Doreen Lawrence Given Seat in House of Lords

Martyn Brown, Express (London), August 1, 2013

Doreen Lawrence is to be given a seat in the House of Lords, 20 years after the murder of her son Stephen in a racist attack.

She will be made a baroness in a list of peerages expected to be published today and it is understood that she will sit on the Labour benches as a working peer.

Mrs Lawrence, 60, has campaigned tirelessly for justice for her 18-year-old son, who was stabbed to death after being set upon by a gang of white youths at a bus stop in south London in 1993.

She founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to support young people from ethnic minority backgrounds to pursue their ambitions, and has been chosen to sit on Home Office and police panels.

It is understood that she was persuaded to accept a peerage by Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan.

Last night a Labour source said: “The strength and courage she has shown in her fight for justice for her son has had a profound impact on attitudes to racism and policing.

“Her campaigning has changed our country for the better. Ed Miliband believes voices like hers should always be heard in Parliament.”

Doreen Lawrence

Doreen Lawrence

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  • Chris

    That’s a female?

    • Spartacus

      A beauty Queen by negro standards. There are a lot worse :

      • MekongDelta69

        ‘She’ looks like the jungle partner of this ‘guy’:
        (Or just look in the Comments Section under the ‘Adam and Eve’ story above.)

      • Spartan24708

        And just who is this “vision”? Jungle (or maybe outback) love anyone?

      • David Ashton

        This young lady looks at first glance like a “native Australian”. I do not think we should insult any individual women because of looks which they cannot help, though we can and should certainly oppose the politically motivated elevation of alien biotypes as normative for our own people.

        Personally I would rather “mate” with someone who looked like Megan Fox, but then (1) I am not likely to get that opportunity as a now fairly elderly married man, and (2) many young blacks would also share that sort of preference when given the chance.

        • me

          You CAN judge a book by its cover….except when it comes to Whites. Genetics, dear fellow…

      • MarcusTrajanus

        That’s clearly an Australian Aboriginal, not an African black. They are not remotely the same race. Contrary to what racial egalitarians would have us believe, race is not the same thing as “skin colour”.

        • TheAntidote

          Yes, apparently the Abos were the first to leave Africa. Their distant cousins are among the Dravidians in South India. Believe it or not, the Abos have an even lower IQ than sub Saharan Africans.

          • That is clearly an Aboriginal, but most of them aren’t vicious the way African blacks are.

            Yes, the poor girl is ugly, but probably not mean.

        • me

          But they act the same….

  • Chris

    Notice it was “white youths” and not just “youths.”

  • Stephen Lawrence is basically the Trayvon of Britain.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Steven Lawrence was a drug dealing burglar who called whites racial slurs?

      • blindsticks

        The star witness, just before he had a saintly makeover for the initial trial.

        Now (ghost)writes a column for some liberal magazine on white racism.

        Tuesday, 3 January 2012

        The Duwayne Brooks File

        Looks like the state have been protecting Duwayne Brooks to ensure his ‘evidence’ in the Lawrence Trial was not undermined by his having a serious criminal conviction.

        The Duwayne Brooks file:

        October 1993 Surrendered voluntarily to Bexleyheath police station, where he was charged under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act, relating to an allegation of violent disorder at a British National party march. Eventually the proceedings were stayed on December 13 1994 after the judge ruled an abuse of process. The judge had invited the CPS to discontinue the case earlier, but it refused to do so.

        May 27 1998 Police requested an interview about an allegation of kidnapping at Catford station. He was bailed until July 23 when police announced that they were taking no further action.

        July 8 1998 Stopped under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the City of London. Searched and arrested for possession of a knife and theft of a credit card. Bailed from the police station and when he returned on August 4 was charged with possession of an offensive weapon. The action was discontinued in September.

        July 4 1999 Stopped by police in in his car, which was searched. A photocopying tool was found (he works as a photocopying engineer). Police alleged it was an offensive weapon and charged him with possession of a bladed article. They also found credit cards and chequebooks in the car and he was arrested for handling stolen goods. He was bailed to appear before Tower Bridge magistrates. The case was discontinued on August 3.

