to it.

    • libertarian1234

      I can’t point to any verifiable data to support my opinion on I.Q., but the amount of reading I’ve done on the subject and the observations I’ve made of people who are educated in a difficult subject and who probably would score well above average on an I.Q. test, but come across as “educated idiots,” have brought me to the conclusion that a high I.Q. score is not the only determinant in judging intelligence.

      For example, according to the Bell Curve, Northeast Asians average 3 I.Q. points higher as a group than whites, but it is whites who have pulled the world forward in technological and scientific advancements beginning at a period in time when Asians were still in the third world.

      Culture might explain some of it, and Asian high math I.Q. but lower verbal abilities, might be factors, but I think it’s more than that.

      And in the case of people like this obviously silly professor who probably have a high conventional I.Q., but hold views so nonsensical any intelligence they have is really worthless outside of restricted knowledge within their own field, can it be said they’re lacking in a non-measurable factor that accounts for their skewed judgments and conclusions?

      But what could it be? There’s something not right there, because a person truly intelligent could not be easily duped to sign on to preposterous theories or outright lies as easily as some of these academics do.

      Could it be something as simple as lacking wisdom and common sense? Could it be a mental or emotional problem?

      I don’t know enough about the subject to arrive at an opinion, but I do know that without the missing factor(s) I don’t think people like this professor should be regarded as anybody above the norm on anything but his area of expertise.

      Certainly his opinion on the Trayvon Martin case sounds as if it came from the mind of an idiot.

      • Sue

        One of the things that contributes largely in this area is the amount of schooling they achieve. There’s less life lessons but rather only institutional learning. This same “learning” has been used to perfection making the student smug in their close minded liberalism while looking down on the other lesser beings. I know quite a few newly minted phd’s, when listening to their views I’m amazed they can still breath on their own.

      • Johnny Squire

        I think Murray wrote that while Asians had higher average IQs, Caucasians produced more geniuses.

      • cablegirls

        Nowhere is it indicated that this guy’s a professor.

        • SFLBIB

          Apparently he is.


      • SFLBIB

        You might be interested in The National Association of
        Scholars article about the politicization of academia:


        “Why is it wrong to use the university for political


        Also of potential interest is:


        “If academic freedom is to be protected, it is important that ideologues be prevented as much as possible from abusing it in order to spread distortions or outright disinformation intended to achieve some political purpose.”


        Be sure to replace [dot] with a “.”

    • John Ulfsson

      Because Universities pump their heads full of this bullshit and they have no reason to distrust the Universities or suppose they’re providing them with false information.

      The University is an amazing tool for the Cultural Marxist and I bet they cheer and pat each other on the back every day for how great of an accomplishment infiltrating the Universities was.

    • Spartacus

      You have to stop assuming these university types are all so “smart”. Most of them are there because a certain group with a certain agenda wants them there, very few got where they are for real merits .

      • Sick of it

        Too many cannot tell the difference between above average and a genius.

      • I hate to quarrel with such a solid guy, but have you ever been to a university? The white and east Asian profs in these places are quite intelligent.

        • Spartacus

          Nope. But if I lived in America, I would steer clear from such places, or at least be extremely careful should my children want to go to one, as the vast majority of them are merely marxist platforms, and (most of ) the people working there just agents of the judeo-marxist system . I have no doubt there are many legitimate geniuses in such places, but I’m not gonna assume a piece of paper automatically gives someone a functional brain .

          • Then you are a critical individual who thinks for himself. For someone like me, when I was your age, a university was a useful place in which to learn a profession like chemistry.

          • Spartacus

            I don’t know how universities were like when you were my age, but they’re certainly crap now…

    • Mergatroyd

      Look, the guy works in a cloistered environment surrounded by others just like him. He is disconnected from reality and surrounded by theories about how things should be if only the right people were in charge.
      He and his ilk are educated fools.

  • Dorland is a theoretical physicist. Stephen Hawking, another theoretical physicist, is still trolling Africa in his wheelchair looking for a black genius.

    They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity. That axiom seems to be most true for theoretical physicists, who tend to be the flakiest personalities around.

    • Erasmus

      That such a “brilliant” mind like Dorland’s can espouse such k-rap, should prove to even the biggest skeptics that the world will always have a “black” problem. Correcting that kind of stupid just can’t be done. The white man’s burden, indeed.

