Habitual Offender Charged with Murdering Clinton Twp. Man

Maurielle Lue, My Fox Detroit, August 7, 2013

25-year-old Ivan Murad of Clinton Township was brutally murdered in April on Detroit’s west side. He was allegedly killed by a group of guys he called friends.

“They decided … we’re going to party with this guy, and then we’re going to beat him to a pulp and then kill him and then drag him underneath his car to his death,” said Paul Ratzloff, the victim’s father.

“His face was totally smashed in. He was all rearranged. His teeth were all gone. The back of his head was caved in.”


25-year-old Antoine Heath is habitual offender. He is charged with first-degree murder and was arraigned Wednesday in 36th District Court.


“They said there was no reason. He just felt like killing,” said Helen Ratzloff. “I loved him more than anything. That was my only child. It’s like he took my life, too.”

Police believe four men were involved in Murad’s murder, and a source said four men were arrested in connection with the case, but three were later released while police continue to gather evidence.

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  • bigone4u

    How many of these tragic stories have to be reported before libtards and their pet politicans are willing to admit that blacks are inherently dangerous and should be walled off on their own reservations with a heavy police presence.

    • CoweringCoward

      So long as that “heavy police presence” is paid for by taxes generated on said reservation. They are NOT my responsibility, not one stinking bit!

    • Voice of Reason

      A possibility why even the racially conscious may not even be aware: do a search on perps name: only fox affiliate reported on this one. Figure 4 tv news networks, 1 or 2 newspapers in a city and unless you watch/read all of them you’ll never have heard of the story. It seems this is a common practice in all cities coast to coast, they alternate on the reporting. My experience is it gets worse west of the Rockies: vagaries, an un-named suspect, etc.

    • JohnEngelman

      Liberals do not want to be told anything bad about blacks. This can also be said of many conservatives and libertarians. As far as they are concerned, the more accurate the criticism is, the more serious is the offense of racism.

      • bigone4u

        Basically, you are saying that liberals, and many conservatives, and libertarians are allergic to the truth. You are so right, but folks like us have to keep beating the truth into their skulls to help stop blacks from literally beating our skulls with baseball bats and hammers.

        • JohnEngelman

          In order to understand what most blacks are really like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority.

          When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority, most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

          Affluent whites, regardless of their political persuasion, usually come into contact with few blacks. Those few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Looking at Ivan’s pics, methinks me sees a w****r.

            Not to sound heartless, but…play with fire, get burned Whitey…learn young or you might not live to reflect upon your mistakes…

          • IstvanIN

            He looked like a nice kid, just because he wore his hat backwards is no reason to be cheerful about this young man’s brutal death.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Who was he hangin’ wit?

          • The environment you describe for a true understanding of blacks closely resembles prison or county jail.

    • din_do_nuffins

      Never. The power game is in admitting White privilege is inherently dangerous and should be eradicated through dismantling racism.

      Blacks shoot other blacks only because there is so much pernicious White privilege forcing them to internalize racist oppression and “act out” in ways that prove how much more work we have to do.

      In racial politics, you must start with begging the question, otherwise, you will be suspect of harboring outdated attitudes.

    • Romulus

      The correct way to deal with them will not be realized as of the near future.
      From the original number in the 1600’s, there is now 47 million of them. The problem is that they’re still here. It is so simple that whites simply cannot see their hand in front of their face. If they were delivered by force, they could have been returned by force. Instead, America killed an entire 30% of it’s white labor force and then opened the floodgates in 1890. One or the other will become the majority.

    • Erasmus

      Let me preface what I am about to say next by first saying that I have good impulse control: It might first be necessary to kill the white diversity enablers before we can actually find a solution that works.

  • Spartacus

    What was he doing with them in the first place ? He lived in Detroit for God’s sake, he should’ve known better…

    • baldowl

      I’ve said it before: I have very little sympathy for clueless whites. Brainwashed as they may be, they’re no good to us.

      • IstvanIN

        Being clueless should not be a reason to be brutally murdered.

        • Non Humans

          I agree, it shouldn’t, but how clueless do you have to be to be ignorant to the fact that nonhumans are dangerous? That’s basic common sense, imo. Mother Nature made them black for a reason…as a natural warning to other species.
          Some things are learned the hard way. For those that it is too much for, it is a benefit to others in the form of a lesson and as an example.

        • baldowl

          Well, no. The reason this person was murdered is because he was clueless amongst murderous savages, not just because he was clueless.

        • They don’t need a reason.

  • haroldcrews

    To bad he was a ‘racist’. He’d still be alive.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Ivan Murad…son of Paul and Helen Ratzloff…

      What’s up with that, eh?

      • evilsandmich

        The last few white people who hadn’t given up on Detroit perhaps; or die-hard quik-e-mart owners.

