Freshman Starts ‘White Student Union’ Club at Georgia State University

Justin Gray, My Fox Atlanta, August 1, 2013

Controversy is brewing over a proposed “White Student Union” organization at Georgia State University.

Fliers have gone up on downtown streets announcing the controversial new student club.

The club is the brainchild of freshman Patrick Sharp. He said the club is different than groups like the Klu Klux Klan because “we’re not a hate organization…We’re not a supremacist organization…All we really recognize is that we’re a distinct group of people who have every right to organize.”

Georgia State is one of the nation’s most diverse colleges–a point the school is proud of. Sharp says that’s the reasoning for his organization.

“Are black student unions racist? Are Latino student unions racist? Are any of those other things racist? There’s really nothing about our union that separates us from them,” Sharp said.


Sharp says the group is open to anyone and he hopes to get recognition as an official campus student organization.

“It’s mainly just about white students coming together and working together,” said Sharp.


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  • Creepy as crackers!

    We need a Congressional White Caucus, White Entertainment Television, White Miss America, etc….We need equality!

    • NorthernWind

      We need separation. I don’t want to be recognized aboard a sinking ship, I want my own ship just for me.

      • China_Rising

        To be honest, I don’t understand how your nation will be able to separate from the other races.

        What is the consensus here? Segregation within a nation? Deportation of non-Whites? A White exodus to found a new nation?

        No, your best bet is to simply start mass-immigration from Europe to the United States to artificially deflate the proportion of the non-White population. I think America can go from 60% White today to 80% White in 2050 quite easily if you guys just halted non-White immigration and started accepting large amounts of White immigrants.

        Or maybe not. The birth rate of the Hispanics and Blacks, in addition to their younger average ages, may mean that it would be difficult to stem the tide.

        • Spartacus

          Or the US could just cut all welfare, and ban all food exports, and wipe-out 60-70% of all dark-skins on earth. Wouldn’t that be simpler ?

          • China_Rising

            No because that does not take care of the minority population WITHIN the United States, which would still have access to such resources even without welfare.

            Besides, they would still be alive, and causing you more trouble due to their inability to maintain a community or feed their children. Look at Detroit, and multiply by 100. Not sure that would be good for the Whites.

          • Spartacus

            “Besides, they would still be alive, and causing you more trouble due to
            their inability to maintain a community or feed their children.”


            I’m not American.

            And what you say would happen would be wonderful, since all whites would be FORCED to either get back to sticking with each other, or getting butchered by the dark-skins. And what the heck is with that username ?

          • China_Rising

            I’m Chinese. Only natural that I would be pro-Chinese.

            Or am I supposed to love other races over my own?

          • Spartacus

            Erm… Do you understand the nature of Amren and what it’s about ? Because I’m pretty sure it’s not Chinese. Not anti-Chinese either, but you get what I’m talking about.

          • China_Rising

            Yes. Am I supposed to be anti-White? Is that better for you?

            I would actually much rather have White people on this Earth than Bantus or Hispanics. That’s why I enjoy commenting here.

          • Spartacus

            Nope. Just curious why you’d be here 🙂 Don’t really have anything against the yellow race, though I still believe we should be segregated from each other.

          • China_Rising

            I agree 🙂

          • Spartacus

            Glad you do 🙂

          • Neuday

            The Chinese are civilized. We can live with civilized people.

          • Sloppo

            We can learn a lot from the Chinese people. They build great cities like we do, but they build those cities for themselves, while we build them for bantus to destroy. I hope the Chinese guy (or girl) hangs around.

          • China_Rising

            I agree, though I suspect Whites would be happier in White countries and Chinese in Chinese countries.

            Humanity would truly be prosperous if it was just Whites and East Asians on this Earth.

          • Viking_61

            LOL…. Welcome!!!

          • China_Rising


          • evilsandmich

            Reminds me of an article that I sent our Chinese exchange student wherein some black thug murdered a middle-age Chinese delivery guy for like $20. A “just cuz you ain’t white don’t mean nuffin’ to dem” kind of message.

          • China_Rising

            Blacks hate people who are better than them. They expect that the reason they are better is because of some form of racism and/or thievery on the part of their superiors.

            Therefore, Black people hate all non-Blacks.

          • Sloppo

            The Idiot Box won’t condemn you for being for your own people because your people are not those hated people with European ancestry.

          • Oldcorporal

            A very sensible position to take. Everyone should side with their own race first. And by that I DON’T mean “hate” other races. Oh, well, the folks on here know what I mean.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Too bad. Mixed market social welfare democracy, though certainly not perfect, seemed to work pretty well in homogeneous advanced societies.

            Diversity is the death knell of such, however. Blacks ruin everything in sufficient numbers. Anywhere, anytime.

          • Romulus

            The tribe would never let that happen!

          • Spartacus

            The 2nd amendment should take care of those…

          • Neuday

            To make this work we’ll need lots of ammo for defense.

        • borogirl54

          As far as the black birth rate, there will continue to be more abortions than live births. Hispanics on the other hand, may have smaller families once they become prosperous.

          • Jefferson

            Hispanics as a group will NEVER become prosperous in the U.S as long as the vast majority of Hispanics in this country continue to be of the darker kind.