        August 17 1999 Arrested in Peckham, south London, for taking and driving away a car and threatening behaviour. Taken to Peckham police station and bailed until August 6, when police notified him that they were taking no further action.

        September 16 1999 Arrested and charged with attempted rape and indecent assault. Originally refused bail by police and court. Finally bailed on September 29 on condition he resided in Birmingham. At his committal hearing on November 5 police announced they had dropped the charge of attempted rape. An Old Bailey judge threw out the case as an abuse of process.

      • stewball

        You what? Lol. Or are you talking about yourself?

    • blindsticks

      No, they tried to make the Trayvon case that way, but your justice system is still far, far superior to ours.
      God bless the real America and the real Americans.

    • stewball

      What bloody nonsense!

      • Okay, maybe I should explain why I made that analogy.

        Both are black martyrs in the holy religion of “anti-racism.”

  • HJ11

    Absolutely disgusting. Shows the royals in GB and the elites need to be on the wrong end of a French type revolution.

    • David Ashton

      The Queen has to do as she is told by her Ministers in all such action, the rare exceptions including the denial of the one most grotesque honours recommendation in Harold Wilson’s dodgy Lavender List.

      Stephen was almost certainly murdered by white racist youths in quite different circumstances from St TM, though racist murders of whites by black and Asiatic gangs have never been raised to a similar level of spurious National Martyrdom. His Mum, however, has been a public pest ever since. But she is not the only ridiculous addition to this latest collection of disgraceful Lords appointments, which has brought a previously dignified, highly intelligent and well informed parliamentary chamber into disrepute, which of course is a consequence “intended” by closet and not-so-closet cosmopolitan, politically correct republicans like the widely detested “Deputy Prime Minister”.

      • IstvanIN

        How anyone could think a largely hereditary upper house should be replaced by a largely appointed body would be an improvement is beyond me. An elected body I could see, but political appointees I don’t get it.

        • David Ashton

          The hereditaries had an independence and an experience outside the political machinery that added aristocratic wisdom to the common touch.

          An alternative would have been an academy of wisdom, drawn from respected and professional institutions of the nation (as hitherto already once the case with the Lords Spiritual), like the Armed Forces, the Royal Society, the Universities, &c. Because of our electoral system and the degeneration of democracy, the party system and its stooge appointments are more or less two sides of the same false coin.

          • IstvanIN

            I have always believed that most European, North African and Asian societies would be better off with a monarch with real, though limited, powers and prerogatives that can not be legislated away by the politicians. Someone above politics with the best interests of his people at heart and a desire to pass his throne onto his heirs. Politicians only live for today, as we can see throughout the western world, more than happy to give away their nations for a political contribution and winning just one more 2 year term of office.

          • David Ashton

            That is the central case for monarchy. Charles I had a point.

          • stewball

            And look how he ended up.

          • David Ashton

            Like Tsar Nicholas.

          • stewball

            Who could have been saved if his cousin George wasn’t such a nasty man

          • David Ashton

            Not perhaps quite as “nasty” as the assassins themselves.

            Not only was the Imperial Family trapped in a cellar and savagely massacred but also their doctor and maid; other royal persons were murdered elsewhere soon after. Although the actual killers are now described as a squad of Russians and Letts, and Trotsky is exempted from the regicidal authorisation from Moscow, the key figures were Iakov Sverdlov, Isai Goloshchekin and the gang ringleader Iakov Iurovsky, all of Jewish background.

            Charles I had some semblance of a “trial” and a public execution. “For the People, and truly I desire their liberty and freedom, as much as anybody whomseover,” he said on the scaffold, “but I must tell you that their liberty and freedom consist in having of Government those laws by which their life and their goods may be most their own.”

          • stewball

            Aristocratic wisdom?

          • stewball

            Criminals. Intermarriage. Aristocratic wisdom. I’m sorry I must disagree with you.

