The trial of the Fort Hood shooter has been abruptly stopped after just one day in session as an attorney has claimed that the Army psychiatrist is purposefully trying to be granted the death penalty for killing 13 people on the Texas military base.

A standby attorney in the case said that Major Nidal Hasan, who chose to represent himself in the case without the help of a lawyer, is intentionally trying to get the death sentence for the 2009 rampage.

Lt. Col. Kris Poppe, Hasan’s lead court-appointed standby attorney, said he is willing to step in and be Hasan’s defense lawyer but asked that his responsibilities as co-counsel be minimized if Hasan continues to work toward being executed.

It is ‘clear his goal is to remove impediments or obstacles to the death penalty and is working toward a death penalty,’ Poppe told the judge overseeing the case at the Texas military base.

Hasan responded: ‘I object. That’s a twist of the facts.’

The judge, Col. Tara Osborn, then cleared the courtroom.


On Tuesday, he told jurors during a less than 2-minute opening statement that the evidence would ‘clearly show’ he was the shooter, but that it would ‘only show one side.’

He also questioned only two of the first dozen witnesses, who included one soldier who was shot seven times during the November 2009 attack on the sprawling Army post.

Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. If convicted, he would face the death penalty.

Poppe said Hasan was acting as his own attorney in a way that, ‘we believe is repugnant to defense counsel and contrary to our professional obligations.’

Hasan repeatedly asked the judge to allow him to explain why Poppe’s claim was wrong, saying: ‘Your honor, Col. Poppe has made an assertion that is inaccurate. I’d like to clarify that.’

Osborn paused for nearly half minute before asking that Hasan explain his argument in writing. He said he wouldn’t do that.

Osborn then closed the courtroom to discuss the matter. No witnesses were called Wednesday.

Hasan, an American-born Muslim who was paralyzed after being shot by officers responding to the attack, said he was as a soldier who switched sides in what he described as a war between America and his Islamic faith.

Hasan wanted to plead guilty to murder and attempted murder, but military rules forbid guilty pleas in death penalty cases.

Hasan had also asked to argue that he carried out the shooting in ‘defense of others,’ namely members of the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan, but the judge denied that strategy.


No American soldier has been executed since 1961, and military prosecutors showed that they would take no chance of fumbling details that could jeopardize any conviction down the line.

The long-delayed trial was years in the making after judges in the case had granted a series of delays.

A fight over Hasan’s beard, which violates military regulations, led to a stay shortly before his trial was expected to begin last year and eventual replacement of the judge.

Nidal Hasan

Nidal Hasan

The trial is playing out amid high security at Fort Hood, where armed guards stood in doorways and 15-foot stacks of shock-absorbing barriers obscured the view of the courthouse.

Jurors were told to prepare for a trial that could take months, and Hasan, who is in a wheelchair, needs regular breaks.

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  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Even this cretin doesn’t use the phony narrative our White House blathers about… that this was a simple act of workplace violence. As Hasan states it was an act of war on behalf of Islam. The White House lies about this because his “interests” ride along the same path as Hasan’s, squarely against the American citizen and our interests.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    So we can shoot him?

    • He wants his 72 virgins.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yep, but we can shoot him? Look at that hateful high yella desert zip boon.

        • Sorry. It’ll be lethal injection, which means an overdose of barbituates, along with enough potassium chloride to stop the heart.

  • Jesse James

    Hasan wants the death penalty and this is a problem why?

    • bigone4u

      Well said, sir. Under our so-called leaders the military has become one giant political correctness machine which must kowtow to lesbians, gays, transsexuals, and even the Muslims we are fighting and sending our White men to die. The USA is mentally sick from top to bottom, with a handful of Christian and other resisters speaking out. The question becomes when to stop moving our lips and when to start taking real, meaningful action to stop this treasonous nonsense.

    • White Mom in WDC

      This dog and pony show much like the one with Trayboon is just being used as agitprop for the Amurkistan public. Don’t feed into it.

  • din_do_nuffins

    The Muzzies will kill hundreds of Christians in revenge, and Al-Obama will keep silent.

    Well trained, sensitive local police will call it “an isolated incident- Islam had nothing to do with it.”

    We’re done.

    • Romulus


    • Sick of it

      They do it all the time overseas. It won’t be any different than the status quo.

