‘The Butler’ Director: U.S. More Racist Now That Obama’s President

Jessica Chasmar, Washington Times, August 20, 2013

Award-winning director Lee Daniels, best known for “Precious” and “The Butler,” said that Americans are showing their true racist colors now that a black man is in the White House.

Mr. Daniels made the comment during an appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Monday night, after Mr. Morgan asked if the nation is more or less racist since Barack Obama was elected president.

“That’s a powerful question,” Mr. Daniels said. “I think that people are angry that he’s president and I think that they are showing their true colors and I think that when Danny Strong wrote those words, ‘any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it,’ Trayvon Martin had not happened. I end the movie with hope. He’s walking down and Obama’s giving that famous speech and then I come out of my edit room and Trayvon Martin has happened.”


“The Butler,” which stars Forest Whitaker, debuted at the number one spot over the weekend, raking in approximately $25 million.

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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Yep, us whites can get away with murder of any black we want. Best stay out of our neighborhoods and do your darndest to not piss us off.

    • c684570

      Yep, better stay out of White countries too, if we’re so horrible.

  • MekongDelta69

    If NoBama had a director

    • Erasmus

      Why would any rational person assume that the country wouldn’t become more racist when you put a man who was a professional race hustler (community activist) in the White House?

      BTW, the blood of that dead Aussie kid is on the hands of race hustlers Obama, Holder, Jack$on and $harpton, all who stirred up racial divisiveness and rancor after the Zimmerman acquittal.

  • Puggg

    Oh well, a lot of good electing Obama did.

  • ncpride

    Americans are showing their true racist colors now that a black man is in the White House.

    They certainly are, because now blacks feel absolutely embolden to show how much they hate White people, from the White House, to the DOJ, to your average black savages in the ghettos. Truer words were never spoken, but not in the way this ignorant fool claims.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Heh, great minds think alike, greeneyes! You beat this evil sc whitey to the punch!

  • Where there are black people, there’ll always be racism.

    • libertarian1234

      Yes, and all other problems galore.

      They’re a curse on mankind. Not even one of them should ever be allowed outside Africa.

      They’re the parasitic germs of the world.

    • Non Humans

      What are black “People”?

  • Glickstein44

    Offspring of one White person and one black person most oftentimes grow up being self-hating(White side) racist(black side). This includes Obama.

    • YngveKlezmer

      I agree with the philosophy of the old days. A mulatto is just another Negro. The Negro genes seem to prevail not just in looks, but in behavior. This is why miscegenation was illegal in the good old days. A mulatto is just another Negro. Add in higher IQ inherited from the White side, and it seems that all that results is monsters like Obama.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “…mixed race children are reared in home environments that overall are similar to those of black children. On the physical dimension, mixed race children parallel whites. School achievement results are intermediate between blacks and whites. Strikingly, however, mixed race children engage in substantially more risky/anti-social behavior than either blacks or whites, especially outside of school.”

      “Plight of Mixed Race Adolescents,” Roland G. Fryer, et al.

  • Spartacus

    “…any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it…”



    • NeanderthalDNA

      I have to agree with this zipcoon, America IS more racist than ever since Obama too over…

      The blacks got their prezzy and he’s doing everything in his power to hurt and kill us.

      Yes, America is obviously MUCH more racist than before. Just wait until the Karmic pendulum swings back, zipcoon director. More racism to come buddy.

    • Whitetrashgang

      As the typical ni66er says while killing a white person, I killed that honkey before he could kill me defense coming to a court room near you. How did you know he was going to kill you, He bes White.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Kill a black man and get away with it?

      George Zimmerman killed in self-defense and the DOJ & PC prosecutors literally tried everything they could possibly do to avoid and hide facts to convict him. He was lucky that the truth DID prevail and they failed; he was acquitted.

      A legitimate self defense against an unprovoked, violent attack from a black might not lead to acquittal next time……Obama & his ilk are betting on that.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Reverse black and white in this phrase, and that is the world we live in in 2013.

    • No, he’s not, but he gets some “good guy points” for offing St. Skittles.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Somebody should make a funny YouTube video showing quotes predicting peace and brotherhood from BEFORE Obama was elected (with silly music playing in the background) followed by quotes about “racism” and Americans “showing their true colors” from AFTER Obama was elected (with, say, a funeral march playing in the background). Maybe it could even have some words of realism from Jared Taylor in the middle predicting that absolutely nothing was going to change. I think it would be pretty hilarious (and maybe even eye-opening)!

  • bubo

    Who is the market for this type of movie? DWL”s? Blacks? Can’t figure it out.