          • David Ashton

            Hello again. I am against crime and in favour of punishment. I am against large-scale crossing of the primary races for good reasons stated several times here. If Jews wish to marry one another, I do not oppose that choice. Read the Jew Disraeli on “aristocratic wisdom” just for starters. We shall have to agree to disagree. The sky will not fall in.

          • stewball

            D’israeli was a convert unfortunately. I can’t imagine a jew converting to Catholicismand bbecoming a priest!!!! That’s an abomination to me. In the 60’s we were strictly brought up. We were supposed to follow the law. I didn’t. Not that the parents knew. I had a secret non-jewish boy for 2 years. I lost a lot of weight with all the lies. Eventually I couldn’t do it to my parents so I came here. Read a serious heavy non-fiction book is not for me. I’m not an intellectual. I finished 12 years at school then out to work. Big sister went to north London collegiate and then London university. Studying is not my forte. Tell me what it’s about in precis form

          • David Ashton

            Geza Vermes was one of a number of Jews who have converted and become Catholic priests, though he left later after NT research changed his mind. Disraeli’s views on Jewish aristocracy would probably be acceptable to John Engelman and possibly even to British Ukrainians who have dropped their Judaism; “All is race; there is no other truth.” With respect, I find your seemingly confused opinions and biography undeserving of detailed comment on this site.

          • stewball

            Bye bye.

          • David Ashton

            Mazal tov.

          • gemjunior

            “I had a secret non-Jewish boy for 2 years” I didn’t get that part really. What’s up with that? What do you mean you “had” him?

          • stewball

            Had my children married. ‘Out’ I would have been very upset but would have accepted it and not done. What parents are supposed to do. To them the. Child is dead and they sit shiva for them. I don’t see how parents can do that. Where did the love go. It’s a hard religion

      • Romulus

        The next time you catch an episode of Hannity when he has his studio audience/commentators , let your eyes pan the crowd and tell me what stands out to you of it’s overall make up. Both sides are run by the same people. Now fox will put the imagery of inclusion and tolerance and have all the groups represented.

        • David Ashton

          I don’t think I can get Hannity on my TV in Britain (or would wish to). Jerry Springer and Piers Morgan we can get, and both induce unintended reflections in my cynical mind.

          We have a programme here called Question Time, which always has an inclusive (i.e. largely “leftist”) audience that shouts down rational arguments from the occasional “right-winger” allowed on the panel; the BNP’s Nick Griffin was “set up” deliberaly on one unique occasion, and fell into the elephant-trap by being too intellectual and courteous! – you can’t win when media-managers run the show from start to screening.

          I have never forgotten my exerience, many years ago, with Harlech TV which paid for excellent hotel accommodation for Professor Charles Manning (a former international diplomat), Dr Rudolf Gruber (a philosophy graduate) and myself to debate “sanctions against apartheid” with Michael Foot (left-wing Labour MP), but then edited out our few permitted contributons, while the camera dwelt on some South African rugby-players, plied with alcohol for the occasion, who made disparaging remarks about “the bleks”. It hasn’t improved.

          • Romulus

            You could possibly view previous broadcasts with this medium, yes?!

          • David Ashton

            Maybe, but not a major wish.

          • stewball


          • stewball

            Who’s running Used to be a not very old man. Who leapt about. With his microphone for people’s options? I’m sure I shouldn’t be saying this but I do like talking to you and Romulus although sometimes he’s a bit mean 😉

        • stewball

          What is hannity?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Oliver Cromwell would be preferable to this abomination. This is truly sickening. I suppose the parents of Lee Rigby are next on the list to be elevated into the House of Lords right?

    • DonReynolds

      Where is Oliver Cromwell when England needs him the most? Find him…..quickly.

    • stewball

      You can’t compare the two murders.

  • din_do_nuffins

    GIVE them everything that is supposed to be ours. It’s the best way to wipe out White privilege.

  • Spartacus

    Rest in peace, once great nation of Britannia .

