Posted on July 25, 2013

San Antonio Pastors Oppose City’s Proposed Anti-Discrimination Law

Joe Conger, KHOU (San Antonio), July 3, 2013

The momentum is growing to protect gays, lesbians, transgendered and veterans in the city’s anti-discrimination laws. But some local pastors say those changes may end up violating the rights of the religious.

“A religious view: either you have one or you don’t, it is still a religious view. And if I don’t attain to their view, then I’m out of the picture completely. It’s a stifling of free speech,” said Pastor Steve Branson of Village Parkway Baptist Church.

Ever have a Paula Deen moment–make an off-color joke or hold a religious belief? Branson says keep it to yourself if you’re involved with San Antonio city government. Proposed changes to the anti-discrimination ordinance could get you fired.

“If you voice any opinion, no matter how many years back it’s been, it can be used against you. City employees are going to be greatly affected by this,” Branson continued.

Branson was one of more than a dozen local church leaders gathering in a strategy session Tuesday. The group wants to stop revisions to the city’s non-discrimination laws.