UCAS: White Teenagers ‘Less Likely to Apply to University’

Graeme Paton, Telegraph (London), July 23, 2013

Fewer than three-in-10 white teenagers have lodged applications to start degree courses this autumn amid growing concerns over access to higher education, it emerged.

Figures show that white pupils are now around half as likely to strive for university as school-leavers from Chinese families.

It was also revealed that applications from black teenagers have increased by 70 per cent over the last seven years, with more than a third now attempting to get on to a degree course.

The disclosure is made in a report that lays bear the extent to which children’s gender, socio-economic background, ethnicity and postcode has an impact on their chance of applying to university.

Data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) shows a widening gulf in access between men and women, with young women almost a third more likely to push for a degree place.

It also emerged that students from the wealthiest areas are more than four times as likely to apply to top universities as those from the poorest postcodes, despite a narrowing in the divide over the last decade.

The conclusions will prompt fresh concerns over the impact that social background has on children’s chances of doing well at school and progressing onto a good university or well-paid career.

Last year, Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, said problems were particularly acute among boys raised in poor white families where an “anti-school culture” has been allowed to develop in recent decades.

According to the latest figures, just 29 per cent of white school-leavers – those aged 18 – applied to university this year. This compared with 34 per cent of black pupils, 41 per cent of those from Asian families and almost 57 per cent of teenagers from Chinese backgrounds.

The largest increase in application rates came from black pupils, with numbers now rising beyond a third compared with just 20 per cent in 2006.

In all, 44 per cent of all pupils apply to university by the time they turn 19, with application rates up on a year earlier when the imposition of £9,000 annual tuition fees for the first time had a major impact on demand.

But significant differences still remain between the sexes.

UCAS said 49 per cent of women and just 38 per cent of men are now pushing for a university place and “this difference is slightly larger” than in recent years.

Application rates are also skewed significantly by parental income. Well over half of teenagers from the wealthiest areas applied this year compared with less than a fifth from the poorest postcodes.

UCAS insisted the gulf between the two groups had narrowed in recent years, although the wealthiest were still 2.7 times more likely to apply to any university, rising to 4.3 times when looking at applications to the most sought-after institutions.

It also emerged that:

• 18-year-olds from London were the most likely to want to study for a degree, with 42 per cent applying this year, compared with just 31 per cent from the North East;

• Some 73 per cent of students are applying to university courses charging maximum £9,000 tuition fees this year, up from just 59 per cent a year earlier, when fees were increased to this level for the first time;

• Figures suggest a flight to quality, with applications for “high tariff” universities – those that demand the highest A-level entry grades – up by three per cent, compared with 1 per cent for lower tariff institutions.

A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “These figures confirm that the desire to study at university remains strong, with application rates for 18-year-olds at near record levels.

“Some challenges remain but no one should be put off going to university for financial reasons.

“Our reforms mean students do not have to pay fees upfront, there is more financial support for those from poorer families and everyone faces lower loan repayments once they are in well-paid jobs.”

Mary Curnock Cook, UCAS chief executive said: “Young application rates for higher education are rising again after falls in 2012 and the gap between rich and poor is closing as disadvantaged groups are applying at record levels.

“Our new analysis of demand by ethnic group shows that white pupils at English schools now have the lowest application rate of any ethnic group. There has been significant growth in demand from black pupils.”

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  • Puggg

    Do they break down the data by gender? I bet the number for white men is even less than the number for white women. College all over is starting to become a hostile environment for white men who don’t happen to be in the LG-BLT-BBQ crowd.

    • frozenpie77

      Totally true. I’m living it.

  • bigone4u

    There is a crisis in higher education in America and in Britain because of the Cultural Marxist agenda which is hostile to the white race. You are setting yourself up to be demonized, demeaned, and degraded in the classroom because of your “invisible knapsack of white privlege.” A rational human being would prefer not to put himself through the meat grinder. Thus, online education and community colleges become more attractive options. This attack on everything white destroys the soul and creates mindless young robots repeating the “Diversity is our strength” mantra, which is tragic in so many ways. White males get the double bigone, due to feminists not only attacking whiteness but also maleness. And God help you if you don’t support the gay agenda too.

