Posted on August 19, 2013

Habitual Offender Charged with Murdering Clinton Twp. Man

Maurielle Lue, My Fox Detroit, August 7, 2013

25-year-old Ivan Murad of Clinton Township was brutally murdered in April on Detroit’s west side. He was allegedly killed by a group of guys he called friends.

“They decided … we’re going to party with this guy, and then we’re going to beat him to a pulp and then kill him and then drag him underneath his car to his death,” said Paul Ratzloff, the victim’s father.

“His face was totally smashed in. He was all rearranged. His teeth were all gone. The back of his head was caved in.”


25-year-old Antoine Heath is habitual offender. He is charged with first-degree murder and was arraigned Wednesday in 36th District Court.


“They said there was no reason. He just felt like killing,” said Helen Ratzloff. “I loved him more than anything. That was my only child. It’s like he took my life, too.”

Police believe four men were involved in Murad’s murder, and a source said four men were arrested in connection with the case, but three were later released while police continue to gather evidence.