  • Mark Hillyard

    Try to imagine the guy sitting in his cell after being sentenced to 99 years to life. “I don’t understand why they didn’t martyr me! I’ve got a woody and want my virgins (goats) now.”
    It’s probably against Muhameds law to commit suicide so the guy is miserable.

  • Luca

    Obama, the closet muslim, and his crew are doing everything they can to not upset the muslim world. And they will bulldoze right over the graves, victims and families of American soldiers to accomplish it.

    Obama, like most liberals, has the world view that if we make nicey-nicey to these blood thirsty, bronze-age, cretins they will love us and we can all hold hands and sing Kumbayah.

  • Spartacus

    What the hell are you waiting for ? Kill him already !

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I think he has already stated in court filings that he was acting as a soldier for the Taliban while in either civilian clothes or a U.S. Army uniform. I’m no expert, but I think that makes him clearly a bushwhacker, an unlawful combatant. Whether it was a civilian caught up in the action in the Civil War, or a German dressed up as a U.S. GI in the Battle of the Bulge, the remedy was line him up against a wall and shoot him. What the bleep has happened to us?

      • Sick of it

        Also, American trials are reserved for those who wish to proclaim their innocence. Since when has a court wasted resources defending a man who has already plead guilty?

        “FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — An Army psychiatrist will not be allowed to
        plead guilty to any charges in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting
        rampage, a judge ruled Wednesday.

        Maj. Nidal Hasan’s attorneys previously said he was ready to plead guilty to the 13 counts of premeditated murder he faces in the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation, but Army rules prohibit a judge from accepting a guilty plea to charges that carry the death penalty.”

        www (DOT) usatoday (DOT) com/story/news/nation/2013/03/21/fort-hood-shooting/2005175/

        They’ve been paying his salary this whole time!

        • Spartacus

          Of course they’ve been paying his salary, it’s not like they can miss a chance to waste white people’s money…

          • Wethepeople

            Plus Obama has to pay his fundamentalist brethren in the sandbox. Why not do some of it ‘legitimately’?

        • Defendants are usually not allowed to plead guilty in death penalty murder cases.

          • A guilty plea on Murder-1 means a plea deal to avoid the death penalty has happened. Likewise, the death penalty occurring happens only after a guilty verdict after a jury trial.

  • Sick of it

    This is completely retarded. He has ADMITTED to the crime! He was CAUGHT in the act! Why is he getting a trial? Trials are for those who proclaim INNOCENCE! This pc government needs to disappear off the face of the earth already…

    • He receives a trial because this is our way of justice, not his. This is for us and not him. I would be very unhappy if our courts were allowed to order summary executions of even known, self-admitted murderers.

      • Major

        Maybe in civilian courts friend…guess you think a military tribunal and justice should be the same? He’s a traitor and we’re in war. He deserves his choice of a blind fold and or a bullet.

        • Congress did not declare war.

          We are Americans, and even this PoS deserves a fair trial under our laws. We get to put him to sleep strapped to a hospital gurney with the “bye-bye” juice.

          What this PoS really deserves is hanging in civilian clothes, but I doubt UCMJ allows that anymore.

          Peace, brother.

          • Sick of it

            Umm under our system when a man makes a plea, that’s it. There is only a trial over the law and facts entered into evidence. Only when there is a possibility of innocence. He was refused the ability to plead guilty because of some retarded Army rules…that is the only reason they’re even bothering with a trial.

          • In a death-penalty case the perp is not normally allowed to plead guilty or represent itself. The UCMJ has slightly different rules. If I were this PoS, I would rather the needle than life in the box.

            Hasan is doing the smart thing.

          • Major

            The “smart” thing would have been for him to put a bullet in his own head after he was down…like every other POS coward before him does.

          • Major

            We’re not at “war”? Tell that to the guys in Crapistan then. That’s government bovine excrement to placate the silly, infantile progressives and OWS cretins.

      • Nathanwartooth

        No, our way of justice is to overcharge someone and then bully them into plea bargaining a lesser charge.

        • That was done in my old federal case. In state cases I was only frivolously charged once, because the “victim” filed a false report. Deputy DA Minish dropped the case after she realized what had happened. The liar is now doing three-to-life for molesting kids.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I have only been in trouble with the law once and it was just me getting caught with some weed and a pipe when I was 18.