    Is there an answer to the leftist agenda? The White Student Union is one. Another is to reach down deep into the white strength of character and refuse to kowtow to Marxist professors. Once out of the core curriculum and into business school or the sciences the attack on whiteness eases. Of course, that assumes you can understand what your professors are saying. They will be from China, India, the middle east and some will barely speak English. Nobody said life would be easy for whites, but the artificial obstacles to white success today are high and rising.

    • borogirl54

      Community colleges, especially in California are not an attractive option anymore. With budget cuts, class sections of required courses have been cut. So much so that students have to beg professors to allow them to take the course in order for them to graduate. Most professors oblige.

      • bigone4u

        The students at my university used to beg to be allowed into my required economics course, so I know what that business is all about. Eventually, the fire code kicks in as a limit because of how many people are allowed in a classroom.

    • Sick of it

      I had a Chinese professor who literally spoke Chinese in a science class. The whole term.

      • Northerner

        Professors are hired to do research. Teaching duties are just part of their contract. Most are not good instructors, even the ones who are fluent.

      • JDInSanDiego

        I had a Chinese professor for a high level engineering course. He called every variable “this one” but he pronounced it “dis one.” So the whole class consisted of, “Take dis one, divide by dis one, mutipry dis one, take derivative dis one and integrate dis one.”

        While we were filling out our course evaluations he said, “You can give me bad review but I don’t care because I have tenure.”

        • Sick of it

          Heh, I had a calculus professor who spoke like that. Also Chinese. At least he spoke English and answered questions…hell that was a bonus.

        • bigone4u

          On this website the East Asians are held up as being smarter than whites. If they are so smart, why can’t they speak English. As to your prof’s reviews, at my former employer, bad reviews were used as a weapon against faculty the administration did not like. They withheld any raise money as punishment. Of course, if they liked you, bad reviews did not matter.

          • BigMacAttack365Black

            “the East Asians are held up as being smarter than whites. If they are so smart, why can’t they speak English.”

            They are not SO smart compared to Europeans/whites on average, and learning a language can be pretty hard especially an extremely different one from your own, I think it’d be really hard for me trying to learn Chinese..

          • newscomments70

            I believe East Asians have some academic abilities that exceed whites, on overage. For some reason though, they do not invent anything. Racist, anti-white media screams about how much more intelligent Asians are than Whites…but whites produced most modern inventions. Almost all of our modern inventions, with the exception of Television, were conceived in Nazi Germany. These inventions include rocketry, space travel, nuclear fission, and jet travel. In the 60s-80s, the Japanese improved car production, as well as other products (cameras, TVs, radios, etc). I admire that, but they did not invent any of these products. The Chinese simply produce low cost junk with slave labor. There is nothing really impressive about that. Chinese sent their first astronaut in space a few years ago. Who cares? White Americans have already been to the moon in the 60s, using captured German technology. If white countries continue to fall to third world marxism and chaos, the modern era will end. The remaining whites will not be organized enough to produce anything. Our Universities will be even more dumbed-down…teaching sodomy and anti-white hate. When the Western Roman Empire fell, the Eastern Roman Empire lasted for some years on its own, but they eventually fell as well. I equate that to present day Western world and Asia. They cannot survive without our ingenuity and creativity. And by the way, I have nothing against Asians. I live and work in a mostly Asian community. I usually think highly of the people that I deal with every day.

          • WR_the_realist

            Actually, the first successful fission chain reaction was made right here, in the U.S.A., not Nazi Germany. The German nuclear program never got very far because no where near enough resources were available for it. (The Germans knew what to do, they didn’t have the budget .) The transistor was invented here, not in Nazi Germany. The blue LED, which is is what made white LEDs possible, was invented by a Japanese engineer/physicist. Thanks to that guy I can currently light up a large room in my house brightly with less than 60 watts of power. I see plenty of non-trivial theorems proved by Japanese and Chinese mathematicians. It is a popular view among white nationalists that Asians aren’t creative or innovative. That is nonsense.