            The vast majority of Hispanics our government is letting into this country are not from predominantly Caucasian countries like Uruguay or Spain.

            We are mostly getting Hispanics from predominantly Brown countries like Mexico and El Salvador for example.

          • China_Rising

            White Latin Americans are said to be approx. 1/3 of the total Latin American population. I think this is a lie. For example, the average White Brazilian has 20% non-White genetic component.

            I would say that Whites are under 10% of the Latin American population. They are only in high numbers in Uruguay, Argentina, Southern Brazil, and (possibly) Costa Rica and Chile.

          • Jefferson

            As an Asian man, how do you feel when you see an Asian woman in the arms of a White man ?

          • China_Rising

            Well…. How do you feel when a White women runs off with a monkey or a Hispanic?

            By the way, I really don’t care what the Southeast Asian or South Asian women do. Indonesians, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Thai, Hmong, Malay, etc. are not really my problem. They are not my race of people.

            East Asian women with White men, well just imagine how you would feel if a White woman you knew was dating a Nigerian or a Mexican.

          • Jefferson

            I always thought Southeast Asians are the Mediterraneans or Middle Easterners of the Asian world, while East Asians are the Nordics of the Asian world.

            Cambodians are like the Portuguese of the Asian race while the Japanese are like the Swedes of the Asian race.

          • China_Rising

            Actually, yea, not bad.

            But tell me, do you consider the Middle Easterners (North Africa and West Asia) to be White? I certainly don’t. Nor do I consider Southeast Asians to be East Asians. You are exactly right. They are like the Middle Easterners to us.

            Cambodians are also Southeast Asians, and so belong to the “Middle East” portion of your argument, while the Japanese could very well be the upper echelons of the East Asians (which are really just Chinese, Korean and Japanese).

            The mean Southeast Asian IQ is 87, while the mean East Asian IQ is 106. There are large differences between our societies and indeed our intelligence.

            In effect, East Asians are the Europeans of the Asian world, Southeast Asians are the Middle Easterners (North Africa/West Asia) or South Asians, while the Vietnamese are kind of in-betweeners, like Turkey (though they share more affinity with SE Asians, again like Turkey).

          • Jefferson

            According to the U.S census, Southeast Asians are part of the same race as the East Asians.

            The late racial anthropologist Carleton Coon would also agree that East Asians and Southeast Asians belong to the same racial family known as the Mongoloids.

          • China_Rising

            According to the US Census, North Africans, West Asians, and Jews are White.

            Using actualy genetic data, like FsT distances across the autosomes, shows that Southeast Asians are more genetically distant to East Asians, then are Europeans to North Africans, South Asians, and West Asians.

            If Southeast Asians and East Asians are the same race then Europeans, North Africans, West Asians, and South Asians are the same race: Caucasoid.

          • Jefferson

            To most White people, all you Mongoloids in Asia look alike to us because Indonesians, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, etc all have slanted eyes. The only difference is that slanted eyed Southeast Asians on average have more melanin in their skin than slanted eyed East Asians.

            Brown skin alone does not disqualify Southeast Asians from being Mongoloids. Mongoloid is not limited to just people with Yellow skin.

          • China_Rising

            Mongoloid is a phenotypic classification, just as Caucasoid is.

            Again, the genetic distance between SE Asians and E Asians is further than the genetic distance between Europeans and non-European Caucasoids.

            If SE and E Asians are the same race, then you must acknowledge that all Caucasoids belong to the same race.

            “To most White people”

            To most of us, it’s difficult to tell apart Southern Europeans from West Asians like Jews, Lebanese, Syrians, or Turks. That doesn’t mean you are the same race just because it’s difficult to tell you apart.

          • François

            I can often tell Chinese and Japanese people apart. Not always, no, but often. There is something different in the features. And the culture, of course.

          • China_Rising

            I’ve seen White people that were able to do that.

            But especially peculiar is the comment that it’s too difficult to tell apart East Asians from SE Asians.

            Apparently it’s far too difficult to tell apart Indonesians from Koreans or Chinese from Malays!

          • China_Rising

            Lastly, if the genetic distances show that Southeast Asians and East Asians belong to different clusters, and are more genetically distant to each other than Europeans and West Asians/North Africans, then nothing else matters.

            Only the science does.

          • evilsandmich

            As a white guy, I see a dude who is verbally caned to death every night.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Russia may be the last White hope. Especially if global warming continues. Lots of space in the East that may soon be more productive. Much of US is hopeless probably, assuming continued peaceful union for another few decades.

          I envision a great White superstate or commonwealth one day stretching from somewhere in Eurabia across the Bering Strait to somewhere in North America. Russia should follow the Republic of Georgia and encourage South African Whites to relocate. American Whites also. Eurabian Whites.

          East Asians and White Europeans form a great sort of Ying/Yang possibility for future progress for all. Too bad whitey seems bent on his own destruction. Regardless, welcome and I appreciate the perspective. It’ll be up to you guys (China) to figure out and collate all the science since we cannot because of politics. I look forward to reading about it all when you do.

          You guys do not yet suffer under totalitarian democracy as do we and for your sake I hope you never do.

          • China_Rising

            Thanks for your comment. I suspect that a White ethnostate could work in Russia….. if the Russians actually accepted losing their culture and language in favor of a multicultural and multi-ethnic nation-state.