    • David Ashton

      Not dead yet.

      • stewball

        Hear Hear. Long may the country reign. Liz could carry on like the. Queen Mother who was pickled in gin. Poor charles. Not.

      • me

        But on life support….

    • NorthernWind

      The institutions are rotten junk now but the nations of Britain still exist!

    • dukem1

      Rue B’rytanya.

  • kjh64

    Let me guess, when it comes to violent crime between Blacks/Whites in the UK, Blacks attack Whites at much, much higher rates than the reverse, just like the US. Only difference is that the UK has a far fewer percentage of Blacks than the US, however the trend is the same. I’ll also bet that in the uncommon even of White on Black attack, the media goes on for years about it, just like in the US, all the while ignoring the reverse.

  • Contrast this progressive political elevation of this soon to be Bantu Baroness with the details of the 2004 UK murder of Kriss Donald, where there was a complete media black out.
    Voices like the parents of Kriss Donald don’t get heard anywhere, let alone in the British Parliament.I guess Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan hasn’t heard of them either.

    ………………..The details of Kriss Donald’s hushed up gruesome killing was described as follows….“Before he died, it is alleged that he was castrated, burned with cigarettes; his eyes were gouged out and he was stabbed repeatedly. Once on the waste ground he was doused with gasoline and set alight whilst still alive. He crawled a few metres and then, mercifully, died.”

    “Kriss was picked on purely because of the colour of his skin. The court was told that the gang was seeking revenge for an altercation in a nightclub in which their ringleader, Imran Shahid, was hit with a bottle”.

    “The court had heard that Kriss was jumped on as he walked down a street near his home with a friend. As he was bundled into a car, he screamed: “Why me? I’m only 15.”

    • David Ashton

      Thank you for this item, and not the only case though possibly the worst.

    • Spartacus

      One name among many that must be remembered and avenged :

      • stewball

        And what about the shocking murder of Charlene Downes? Does that name ring any bells?

        • Spartacus

          Of course it does. The pakistani scum said he made her in kebabs…

          • stewball

            But you all only mention males that have been killed for racist reasons. These men should have had the death penalty. I know there isn’t one any more but exceptions can be made. I bet the public would agree. We sentence killers to die but they don’t. The only person who got the death penalty here was eichman. Oh but he didn’t exist did he. All a hoax didn’t you say?

          • Spartacus

            His name was “Eichmann”, with 2 “n” . And he did exist – and he was tortured into confessing things he (unfortunately) didn’t do , just like all the other German national-socialist leaders you and your ghoim slaves captured and “tried” .

          • David Ashton

            We meet again.

            All proven murders should be executed, unless there are very exceptional mitigating circumstances, and these include genuinely convicted war criminals, not only Germans or Japanese.

            Of course, Eichmann existed, and the trial transcripts are most important. A serious problem with “Holocaust Historiography”, however, is the extraordinary amount of self-serving hoax tales and false memories that have surrounded the authentic data and “played into the hands” of “deniers”. Do you or anyone else really want examples put on this site?

  • This is a “black”seat now and must always be held by black until WWIII.

  • dd121

    Do the parents of white youths murdered by minorities get to join the government too?

    • rightrightright

      No. A state “persuader” visits them to intimidate them into silence. These poor families, including Lee Rigby’s then utter identikit pleas for calm and no backlash against the enriching minority which slaughtered their child. The state’s priority in these cases is to prevent a consequential rise in support for the EDL and nationalist parties. Bereaved White families must simply keep their mouths shut when told.

      The Daily Mail moderates comments quite severely. Only the most obvious and the banal make it through. There is the pretence that they do not censor, in that unpleasant language sometimes makes it through, provided the overall comment has nothing in particular to say that is not obvious to your dog. THOUSANDS red arrowed the proposed elevation of the sour but obviously very holy Doreen Lawrence. Yet the Mail declined to show one single comment that spoke against her ennoblement. Now, that tells us all about that newspaper.