  • Funruffian

    I could only listen to 2 minutes of this garbage before I stopped it. Blacks will always avert blame and racism on Whites regardless if they are the main instigators of Racially charged epithets or actions. I didn’t believe one second from what blew out of these three mouths.
    Lenny Kravitz, go suck an egg! Your music stinks and it’s derivative of more prominent musicians more capable and talented than yourself.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Lenny Kravitz stinks indeed. Another example of how Mulattoes are just Blacks. Yet, he has probably sold more albums that far superior guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, etc. Overrated for being a Negro, just like Hendrix. Randy Rhoads played circles around Hendrix, or any of the Black blues legends that are supposed to be so great. Just more undeserved preferential treatment granted to the Negroes.

      • Bossman

        I wonder why Lenny Kravitz is always wearing dark glasses? He’s also half Jewish, how does that play into his life? The least that we can say about him is that he is aging very well.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I have always been a race realist. I guess being an inner city educator will make one a racist. The way I see it, being racist= knowing the truth.

    Most groids suck. Always have, always will. How one or half of one got elected in the USA is beyond me but shows how stupid people are, but not like there was a good choice on the Repuke side. Oh well. There will just have to be a civil war or secession or a revolution. Either way, the parasitic blacks and their ZOG enablers won’t go quietly.

  • “That’s a powerful question,” Mr. Daniels said. “I think that people are angry that he’s president and I think that they are showing their true colors ….

    No, White People are angry because they have figured out this country is f’ing them daily.
    Their money is being used, if they have a job, to subsidize the lives of negoes who choose not to work, and they are also second in line to get jobs behind “people of color”.

  • AutomaticSlim

    “said that Americans are showing their true racist colors now that a black man is in the White House”

    Let’s see…
    – flash mobs
    – beat downs
    – lootings
    – gang rapes
    – carjackings
    – home invasions

    – random murders for no reason other than being bored

    Yes, I agree. Daniels is correct. Blacks are much more racist since Obammy was elected.

  • sbuffalonative

    No, Mr. Danial’s didn’t make the statement. It was Piers “I hate all white racist Americans” Morgan egging him on. Morgan never misses an opportunity to play the race card.

    Mr. Morgan needs to have his passport or citizenship revoked. What a reprehensible man to come here and constantly berate us. One has to wonder about the mind of a person who choses to live in a country he clearly detests.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      He’s reflecting the opinions of his bosses. Piers is nothing more than a media whore.


  • BlarneyMiller

    I agree with The Butler director that America is more racist with Obama as President. Much like Detroit, black people feel empowered and free to let their racism shine when a black leader is in office. Since Obama has been President black attacks on whites are up, the DOJ’s use of disparate impact legal theory is up, and anti-white rhetoric from black people is up. The Butler director is correct that racism, black racism that is, is up since Obama became President.

    • The empowerment began on November 5, 2008, in Chicago.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        There is plenty of blame to go around — NONE should be left off the hook, especially THIS idiot:

        • Erasmus

          Too bad in his efforts to keep “those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years” he was going to bring the country down in the process.

          Intelligent governance demands the power structure encourage and support the segments of the society who make the nation the success it is. Blacks (and Latinos) are not the segment of American society that made the United States a success

        • This is the same PoS who allowed Robert McNamera (appointed by Kennedy) to remain as his Defense Secretary. That critter while CEO of Ford killed the Thunderbird as a sports car and turned it into yet another overweight tuna boat, leaving the entire US auto industry with only the Corvette as a sports car. I imagine GM bribed McNamera to do it.

          McNamera also coerced the armed forces into prematurely adopting the M-16 rifle, and thought the F-111 would make the navy a dandy fleet air-defense interceptor as well as an air force tactical bomber. The F-111 was dangerous to land on an aircraft carrier, initially dangerous to fly, and couldn’t get out of its own way in a aerial fight, despite the “F” (for “fighter”) designation.

        • Glickstein44

          Yes,LBJ made that statement in reference to passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act…He also used the N word in referring to MLK who started giving speeches protesting the Vietnam war and telling young blacks to resist the draft…something like “For all we done for that N word and where’s his gratitude,” and while talking to a senator on the phone he told him .”Now you may not like what I got to say but God D**nit your gonna do what I say”…he was a real tyrant and many believe he may have been involved in the JFK assassination.

    • MBlanc46

      I was going to say pretty much that, but I know someone else would have beaten to it and all I’d have to do is chime in with my agreement.