            Right now the Chinese are building up their economy by the usual route — doing mass scale manufacture of low to medium quality stuff with lots of cheap labor. The Japanese took the same route in the 50s and 60s. Back then the Japanese imports were the “cheap junk”. Now Japanese car manufacturers can compete with anybody for quality. Japanese created the color LCD display industry (it never existed in the West). The Chinese will follow. After all, in the late 19th century and early 20th century we were the ones producing cheap junk with child labor in nasty unpleasant factories.

          • Jotun Hunter

            why also are they largely very ‘3rd worldy’ (apart from japan) and not in any way innovative

          • WR_the_realist

            I know plenty of second generation Chinese who speak excellent English. If you heard them talking in an adjacent room you would be certain you were listening to a white American. If a Chinese speaking person moves to America well after becoming an adult he might well find it hard to become competent in English. But then, if you moved to China you’d probably find it hard to become competent in Chinese, a tonal language that is far more different from English than is French or Spanish.

  • borogirl54

    I think that the reason why whites, especially white males do not apply to colleges is that like US blacks, there is anti-school attitude especially in the low income neighborhoods. But what I think could be missing here is encouragement from teachers to apply to college.

    • David Ashton

      Some low IQ low income whites, though often unblinkingly racist against “Pakis”, have adopted low IQ low income black values, manners and “music”.

    • bigone4u

      When a white student graduates they then have to face competition from affirmative action minorities, which makes finding a job pretty tough these days. Poor whites do not have the network of support that blacks have. Blacks will hire only blacks. Asians only Asians, Mexicans only Mexicans, etc., but whites will hire all of the above.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Sometimes black managers do not want to hire black subordinates, because through experience they have learned that too many blacks are incompetent and/or unreliable– which makes the black manager’s job harder. Some black managers prefer to hire earnest whites because they like the way whites work and carry themselves. And black supervisors know white subordinates won’t get overly familiar, or expect favors, or take liberties, or attempt to borrow money like a homie would. Some years ago at a civil service hiring pool where I was the rare white woman competing with 40 black women applicants, a jewish male supervisor interviewed and hired me. I guess he was sick of dealing with surly blacks and wanted a well spoken young caucasian shining with earnestness and eager to do a good job. (People want to hire others who will make their own jobs easier. There is a pragmatic selfish interest which trumps ideological interest.)

        • David Ashton

          You are not allowed to do this sort of thing in Britain, formerly Mother of Parliaments, Workshop of the World and This Other Eden.

        • WR_the_realist

          I read about a black man who started a computer software company. He mostly hired white and Asian programmers. For a simple reason. He couldn’t find many competent black programmers. The few that there are tend to get snapped up by big corporations like IBM, to meet their diversity goals.

  • Spartacus

    “It was also revealed that applications from black teenagers have
    increased by 70 per cent over the last seven years, with more than a
    third now attempting to get on to a degree course.”


    I can only imagine the kind of courses they take :

    -How whitey stealz our piramidz
    -How whitey stealz our agretculture
    -How whitey stealz our reesorces
    -How whitey stealz our money
    -Advanced watermelon analysis

    • Ed_NY

      And they get a free ride. The White kid has to go into some serious debt to go through college.

      • Michelle

        I know to you guys,im going to sound like a moron.. But, blacks get Free schooling??!!! Like they’re college/ university is free??! I know in Canada the native Indians get free schooling,although very Very few take advantage of that.. But i didn’t know blacks got it free there? Why on earth would they get free schooling over anyone else.. Who the check decided that should be a black right.. I learn something new everyday, that makes me despise them more.

        • kjh64

          Yes, in the US Blacks can get a free university education. They apply for a grant and grants are almost always given to non-Whites, especially Blacks. Blacks also can get into a university with lower scores than Whites and Asians. Whites who can’t afford college have to get a loan from the government which they have to pay back. A lot of Whites graduate with a lot of debt to the government.

    • Magician

      How to hit on obese white wimin

      • Sick of it

        If those were their only targets, we might thank them.

        • Rhialto

          Actually they teach that valuable “how to” course, which is very popular with other minorities.

  • David Ashton

    In the past grammar schools picked out academically able children from poor communities and they could get to university without too much expense. Now we have comprehensive schools with mixed-ability large classes, a multi-ethnic agenda and a chav home-culture among poorer whites, while college fees create huge debts which have a deterrent effect except for the fairly well-off, especially Chinese and Indians.