            After the cop bullied me into letting him search the car, I was bullied into accepting the plea deal.

            They told me if I went to court they would sentence me to the maximum, 90 days in jail. But if I plead guilty right then they would only sentence me to fines and probation.

            Plea bargaining is such a scam. You have a right to a trial, not a right to be bullied into pleading guilty so that the judge wont throw you in jail just for receiving your right to a trial.

  • David Ashton

    Blood is thicker than water.

    • Romulus

      Oil is thicker than blood!

      • jane johnson

        You have summed up the entire middle east policy of the US in five words. Amazing!

        • Romulus

          I was in desert storm. We all knew precisely why we were there. To stop Saddam drilling across the border into our oil ally Kuwait stealing the worlds single most precious resource and to try and recover the wmd’s he had before shopping them to Iran. He had years to accomplish this by keeping Hans blix from inspecting. Of course his kid gassed thousands of (t)kurds. Try watching the excellent documentary called the”prophets of doom” from the history channel for a preview of where the industrial West is headed, if, like most Americans, your entirely too busy to research and read the widely available material.

          Thank you for the support.

          • Major

            Thanks for your service.

          • Romulus

            Same to you sir! Hooah!

  • Basketeddie

    I’m surprised the MSM has not described him as a “white muslim.”

  • logwarrior

    Shave his beard, cover him in bacon grease, then drown him in menstrual blood.

    • Feed him to the hogs.

      • Sick of it

        When the manure comes out, send it to Israel as fertilizer.

      • There are some things not even a pig would eat.

  • Evette Coutier

    Why waste the courts time. He said he’s guilt and wants to be executed. Take t him out and shoot him already.

  • Romulus

    Id have a bonfire pig roast and fill everyone of this scums orifices with until he choked to death. Then give him a pagan death by purification through fire. Mother freaking camel jockey trash!!. Its especially personal to me, as Fort Hood is my military alma mater!

  • bigone4u

    Hasan was given every access to wealth and power the USA offers. How many deserving Whites were passed over for promotion so this loon could make the military look PC. The sight of him makes me nauseous, but what he did to repay our kindness makes me puke. Death by hanging or firing squad. Then fly his corpse over the ocean and let him swim with the fishes.

  • dave

    did they stop the trial for mcveigh? it took 31/2 yrs for mcveigh to be tried,convicted and executed and this home grown terrorist takes 4 yrs just to go to trial. this mutt has helicopters at his disposal. they bend over backwards because of political correctness. i am sick and tired of this govt catering to the enemies of this country. this mutt still gets full pay and benefits,while his victims are denied medical benefits because it was labeled work place violence. this would have never happened 60 yrs ago. what happened to common sense?

  • MekongDelta69

    Just give this POS to us. Give us 5 mins. Problem solved…

  • Romulus

    Excuse me Mr Moderator. As a blood and soil patriot, this animal deserves no sympathy from me. I stand by my comment you deleted. You have a job to do and I understand that. Fort John Bell Hood has very special meaning for me, I will never yield to shari’a or any other foreign population.

  • MBlanc46

    The fact that he apparently wants to be put to death is a reason for not doing so. Deny him the martyrdom that he seems to be seeking. Let him spend the rest of his miserable, paraplegic life in a supermax federal prison.

    • Major

      No…let him be an example of what we will not tolerate in the ranks. Do to him what any other POS jihadist would do to any American they captured for “insulting” Islime. This never stopped us from killing the biggest turd of all times…Osama bin laden…it’s absurd to even give this SOB a “trial” with military lawyers defending this traitor and rat. We are in a state of war with islam… whether the PC addled, liberal loons disagree or not…we’re being played for suckers seeking for so called “justice and fairness” when we’d never get reciprocity form the butchers of Islam.

      I have a friend who’s a military helo pilot…since this rat gets ferried by helo back and forth to the sham trial….he had a nifty solution for this madman…forget to secure his wheelchair to the floor of the helo…open the door at 3000 feet and make a hard bank of 45 degrees..gravity and g forces will take care of the rest.

      Case closed…Oops…sorry Sir….Buh bye.

      • MekongDelta69

        Any good slick pilot can arrange that maneuver – no sweat. Just take him out of his taxpayer supplied chair first and let him sit where the door gunner usually is, remove the 60 so it doesn’t get in his way, place his feet on the skid and conveniently forget the safety line.