            I’m really not sure that they will, although all may change in the next few decades. I suspect that Russia, Ukraine, across the Bering straits into Alaska, and maybe as far in as large portions of northern Canada, would become the new White homeland.

            Heck, the Europeans actually have a lot of time on their hands. They can stop this mass immigration of non-Whites any time in the next century and they would still be able to retain a majority (though they would have to live forever amongst large non-White populations).

            The only White nation that is really lost is the USA. All others have fairly significant White populations (Canada has dropped under 80% though), while the USA has fallen to around 60% and won’t even survive if they close off all immigration TODAY.

            I really can’t believe they actually did this. Commit not just suicide, but the suicide of their genetic lineage and their children and grandchildren. Unbelievable. Other than the equally strange and suicidal dilution of the White majority in Latin America over the last 400 years, this is the most crazy thing I’ve ever heard of.

          • kjh64

            . “They can stop this mass immigration of non-Whites any time in the next century and they would still be able to retain a majority (though they would have to live forever amongst large non-White populations).

            The only White nation that is really lost is the USA. All others have fairly significant White populations (Canada has dropped under 80% though), while the USA has fallen to around 60% and won’t even survive if they close off all immigration TODAY.”

            You haven’t been to Europe lately. Western Europe has huge numbers of non-Whites, especially Muslims, which are far worse than Mexicans.. All White nations are in danger of being lost except for some in Eastern Europe. The USA is no more or less lost than these others, excluding eastern Europe. As far as the USA, a lot of the non-Whites are not citizens, they are illegals or legal residents and if they left or had to leave, the number of Whites would go up significantly in the USA.

          • China_Rising

            Yes I’m familiar with the Muslims. We have quite a few in China. What a wonderfully lazy and superiority complex-ridden people.

            I don’t think that any Muslim population has risen above the 5-8% mark yet. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            If this is true then I think Europe has quite a bit of time to stem the tide.

        • kjh64

          The actual percentage of American citizens is around 80%, a lot of the non-Whites here are illegals from Mexico or legal residents. There are millions of illegals from Mexico alone.

          • China_Rising

            But apparently they’re being given citizenship anyway.

            The line has been blurred. There is no such thing as an “illegal”. They are all in America legally, so says Obama.

        • NorthernWind

          I believe that with time the races will naturally segregate. That doesn’t mean that there will be NO non-Whites whatsoever but it simply means that there will be a strong White majority in some areas which is not threatened as we are now.

          I don’t expect that the U.S.A. will continue as it is now. I fully expect it to break apart. North America is large so there is no reason to try and reclaim it all. As for Europe, I expect racial and ethnic violence to take over the continent. Who knows exactly how it’s going to unfold but it’s definitely going to be a bad place to live if you want peace.

        • Oldcorporal

          Your idea is an excellent one — but first we have to get the Mulatto Messiah out of the White House, because he’d never hold still for the idea of importing more of us “evil White people.” As a matter of fact, Argentina, the predominantly White country (86 percent estimated) with the highest fertility rate of all of us (about 2.3 children born per woman of child-bearing age) has been attracting appreciable numbers of Spanish immigrants in the last few years, as their home country is plagued with extremely high unemployment. Maybe we should be actively seeking some of those Europeans not happy with their current homelands.

          • China_Rising

            Good idea but I have to warn you. The self-identification surveys, which are the main indicators as to the racial composition of a population, are probably more inaccurate in Latin America than anywhere else on Earth.

            Their definition of White includes people with a majority of White ancestry, not of wholly European descent.

            I suspect that under 80% of Argentinians are actually White. The most racially pure White Latin American country would be Uruguay.

          • Oldcorporal

            Well, I know what you’re saying. But a few years ago a “study” (you know how accurate THEY always are!) showed that 56 percent of all Argentines had at least a smattering of Indian blood. With the huge influx of (mostly Italian and Spanish) European immigration of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, I just don’t see how it could be that high. Some Argentine demographics sites give the European percentage at 97; I think that’s absurdly high and inaccurate. But 86 percent? I suspect it’s about that.

          • China_Rising

            That’s interesting. I never saw a study that showed non-White genes to be that high in the White population of Argentina.

            Do you by any chance have a source for this? It would be an interesting read.

            I suspect that it may be true that the average Argentinian carries small non-White ancestry (maybe on average 10%), which would certainly explain their overall lower development compared to European countries, and their overall lower IQ’s.

      • HJ11

        Well, until we are each able to separate, it makes sense to assert our essential Whiteness where we are.

    • Magician

      WET White Entertainment TV

  • [Guest]

    >>>Georgia State is one of the nation’s most diverse colleges–a point the school is proud of.

    As I said in another thread on this topic, the student body is “diverse” only if 38 percent white and 35 percent black qualifies as diverse. In fact, the percentage of white people is WAY below white people’s percentage of the U.S. population, and the percentage of blacks is WAY above.

    That tells us all we need to know about “diversity.”

    • Greg Thomas

      It’s not just blacks, it’s all diversity combined. Toss in hispanics, asians, indians, and every other godforsakin brown that hates us and you have a serious problem.