  • serious123

    The Daily Beast and others have reported that this movie is mostly fiction. No alcoholic wife who has an affair, no parent raped or shooting a white man, no son killed in Vietnam , no son who became a black panther and through whose eyes the script is seen, no unhappy Butler hired as a result of the start of the civil rights movement but instead by the Truman White House. The real story is about a black man with no resentments who lived a happy life serving in the White House and was treated very well by all the major occupants. End of story, except the Hollywood whiners saw a good buck to be made with all the race baiting generated by the Obama White HOuse.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      It will be passed off as non-fiction and glorified in the exact same way “Roots” is.
      Anyone questioning the veracity of this film (or Roots) will be shouted down and called every name for racist.

  • Dave4088

    No, blacks have shown their true colors by their voting patterns (98% & 94% Obama) in the last two presidential elections and by the spike in black on white hate crimes.

    • Jefferson

      Blacks are indeed an extremely monolithic voting bloc. In all 50 U.S states they vote over 95 percent Democrat, no matter if its in California or a deep red conservative state like Georgia. There is no significant difference in how Blacks vote in any of the 50 states.

  • IKantunderstand

    Mr. Daniels, oh, wait, what with you being gay and all, do you approve of being called “mister”? Umm, I don’t care what you want to be called. As you well know, Obama could NOT have been elected potus without the votes of misguided Whites. Obama sucks as potus. I think a great many Whites felt that once a Black was elected to the office of the pres., that Whites would be off the hook for being made to feel guilty for everything bad that has ever happened since the dawn of man. Right. Smart, competent, bright, beautiful people, have managed to make themselves feel like they suck, by the help of Red Sea Pedestrians. RSP, who by the way were nothing, until being accepted into European cultures. They intermarried with Gentiles, and lo and behold: They got smarter. And, perhaps slightly better looking. Slightly. Look, Whites in this country, and worldwide, are being made to feel guilty for the fact that we have established civilization. Period. We have the best everything. The best music, the best dance, the best booze, the best cuisines, the best art, the best architecture, well, the BEST EVERYTHING. Sorry, so sorry, you found yourself born Black and gay. Whoa! Are you peed or what? Um, thank your lucky stars you were born in the previously White country of America. That’s right, Mr./Ms. Daniels, you no talent hack! You were given opportunities here that you didn’t deserve, and what? What? You would have succeed in the fabulous African cinema? Please don’t deprive Africa of your talents, Sir/Madam. Go, go forth! Be fruitful and, um, well, adopt!

  • bigone4u

    Blacks not only want white vaginas, but also white anuses.

  • bigone4u

    I hate Obongo because he is a lying, fake, not very smart, LAZY Cultural Marxist socialist, whose luxury vacations and “bodymen” are paid for by my tax dollars. I like an honest, clean, hard-working president who represents my interests AND WHO LOOKS LIKE ME.

  • ricpic

    Actually, whites carrying blacks is the most racist thing about America. Implicit in all the welfare paid out to perfectly healthy, in fact strapping black males and females, is the assumption that left to their own devices they couldn’t survive. They’d survive. At a low level, their natural level. And they could celebrate the end of white racism in the process of carrying their own weight. Not Mr. Have His Cake And Eat It Daniels vision I’m sure, but the only way out of being chained to his people forever.

    • YngveKlezmer

      They would survive fine. They would constantly beat and kill each other, but so what?? That is their way. Let them do as they like, just in an all Black environment.

    • MBlanc46

      I’m not at all sure that they could survive in modern technological society. They’ve never managed to support themselves except as low-level workers for white enterprises, or, more recently, as welfare dependents. Blacks have never succeeded in creating enterprises beyond funeral homes, cosmetic products, and entertainment. They appear to sense their own dependence and I believe that’s a factor in their hostility toward us.

  • JDInSanD

    He’s just another black millionaire who doesn’t see the irony in making millions utilizing white technology to tell a politically correct sob story while whining about how poorly his people are treated.

  • gwvanderleun

    Lee Daniels does a lot to make normal Americans much more wary of gay ideologues.

  • WR_the_realist

    What is there to like about Obama? Sure, he’s no worse than George W. Bush, but that’s not a high bar to reach. And as I recall the liberals hated and demonized George W. Bush, and though it amusing to compare him to a chimpanzee. But Bush was white so they never got accused of racism. That’s the one advantage to a white president. You can hate his guts, ridicule him in public, and not be called a racist.

    I see that blacks and white liberals will forever be offering up Trevon Martin as an example of an innocent black victim of an evil white supremacist. They are impervious to the facts that were brought out in the trial.

