9-1-1 Calls Depict Chaos, Gangs on Chicago’s Lakefront

Suzanne Le Mignot, CBS Chicago, August 1, 2013

Lit fireworks thrown into crowds. Purses and phones stolen. Gangs beating up people and fighting with each other on Oak Street Beach.

Those are some of the occurrences callers reported to 9-1-1 operators on the night of the July 4.


At 9:23 p.m., a 9-1-1 call is made about fireworks being set off among crowds of people at Oak Street Beach.

“We’re over here by Division and Lake Shore Drive by Oak Street Beach, and there’s a crowd of people throwing M-80′s by the people,” one called tells an emergency dispatcher. “They’re just blowing them off and there’s like crowds of people here with their kids and they don’t care.”


At 9:34 p.m., a caller at the beach says a fight is breaking out: “Yeah, we need the cops down here on Oak Street Beach. There’s a whole gang of hoodlums fighting and kicking each other in the head and jumping on each other.”

A caller also mentions people trying to escape the chaos by crossing a busy roadway.


Later, a caller reports purses being stolen at Division and Oak.

“People are running, things are getting stolen,” the caller says. “People are hitting the ground.”

Another caller says: “We’re at Oak Street Beach and there are gangs of kids beating up people here. I don’t know if there’s any cops in the area.”

The Chicago Police Department says its staffing was appropriate on July 4.

“While there were a few isolated incidents near the Division Street underpass in which three robberies were reported, there were more than one million people along the lakefront for the fireworks on the Fourth and there were no widespread, significant issues,” the agency said in a statement. {snip}


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  • Samuel Hain

    Gee, is THIS why white southerners and S. Africans segregated themselves from blacks?

    • Spartacus

      If you don’t let dark-skins rape, torture and kill you, it means you’re a racist !

  • I knew this stuff was going on when I heard the sirens and helicopter. This has been going on all summer. It one reason I go nowhere near event like this.

    • sbuffalonative

      And blacks wonder why white people don’t want to be around them.

      It’s a mystery (at least to blacks and their apologists).

      • me

        No mystery. The wild Bantu knows that he will get away with it….with the government’s blessing. No justice, no peace….for Whites.

  • Just heard a chopper fly to North Avenue Beach where it sounds to be hovering, then heard a siren go north on LSD. Those pesky Trayvons may be at it again.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I love the titles of these things…
    “911 calls depict chaos on Chicago’s lakefront…” because there’s chaos on Chicago’s lakefront! Wonder why? Hmmm…
    The older I get the more I think I accidentally hit upon the Truth years ago when doling out fake wisdom for humorous intent.
    If you aspire to wisdom become a master of the obvious. It’s the beginning and the end of it.

  • Spartacus

    Fireworks be rayciss !

    • me

      De foor of Ju-lie be rayciss and sheet! It be givin props to dem evil Whiteys that made the USA.

  • China_Rising

    Can someone please explain to me one thing?

    Chicago 2010 Census:

    31.7% White

    32.9% Black

    28.0% Hispanic (basically Mestizo)

    5.5% Asian

    0.5% Amerindian

    How has the city not collapsed yet? 2/3rds of the city is not productive at all. How do the cities actually survive? Any American with knowledge on this, please help me become enlightened.

    • APaige

      It has not collapsed because Chicago has five things (could be more)
      1. Majority white leadership (one elected black mayor ever).
      2. Plenty of very rich white people that have a lot to protect.
      3. A wonderful lakefront and cultural attractions any world city would be proud to have.
      4.World class universities.
      5. Great suburbs that are economically independent, yet also very connected.

      • China_Rising

        I would have suspected that the Black-Hispanic majority wold have turned the entire city into a Mexican-Nigerian shantytown already.

      • jane johnson

        How about the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs? Who attends the games, anyway?

    • “How has Chicago not collapsed yet?”

      You answered it yourself:

      31.7% white. And the black percentage is falling over time.

      You said below that you thought blacks and Hispanics combined would have already wrecked it. Sure, in the areas where they are, it’s bad. But in municipal affairs, whites have the advantage of blacks and Hispanics not liking each other and being jealous of each other.

      • China_Rising

        “And the black percentage is falling over time”

        If that is the case, then I understand that Chicago may actually be improving.

    • Luca

      You answered your own question. Simple math. The productivity of 1/3 of the population supports the remaining under-productive 2/3’s. Such a formula has a time limit of sustainability. that is the real question not “if” but “when” does the clock run out?

      Do you further realize that only about half of taxable Americans are putting money into the tax coffers? Same story, different ratio.

      • China_Rising

        Well, that’s my question.

        It’s hard to to believe that 1/3 of the population could sustain such an unproductive 2/3’s of the population.

        Is there an oft-cited number at which point the city descends into 3rd world-like chaos? I would have suspected it to be when Whites drop below 40-50% of the population (with Hispanics and Blacks making up the rest).