      • HJ11

        It’s good that they hate us. This helps us stay separate. Jews and Gypsies have remained cohesive and distinct through the centuries precisely because they were hated. Now that Jews are less hated, they are being loved to death via miscegenation and many Jews are seriously worried about this.

    • Jefferson

      Liberals judge diversity but how high the Black percentage is. By liberal standards, 98 percent Black East St. Louis would qualify as the most racially diverse town in America.

  • JDInSanDiego

    Or when the term chocolate milk becomes offensive and is renamed african American milk.

    • baldowl

      Milk of color.

      • Evette Coutier

        Diversity Milk. Does chocolate milk get gov subsidies?

        • MikeofAges

          Yes. Drank a lot of it high school, when I could buy all I wanted for a couple of pennies a carton. That was long ago, back when the food we produced in our own country was deemed good for us.

          • Sick of it

            I did too and only because the white milk in schools wasn’t all that good. Not that the chocolate milk was great, but it was drinkable. I still remember rock hard rolls at lunch time…ughh.

          • borogirl54

            We used to have hamburgers for lunch that tasted like rubber. Yuck.

          • I will say that the pizza served in St. Louis City Public elementary schools from 1984-1988 was great. Among other days, they always served it on the first day of school, as if they were trying to take the sting off.

          • I used to grab multiple milks any day there was a meal with an acidic sauce – spaghetti day, pizza day, lasagna or rigatoni day, etc. And I always loaded up on the bread & butter too. At 75 cents, you couldn’t beat school lunch at WPHS. All the food was made at the high school I went to so it wasn’t hours old when you got it. I actually think school lunch was a class but not sure.

        • Wethepeople

          All milk gets gov subsidies.. Corn to. Both products massively supported by the fed.

          • Evette Coutier

            Even chocolate milk gets welfare. I guess it pays to be a minority.

  • Truthseeker

    I know it’s nothing new, but it really is incredible how much anti-white brainwashing has been absorbed by our society. If non-whites organize, no one sees anything wrong with it, but if whites organize, the first thing people presume is that there’s some sort of ill intent. Comparisons to the KKK? Really? Do people automatically assume that a black student union is a branch of the New Black Panthers?

    Newsflash, anti-whites: White people are not a bunch of Hitler wannabes who are constantly on the lookout for ways to “oppress” people. In fact, I reckon no other race is as careful to respect other races as whites are. We have as much right to celebrate our unique heritage as any other group does.

    • sbuffalonative

      The reporter certainly knew all the PC accusations to hit him with but the kid brushed them off, smiled and gave calm answers.

      • Truthseeker

        It is good to see white youth becoming racially aware. I wish I had been more conversant on racial issues when I was his age.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      “Comparisons to the KKK? Really? Do people automatically assume that a black student union is a branch of the New Black Panthers?”
      Is the Muslim Student Association the same as Al Quaeda?
      True story. At my college in California, a professor approached the student association and said that he could get Rushdie to speak on our campus. The MSA stated that if he came to our campus, he would be killed.
      So, yes, they are quite similar.

      • Would reporters even question a college have a Black Panther Party chapter on campus? That’s the real question.

    • HJ11

      I get your point, but when we Whites speak out about our rights as you do, we really shouldn’t accept the anti-White’s premise about the KKK or Hitler. That just shows we’re weak and can be backed down.

      • ms_anthro

        Agreed. The best response is a scornful laugh and a demand that the reporter ask a serious question. Do not back down, do not apologize, do not even humor the question. Treat them like the presstitutes they are–contemptible whores who will shill for the highest bidder and obediently serve the globalist filth who are trying to exterminate the White species forever.

  • Notice how a White person who happily swims around the black, brown, yellow melting pot is a (relatively) ‘good citizen’ (genetic “privileges” aside) , but the minute we separate and choose to amongst our own we’re calling “supremacists” (the left wing media must just love us just saying the word for it’s associative powers, even if it just in the context of refuting it).

    White group=”supremacist,supremacist,supremacist”, (cough) “not”.

    I guess that there’s a compliment it there, “aw shucks, we’re not better than you, we’re just better for each other”.

    I know that if my mathematical education consisted of no one but me in a class full of Asian maths wizz’s , and likewise my physical education was just me with the rest being Bantu athletes, cultivating confidence in either arena would have been harder.
    Each to their own.

    • Bo_Sears

      The science of being interviewed is complex. At Resisting Defamation for TV or print media interviews, there would be a period of chat and then out of nowhere would come the question, “There’s concern that you are a white supremacist. Are you?” And it really is true that no matter how you answer it, the words “white supremacist” will appear in the first sentence or the first comment making it sound that you issued a grand, slightly devious declaration about not being one, when what you said was just the word “No.”

      There are a lot of variations on how to answer, but GenX ANZAC is completely correct, it becomes what we call “slander by propinquity” meaning that, just by putting the words within five or six other words between your name and the “denial,” the hate media has managed to tag you….completely in the absence of any evidence.

      This was done to me on a live TV show, and I made such a fuss about the question that they went to a commercial and then I started shouting as loudly as I could about the interviewer’s lack of evidence, his bigotry, and his hateful tactics…and I demanded an apology or I would just talk over everyone during the remainder of the taping. When we came back on air, he gave a non-apology along the lines of he was sorry that he hurt my feelings, but I let that go so as to get some of our goals and principles out on the air. But expect ambush, and expect an effort to smear you by propinquity if possible.