      • David Ashton

        The Mail led the “crusade” against the murderers of SL. It is a mixed bag, though routinely condemned by leftists who never read it. It has some good criticisms of immigration drawbacks and various leftist nostrums, but recently ran an article sympathetic to Winnie Mandela, actively supports transracial adoptions and marriages, runs a regular section for female hypochondriacs, obsessively attacks Prince Charles whenever possible, and features Simon Heffer who wrote a good book on Enoch Powell (with my research help) but who seems to hate Germans and Scotsmen much more than any of our third-world communities.

        • David Ashton

          PS. August 4. To be fair to Heffer, his article in “The Mail on Sunday” today pays tribute to British heroism in WW1 but regrets the whole bloobath, rejecting the view that we had to “stop” the Germans. “Britain’s strong commercial interests in Germany would have ensured a reasonable partnership.” Instead, the needless consequences included not only Anglo-Irish enmity but later having to face Hitler and Stalin. “Britain also eventually lost her Empire, was driven to the verge of bankruptcy, and surrendered power in the English-speaking world to America.”

          The same issue also has a scathing summary by Peter Hitchens of our continuing immigration problems, plus why and how the politicians managed to impose them on the electorate. This should be available from an on-line search and answers questions some US patriots have put to us supposedly “cowardly” and “dying” people of England, the “island race” of Churchill and the “happy breed” of Shakespeare.

      • Spartan24708

        They probably told Rigby’s family to “say what we want you to or no benefits”. Lee Rigby had a wife and small son so it was probably easy to make them toe the PC line.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan.”

    Kinda says it all right there…

  • frederickdixon

    I read this story in the both the Telegraph and the Mail. The Telegraph allowed no comments, the only comments allowed in the Mail were those praising Mrs. Lawrence and they were all massively red-arrowed (i.e. not liked).Quite telling I think.
    The Telegraph also had a piece by Sean O’Neill pointing out how the white victims of unsolved racist murders (Gavin Hopley, Charlene Downes and many more) had not only been completely blanked by the media (apart from his article I suppose) but entries relating to them had disappeared from Wikipedia. O’Neill commented to the effect that there is no anti-white conspiracy at Wikipedia it’s just that they so hate the far right that they don’t want to give them anything they can use. Once again comments were barred.

  • Spartacus

    Probably a reprimand for not licking the murderers’ boots…

  • Spartan24708

    Here I thought the UK was learning when the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby was given the same benefits as if he had died in combat. Guess I was wrong. Enough nasty photos- I may have nightmares.

    • David Ashton

      Lee deserved a posthumous GM at the very least. But that would be a politically INCORRECT statement, which would never do.

      • blindsticks

        They even had a black pall bearer for his coffin. Though I didn’t see any black’s in the general crowds that day. Mind, on the actual day of the murder, there were a few filming it on their cell phones.
        Says it all really, doesn’t it.

        • Spartan24708

          Again they were probably told to lest benefits be withheld.

  • Romulus

    She can GFH! They should never have been allowed to emigrate.
    labors shadow secretary sadouche Khan. At least Madeline was funny

  • 1XXX

    Is this article from The Onion?

  • Ngati Pakeha

    She was persuaded to accept a peerage from…”Sadiq Khan”.

    I am really glad to see a real ‘Briton’ encouraged her to take up this role. Look the guys that killed her son are scum – you will get no argument from me there. The grovelling that we go to these days is manifestly disgusting.

  • rightrightright

    They received the poor dead body of their boy and a warning not to be racist or islamophobic.

  • IKantunderstand

    In fact, she is hideous. What should be shocking is the fact that the Brits have decided to make her a baroness. Because her kid was killed? Well, hell, that requirement could be met by a great many of people in the UK. Why not make Lee Rigby’s mum a baroness? Yeah. Right. Keep it up Great Britain. Soon, you will have a Black sitting on the throne. When that happens, no one will care, you will be as interesting as South Africa, or Zimbabwe, or, Uganda. In other words, just another African third world country. Big Ben will of course stop working, because there won’t be anyone with the knowledge to maintain it. Stonehenge could be transformed into a VooDoo center. A perfect place to conduct human sacrifices and multiple marriages for the new Afro British king: King Arthur Zuma Mandela Martin the first. This is not a criticism by an American. No indeedy. We will be among the first nations to worship at the feet of the new Afro British King! At that point in time, we will be apologizing to Great Britain for having caused all that trouble back in the 18th century, and paying reparations. Assuming there is any money left.