      • joesolargenius

        Why do you think Dorland has a brilliant mind , I don’t see anything Brilliant about sucking up to other Liberal scumbags.I hope that was sarcasm you were esposing and not a true opinion

        • cablegirls

          Hint, Joe: ” “

    • IstvanIN

      Hawking is smart enough to not go to Afreaka himself, he knows they’d steal his hubcaps.

    • Sick of it

      The field of physics today is filled with moronic theoreticians who contribute nothing concrete. That, of course, is part of the plan.

  • JohnEngelman

    Trayvon Martin was not a child. He only looked like one in the five year old photo the mainstream media featured when the story was first reported.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. I used to work in urban Ed as a teacher and later as a counselor. The black staff would always refer to the teenagers as ‘chillens’ or ‘babies’. Ridiculous.

  • Spartacus

    Keep your children away from any kind of public or private schools, ESPECIALLY universities .

    • cablegirls

      …said the 20-year-old.

      • Spartacus

        How is that relevant ? They’re indoctrination camps, and that’s obvious to anyone, regardless of age.

  • MekongDelta69

    And this self-loathing, guilt-ridden, spineless white leftist has a Doctorate in Astrophysics, no less.

    Which, once again, just proves that no matter how high your IQ is, or how much education you have had, that does not negate all the utter stupidity residing in your brain.


    • Luca

      There is no way of knowing this guys IQ, only that he has an education. In this day and age and from what I witnessed first-hand, it seems colleges would find it ill mannered not to pass people who at least showed up, produced some kind of work and appeared to try.

      The garbage that comes out of a professor’s mouth that passes for teaching is ridiculous and all students need do is memorize the garbage and write it down on a test.

      Repeating liberal mantra’s will get you a degree..

      • negrolocaust

        just this semester(it was even on drudge report) 4 hopkins students were held up and robbed at gunpoint WHILE THEY WERE MOVING INTO THEIR DORM on the first day by two blacks, i wonder if this professor will talk about that 30 thousand dollars a year to get robbed at gunpoint one block from campus by two blacks does this teacher have the courage to have a discussion on race i doubt it. last year a hopkins student was dragged into a rowhouse two blocks from campus while she was moving her things in and raped by a black. will he discuss that? no he will not.

      • Mergatroyd

        Really, how many black students does this idiot even see in his astrophysics and theoretical physics classes?

    • negrolocaust

      most of the U of M system campuses are very unsafe due to black mob attacks robberies and rapes. especially towson university and college park. there have been so many rapes and robberies by blacks at towson u. that students formed a white student union and have to patrol the campus. even hopkins has had so much black violence they installed not only cameras on every corner microphones!! on the corners that detect gunshots and activate an alert system. black rioting every weekend at towson which is being covered up by the police has caused major controversies with business leaders trying to get clubs shut down that host black fraternaties.

  • ncpride

    This Dorland nutter is no more loony than the insane ‘professor’ at the University of Kansas who publicly announced he hopes the next shooting victims are the children of NRA members because they advocate for gun rights. That’s logical, right? I mean, disarm law abiding citizens, and surely all the blacks that cause the most gun violence by far will surely turn in their illegally purchased guns. Surely!

    What reality do these people live in? They’re supposed to be our best and brightest, but all I can see is stupid, illogical thought and reasoning. With a government increasingly overstepping their authority and increasing unprovoked violence all over the country, how does anyone think it makes sense to disarm the entire country?

    • Puggg

      The Kansas nutter you mention, those types we should ignore because they’re on purpose spouting nutty stuff just to get attention. Dorland here should actually be heeded because he’s actually getting facts wrong.

      • ncpride

        Probably, but people like these two are dangerous. They have a huge platform to spout this nonsense to impressionable young people, and there are FAR too many just like them in our colleges everywhere.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Dorland needs to make a visit to Baltimore some Saturday night and he will then learn very quickly who is doing all the hunting.

    • MBlanc46

      But, unlike you, he would understand that that is the turrible, turrible legacy ob da slabery.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Anything a Black person says is always filtered through some loony tune race card thinking. Its like watching a dog licking itself, its always comes down to that.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Now let’s calm down here, Prof. Dorland. It’s only legal to hunt and kill black children in Florida, not all American children. Get your facts straight! On the bright side, I guess I should feel a little hope in that by using the word “American” instead of “African-American” or the like, he was showing the teensiest bit of solicitude for whites.