      Unless you really a “white supremacist” and want to let the world know.

      Facebook: Resisting.Defamation
      Web site: ResistingDefamation [dot] org

      • HJ11

        The way I often handle interviews: When I’m asked if I’m a racist, I ask the interviewer to define the term “racist.” Then, I reply to each of the elements that make up the definition.

        If the definition given is something like:” It means you hate other races.” I then reply that I don’t hate anyone. I will then sometimes ask the reporter if he or she believes there are races of humans. If the reply is yes, I suggest that the reporter is a racist. If the answer is no, I ask if he or she believes there are breeds of dogs and varities of roses. You get the idea.

        • ms_anthro

          This is an excellent approach. “Racist” has become whatever our enemies want it to become. Denying you are “racist” is the worst possible tactic, but a common defensive response. The best answer is, “What’s a racist?” Make them define it. Often they can’t, or they make fools of themselves trying. We need to start aggressively pushing back and making them explain themselves. Or just outright ignoring them. After all, I don’t require a reporter’s approval to hold my views or justify my own existence.

          “Who are you and why are you asking?” is another good answer.

          • HJ11

            Yes, and another common tactic of reporters is to say: “What do you say to those who claim that you are a racist?” My reply: “Who says that? In fact, Mr. or Ms. Reporter, it is you setting up that premise out of whole cloth isn’t it?”

  • ravitchn

    But Black campus organizations are legally racist. Whites also have a right to be RACIST.

  • ravitchn

    CUT TO THE REAL ISSUE. Whites should demand legal Segregation or Apartheid.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      We should demand our own country. Segregation and apartheid are just temporary solutions to a permanent problem, that of different races living in the same country.

      The only permanent solution is complete separation.

      • ms_anthro

        They will never let us go without a fight. Would a tick willingly detach from a lion? Not until the lion is dead.

  • sbuffalonative

    I lost track of how many times they used the word ‘controversial’.

    Of course the reporter acts as if he’s shocked by this group.

    He’s a brave young man. He wasn’t caught off guard by the questions and he had answers.

    Maybe he reads AR.

    • Frans

      And you could see the disdain in the black anchor woman’s face and voice. Yuk!

  • libertarian1234

    “Reporter asks how the club will be different from the Ku Klux Klan.”

    It is the white weenies who have been duped that spew as much anti-white rhetoric as the black leadership and rank and file.

    They’re oblivious to the fact that somebody has created a new reality for them as part of a psy-ops program that they gullibly accepted without question.

    And now they see themselves as enlightened purveyors of the “truth,” aligned against white “haters.”

    And they delusionally carry on with their programmed views so diligently no better examples of conditioned zombies can be found.

  • ncpride

    Why are they interviewing black students on the formation of a WHITE student union? These students don’t need their permission or their approval. Blacks have been so spoiled and catered to in this country, they can’t get it through their head this Union is not about them. And I would ask the ‘dark one’ for the one millionth time, what exactly would they be ‘ignorant’ of? That one sentence tells you they think, as per usual, that this is somehow about them. Celebrating our race and heritage does not involve you ‘dark one’ so shove off.

  • Hal K

    His answer on the KKK question was pretty good. He said “we aren’t a supremacist or hate organization.” Of course, these labels, “supremacist” and “hate” have always been phoney smear words, but given the audience of this report, Mr. Sharp is not in a good position to get into that sort of debate.

    • bigone4u

      “We aren’t a supremacist or hate organization … (he should have added) like the SPLC, La Raza, the Black Panthers, et. al.”

  • ViktorNN

    Good luck, Patrick Sharp. I think White Student Unions represent the best possible way to start to break down the taboo of white racial awareness and public white organizing and activism. Sharp is joining a group of brave pioneers.

    For a freshman to tackle this project is very admirable. I hope he’s ready for a sh*tstorm of negative attention. I also hope that those with experience in this kind of activism reach out to Sharp and offer support and advice.

  • Luca

    Notice not one critical person interviewed could give one lucid explanation to define their fear, shock, dislike or the controversy. It’s always mindless slogans and name calling. This is quite consistent with Leftist indoctrination and tactics. It exposes how mindless and senseless they really are..

  • bigone4u

    To become an official campus organization a club needs a faculty sponsor. I used to be a faculty sponsor for three campus clubs. Clubs come and go depending on the energy of the organizer and his or her ability to motivate followers. Most clubs have only a dozen or two members, although some are bigger.

    The White Student Union movement is sending a message that at least some white students will not be dumped on and their values denigrated. It’s going to be hard to find faculty sponsors for White Student Unions because a faculty member will be discriminated against in raises and promotions and assignments for sponsoring such a group. I’d love to see a lawsuit over that.

    I would also love to see Dr. Tom Sowell (a black man) sponsor one of these groups on his campus. That would send a message to the censors and break open the dam for other faculty to legalize these groups on campus. In Texas, the Atheist Student Union finds sponsors, so why not a club that promotes white values?

    • HJ11

      No disrespect intended, but we don’t have to hide behind a Black to have our own organizations. If enough of these White student unions form, we’re sure to see one or more of them take legal action if they are denied the same rights as other campus organizations. In fact, I suspect the ACLU would take their case.

