African-American Study Identifies Four Genetic Variants Associated with Blood Pressure

Medical Xpress, September 10, 2013

Case Western Reserve University is part of a landmark study that has discovered four novel gene variations which are associated with blood pressure. The 19-site meta-analysis, involving nearly 30,000 African-Americans, also found that the set of genetic mutations are also associated with blood pressure across other populations.

Epidemiology and biostatistics professor Xiaofeng Zhu, PhD, is co-senior author of the paper, which appears in The American Journal of Human Genetics. The Continental Origins and Genetic Epidemiology Network (COGENT) consortium conducted the research, which is the largest genome-wide association study of blood pressure in individuals of African ancestry. {snip}

“In addition to their disproportionate suffering, hypertension occurs earlier in life for African-Americans compared to individuals of other ancestries,” Zhu explained. “Therefore, it is important to study this population to better understand  to hypertension.”

Zhu and his colleagues also confirmed that previous findings regarding other genes whose presence correlates with increased hypertension risk.


Experts estimate genetic make-up accounts for roughly 40-50 percent of individuals’ susceptibility to hypertension. Other factors associated with the disease include lifestyle, diet, and obesity. Compared to Americans of European-ancestry, African-Americans’ increased hypertension prevalence contributes to a greater risk of stroke, , and end-stage renal disease.

“We anticipated that individuals of African ancestry share similar biology to other populations. However, differences in genomic make-up between African ancestry and other populations have uncovered additional genes affecting blood pressure, in addition to genetic variants that are specific to individuals of African ancestry,” said Nora Franceschini, MD, MPH, nephrologist and research assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and first author on the paper.


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  • David Ashton

    Are these genes specific to actual African ancestors? A significant percentage of the population socially defined as Afro-American has “white” or even “Amerindian” ancestry. The possibilty that this mixed-race population might have some systemic weaknesses because of crossing is something that needs to be considered objectively: the medical interest exceeds the political reluctance.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    Genes be Rayciss!

    • Manaphy

      The truth is racist. Whether blacks and idiotic whites who deny the existence of race (except when promoting diversity) accept it is their choice.

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  • Rick Brooks

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  • Ni123


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  • HJ11

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    There isn’t a one size fits all human.

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  • Erasmus

    If genetics wasn’t a racist science, then why was modern gene theory first formulated by a white, Christian monk, Gregor Mendel?
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  • Bossman

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    • David Ashton

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      • JohnEngelman

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    • JohnEngelman

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      • David Ashton

        How do you get from a neolithic environment with negative selection for intelligence over physical strength to a civilization with the reverse criteria?

        See if you, and other readers, can get on the internet David Attenborough’s recent comments on human evolution coming to an end and on population pressures, which annoyed Matt Ridley and other more PC “biologists”.

        • JohnEngelman

          A paleolithic and a neolithic environment does select for intelligence. Otherwise, humans would not have evolved to become more intelligent than our nearest relatives, the chimpanzees.

          However, urban civilization places more evolutionary pressure on superior intelligence. Intelligent men become merchants, money lenders, government officials, and so on. These are more prosperous than laborers, and during nearly all of history they have been more prolific.

          • David Ashton

            Money-lenders? Anyone special in mind?

  • Jenkem Huffington

    The double-think required to follow this narrative is really amazing. They’re “just like us” but with a different paintjob but we should feel sorry for them and fund studies to find our why they are unhealthy…. Genetics and bad behavior. Or perhaps genetics and bad behavior due to genetics?

  • JohnEngelman

    “We anticipated that individuals of African ancestry share similar biology to other populations. However, differences in genomic make-up between African ancestry and other populations have uncovered additional genes affecting blood pressure, in addition to genetic variants that are specific to individuals of African ancestry,” said Nora Franceschini, MD.

    – Medical Xpress, September 10, 2013

    No mention of IQ differences. I guess that is still forbidden.

    • David Ashton

      Why “anticipate” something long ago realised as hypothetically improbable and demonstrated as incorrect by numerous studies, including relatively recentDNA sampling, quite apart from brain variation and brain-performance issues?

      • David Ashton

        PS. – Stanley Garn’s “Human Races” noted many differences not only in anatomy but biochemical functioning so long ago as 1961, but of course Darwin, Tylor, Huxley and Galton were on to it long before, naturally denounced as “racists” by sociology textbooks de nos jours.

  • RyanP

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  • David Ashton

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