    • MBlanc46

      Or trying to disguise the fact that he’s a race hustler.

  • Luca

    It should be legal to hunt and kill liberal American professors. There, I just stimulated some student interest.

    • MBlanc46

      Stirred the pot, as it were. I hope you won’t be getting a visit for law enforcement.

      • MBlanc46

        The mods, if not law enforcement.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, Dorland is just preparing students for Julian Bond’s speech:

    “Dorland, reached by phone, told FoxNews // com that his goal was merely to stir student interest in the Julian Bond speaking event.”

    “We march because Trayvon Martin has joined Emmett Till in the pantheon of young black martyrs. We march because a United States Supreme Court has eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, for which we fought and died We march because every economic indicator shows gaping white-black disparities. We march for freedom from white supremacy.”

    — Julian Bond, August, 2013, Washington D.C.

    Yes, Dorland, it’s legal to hunt children: But only it they’re WHITE CHILDREN.


    That’s a photo of Dorland, BTW, notice the smug look on his face.

    • MBlanc46

      Not so much smug as vacuous.

      • cablegirls

        I’d go with “dork.”

    • Andy

      Pantheon of black martyrs?

      In the old days, a “martyr” was someone who refused to give up his beliefs to save his life. Emmett Till engaged in what is now known as “sexual harrassment”. Trayvon Martin assaulted someone. How does this earn them martyrdom?

      And in the old days, a pantheon was a places for GODS.

      • cablegirls

        You work with the material you have.

        • joesolargenius

          Ah a Woman with a sense of humor ,I already like you.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida”

    This just in from the Daily Mail:

    Psychologists say Adolescence now ends at Age 25

    *The upper age range for adolescence is being increased from 18 to 25

    Adolescence no longer ends when people hit 18, according to updated guidelines being given to child psychologists.

    The new directive is designed to extend the age range that child psychologists can work with from 18 years old up to 25.

    This is so murderous thugs up to age 25 won’t be prosecuted as adults by the court system and Trayvon-types will be classified as children when they’re rightfully Zimmerman-ed.

    dailymail // co// uk/health/article-2430573/An-adult-18-Not-Adolescence-ends-25-prevent-young-people-getting-inferiority-complex // html#ixzz2g2waae1k


    • MBlanc46

      Oh good, now we can raise the legal age for everything. Tobacco. Alcohol. Voting. Sex. Driving.

      • Don’t count on voting and sex.


      • joesolargenius

        The law on sexual relations will be ignored no matter what age.when people get an itch they have to scratch it !

  • negrolocaust

    thanks to this professor he just reminded me. all Maryland residents: do not forget, gun laws change oct. 1st you will be required to be fingerprinted and there are other restrictions etc to buy a handgun. so go first thing tomorrow morning and buy a handgun. extra state police have been added to process applications. don’t be a victim of the next black mob attack or the next angry trayvon martin.

  • IstvanIN

    Yes, it is legal to hunt American children, look at the penalties the killers of Autumn Pascale and Bailey O’Neil got.

    • Mergatroyd


      • IstvanIN

        Exactly my point.

        • Mergatroyd

          Mine was well.

  • Spartacus

    What does this “genius” have to say about this ?

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    White super liberals have the same vacuous expressions as fundamentalist Christians. The expression must be a symptom of continually slamming the door in their brain that would normally open to let rational thought occur.

    • Juan Outtamany

      the same ‘blind faith’ is present in both. Really not that much of a mystery.

  • cablegirls

    Probably not.

  • Is there a lottery for special hunting tags?

  • A Freespeechzone

    The hard reality is that racists like this administrator support the idea of ‘open season’ on Whites–making is illegal to invoke self defense when attacked by a minority.

    Make NO mistake, this message emboldens minority attacks on Whites—supported from the WH, DOJ, liberal courts & race hucksters.

    The facts that vindicated George Zimmerman NEVER matter to liberals & anti-White racists–but, let them be forewarned–not all Whites will stand by and allow themselves to be victims; Trayvon Martin found out.

    No Apologies.