    • rightrightright

      The odds favour an Pakistani-led islamic, not African take over. There was a race riot between these two groups back in 2005 in UK Birmingham. I think it is time there was another one such. A big one. Better still, a monster-huge one. Across several cities. Whitey will be blamed, for being there, or being absent, or watching the show on television while munching popcorn, or for being at work and ignoring it, or for mowing the lawn while Manchester burns. So, blame us, we get the re-build bills after rain quenches the fires. It would be worth it even so.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    What is it?

  • The Lawrence case is nothing other than a massive vehicle for the “left” to use in order to drive through their social agendas. Doreen Lawrence, to me, has become nothing other than a race-hustler within the already overcrowded race-hustling business here in the UK.

    It is no surprise at all that the Labour party orchestrated this move, especially the non-whites who are even more zealous than liberal whites to see “their own” fill the seats of power and influence.

    Like many other countries, what started as “the first” this or that role (in leftist speak) has grown momentum and is starting to snowball. They will not be happy until it is “reflective” of society at large, which if it was only based on London it would now mean that over 50% of parliament and the house of lords ought to be non-British stock.

    Whilst many dullards and the terminally brain-dead out there in Britain today would not even blink at this news or would even be supportive of it (such is the celebrity and notoriety of this Lawrence case) – it needs to be understood that what the British people want in matters like this is rendered completely irrelevant.

    The British people are not necessarily ‘doing it’ – it is the clique at the top of the metropolitan elite who are doing it. There is no real mechanism to to stop them doing whatever the hell they like, as far as I can tell.

    And, can you imagine the howls of ‘racist!’ if such a move was to be blocked?! It is, as they say, “a no brainer” that they would be able to pull off this move without any major criticism.

    This is what we are up against all the time. Things happen without any collective will or consultation of the British people, and unfortunately, quite a substantial proportion of those are the aforementioned dullards and terminally brain-dead.

    As for Doreen’s trusts, they no doubt focus solely on ‘ethnic minorities’ – which would be a perfect example of where her allegiances lay. A trust set up for ‘white victims’ of black crime would be demonised and considered beyond the pale – never mind get a seat in the house of lords.

    As for her ‘tireless’ crusade against ‘racism’ and all that – especially over her sons case (as tragic as it is for her) – it has made me even more racist than I was before.

    It has been rammed down our throats so much, even to the point that the 300 year old or so double-jeopardy laws were changed to convict the suspected killers, let alone the utterly ridiculous “McPherson Report” about “institutional racism in the police” that I cannot even bear to listen to any more of this claptrap and it makes me more militant that this future we face has to be brought to a halt.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “Mrs Lawrence, 60, has campaigned tirelessly for justice for her 18-year-old son, who was stabbed to death after being set upon by a gang of white youths at a bus stop in south London in 1993.”

    What is the story behind this anyway? Did they ever find the people who did the crime? Were there witnesses? Is this one of those stories where a Black kid dies so the media just blames Whites? I’ve never heard of this before so I’m kind of curious.

    • David Ashton

      Two people have been imprisoned after forensic evidence was re-examined.

  • David Ashton

    A Lord can sit in the Cabinet, but in the Commons you have to be elected as a Member from a constituency by our now useless first-past-the-post system.

  • David Ashton

    The scum on top.

  • skara_brae

    We are the Village Green Preservation Society

  • blindsticks

    Not just an ugly rumour then.

    • David Ashton

      We are now waiting for similarly re-examined forensic evidence to determine the guilt or innocence of one person of color, among several released co-suspects, accused of the horrific murder of a policeman called Blakelock in the Brixton riots years ago.