    • Sick of it

      As always, the urban dictionary makes me lmao.

      www (dot) urbandictionary (dot) com/define (dot) php?term=chav

  • bubo

    They’ll use this as the reason why they have to import even more people from the subcontinent and Africa to be the new professional class.

    If something doesn’t change soon the British will be at the bottom of society in their own country.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Here’s my attitude. Instead of looking at this as a negative for whites, lets turn this into a positive.

    Having gone all the way through higher education, I can tell you it’s a crock. There is a difference between being ‘DEGREED’ and actually being educated and having KNOWLEDGE. There is also a facet of intellect called ‘fluid intelligence’.

    I have a tow headed little boy. He will be fine. He knows ‘life skills’. He has fought on playgrounds. He will learn how to BUILD and HUNT – guns are not just for self defense you know and you can be the Marxists do not want us to have guns to learn how to be self sufficient!

    As Big One points out, online education is killing traditional schools just as the blogs are killing the major media. That is the White Strength, to think ‘outside of the box.’ These dumb Marxists are just creating fertile ground for more White inventiveness. Just when they think they will have us licked, White steel comes out.

    I take pleasure in knowing that I am saving tens of thousands of dollars in not even bothering with the Marxists in the universities. My son doesn’t need their BS anyway

    • Sick of it

      He’d be better off learning a trade like carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, etc. Or HVAC if he plans to live in a rural area.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Right on. Trade schools and apprenticeships are in need of trainable people. Kids who will ‘submit’ to the learning process if you will.

        • Sick of it

          People going into such fields make more money for less initial cost than those who go through college, excepting high end medical jobs.

          • David Ashton

            True, though we need well-trained and well-paid medics.

          • Sick of it

            We do need well trained surgeons. Every nation needs surgeons. General medicine is something that anyone can learn on their own.

          • When I get into an argument about skilled immigration I always say that I’ll make my bed and I will lay in it.

    • David Ashton

      Fair enough. I sometimes wish I had learned how to build houses and mend cars rather than (or as well as) read English Literature at Oxford and train as a teacher at London University. But I got to know how the marxists work, and their “nonsense” has a disproportionate political and media impact on our societies, its legislation and attitudes. I watch little TV and never touch drugs myself, but individual absention does not protect me against their adverse effects on other people among whom I live. However, I know other people who are capable of martial arts and survival skills, although gun and even knife ownership is largely prohibited in the UK.

      • Sick of it

        Indeed. My study of history, anthropology, and archaeology (prior to going back to school in accounting) gave me a great deal of insight into their beliefs, movements, lies, and coverups. Quite a bit that people think they know about the past is based on a lie or some sort of fraud.

        It’s nice to know I’m not the only guy who stays away from drugs. Never liked the notion of losing control like that. T.V. has really been a no no to me for years now, though I did watch a few programs in the recent past and currently watch a few things online (anything that keeps my mind churning especially).

    • Michelle

      There’s some really good documentaries out about that,i just watched one on boxee. About what a Huge scam university is now days.. They say a university graduate makes average a million dollars more in their life then a non-grad.. But they completely debunked that claim in the documentary. All these university students are graduating with thousands-hundreds of thousands of dollars in dept and can’t even find good paying jobs :p If you get a chance to watch one of those documentaries there’s probably alot online,i thought it was really good. They said being a farmer is the best field you can get into (no pun attended). Who do you know who goes to school to be a farmer or inspires to be one? I don’t know anyone. But we’re most in need of farmers,and those who are,are going to make a crazy amount of money,more then those going to school to be lawyers or doctors. Well that’s what the documentary said anyways.

      • The multi cultural extremists want the tax payer to pay for their education as well!

    • A famous bush ranger in Australia once said:
      “When the White Man becomes desperate there will be desperate times”.
      Ned Kelly

  • Northerner

    That’s paranoia. There’s no evidence whatsoever that Asians want to displace or “deskill” white Americans. How many Asian people do you think there are in the U.S? They only make up 3 or 4% of the population (with the Chinese specifically about 1%). Get a grip man.