  • YngveKlezmer

    Lee Daniels is just another Negro race hustler. Any White person who even attends his movie needs to wake up. Any White person who attends this piece of filth and does not see lies and shameless, sociopathic anti-White racial hatred is completely clueless. The correct reaction to this movie, for every White person, is abhorrence, and a desire to secure our White homeland before it is too late.

    • serious123

      The point of the movie is to make sure whites do not, as you say, “wake up”.

  • YngveKlezmer

    Ughh!! Gay miscegenators. This country has become a freak show.

    • At least gay interspecies dating does not produce mulattoes. Remember Mike Scott’s Rule: “There is no situation so bad that it can not be made worse.”

      • Bossman

        What is so bad about Mulattoes? They are generally a great improvement over Blacks. Some intellectuals believe that American popular culture is really Mulatto culture.

        • A mulatto is still a groid, and we need fewer groids, rather than more of them.

          As an intellectual myself (79 US and foreign patents awarded), your statement about American pop culture does not exactly impress me. My heroes are scientists, engineers, doctors, astronauts and soldiers: not drug-addled Hollywood celebrities.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Some intellectuals believe all Whites are evil and should be wiped from the face of the planet…

  • Glickstein44

    Yeh,right…any White person who uses the N word toward a black will likely receive severe repercussions ny law enforcement and the judicial system, even if they use the N word toward a black thug who hits his wife and snatches her purse(this actually happened).Paula Dean had confessed that she had used the N word once 30 years ago in reference to a black thug holding a gun to her head…does anyone think she got away with it? Blacks on the other hand can use all sorts of derogatory names toward Whites,threaten to kill their babies and put a bounty out on anyone they want killed(G.Z.) use the internet to organize black flash mobs with the intent of robbing and beating Whites and yet law enforcement seems incapable of stopping such acts before they occur…if Whites were doing that how long do you think before law enforcement would be knocking down their doors?My guess is no longer than 5 minutes. It is clear…Whites are being genocided and it appears the msm and law enforcement(wittingly or unwittingly) approve and promote it.///////////////////

  • Glickstein44

    Is there a problem with disqus tonight..it took me over an hour to get my last post to take!!

    • No probs here, but when Disqus gets twitchy, I always just log back in to Disqus again. It seems to clear things right up.

      • Glickstein44

        Thanks but I did exactly that…logged out and logged back in at least 5 times,even logged off and back on and still failed to post…last try was changing browsers…still fail,but after persistently pasting it in quick successions with minor changes so I wouldn’t receive the error message that “I already posted the comment” I was finally able to get through…maybe the ////////// hash marks did it…good grief.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    After the “oprah” incident, I made up my mind to never watch this film.

    Why would any self-respecting White deign to see this movie?

    Many Americans, even those who didn’t support Sen. Barack Obama’s policies, welcomed the sight of a black president in 2008 as a sign of racial progress.

    This is not a sign of progress; it is a sign of a nation in steep decline.

    Any/all countries headed by blacks — obama included– are violent, economic messes.

    ‘The Butler’ Director: America More Racist with Obama as President

    Agreed. But not for the reason he thinks.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Since when have facts, reason or logic mattered to blacks or other leftoids? Questioning leftist dogma is RACIST, comrade.

    And don’t even TRY to bring up any of that “First Amendment” crap — that’s OLD SCHOOL. This is the new Amerikka, No Free Speech allowed.


  • dd121

    If by “more racist” you mean a negro administration that won’t prosecute blacks for the felonies they commit and prosecute whites for defending themselves, then, yep, the country is a lot more racist.

  • benvad

    I choose to ignore these parasites. It’s impossible to live with them, now I ignore them whenever possible.

  • Erasmus

    On the bright side, they can’t breed.

    Question: Will the black community go after Mr. Daniels because he’s picked a white man for his boyfriend and thereby made a brotha’ go wanting?

  • Erasmus

    If you’re ever mugged, beaten, raped or murdered by an unknown assailant, according to FBI statistics the perp probably looks a lot like Barack Obama, Je$$e Jack$on, Al $harpton or Lee Daniels.

    All the yammering while failing to address the real problem, the widespread criminal behavior of black Americans, will solve nothing and only distracts us from finding a real solution, but it does contribute to the $ of professional race hustlers like Jack$on, $harpton and Obama.

  • serious123

    The brains behind the brain so to speak.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Better yet, there’s a place on the other side of the ocean where they could be free from evil Whitey and his racism once and for all.

  • serious123

    Wow. Showing our true colors. Hope he is right.

  • Randall Ward

    In 2013, thirteen thousand white women were raped by black men, in the same year no black women were raped by white men. Now that is proof that white men are discriminating against blacks. He may be on to something.