      • bigone4u

        From personal experience I know something about this issue. I had students begging me to sponsor their clubs because without a sponsor, there is no legal right to exist on campus. The problem is that a White Student Union will have trouble finding that sponsor. Ask the white students how many faculty have turned them down. As to having a black prof sponsor a white student union, it’s the delicious irony of it that appeals to me. No administration is going to punish a black prof for sponsoring such a group. After all, the black prof may even know a black student who plays chess, loves classical music, and revels in European history. There has to be at least one (I hope):-)

        • HJ11

          I understand the irony, but I still think it’s a step in the wrong direction, just as I think the NRA using a Black guy who calls other members “old fat White guys,” and as I think various Tea Party types bounding after any Black to put in their window.

          We must stand alone as Whites. We don’t need a daddy Black to make us acceptable.

          • bigone4u

            If a White Student Union is going to be exclusively for whites, it can’t be an official university club. The White Student Unions must because of the law be open to blacks, mestizos, asians, and any other ethnic group. An influx of members of those groups could easily destroy a White Student Union. Now that I’m thinking about it, what if the university assigned a black power professor to be the sponsor. That would be an interesting way to ensure the club folded fast, wouldn’t it? I may sound paranoid, but I’ve seen the devious things university administrators do to get their way.

          • HJ11

            Why of course it can be open to all who support White interests and like to dscuss White culture and music. We Whites are capable of subtle thinking and ways to stay within the rules, but still reach our goals. N’est-ce pas?

          • Frans

            I agree. I, too, get the irony, but I don’t like the idea of a black guy sponsoring the white student union. Whites don’t need black approval or sponsorship. We’re legitimate on our own. I so hope this young man is successful. It takes a gigantic amount of courage to do something such as this. I feel the same way about Jared Taylor. It can’t be easy to buck the political correctness zeitgeist that rules everything in the country!

        • HJ11

          Additional reply. Frankly, I think the system of requiring a faculty sponsor for clubs can be challenged on a couple of Constitutional grounds and can be easily overturned for all colleges.

          • bigone4u

            Gave you another up vote for creative thinking. You may be right, but on the other hand, the government can control who uses its facilities consistent with time, place restrictions. What it can’t do legally is to reject a group because it disagrees with the university’s culture. Faculty sponsors kind of reeks of the old in loco parentis doctrine. But that’s not bad. My club members would have gotten themselves in lots of trouble without me there to rein in some bad ideas, like beer blasts.

        • ms_anthro

          Can someone please explain why any student group must be sponsored by the school? No one can tell free adults that they can’t peaceably assemble off campus. Yes, they’ll have to fund it themselves, but so what? They should form their student union and their enemies can go to hell. We don’t need permission to organize! Just do it and let them gnash their teeth and wail about the unfairness of it all. Who cares what these crybabies think about anything?

          We as a species MUST stop cringing and cowering and begging for crumbs from our oppressors. We will fight whether they like it or not–and we will fight to win.

  • Spartacus

    “we’re not a hate organization…We’re not a supremacist organization…”


    Shame on you !

    • BarnyL

      It shouldn’t be assumed, unless they (the media) know different.

      After all, they don’t assume black/asian organisations are supremacist organisation. So why profile whites?

  • Evette Coutier

    I’ll never hire Georgia State grad. As far as I’m concerned their degrees are toilet paper.

    • borogirl54

      I do not think you are wrong. I remember once that I had a coworker who took classes there and she could not believe how easy the classes there were.

    • BarnyL

      Used toilet paper.

  • MikeofAges

    See how slipping in one word changes everything. The organizer Patrick Sharp said “All we really recognize is that we’re a distinct group of
    people who have every right to organize.”

    No that’s wrong. “It’s not every right to organize.” It’s “no right to organize”.

    Mr. Sharp, you’re monopoly entity under antitrust law, subject to special sanctions no one else is subject to. You don’t have the right to organize. You don’t have the right to have any outreach to less advantaged members of your own group. You are not allowed to apply for jobs or academic program under the same criteria applied to everyone else but you. Actually, you are deemed not to have the right to a future existence as a phyletic entity. Get with it, man.

    • Evette Coutier

      No way. He has the right to subsidize non-working minorities with his taxes, to pay for their food, housing, and their children. He has the right to pay for their health care and their cell phones. He has the right to pay for the failed educational system that feeds at the trough of government subsidized monopoly. He has all sorts of rights to benefit minorities at his expense.

  • Danimalius

    White advocates should consider sponsoring this young man to come to the National Policy Institute conference this October!

  • borogirl54

    I agree with him. Every other ethnic group has their own student union. Why not whites?

  • Romulus

    There’s nothing controversial about it! They can design the groups theme around all the positive contributions of whites beginning with history from a positive perspective ethnocentrically.

  • “Reporter asks Sharp how WSU is different from KKK”

    I would have instantly asked for the next question.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      We must expose hypocrisy when it comes to violations — or specially sanctioned instances — of Free Speech and Assembly.

      For each question asked about a “White Student Anything” there should be an immediate question asked in return about the black student union, La Raza, Gay Pride, Islamic, Aisan student unions, etc.