    • David Ashton

      Young Chinese are pouring into England, apparently to improve their English and technology such as cyber skills. I see it as the start of a expanding colonisation or at any rate a drive towards world supremacy. There are good critics of Chinese attitudes towards and impacts on whites, such as Ricardo Duchesne.

      • Northerner

        What about British or American students studying in China? Are they part of some colonization effort too? Is it a push for western supremacy? Listen to yourself. Kids from all countries go abroad for their studies and new experiences, and there’s nothing devious about it.

        • David Ashton

          Of course, western kids who travel abroad have no western imperialist mission; they are no longer so inclined. I have some personal knowledge of cyber war that I cannot divulge publicly, but if I can find the time I shall post statements from Beijing leaders and Sinologists that put Chinese activities in a different light.

  • Neuday

    I don’t think it’s the Asians that want to keep whites deskilled and weak. There’s some other group, a group with power, money, and intelligence, that gets nervous when whites are a little too culturally hardy.

    • Spartacus

      They who must not be named…

  • David Ashton

    These disgusting toy-boy seekers sometimes live to regret it.

    • Magician

      *sigh* I am not sure what to say, or if whites in general have any right to blame obese white women who go for black men

      When some obese white women choose to date black men, (I saw a couple like that yesterday. A young black man had a little girl who was much lighter skinned than him, and beside them was a blond woman who was ridiculously obese and I asked her, “Are you the mother?” And she said yes. Then I told the little girl “How beautiful you are!!” because I honestly thought she was a bit beautiful. The only reason I was able to tell that she was a mulatto was because her skin was significantly lighter than her dad’s. If she was standing by herself when I saw her, I would not have been able to recognize she was a mulatto. I would have predicted that she was simply a black girl with a lighter skin rather than a mulatto girl. The daughter’s skin looked so natural rather.. than “the awkward mixture of black skin and white skin” that I have frequently seen in mulatto children in my life.

      White girls with a few extra pounds sometimes go for black men not because they want to be “liberal” and “betray the white race” but because the girls simply could not find a white man who gave her his heart. They are not “being spiteful” Rather, they simply could not find a white man to be with her. She would not be with a black man if there was a nice white man to love her.

      • IstvanIN

        As someone who has battled weight his entire life, she doesn’t have to be a fat slob who refuses to take care herself and shop in the ghetto.

      • David Ashton

        I might feel charitable towards any ugly woman who seeks love and companionship, but there is more to this issue, for instance the women who go to African villages to seek the thrill of primitive rough.

        Comparatively unattractive black women resent the interest of their own men in white girls, and this can have a downward effect on their sexual behaviour to keep men interested; the black media reflect these concerns.

        I happen to know a local slim blonde who has married an intelligent, pleasant though very “negro-looking” black, and has a daughter with wavy hair and pinkish skin who could easily pass as white, but I remain opposed to wide race crossing on any scale.

        Black, Indian and East Asian girls do try to westernise their features in various ways. Wealthy Indian women seeking IVF treatments are look for light skinned babies. “Blue eyes, fair colour and a good height are the three main characteristics that people are looking for in Caucasians” says Rita Bakshi, who runs a Delhi fertility clinic (Sunday Times, July 28).

  • I attended Pikes Peak Community College for evening welding classes in 2008-2009. I was actually asked to teach military history there by one of my instructors. The campus is near Fort Carson, so it is a long drive, and I have a little girl.

  • I was tested by the feds at 152, but it never made me happy.

  • Northerner

    You qualified both statements. You don’t really know. You’re just guessing.

    • IstvanIN

      Chinese immigration is from China to America, Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe, primarily the US, Canada and Australia. There is no danger of us overwhelming them.

  • Ella

    I have mixed feelings since so many degrees offered will NEVER pay for itself in the job market. Too many Whites major in Liberal arts (like me) and jobs pay so poorly to start. I worked my way through college and applied for grants. With the tuition fees today, I would opt for skilled positions from a local community college. Too many White collar jobs tried up over the years.

  • The white population is under attack on all fronts, including education.

  • Ella

    Call it “debt slavery.”