        You can wave to him on the way down, but don’t call him “Sir”.

        • Major

          No helo used to ferry these people are going to be armed….it’s illegal in country. And the “Sir” was reserved for the helo pilot’s superior officer…once he was reprimanded.

      • Wethepeople

        Not enough. We need to play it like these animals do and video tape his beheading. Send the tape to the governments of every country whose citizens have been known to join an anti-American organization. They treat our soldiers this way, they deserve less.

    • That ADMAX is in Florence, Colorado. I imagine 23 hour lockdown and no-contact visits should be fun for him. I did three years, but the second half of that was at a low, and since the feds incarcerate so many people, lots of them are pretty nice. The ADMAX, on the other hand amounts to modern-day immurement.

      • MBlanc46

        Modern day immurement….I like that.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Has obama called this workplace violence yet? Or said Husan could be one of his sons?

    Too bad Hasan wasn’t shot on sight after he committed this heinous crime. He’s already admitted to premeditated mass murder, there’s nothing left to do except exterminate this brutal killer with extreme prejudice and then feed the body to hogs.

    • Major

      He was shot on sight…that’s why the POS is in a wheel chair. It’s just too damn bad he wasn’t killed on the spot. Disarming the 1st Cav at Ft Hood is sheer PC, moron is stupidity. Our Generals have become politicians like the traitor Sec of State…Kerry.

      • I once drove a retired and disabled friend to a medical appointment on base in 1998, and I had forgotten I was carrying, because I used to do that all the time. I was in major violation of federal law. The gate guards never asked me whether I had any weapons.

        It was an Auto Ordnance 1911A1 in .45″ caliber.

  • Major

    Dang straight skippy.

  • MekongDelta69

    Why is this garbage still alive? Give us 5 mins. with him. Problem solved.

    [And just out of curiousity, why do MY posts get deleted for using the same three letter acronym (starting with “P” and ending with “S”), when everybody else’s posts, who uses the same acronym for what this guy is, remain up? So there’s no confusion, I don’t mean I want everyone else’s posts to be removed. I would like mine to stay.]

    • Use the lower-case “o” in the acronym: i.e. PoS.

    • Wethepeople

      They said a soldier he shot testified right? Give him and the other surviving victims baseball bats, drop the traitors body in an empty room and let them extract their justice.

  • White Mom in WDC

    That is one ugly man. I thought men in the service had to shave and have crew cuts? That guy is like a walking bush. Yuck

    • Major

      The beard is to grow lice in…it’s a mudslime tradition. ( it’s so they don’t starve )

  • rightrightright

    He is a mass murderer and should face the ultimate penalty if found guilty. In the UK it costs about £40,000 pa to bang up a common or garden villain. With this monster, the cost would be at least four times as high, for life. That is money America doesn’t have, thanks to your wrecker in chief.

    Muslims believe they need all their body parts attached to their bodies when they go to heaven. Just make sure this wicked man knows that his bits and pieces post execution will be used to mend the bodies of the Kuffar – eyes, valves, lungs, kidneys, liver etc – here on earth. His heart and brain should be used for medical research.

    There is still a lingering residual belief of this kind in the West. The last manifestation of it was “nearly headless Nick” from the Harry Potter stories. Muslims even now do not participate in donor programmes because of this belief (as well as their disinclination to help the Kuffar). Let Hasan stew over the news of his body’s destiny for a lengthy while and then let the deed be done. He is unfit to live.

    • I was locked up for three years, and this probably cost the USG about $120,000. They could have got me my money from my ex-father for less than that.

  • mobilebay

    Let’s don’t oblige him with his death wish. How about the rest of his life spent in solitary confinment with only a pig for company? Bacon for every meal and listening to “America, The Beautiful” played 24 hours a day would be a nice touch too. Feel free to add your own thoughts on his punishment.

    • Major

      And give the POS one bullet and a hint.