      ALL should be mandated to reply to the same questions the White students are asked about, i.e., any notions of supremacy, etc.


    • NorthernWind

      Me as well. I would have laughed and told him how stupid his question was instead of answering it as if it was worthy of a response.

    • BarnyL

      Should have described how it differs from black/asian students organisations.

      The media have no problem with them.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    All student unions must be accepted, including a White student union, or black, hispanic, Asian, gay, Islamic etc. must be dissolved.

    But this is the USSA where some animals are more equal than others.


    • Jefferson

      In a true democracy with libertarian principles and a smaller government, Whites should have legal right to start a student union.

      If Eric My People Holder has a problem with that, he can go F himself.

  • NorthernWind

    Our response to those who are “offended” should be thus: F*** you, we’re going to do it anyway. Refuse to give them even an inch of ground, they do NOT have the moral high ground. In reality they’re in the moral gutter.

  • Greg Thomas

    Yes, the hispanic student union never has to defend comparisons to La Raza or other hispanic hate gropus. That’s because those comparisons are never made when it comes to diversity.

  • Frans

    He’s a brave young man! Not many white students have the balls to do something like this. He’s to be commended, but I’d bet he’ll be vilified. Maybe even beaten up or worse by blacks for daring to be proud of being white!

  • Thor Bonham

    You wouldn’t believe how pissed off I am right now … I can’t even explain ..

  • mobilebay

    Our forefathers never dreamed that anyone aside from white Europeans would populate this country. I hope Mr. Sharp wil form his organization and if he has any problems, he can sue. If blacks, Hispanics, etc. can have theirs, whites should certainly be able to. And let’s see if any faculty member has the backbone to sponsor it. Good luck.

  • ms_anthro

    When we let it. It’s time to reclaim our birthright.

  • He looks and sounds like a sensible chap, and good luck to him! (Especially in such an environment, I doubt it is easy to mark yourself out in this way).

    The “60’s revolutionary” era is stale, boring, and the status-quo for the last 50 years. It is ‘shocking’ in the same way that a lot of the 60’s stuff was ‘shocking’ to the generation before.

    Maybe it is finally the embryo time for a real “revolution” and taboo-breaking era to formulate that throws all the ‘values’ and ‘norms’ of a different age in the ‘garbage can’.

    Whilst I am not going to be expecting much from such a union, with the demographic tide turning against Whites in America and elsewhere, the seeds have to be sown to imbibe a sense of solidarity and having to look out for our interests.

    This is one such seed, no matter how small it is. If nothing else, it has made the news and is preparing the psychology of both pro and anti-whites that there may be an appearance of such things in the future.

    • Hal K

      Whilst I am not going to be expecting much from such a union …

      I agree with most of what you wrote, but this part seemed overly negative.

      Drudge Report linked to an article about this union, so it is already having an impact well beyond what the typical college student group can accomplish.

      • I suppose I just meant that, on it’s own, I cannot see it being a major focal point or entity which will bring the wider onslaught of dispossession to an end.

        (I cannot imagine it being a new American Renaissance in magnitude for example, or being a pivotal player in politics or such, even if it gained a few hundred members).

        On it’s own, in it’s own arena, it is absolutely having an impact (and that it is making the news is testament to this) – and that is great news for the freshman involved.

        I can definitely see it – and similar entities – being the groundwork for a more ‘cultural’ and ‘attitudinal’ revolution amongst whites, particularly in a demographic future we know to be emerging.

        That is worthwhile on its own, irrespective of what happens with the group.

        Without growing an attitudinal change within the youth (which this freshman will achieve if his group grows) we cannot expect to witness a change in public action or change of policy direction when it comes to a wider white populace.

        On that score, you need to get people “on the same page” first – not stand a movement or political figure who says “vote for me” to a white populace who are not “on the same page”.

        If white student unions are a part of this process, all the better.

        I did not intend to sound quite so negative.

  • Allan477

    And many liberals consider white rice to be evil!

  • BarnyL

    When the tribe got control.

  • Evette Coutier

    Why include the Irish for comparison?

  • By ‘ignorant’ these people often mean ‘not being in agreement to the orthodoxies’ and instead, working on the realities.

    The guy in the clip is no doubt ‘ignorant’ of any alternative point of view, what the society is even about, or anything else – yet feels free to question as to whether the group will be ‘ignorant’ of – I assume – Blacks.

    Even many White liberals, no matter where they are, tend to have the same obliviousness when it come to how their insinuations or labels more readily apply to themselves rather than those they are dishing it out to.

    For example, in a brief discussion with a very liberal sister of a friend of mine regarding ‘gun control’ in the United States – the picture she painted was one of, to but it bluntly into their stereotype, ‘red-neck hicks’ who are trigger happy and that ‘America has a gun problem that needs to be solved by taking them away’.

    I said that America does not have a gun problem, it has a Black problem. I said that the perpetrators of gun crime were majority or disproportionately Black, not White suburbanites with legal and secure weaponry.

    That fact that she had no idea what I was even talking about, or how I could have come up with such a statement did not stop her from saying I was “ignorant” on the subject and “ignorant” on race to make such “generalisation”.

    • the picture she painted was one of, to put it bluntly into their stereotype, ‘red-neck hicks’ who are trigger happy

      Which explains why West Virginia is so violent.