  • ncpride

    Again, I can’t help but wonder what in the world he was thinking. Wake up, YT!

  • MekongDelta69

    White guy
    “I just felt like killing.”

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    • din_do_nuffins

      I see more blacks than Whites everyday where I live. What could possibly go wrong?

      • cancerous bananna

        Maybe if you walk real fast and pretend you’re deaf they might be too lazy to engage.

  • Bert Sterling

    I won’t say he deserved it, but he was certainly begging for it, cavorting with groids. You know the saying, “lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas?” Well, if you lie down with groids, you wake up dead.

    • IstvanIN

      He didn’t deserve to be beaten and then dragged to death. He should have known better than to hang with thugs, but no one deserves that.

  • APaige

    They can never be considered a friend.

  • gemjunior

    Another one of the many black on white hate crimes that goes unreported. My heart goes out to these people but why why why didn’t they tell their son black kids were not his friend? It looked in the photos like he was a kid with his hat sideways Wigger Stylin’ and that is something that has to be blamed on someone. His parents seem a bit slow regarding anti-white crime today and don’t even seem to think it’s a hate crime. It is.

    • cancerous bananna

      If a black guy was acting all white around whites he’d be a polite joke.. a white guy acting black around blacks is too much temptation for the frontal cortex to comprehend.

  • Luca

    Where is the publicity and outrage when one considers the close comparison to the James Byrd jr. case?

    These parents are crying now but what were they thinking when they raised their son in a diversity wasteland?

  • 48224

    I am from the east side of Detroit and one year I actually kept track of all the whites murdered by blacks and blacks murdered by whites.


    Michigan Blacks killed by whites, Asians, or
    Hispanics in 2011

    1. Joe
    Bigelow (White) killed Brittany Burrell (black)

    Michigan 2011 Whites, Asians and Arabics killed by Blacks

    1. Randy Lauzon (white) killed by Savante Johnson

    2. Joe Lauzon (white) Killed by Savante Johson

    3. John Clements (white) Killed by Alexander Lyons, and Lamar DeAngelo

    4. Jay Shinn
    Killed (Asian) by Tanaka Wells and Ronnie Matthews (blacks)

    5. Greg McNichols (white) killed by Freddie Young (black)

    6. Marissa Lynn Emkens (10 years old, mixed race) killed by Rodrick Dantzler (black)

    7. Amanda Emkens, (white) killed by rodrick dantzler (black)

    8. Kimberlee Emkens (white) killed by rodrick dantzler (black)

    9. Jennider m. Heeren(white) killed by rodrick dantzler (black)

    10. Kamrie Heeren-dantzler, (white)killed by rodick dantzler (black)

    11. Receccal. Heren, (white) killed by rodrick dantzler (black)

    12. Thomas s. Heeren, (white) killed by rodrick dantzler (black)

    13. James Dean Odle, (white) Killed by unknown (black) male

    14. Juan Aguirre, (Hispanic) killed by unknown “skinny (black) male”

    15. Mohsin Jaber-Hassoun Al-Uglah (Iraqi) Killed by Antonnie Oneil Ray (black)

    16. Misty Kurmas (white) killed by Mark Angelo Blount (black)

    17. Scott Groat killed by 3 men outside MGM grand. Media refuses to release
    description of killers. They were black.

    18. Phyllis McCay of Southfield MI. Killed by Somali pirates in Indian
    Anyone see a pattern here??

  • JohnEngelman

    25-year-old Antoine Heath is habitual offender.

    – Maurielle Lue, My Fox Detroit, August 7, 2013

    So why did they keep letting him out of prison? Members of parole boards who let men like that out should in some way be held responsible for the crimes they commit when they are released.

    • din_do_nuffins

      Keeping him in prison locks him away from the pressing need to fight against White privilege.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s what to do until they finally kill someone in a particularly egregious way. This animal might yet see the light of day again.

    • Erasmus

      The Chinese would have dealt with him correctly: In a stadium with thousands in attendance and show on prime time TV, he would have been marched out into the middle of a field, made to kneel and had a bullet put in the back of his skull.
      This young man’s murder is an example why the word ni***r will be with us forever. It’s a useful word. It describes the real world better than “African-American, “colored,” or “black,” and it forewarns listeners that these are people you want to stay away from if you value your life.

      • JohnEngelman

        The different races have different characteristics because of evolutionary pressures lasting for thousands of years. The Chinese have always had a draconian criminal justice system that has efficiently removed those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool.

      • evilsandmich

        They might have done that, though more than likely he just would have disappeared to some organ donation reservation.

  • IstvanIN

    Another problem here was that he was their only child, whereas the perps no doubt have dozens of siblings. No wonder we are losing.

  • Earl Turner

    Another life fatally enriched by diversity!

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Perhaps a Balkan adoptee?