  • What is interesting is that the Fort Hood shooting was a hoax, it was a drill. Nobody died and nobody was injured. If you look at the picture above you will notice that it is a picture of someone who is different from the shooter. The Fort Hood shooting was nothing but a drill. If you don’t believe me look at the pictures. There is no blood, some people involved have name tags, or tags hanging in their pockets. One of the personal is actually reading off of 3 by 5 cards. No ambulances also. Besides, how in the world do you shoot 13 people dead on a base where everyone is carry a weapon. I have 22 years in the military and I am retired. I can remember carrying my weapon on base. Go to any military base and you will see drums full of sand tilted at a 45 degree angle. These drums are used by soldiers to unload their weapons before they walk into a building.

    • Major

      You mist have retired before Bubba Clinton…who ruled that troops should be disarmed on our bases except for MP’s. He also ordered that our war ships in Arabian ports must not have live ammo in their deck guns…thus we had the Cole disaster. Clinton also fudged getting Osama a dozen times too…remember?

      Thanks for your service.

      • You must remember that the National Guard are the combat arms of our military. Not the regular Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. Go to any military base and you will find containers that are used to unload weapons with. Actually Clinton might have disarmed the troops but the national Guard has always been able to carry their weapons everywhere. I could have carried a glock-17 to and from my weekend national guard training if I wanted to. The truth is, the National Guard always did so under Clinton. Clinton was talking about the regular military. I don’t know about the Navy, but I do know that the Cole incident was a staged event. The hole was created from the inside, not the outside. As for Bin Laden, Clinton never tried to get him because Bin Laden was still on good terms with Bush. The Bin Laden family and the Bush family were business partners. Therefore Bin Laden was not very well known. When I was in Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2000 on a combat mission with the National Guard, we were told not to go to the Saudi American hospital because Bin laden was going to be there. We asked who that was, we never heard of him before. We were told that he was dying of Cancer and that he was on a dialysis machine. We were also told that the CIA wanted to speak with him. Bin Laden was a CIA agent. He also died in December 2001. Even the former Pakistani Prime Minister, a couple of months before she was assassinated, told David Frost on his program, “Frost over the World,” that Bin Laden was already dead. She stated this on November 2, 2007.Funny how you can learn these things when your in the military, and nobody else can. No I did not retire in the Clinton era. I retired in the Bush area. I retired in 2002. In other words, our military didn’t like me when I started not complying with their wishes of killing Americans, and innocent men, women, and children. Yes, I was being trained to pull people out of their houses and throw them on the ground. It all started in 1996 during training in the field. When we ambushed an encampment. I carried a 203, and I found myself pointing it at a figure. When it started to get lighter I looked around and found that we had ambushed a boy scout camp. I also realized that I was pointing my M-203 on a 7 year old kid who was so scared that he urinated in his pants. That is when I started being rebellious. I don’t kill Americans.

  • Thor Bonham

    Where is the problem ? I don’t see one.. The guy DESERVES death, so let him have it ..


    He should’ve been shot before the trial with bullets dipped in pig blood

  • Islam is thoroughly and completely evil, the foulest “religion” to ever be invented by a false prophet like Mohammed. The Qur’an is a piece of illiterate trash, a terrorist manual for killing, robbing and raping non-Muslims. Hasan should get life in prison, not death, because he wants death, to die a “martyr,” which his trashy Qur’an tells him he will go straight to the Big Bordello in the Sky and receive his 72 virgins. Let him rot in prison, confined to his wheelchair, watching himself turn old, and deny him his Qur’an and force feed him pork, and tattoo a Star of David on his forehead, to ensure that he will go straight to Muslim Hell when he dies. Then when he does die, bury him in women’s lingerie and lipstick, hugging a dead pig, and facing in the opposite direction of Mecca.

    • Major

      Your last couple sentences are only possible if the general public or the surviving victims could get their hands on them. Then I’m sure swift justice would be immediate.

      • We have Hassan; maybe by the time he croaks we will have re-established a sane government.

  • saxonsun

    Some of the best people are atheists, as this guy proves. Religion doesn’t make anyone moral–just the opposite. In fact, religion has nothing to do with reality or a true God; it is merely a reflection of human prejudice and hatred. It is a mirror. It is a belief. It is not real life.

    • David Ashton

      I think a case could be made for keeping a few of the “J*w*sh” Commandments even if people do so because of a mistaken belief in a Divine Judgement.

  • Romulus

    Yes, that’s just about right!. I know I shouldn’t be surprised at the level of misinformed or just plain brain dead Americans nowadays, but I can’t help engaging ignorant people.

  • Romulus

    Thank you.