        • Luca

          There are too many variables, there is no set formula. Typically these problems occur in Liberal bastions, where the city fathers can raise all kinds of taxes to prop up the house of cards. I just read that NYC, San Fran, and LA (all liberal bastions) have the highest rate of parking ticket fines, $65 a pop. This is the Leftists’ way of raising revenue to sustain its voter base.

          • Parking in Chicago:

            Parking meters:

            The Loop (South side of Congress Parkway to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, north side of Wacker to the North, west side of Wacker to the west): $5.75 per hour, up from $5.

            Central business district: (South side of Roosevelt to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, north side of North Avenue to the north and west side of Halsted Street to the west): $3.50 per hour, up from $3.

            Everywhere else: $1.75 per hour, up from $1.50.

            Parking garages and lots:

            A $2 tax on top of parking garage and lot hourly rates downtown is being charged starting this year.

            Meter fines:

            Exceeding the two-hour limit in the central business district increased from $50 to $60. Expired meter fines in all other areas remain $50.

            RPP tickets:

            The fine for failure to display a zoned residential parking permit increased from $60 to $75.

            City sticker fees and fines:

            The fine for failure to display a city sticker jumped from $120 to $200. When all stickers expire in June, the fee for most vehicles increases from $75 to $85. For vehicles weighing 4,500 pounds or more, a sticker will increase from $120 to $135. Smaller-size trucks increase to $200, and large trucks will be $450 for a new sticker.

            Source: RedEye

          • me

            Brilliant! That’s a great solution. How long before ‘designated parking’ is labeled ‘rayciss’?

  • Tom_in_Miami

    How long can this go on? It’s getting worse and worse.

  • sbuffalonative

    “… a few isolated incidents…”

    They know no one is going to stop them. Blacks are now free to be blacks.

    How long before they call out the National Guard and blacks start screaming ‘racism’?

  • JohnEngelman

    My father used to take his family to the 4th of July celebrations on the grounds of the Washington Monument. Nearly everyone was white. There were no problems.

  • dukem1

    Rahmbo, everyday, demonstrates that he he is the most inept and incompetent elected official of any note (his immediate former employer notwithstanding).

    Perhaps his riotous, hateful, inflamed constituency, ignorant as they are, did not get the message about what a tough guy he is. All 5’4″ of him.

    They better be careful when that stalwart progressive gets his hackles up.

    There’s gonna be a lot of citizens with a bad mark on their permanent record.
    Chicago…it’s gonna be Detroit on steroids.
    Eh…I’m commenting on this, but I could give a flyin’ heck about any of them.

  • Nathanwartooth

    When I think of gangs I think of gangsters. No not 15 year olds with saggy pants, but REAL gangsters. Like Tony Soprano. OK he is fictional, but you get the idea.

    These aren’t gangs, they are just out of control animals. Just because they steal in a group doesn’t make them professional. It just makes them pack animals.

  • Funruffian

    The closet homosexual, Rahm Emmanuel, is happy as a clam that his city is in chaos due to Bantus wreaking havoc on the public. I really think these leftists want this to happen.
    I believe they are pushing for Chicago to be the next Detroit purposely. Of course when rampant crime occurs under his watch and record, he can always blame it on YT Racism. This country is doomed.

  • Luca

    The only thing that has ever worked with 100% efficiency is deportation. The blacks in Liberia today are no longer a threat to American society, with the exception of a relatively small amount of foreign aid. Well worth the price if you ask me.

  • Pelagian

    Who said something on another thread about Rahm Emmanuel doing a good job? Looks like he’s hanging whites out to dry via “See No Evil” policing.

  • Whirlwinder

    The police are downplaying the effects of the black undertow. If truth be known, the police cannot handle the black problems in Chicago. Otherwise, why so many black murders?

  • Defiant White

    QUOTE: The Chicago Police Department says its staffing was appropriate on July 4. Staffing, maybe. Weapons and tactics . . . uh, no. We need to replace 9-1-1 with 6-4-4 (N-I-G). When cops get the 6-4-4 calls (rampaging black beasts attacking humans) they can thus respond adequately: Bull whips, dogs, cattle prods, cal .50 machine guns, automatic rifles, etc.

  • me

    Don’t forget the Greeks and the Golden Dawn…or, the French and the Generacion Identitaire….

  • cablegirls

    What’s Emmanuel supposed to do? The same crap is happening in city after city, across the entire country. People don’t go downtown at night anymore — in hundreds of these cities and towns. People refuse to go to holiday celebrations, fairs, outdoor concerts, or these things are no longer even scheduled, because this black menace has gotten so bad.

    Of course you wouldn’t know, from watching or reading the news, that this national crisis even exists. “Beat whitey? What’s that?”

  • drofmanythings

    Ballet dancers make weak mayors.

  • me

    The Bantu has his ‘chimpout’, but it’s nothing to a Nordic going berserk!