      • DonnaTxx

        The BBC filmed a reconstruction of the Broadwater farm lynching mob that tried to decapitate PC Keith Blakelock and they had a few white people in the mob including a woman, i kid you not.

        • David Ashton

          There were indeed white leftists involved in stirring up this so-called “uprising”. I personally sent details of this and of ethnic propensities to particular forms of criminality to the Scarman Inquiry, and although officially acknowledged, my memoranda were returned unopened and ignored. Instead of working from objective evidence, the Report followed the fallacious and prejudiced liberal guidelines of the US Kerner Report. I have noticed “Socialist Worker” placards among the Trayvonians.

  • Hans Schneider

    This is proof that the british establishment is crazy and should be replaced at once.

  • Evette Coutier

    Baroness Doreen Lawrence, House of Lords, the new look to English royalty and British intellectualism. The real British have to be just dying of embarrassment.

  • stewball

    If, God forbid, you were murdered by a black gang and the police so didn’t care that they lied and the murderers were found innocent even though it was known to be guilty and your mum sat crying at home but didn’t try to fight for justice how would you feel – although you wouldn’t feel would you.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    Why not just make her Queen of England while you’re at it?

    • Spartan24708
  • Rhialto

    An appropriate quote from a dead White man:

    “This England never did, nor never shall,
    Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror,
    But when it first did help to wound itself.”

    William Shakespeare – King John

  • Well said.

  • Hans Schneider

    it downgrades the value of the house of lords to a very low level.

  • David Ashton

    Very useful information for us. White Australians “cannot win” – whatever policy has been tried, they are accused of “racism” as a “settler people”.

  • David Ashton

    The Monarchy is white because their ancestors were white. The English, Scots and Welsh are white because their ancestors were white. Together they form a Kingdom united in peace and war.

    That is what Homosexual Activist No.1 considers “repulsive” and “vile” and “racist”. Or is this just Huff Hack work?

  • me

    You don’t know much about Australian ‘natives’, old chap. They’re getting as bad as our Bantu population…

  • Elena Andbasket

    Doreen Lawrence received a payment of £320,000 from the police as an apology for their alleged mishandling of the investigation. Now she’s a media celebrity and a Peer of the Realm. Quite an achievement for somebody whose ancestors, erm… let’s say couldn’t have imagined such a thing. I doubt the parents of Kriss Donald received anything but derisory compensation for their 15 year-old son who was tortured to death by a gang of degenerate sub-human vermin simply because he was white. In fact it is the scum that committed the vile act who are holding their dirty hands out for compensation, because they aren’t happy with their prison accommodation. Apparently, like all murderers and abusers, they have to be protected from the other prisoners who it seems are inclined to make the remainder the murderers worthless lives as unpleasant as possible.

  • David Ashton

    The ruling three-party clique, the left-infiltrated BBC, the robot-PC “Independent” and “Guardian” newspapers, but the English people as a whole, no.

    “We need brown people, black people, ponytailed people” in the Republican Party says front-running Senator Rand Paul.

    True, we have comparable obstacles here, and any transatlantic exchange of ideas on overcoming them is welcome.

  • David Ashton

    Also the case of Danny O’Shea. Google BBC News reports from February to June for details.

    • I did google Danny O’Shea to find out that he was knifed by a Bantu one time anti knife campaigner?
      Likewise I learned over the last couple of days that Charlene Downes (girl in the kebab) killers were never brought to justice and instead were awarded a quarter of a million pounds in compensation, while enjoying the police’s protection from the frustrated parents of Charlene and wider public.

      Sometimes I think all of this is some bad dream, not only do we have evil running amok, but we have the added insult of people bizarrely defending and elevating it.

  • Very informative site man, thanks.
    Sad subject matter though.

    • Spartacus

      Make sure every white person you know sees it – if they see the true nature of the dark-skins, half the battle is won.

  • Thanks again David, all the best.