      Really, white liberals all over manifest their fear of certain minorities by lashing out at lower class whites. White liberal could live next door to a crack house where Rastus, Rufus, Rollo and Trayvon all get into a gun battle, and white liberal will get mad at a redneck in the middle of nowhere. You even find it here in my insignificant burg: The white liberals gentrifying St. Louis City, especially the young ones, will fret and worry about “hoosiers,” (St. Louis parlance for lower class whites), the whole irony being that none of them are old enough ever to have seen a real hoosier much less experience the now almost extinct St. Louis hoosier culture firsthand, and right on the street level of the building where their loft apartment is, Bellcurvii Sancti Ludovici bing bang each other with guns and other implements on many a warm night. It’s just that these young libs around here have heard “horror stories” all their lives from their parents back in the old or new money suburbs of St. Louis about “hoosiers,” so when the blacks right in the shadow of their lofts start killing each other, they know who to blame.

      • Oldcorporal

        I learned a fascinating piece of America trivia by reading your post, Question Diversity. As a lifelong resident of Indiana, I thought we were the only “Hoosiers” in existence! Well, pardon my ignorance! It’s fascinating to wonder how the word “Hoosiers” came to be St. Louis jargon for “lower-class White.”

        • Many a St. Louis historian have busted their skulls against brick walls trying to figure out how. One theory has to do with the frustration vented at Indianans brought to St. Louis to be the scabs during strikes.

      • Pelagian

        Hoosier culture is not extirpated in one generation QD. If anything, it’s expanded to middle-class desk-job whites. Are they straight from Arkansas or Indiana? No … but they have the same habits…

        • Let me try it again.

          It has dissipated, lightened and spread out. But the days of a hoosier tavern on every corner of the South Side are gone.

  • ms_anthro

    You’re missing my point. Why do these students, who are merely customers of the business (the schools) need the businesses’ permission to meet off campus? The answer is they don’t.

  • Oldcorporal

    When a news item starts out with, “Controversy is brewing over …” you can rest assured that what the reporter really means is, “I hate the idea of this new club, and I’m going to do my bit to try to destroy it before it can get established.”

  • Oldcorporal

    A parting word on this topic: This has been one of the most interesting, well-informed discussions I have seen on any forum in a long, long time.

  • Wethepeople

    I’d call people who do all that racist too.. Racist against whites that is. We are white, that’s that. We should look out for our own, and ourselves and make our positions as strong as possible.

    Good post.

  • I hear what you’re saying.
    I was actually a maths wiz myself at high school level at least, and the Chinese kids thought that I must of cheated off them, although I’d out score them without the diligent study lifestyle that their tiger mommies must have imposed on them.

    Unfortunately I also grew up around Bantu’s thanks to my liberal mother.
    I had a Bantu step brother who was a year younger than myself and who was a ‘star athlete’ and we had some other Bantu males hang around the house (West Indian, Afro-Maori and Afro-Samoan) who were also often younger than me, but physically larger than me, which caused me some stress at the time.
    At age 15 I took up boxing and weight lifting (then Wing Chun when I was 19) and I’d exercise like crazy and drink protein shakes but I’d never put on any muscle mass (well not until about age 18 onwards), where in contrast my step brother would lay on the couch for two weeks of the school holidays eating cheese balls, then get off the couch looking like a body builder.
    I didn’t mature physically until about age 18, where like the Bantus, Polynesians also would have a fully grown beard, have a grown mans build and be covered in ritualistic tattoos that they’d get in front the whole village with ink being literally chiseled into their skins, with any sound of pain bring disgrace on them all, where as at the time I think I was into teenage mutant ninja turtles.
    Then on top of this faster physical maturing, they’d often be held back a year here and there, I remember when I was 15 there was an 18 year old Samoan kid in my class who had a beard and had a kid himself.

    Eventually, regarding the Bantus I realized that they were cowards and although they may have been tall or good at spirit style fast running, that they actually weren’t that strong in the upper body. And when you stand your ground, you’re focused and prepared for them and show no fear in your eyes, maybe act a little crazy then they actually fear us a heck of lot more.

    But in saying that, that is one on one.
    “On the street” you can never trust them, as they have no concept of chivalry in their DNA, they are cunning, fight in groups and would happily have one of their homies stab you in the back, then stomp your head in, on the ground.
    This is sort off subject, but after hearing of my ex step fathers buddies all making passes at my mother behind their so called best friend’s back, then various stealing incidents and episodes of violence my mother finally got rid of all the blacks in her life about 10 years ago, this is after her ex also cheated on her and then he took her to the cleaners through the courts, (after promising to do the opposite throughout their union), she tells me that “she was a victim of him (too)”, but he’s still a good man.
    You gotta hate liberals.

    All this aside, sorry about the delay in replying, I didn’t see you comment through Disqus until this morning. Also pardon the rant, I just figure that these threads die after about two days, so it doesn’t really matter if I digress a little here.

  • The Elderking

    Amazing that this is even considered controversial.

    Does every Muslim group get asked how they are different from Al Qaeda?

    Does every black group get asked if they will be planning gang rapes?

    Of course not. The immediate implication that they will be up to no good is in itself racist.

    Is it against the law now for white people to enjoy freedom of association?